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The caravan arrived at the border and got it’s photo ops which are now being used to try to convince us that we’re rotten, evil people for not having open borders.

None of us are buying that, though.

We need to fix our mistake: in the aftermath of WWII, we failed to make Marxist thought as vile in the public mind as Nazi and Fascist thought is. Oh, to be sure, we made some small efforts…but we didn’t hammer it mercilessly, as we should have. We allowed it to live…and to eventually argue in favor of “Free Speech” as a means to gain a foothold in our institutions. Over time, we’ve got what we have now: various flavors of Marxists working diligently to suppress all non-Leftist speech. The poison that was defeated in the USSR is now thriving in the United States. We have to make an end of it.

I realize this will eventually require amending the Constitution – but if we are, long term, to remain a free people it is necessary for us to make sure that those who argue in favor of tyranny cannot gain access to the public square.

It has to be kept in mind that our American system of government is based upon dogmatic assertions – dogmas as incapable of scientific proof as the dogma of the Trinity. “All men are created equal” is something that you take on faith, because you can’t prove it. And if you want to be free, you have to believe it. Waver even a bit from that dogma, and you’re quickly on the path to tyranny. The Marxists among us don’t believe it for a minute – don’t believe them when they say they do. If they did, they’d never be able to work out a system where people are judged by their class and that some classes of people have to be destroyed. No one who believes in the equality of human beings could do anything like that. You must believe that people are unequal in order to be willing to destroy some people. Let these Marxists advance long enough, and we’ll eventually find that not enough people believe in the American dogmas to sustain a free America.

Mark my words on this: the ultimate, final political battle is to be over whether or not anti-freedom ideology is to be allowed in the United States.

Putin is rolling the dice in Ukraine, again. Likely, he’s testing to see how far he can go. He knows we won’t be at the forefront in defending Ukraine simply because making an argument for an American army in the Donbas is not one Trump can make. What he’s likely doing is testing to see if any European power wants to do anything about it. And it may well be misdirection as he’s planning some offensive action either in the Baltics or the Caucasus. Everything old is new, again. This is pretty much the situation Europe found itself in back in 1854 – an aggressive Russia but a Russia which is moving step by step. Which step is the intolerable one? Back then, Britain, France and Turkey combined to thwart Russian ambitions. Will anyone is Europe do it, again? I doubt it.

Roger Simon talks about the left’s alliance with Islam (and resulting anti-Semitism):

This alliance between the left and Islam, exemplified – although far from exclusively – by Linda Sarsour, who refuses to abjure the notoriously anti-Semitic Louis Farrakhan while telling Jews she is “sorry,” leads to mind-bending behavior by “feminists” like support for the hijab and patriarchal Sharia law. What next? Clitoridectomies? Evidently

I’ve said for years that the left would convert to Islam – and be lead there by feminists. It must always be remembered that one of the great appeals of Islam is its magnificent simplicity. It is an excellent religion for anyone who doesn’t want to think too hard. And can you just guess who, in our modern West, is most opposed to thinking, at all? That doing this requires a bow to anti-Semitism doesn’t cause our leftists any worry. They were long ago tired of defending Israel. Allah is everything and everything that happens is Allah’s will. You have no free will (the left despises the very idea of free will) and everything you do is to be run from a script (sound familiar?).

The only real question is: how long will the majority of gays and Jews (stalwart Democrat voting blocs) remain on board? I’m figuring by 2028, a majority of such votes start going GOP…provided it remains a Trumpist GOP.

Instapundit took himself off Twitter because Twitter is now a cesspool of Stalinist persecution. I’m pondering when I’ll terminate my account – that I will terminate it is a given. Though I may have some fun, first, and get Twitter to ban me.

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  1. Retired Spook November 27, 2018 / 10:47 am

    The ideological Left — professors, politicians, teachers, bureaucrats, journalists, etc., are obviously counting on two things, (a) that most of the last couple generations have been sufficiently indoctrinated to do whatever they’re told; and (b) they’re going to be able to disarm those who aren’t. I doubt that I’m going to live long enough to see the main battle, but I have no doubt that there will be a battle for the soul of America, maybe even a battle for Western Civilization. I just don’t see it playing out any other way. The forces that would take away our freedom are better organized and more dedicated to their cause. Until both sides subscribe to the strategy “whatever it takes,” we’ll continue to slide toward tyranny and totalitarianism. Much depends on the patience of the Left. If they continue the patience that has been their hallmark for the last century, the public will become disarmed by attrition, as most who inherit guns will simply turn them in to the government. If, as it currently appears, the Left becomes impatient while 100 million Americans are still well armed, then we may succeed in brushing Leftist ideology into the dust bin of history, at least until the next charismatic leader comes along and says, “this time it will be different.”

