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Shocking news! Trump supporters still want the Wall.

I’ll pause a moment while you recover.

All better, now? Ok, on we go.

Did you hear that the WHO appointed Robert Mugabe a goodwill ambassador? I’ve heard they’ve reconsidered the move, but the fact that they made it, at all, says all that needs to be said about the UN and associated organizations. They are corrupt to the bone and not worthy of the attention of decent people. The sooner we abandon this relic of Yalta, the better.

Lindsay Graham said he had no idea that US troops were in Niger. I admit, myself, to being rather hazy on it…I seem to recall a decision to send some forces into that part of Africa a few years back, but let’s face it: the MSM didn’t actually report much on this particular Obama War. But, still, Graham is a Senator. He gets briefed on these things – I don’t know what is actually worse: the prospect that he’s lying about not knowing, or the real possibility that he simply didn’t know.

Andrew Sullivan is of the opinion that immigration is the issue which could lose the next election for the Democrats. There is some truth to that, but I think the larger point is that our Ruling Class’ (here and Europe) determination to have open borders indicates contempt for the Ruled. There is a sense that those in charge want to have the immigrants in not so much for the sake of the immigrants, but simply so they can preen themselves about being morally superior to those who have questions about open immigration. The continued rush by the Ruling Class to press forward on the Progressive plan as if Hillary had won last year is merely building up a mountain of disgust on the part of the regular folks…who will, I think, make the Ruling Class pay at the polls.

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  1. Cluster October 24, 2017 / 8:59 am

    And the progressive media continues the drumbeat of how dangerous Russia is, and of course tying it to Trump. In one sense this is an admission by the media that they have nothing else to cover that is either positive for Dems, or negative for Trump. The panelists on MSNBC are now deep into a conversation of how dangerous Putin is and how naive Trump is, and that without Putin’s influence – Trump would not be President.

    First of all, there is not one shred of evidence that that is true. Secondly, if Putin is so dangerous, why did Bill Clinton accept a $500,000 speaking fee leading up to SecState Hillary Clinton approving the sale of uranium to Russia, following Obama’s promise to be “more flexible” with Putin following the 2012 election which ultimately compromised the Baltic States ability to protect themselves against Russian aggression and handing over Crimea. I would like to hear the MSNBC panelists address those questions. Mika? Joey? Anyone?

  2. Frank Lee (@trumpcowboy) October 25, 2017 / 6:20 pm

    Why do the ruling class like immigration so much? Here are the obvious reasons:

    1. Cheap labor. (Why should you have to pay your servants so much? Or look hard for new ones.)

    2. Tend to vote for progressives which keep the ruling elite in power.

    Less obvious, but perhaps even more important:

    3. Mass immigration means rising rents and real estate, particularly in already overcrowded cities. This directly benefits the rich who already own most of the land. As average folk get more wealthy, they generally buy their own land and move out of the big cities, searching for better lifestyles. The newly arrived and poor don’t have that option, and help keep big cities filled to capacity, even when they are wildly mismanaged and increasingly unlivable. (See New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.)

    4. Corruption. Those newly arrived from the third world come from very corrupt societies and have a huge tolerance for corrupt authorities. They, and their leaders, easily become allies with the ruling class which is looking for massive government handouts for their own pet projects in exchange for spreading some of the corrupt money around. This is why they were very happy to rally around Hillary. Sure, she would still billions for herself and her cronies, but she would also sprinkle cash around to those who aligned with her.

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