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Seems that Mueller’s people obtained a lot of documents and computers relating to Trump’s transition – trouble is, getting that stuff might have been illegal. Once again: shut it down. Whole thing stinks of corruption.

Don Surber goes over just how rotten this whole thing is – really, we’re talking about an Obama Administration attempt to undermine an incoming American President. That’s the subject which needs to be investigated.

Hollywood sucks. We all know that – but Michael Walsh goes into some details about why it sucks. Greed and stupidity, mostly. They simply don’t make movies – they make comic books on film for money, and then some nauseating, Progressive tripe for the Oscars. Of course, good movies could be made – if anyone wanted to make them. They wouldn’t be global blockbusters (or, at least, they probably wouldn’t – but you never know what might catch on), but they would make money, I bet. All it would take is some talent. I’ve even got some subjects that I think could be great movies:

Soapy Smith: this guy was like the ultimate con-man of all time. You could do it for laughs, or you could do it serious. Either way, its a compelling story which would be interesting to see.

Ernest E. Evans: posthumous Medal of Honor for his actions as skipper of the USS Johnston in the Battle of Leyte Gulf. The man had Native American blood, so you can play that angle. His ship was commissioned on October 27th, 1943 and sunk on October 25th, 1944: the crew was mostly recent-civilians but, my goodness, they fought and fought and fought until their ship was shot out from under them. You could research to find the stories of the men who served and have this fantastic combination of interesting characters and stunning battle scenes.

Ann and Josie Bassett: old west ranchers and associates of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. They were being pressured by cattle barons to sell out, and the outlaws helped them fight off the pressure. You can make all kinds of good stories out of that.

But, Hollywood won’t make the movies…because Hollywood sucks.

Governor Walker forges ahead with the complete reform of Wisconsin government – now tackling welfare reform. We’ll see what comes after Trump, and Pence is building up a lot of good will for a future White House bid. But we could do a lot worse than getting Walker as our President one of these days.

Trump wants to repeal the misbegotten Johnson Amendment – that law which supposedly prohibits all religious groups from engaging in politics, but which actually prohibits Conservative religious groups from engaging in politics. It was in the tax bill, but now has been taken out. Once again, Trump is seen as pushing for the more Conservative reform, while the supposedly True Conservative Congress is undermining his efforts. Some how or another, we’ve got to get 6 or 7 more GOP Senators next year so we can just overwhelm the Fredo-Cons.

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  1. Cluster December 20, 2017 / 6:10 pm

    AT&T is giving $1,000 bonuses to 200,000 employees after tax bill

    Fifth Third is paying employees special bonuses after getting tax cuts under the Republican tax plan.

    Wells Fargo said Wednesday that it would boost minimum wages for employees to $15 an hour, following Fifth Third’s similar announcement.

    um……. travesty? Brian? Care to comment?

  2. Cluster December 21, 2017 / 8:45 am

    Re: the tax bill …. here is some informed commentary from Rachel Maddow:

    “You know, when companies start volunteering that they have come up with worthy things to do with all the money that was just dumped on them, that’s how you know, oh my god, a huge amount of money was just dumped on them,” Maddow said.

    “So the effects of the tax bill started to reverberate today as the wealthiest people and most powerful corporate corporations in this country started almost literally scrambling to figure out how they’re going to handle the money the Republican tax bill just gave them,” she claimed.

    “So when your families’ taxes go up because of this bill, you can take comfort in knowing that’s what you’re paying for, you’re giving telecom companies and biggest banks in the country a really embarrassing amount of money to have to explain away.”

    And she is a college graduate!!!

    According to Maddow, MSNBC, and all the rest of the dishonest media, the government just stole a bunch of money from poor people to give it to the rich corporations who are now scrambling to figure out what to do with all this free money. It’s an interesting world they live in.

    Question, if Bobby Mueller investigates Trump for another year, do you think he will find anything?

    • Retired Spook December 21, 2017 / 10:10 am

      I think Mueller will keep investigating until he finds something or tricks a witness into a contradiction that can be prosecuted, like what happened to Scooter Libby. I also think Trump and his closest advisers realize that the longer the investigation goes on, the more damage it does to Democrats, because literally everything that the Trump campaign has been accused of, the Clinton campaign and the DNC were actually doing. It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if the eventual call to shut the investigation down comes from the Dem side of the aisle.