    • Cluster November 27, 2018 / 12:04 pm

      The forces that would take away our freedom are better organized and more dedicated to their cause.

      Isn’t that the truth. Look at what the George Soros funded leftist groups have created at the border, yet our wholly dishonest media frames the issue as a “stroller brigade looking for a better life” (at least according to Joe & Mika). The American media, their propaganda, and the emotionally charged, ill educated younger generation who they prey on, has altered the course of this country and we need to wake up to this fact and respond in kind. Or face the consequences.

      Our founding fathers were all men of wealth and prominence yet they risked their lives to free themselves of tyranny. We may have to do it again.

  2. Retired Spook November 27, 2018 / 3:19 pm

    I have never heard of this particular writer, but she makes some excellent points.

    Conservatives have an excellent argument in favor of the Second Amendment by proclaiming that “it takes a good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun.” Unfortunately, it makes no sense to Leftists and it’s instructive to examine why.

    The Left has been working overtime to erase the difference between good guys and bad guys. To them, we are all just as capable of being Charles Manson as we are Mother Theresa. They claim that individual choice and personal responsibility has nothing to do with who is good and who is evil. Maybe that’s why they can always be counted upon to come to the defense of ruthless, hardened criminals. They have for decades perpetuated the idea that criminals are victims. Now, they’ve moved on to painting law-abiding citizens are criminals. This speeds us on the road to being all the same. Think of it as the redistribution of personal responsibility. (emphasis – mine)

    • M. Noonan November 28, 2018 / 6:30 pm

      Everything is about the group, right? Our group, the white males, have been unfairly advantaged…and that’s why you and I aren’t in jail. Meanwhile, other groups have been unfairly disadvantaged. So: send us to jail, let them out. Reparative Justice…

  3. Retired Spook November 28, 2018 / 12:01 pm

    A really thought-provoking essay at Public Discourse today, including this paragraph from the YCMTSU file:

    This bold petition for scholar-activism, calling it “pivotal” and “essential,” is not surprising given that Dr. Romero works not in a department of sociology but instead in ASU’s explicitly activist “School of Social Transformation.” According to its website, the school encompasses five scholarly fields: African and African American Studies, Asian Pacific American Studies, Justice and Social Inquiry, Social and Cultural Pedagogy, and Women and Gender Studies. Students and faculty, the school’s homepage says, are working together “to change the world” and “to create social change that is democratic, inclusive and just.” (emphasis – mine)

  4. Frank Lee (@trumpcowboy) November 28, 2018 / 9:52 pm

    I find no reason to be so pessimistic about America’s future given the astounding shift brought in by the election of Trump. The liberals have always been crazy and moving toward cultural Marxism, at least since the 60’s if not the 20’s.

    What has dramatically changed because of Trump, is that many major conservative leaders were exposed to be part of a uniparty, whose goal wasn’t to enact conservative policy but simply pretend to be an alternative to the movement to globalism. Paul Ryan and Jeffery Flake are just a few of those exposed. Cleaning out these fake conservatives only strengthens the movement.

    Further, the MSM has been completely and utterly exposed as an arm of the Democratic party, as has Hollywood and all the big tech companies. Yes, this has been clear for some time, but now even the average American (even liberals) totally gets it. Conservatives everywhere are looking for alternatives and will create them where they can’t find them.

    Universities have also been completely exposed, and there is more talk about not bothering to attend them, finding alternatives and home schooling. Their grip on young minds I believe is loosening, not tightening.

    Specifically, to the 2nd Amendment issues, Trump is the most publicly pro-gun President we’ve had since Teddy R. (Sure, he pretended to be open to gun control legislation, but only to expose the Democrats empty rhetoric.) Nobody is taking anyone’s guns away any time soon, except in Democratic controlled states, and that just makes it clearer what is at stake.

    Talk about a civil war by conservatives seems as unrealistic to me as liberal talk about a “revolution.” Both are coming more from impatience with reality than any real trends.

