4 thoughts on “The Scandalous Presidency of Barack Obama

  1. Cluster April 4, 2018 / 8:17 am

    Best of luck on the book Matt.

    This story needs more exposure:

    A publication for IT security professionals says House leaders of both parties were negligent and in violation of basic IT protocol by allowing Imran Awan and his family to continue in their roles as server administrators for four months despite knowing they were suspected of serious misconduct by the House Inspector General.

    There is something to this story that the media and the establishment does not want to get out.


    • Amazona April 5, 2018 / 11:50 am

      This headline is pretty misleading, and clearly an effort to spread the blame. But when you read the article, you learn that when some Republicans learned of some possible problems, they immediately turned the situation over to the Congressional investigative body for investigation.

      Committee on House Administration leaders Republican Gregg Harper and Democrat Bob Brady learned the Awan family was suspected of equipment-theft in April 2016 but did not suspend their network access, instead tasking the House Office of Inspector General (IG) with an investigation, according to an IG presentation.

      So (1) some Republicans were informed that some employees had stolen some “equipment”, and then they (2) went through proper channels to investigate. The article does not say if they were told anything else that might have influenced the way they handled the situation they thought they were handling. Were they told the “equipment” was a private server used to illegally collect confidential Congressional data? You know, IMPORTANT equipment, not just someone’s iPhone or a fancy electric stapler? Did whoever “informed” them “that some employees had stolen some equipment” also inform them of the identities of the alleged thieves? Were they given enough information to actually act and dismiss the alleged thieves, if they even knew who they were? Did they have the authority to do that? The point is, did they act prudently and properly, given whatever information they had? Was initiating an investigation by professional investigators the proper action?

      Was it really the House Office of the Inspector General that fell down on the job? What did THEY investigate? What did THEY find? What did THEY do? What is the nature of their report, and to whom was it made?

      The headline tries very hard to implicate Republicans in this massive data breach and general screwup, but in the actual article I find only one comment that refers to any Republican knowledge of anything to do with this.

  2. Cluster April 5, 2018 / 9:04 am

    Why isn’t the NRA being blamed for the YouTube shooting?

    • Amazona April 5, 2018 / 11:40 am

      Or women. Or her ethnicity, which is suddenly never being mentioned? The earliest reports had her as, I believe, Pakistani—can’t find anything now—-and a couple said there was no proof she was a Muslim. Now—crickets. What was the nature of the YouTube videos she claimed were being edited or subjected to some sort of intervention? What was her message?

      Once we cross white off the offender list, and male, and Christian, and conservative, and NRA member, it seems that there is simply nothing to talk about.

      Did the police fail to do their jobs? Her father “….called police because he was concerned over her recent anger at YouTube. He said police eventually found his daughter and said she was in a car in Mountain View, about 28 miles south of San Bruno.

      When the family realized she was close to YouTube’s headquarters, they told police she said the company was “ruining her life.” He said police told the family they would keep an eye on her.”

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