    • Amazona December 21, 2017 / 10:54 am

      And here again the Left defines the act of not taking as much money away from people as “giving” them money, which implies that it is is “giving” them money it took from someone else. I know you said this, Cluster, but it has be repeated over and over again, till it starts to sink in that this is money the companies earned, owned, and had taken from them, until a new law said less would be taken from them.

      I agree with Spook that Mueller wants to trip someone up, the way Libby was set up, but I think there is too much focus on his shenanigans and highly questionable tactics to get away with that again. He already tried it with Flynn, and that may boomerang on him as people are starting to catch on that he blindsided him with his concoctions of illegally gained emails, illegally tapped phones and misstatements about time lines.

      I think Mueller is probably realizing that the farther he goes with this, the more likely it is that HE will be the target of the next investigation.

      BTW, have you noticed that some people are still talking about how he is such an ethical and moral guy, etc? Based on what, people? Where is THAT coming from? Certainly not from the way he ran the FBI.

    • Amazona December 21, 2017 / 10:55 am

      Dems weren’t even opposed to the United States meddling in a foreign election, or even to using our taxpayer money to do it.

      • Retired Spook December 21, 2017 / 12:47 pm
  3. Retired Spook December 21, 2017 / 10:32 am

    Great minds think alike.

  4. Amazona December 21, 2017 / 12:07 pm

    There is no limit to the Obama ego. The so-called “presidential library” for Obama won’t really be a presidential library, as it doesn’t meet the criteria for being a presidential library. Rather, the Obama Foundation is rolling over huge amounts and levels of community objections to build a temple to the Greatness That Is Barack Obama in a local park.

    I wonder where the money is coming from. I wonder what political strings are being pulled to allow this ego-stroking thing to take over a community gathering place and public park.

  5. Retired Spook December 21, 2017 / 2:07 pm

    One of the primary Democrat talking points against the tax bill continues to be that the individual tax cuts expire in 2025. Someone needs to get out there and shout from the rooftops that the reason there is a sunset clause is that NO DEMOCRATS VOTED FOR THE BILL! Had there been 60 votes in the senate in favor, there would be no sunset clause. I’m sure I’m preaching to the choir here, but I’m getting sick and tired of Democrats trying to have it both ways.

    • Amazona December 21, 2017 / 2:20 pm

      I wonder if we will have any pundits or politicians pointing out that what the Dems are saying is “One thing we hate most about this bill is something that is there because of us”.

      • Amazona December 21, 2017 / 3:23 pm

        Or “one thing we hate most about this bill is that now people can make up their own minds about whether or not to buy insurance, when everyone knows Americans need the government to force them to do what is best for them”.

      • Retired Spook December 21, 2017 / 7:06 pm

        If GOP candidates for the senate are smart, they’ll run in 2018 and 2020 on the promise to make the individual tax cuts permanent if they get 60 seats. What are the Dems going to do — run on letting them sunset after criticizing the fact that they run out in 2025?

      • M. Noonan December 22, 2017 / 12:58 am

        Good idea.

  6. Amazona December 21, 2017 / 2:18 pm

    I get newsletters from American Media, the Jesuit publication, and my reaction to the articles and essays too often ranges from amazement to outrage, as the once-respectable Jesuits now seem to be parroting most if not all of the Leftist nonsense we see in other places as well. Being Jesuit, this is usually couched in rather intellectual-sounding verbiage, but it’s still Leftist cant. Fortunately, this seems to reflect only some opinions from Jesuits, as some are more in touch with reality.

    From an interesting article from Front Page magazine:

    Jesuit Father Henri Boulad, an Islamic scholar of the Egyptian Greek Melkite rite, held no punches in an interview concerning the motives of Islamic terror and Western responses to it. “Islam is an open-ended declaration of war against non-Muslims,” declared the priest,”.. and those who carry out acts of violence and intolerance are only doing what their creed requires.” The report continues:

    “Those who fail to recognize the real threat posed by Islam are naïve and ignorant of history, he said, and unfortunately many in the Church fall into this category. Citing a letter he wrote last August to Pope Francis, Father Boulad said that “on the pretext of openness, tolerance and Christian charity — the Catholic Church has fallen into the trap of the liberal left ideology which is destroying the West.”