    • M. Noonan November 29, 2018 / 1:49 am

      There are good and bad things going on – right now, the whole of the left has decided that we all have to get on board with the trans thing, and when you think that a mere ten years ago the debate was whether SSM should be legal, we can still see that the left is pressing hard for its views. OTOH, Trump is on track to remake the courts in a major way – and if he’s re-elected (as I expect he will be) there doesn’t seem much chance for the Democrats to gain a Senate majority any time soon…and, by that, I mean even when it comes around to the 2024 election, supposing a Democrat wins that to replace Trump, there simply aren’t enough GOP seats up between now and then to put the GOP majority at risk. This means that no one is going to stop the Trump re-make of the Courts and there is zero chance any Democrat legislative program gets enacted unless they compromise and give us at least some of what we want. There can be no large tax increase; there can be no major gun-grab; there can be no major expansion of the welfare State…unless the GOP just throws up the sponge and lets it happen. Make no mistake about it, we’ve got people in the GOP who want to do just that…but, already, they are only a very few and, more and more, the GOP is adopting Trump’s backbone in dealing with the Democrats.

      It was bad – and sad – that we lost the House. We shouldn’t have. We should have done much more over the past two years…but, what’s done is done. Its nice to think we’ll win it back in 2020, but we can’t count on that. Our job, for now, is to keep approving the judges and pressure Trump to do even more deregulating at the Executive level. Let the Dems do their insane investigations (we can’t stop them, anyway) while just waiting for them to step on their own d***.

      • Amazona November 30, 2018 / 4:09 pm

        I liked Ryan so much, and it was very depressing to see him turn into a petty squishie. I still think Sasse is politically sound, as is Gardner, but they are letting themselves get sucked into personality disputes which can and will erode their political cred. There is no real leader in the Senate to guide the newbies away from pitfalls like indulging in petty snipes at the president on personality issues. I always liked Mike Kaufmann as a Representative but both he and Gardner tried sucking up to the Never Trumpers, or at least engaging in some petty sniping at Trump, and I lost a lot of respect for both of them, especially Kaufmann, who said he didn’t think Trump knew what he was doing. That was not a policy disagreement, which would have been fine with me even if I didn’t agree with it, but was just sheer bitchiness and bad manners.

        There is a Code of The West, which has actually been adopted by the Wyoming Legislature, and one of its rules is “Ride for the brand”. The GOP legislators should pay attention to this.

      • Amazona November 30, 2018 / 4:11 pm

        Code of the West

        1) Live each day with courage.
        2) Take pride in your work.
        3) Always finish what you start.
        4) Do what has to be done.
        5) Be tough, but fair.
        6) When you make a promise, keep it.
        7) Ride for the brand.
        8) Talk less and say more.
        9) Remember that some things
        aren’t for sale.
        10) Know where to draw the line.

    • Amazona November 30, 2018 / 1:42 pm

      You are so right, Frank.

      But it drives me up a wall to see the Right fumble opportunity after opportunity.

      Take the California wild fires. In a state so determinedly Liberal, this was a prime opportunity to point out the destructiveness of Liberal policies, but we only had Trump mumbling something marginally coherent about the fires being due to mismanagement and that was it. Hannity kind of tried, in his own incoherent way, to touch on that but he is utterly clueless.

      I have been living in the middle of this forest management controversy, and have fought Libs on it. The core excuse used by Libs to stop forest management is POLLUTION—-nonstop whining about the nasty old emissions from all that nasty old greasy noisy equipment. Pin a Lib down on forest management and this will pop up. The whine about roads is part of that—-the simpering about how roads impact the pristine nature of, well, of NATURE, will usually come back to pollution by the equipment.

      We should have swept in with philosophical guns blazing, pointing out the amount of pollution thrown into the air by any of the many fires, millions of tons of smoke and ash, and detailed the corollary damage—–animals cruelly burned to death, soil sterilized by the high heat of fires burning for long times at ground level because of the buildup of material, the inability of that soil to absorb rainfall when it does come, the washing of all that ash and burn debris downstream into rivers and streams fouling them and killing off the fish. We should have had experts explaining this in great detail, and comparing this to the relatively minor “pollution” of a few diesel engine. We should have pointed out that logging roads are carefully engineered, surveyed for minimal impact on erosion and and the environment, and that they are then closed with berms which can be moved in minutes if firefighters need access—–as opposed to the brutal slamming of huge dozers through timber to get to a fire, without thought to future damage or erosion.

      We had this whole thing handed to us on a series of silver platters, and we sat there mute and helpless and let it all pass by.

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