    This is the kind of hard-hitting analysis I expect from the Jesuits, not the Leftist political advocacy of the current Pope or too many writers on American Media.

  7. Cluster December 22, 2017 / 8:18 am

    I agree with this article over at AT:

    The Dems and the Destroy Trump Media believe that the income of all working Americans belongs to the federal government and that the Democrats, as the party of government, are the self-anointed guardians of how the income is spent and how much we get to keep of our income. Trump and the Republican Congress have a lot of nerve to interfere with this vision of the anointed class by letting us keep more of our income. It is immoral, immoral!

    But if the Pelosi-Schumer Dems truly believe that the tax cuts are immoral, then they must reject the benefits of the tax cuts. The Pelosi-Schumer Dems should pay tax at the current Obama rates. To simplify it, they can write a check to the IRS as a “bonus” in addition to the tax owed.

    And I am still waiting for travesty to tell me why those progressive CEO’s and staunch Democrats who run Apple, Google, Twitter, etc. would not repatriate their off shore money and pay the 35% tax. But the bottom line is that I don’t want any Democrats to benefit from this immoral tax bill and I am sure that all Democrats across the country will be writing checks and sending in their ill gotten gains.

    • Amazona December 23, 2017 / 1:09 am

      I am quite sure that all Democrats, looking down on us from the heights of the Higher Moral Ground, will refuse to participate in this unholy scheme to destroy the futures of our youth, throw our elderly out into the streets, bring about the deaths of thousands and undo every advance of every civilization since the end of time, and will send back any checks they might receive from any of these companies and continue to pay their taxes at the old rate. They have made it clear this is the only right thing to do.

      I am looking forward to the thousands marching in the streets and tearing up their checks for the television cameras. showering the journalists with confetti and shouting “What do we want? TAXES! When do we want them? NOW!” I expect nothing less.

  8. Cluster December 22, 2017 / 8:41 am

    This is interesting. From environmental scientist Vijay Jayaraj from the University of East Anglia and some of you will get the significance of that:

    It is time for the global mainstream media to stop calling CO2 a curse and start calling it a blessing. It is time to acknowledge the immense benefits that humans have enjoyed due to CO2.

    The pseudo-scientific climate scare propaganda must be stopped from causing more damage to the future of billions who live in poverty.

  9. Cluster December 22, 2017 / 9:36 am

    Morning Joe is celebrating Festivus this year. They are currently airing their list of grievances.

  10. Cluster December 22, 2017 / 2:54 pm

    MAGA !!!

    WASHINGTON — More than 700 people have left the Environmental Protection Agency since President Trump took office, a wave of departures that puts the administration nearly a quarter of the way toward its goal of shrinking the agency to levels last seen during the Reagan administration.

    • Retired Spook December 22, 2017 / 4:47 pm

      That’s gotta make a few Lefty’s heads explode.

      • Amazona December 23, 2017 / 1:01 am

        I’m just waiting to hear how many people will die—-DIE !! I tell you !!—because of this. Oh, the poor children!!

  11. Cluster December 23, 2017 / 8:29 am

    Just an observation. This Jerusalem debate has exposed just how weak and timid much of our American media and leadership have been, which is completely contrary to who we are as Americans. I watch these beltway establishment “experts” on the progressive media claim how dangerous this move is and how we have “angered all the wrong people”. In other words, these cowards are saying that showing support for an ally and vocalizing a long standing political desire, is wrong if it angers other countries. And these are the type of weak POS’s who have been governing this country for the last few decades – Bush 1 and 2 included.

    Thank God we have a real, red blooded American leading this country. Flaws and all. We ARE the most prosperous, most civil rights minded, most free country in the world and it’s time we are proud of that fact, that we show it, and that we NEVER apologize for who we are and what we stand for.

  12. Cluster December 23, 2017 / 8:45 am

    I love the smell of Democrat desperation in the morning:

    A quarrel with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer exploded into a full-blown altercation on Thursday as the Congressional Hispanic Caucus scolded him for undermining their efforts to pass legislation that protects Dreamers……Lawmakers who are part of the caucus, and Democrats who aren’t, had committed to using the must-pass spending bill as leverage to get the DREAM Act signed into law.

    If only the Democrats had control of Congress, the White House, and campaigned on making immigration reform a priority they would probably get something done for those poor dreamers …….. oh wait.

  13. Cluster December 23, 2017 / 9:13 am

    Ivy League graduate Rachel Maddow is still working the “money laundering” angle, however it has yet to be shown why Russians need to launder money. And why would they do it through the Trump Organization? Was Iran unavailable?

    • Amazona December 23, 2017 / 2:27 pm

      Rachel gets away with this because she knows her audience. There are some low-information watchers who have bought into the fiction that she is very very smart, so they swallow whatever swill she dumps on them. This is a demographic with little or no concept of what “money laundering ” is or when it is necessary or how it is done, but it plays well because it sounds so sinister and illegal and needs to be explained. The need for explanation plays into Maddow’s image as a big-brain, and she happily “explains” things to them.

      None of THEM are going to wonder why any Russian would feel a need to cover up the source of his money, as everyone in power in Russia knows all about the corruption there, either participates in it or wants to, and there is no reason to try to hide any ill-gotten gains because there is no penalty for how they were gotten.

      BTW, did you notice the graphic behind her? The sleuth is not only searching for the $$$$$ but is carrying a body as well. The next theme?

  14. Retired Spook December 23, 2017 / 10:34 am

    This is the level our country has sunk to in 2017.

    • jdge1 December 23, 2017 / 10:52 am

      Read that too. Couldn’t stomach more than a few lines before I decided not to ruin my Christmas spirits.

    • Amazona December 23, 2017 / 1:32 pm

      The saddest thing is that, as I read each and every one of them, I realized that they were just a random selection of toxic, hateful and often truly insane statements made by a toxic, hateful and often truly insane Left—not necessarily the “MOST obnoxious” but just a sampling of the verbal and print effluent of the Left. Nan and Chuck quotes could easily provide 25 each.

  15. Cluster December 23, 2017 / 11:01 am

    In light of the progressive media hysteria over Trumps “attacks” on the media – I will remind them about James Rosen:

    ……it looks like Fox News’ Chief Washington Correspondent James Rosen will be leaving the network at the end of the year. There are little details right now, but news of his departure was confirmed on Friday. Rosen joined Fox News in 1999. The veteran reporter gained prominence when the Obama administration came after him for reporting on a leaked story about North Korea in 2013. They tried to charge him as a criminal co-conspirator in the case

    I just love Democrats support of a free press.

  16. Amazona December 23, 2017 / 1:36 pm

    I was very heartened to see the latest court nominee examined by a Republican and found wanting. I see it as a step away from Identity Politics. I also loved Trump’s reaction to having a Republican show that a Trump appointee was not qualified.

    BTW, ABC’s spin on this, when Trump commented that it is no surprise that some are trying to distract from the record number of judges confirmed, is really that he is “standing behind his choice”. That’s not exactly the case.

    Speaking of Trump’s reaction to John Kennedy’s much-publicized grilling of Nominee Petersen:

    “He has told me, ‘Kennedy, when some of my guys send someone who is not qualified, you do your job,’” Kennedy said in the interview.

    Kennedy said he had no idea that Petersen lacked the experience for the post.
    “Just because you’ve seen ‘My Cousin Vinny’ doesn’t qualify you to be a federal judge,” Kennedy said, a reference to the 1992 movie in which an inexperienced lawyer tries a big case. “And he has no litigation experience. And my job on the judiciary committee is to catch him. I would strongly suggest he not give up his day job.”

  17. Amazona December 23, 2017 / 2:33 pm

    Finally, some truth in advertising.

    I get tons of junk mail, and when something strikes me as an effort to get financial information I block it. Today when I blocked one such spam email I noticed that in the email address was the word “guileful”. I got a kick out of that. He might be a crook, but he has a sense of humor. And a dictionary.

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