Shutdown Open Thread

Day 24 of the Government Shutdown and I still don’t care…its a challenge to see if it goes on long enough to make me care.

A lady shoots a mugger and a liberal complains about it – eventually, he boils it down: he just wants a world without violence. Count me out of such a world. Outside of Heaven, you’d only get such a world by draining out of the human race every semblance of courage, honor and willingness to take risks. Because we want people to bravely go and do things, we need courage – because we have courage, we will have people who will misuse courage. That is just human nature: some people will go bad. Only mindless, spineless slaves could live in a world without violence.

LA teachers are out on strike, demanding more money. Of course, they are always getting more and more and more money. In fact, they are awash in money. And its not like anyone is seriously demanding they produce educated children. Been decades since any parent in LA actually demanded that sort of outcome. Naturally, the liberals who govern LA are in full accord with the teachers – all they need is for the liberals who run California to extract more tax money from the ever shrinking number of middle class Californians. And, that will be done.

It is only 167 feet, but the problem is we didn’t detect this asteroid which came very close until a couple weeks before it arrived. We need a bigger budget to track these things. Of course if a really big one comes, not much we can do…but, also, we’ll pick up a really big one fairly far out. But a smaller one, big enough to kill thousands to millions, might not show up on our screens until it is far too late.

The Brexit deal failed in Parliament. I’m with those who think it deliberate – make such a bad deal that everyone unites against it…and then call for a new referendum and count on overwhelming Establishment hostility to convince a bare majority of Britons to reject Brexit.

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  1. JeremiahTMM January 15, 2019 / 8:28 pm

    I think that’s really the. crux of what government is all about, Mark.

    I think it was Madison that said, “If men were angels, there would be no need for government.” As it is, men are evil, therefore a need for government. The problem those who are the wrong people for government. People such as Barack Obama, and before him, Hitler, Mao, Lenin, Stalin…those were the heads of governments. The kind of people that government was created to avoid and bring to justice.

    I kind of find it hard to believe that any liberal wants a world without violence, to the contrary, he is the one who wants to be the one to be committing violence, against his fellow countrymen for having a difference of opinion.

    I agree that we need government, but we need a government that is not controlled by atheists. We. call them “communists, socialists, progressive, what have you” but they are atheists before they were communists.

    • Amazona January 16, 2019 / 10:43 am

      Jeremiah, the Left needs violence. It needs conflict and chaos and distrust and resentment and paranoia, because it is a toxic philosophy that cannot survive in the atmosphere of a happy, secure nation.

      This is why we see its various tactics come into play.

      One is the effort to undermine and eventually dismantle the family unit, because a family is competition for authority, and the Left will tolerate no competition for its ultimate authority. As the Left gains power, it eventually actually removes children from the home, as we saw with Hitler Youth and the youth movements in the old USSR, but for now it works on things like full-day daycare and/or kindergarten (as we are seeing today in Colorado under the governance of our new Uber-Lefty, Jared Polis). The less time a child spends in the care of his or her parents, and the more time in the indoctrination centers of “education” the more power is gained by the State.

      One is the attack on religion, because God is the ultimate competition for authority.

      One is the erosion of true education and its replacement with pseudo-education, such as that provided by Casper when he was “teaching”, telling young minds things like the Founders being racists who set up a system which supported slavery and denied rights to women. The chances are, these poor kids will never, in 8 to 12 to 16 years spent in the indoctrination centers of public education, be taught the truth of the founding of this nation, or even that the Constitution never mentions slavery or women’s roles in government or life.

      But these are quiet revolutions, silent incursions into the fabric of American society. What is more obvious is the fomenting of civil unrest, as we see more and more openly displayed as even members of Congress (in defiance of their oaths of office) work to undermine our electoral process by unseating a duly elected president, and in doing so erode our very rule of law. The Left is now openly working hand in glove with Russia, in Russia’s stated desire to destabilize American society. And what is more alarming is the Left’s open embrace of and promotion of violence. From its silly mobs of females dressed as genitalia wallowing in verbal violence to the violent mobs harassing and threatening people in public places for their violations of Acceptable Thought to the truly dangerous violence of riots causing property damage, the Left is behind every level and aspect of societal violence in this country. We now have members of Congress openly encouraging people to attack others on the basis of their political beliefs, and we have people from opposition political beliefs and their families openly threatened with violence and even death.

      We saw the Executive Branch of the United States supporting a whole new, violent, level of racism, from a president making inflammatory remarks implying racial prejudice in wholly non-racial acts to his Attorney General telling his department it would not prosecute black-on-white crime and looking the other way when a black domestic terrorist group openly put out a bounty on the head of a man who had killed a black man. Soliciting murder is a crime, but one approved in the Obama administration, if the solicitation was based on racial hatred. Ditto for the Black Lives Matter campaign encouraging the murder of law enforcement officers.

      This is promoted by the Left, and the truly disturbing psychology of hatred and punishment for not having Acceptable Thoughts is validate as somehow a good thing, somehow proof of mental and moral superiority. And in the meantime, the State is assuming truly alarming levels and types of power.

      • JeremiahTMM January 16, 2019 / 9:01 pm

        The chances are, these poor kids will never, in 8 to 12 to 16 years spent in the indoctrination centers of public education, be taught the truth of the founding of this nation, or even that the Constitution never mentions slavery or women’s roles in government or life.

        That is the sad part, Amazona.

        The state of our youth is now in such disrepair, that a majority of them don’t know how to use a lawnmower, or use common yard tools, like rakes, hoes, axes, splitting mauls, hammers, screwdrivers, shovels. Some of the most useful and satisfying of tools, and so simple to use.

    • JeremiahTMM January 16, 2019 / 7:31 pm

      But these are quiet revolutions, silent incursions into the fabric of American society. What is more obvious is the fomenting of civil unrest, as we see more and more openly displayed as even members of Congress (in defiance of their oaths of office) work to undermine our electoral process by unseating a duly elected president,

      And, the key word/words here, is/are – quiet, silent. The same tactic used against Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. The Bible says that was the most beautiful of creatures, a serpent. He appeared as shining light, and the tactic he used was lies, with a certain form of utopian expectations. Of course, that set the stage for the world that would follow, and it’s been the same ever since.

      One is the attack on religion, because God is the ultimate competition for authority.

      Let’s refine that a little bit. I don’t want to add to it, or change what you’ve said there, because for all intents and purposes, it is fully correct. When we break it down (why liberals want God removed from society), God is a threat to leftist society. The left holds up atheism as their world view, and in an atheististic worldview, there is no checks or balances on how they rule, they are accountable to no one but themselves. They are not accountable to the people, nor are they accountable to other nations, but they are supreme in the universe. They create their own reality, and force the rest of the world to conform to their reality.

      That is what is so dangerous about atheists gaining a position of authority in government, because under their authority they retain the absolute right to determine the rights of everyone underneath them, in other words, all of mankind on the universe, and anyone deemed a threat to the power they have stolen for themselves.

      In the real world, in reality, it’s not like that…In reality, heads of governments are accountable to God even before they are accountable to the people…And it’s not just governments, but every single soul that is living.

      I just wanted to refine what you said to show how utterly dangerous communist government is.

      A good example of how tragic communist government works is to read about the “Road of Bones” which Im sure you have read about. I had just recently heard of it, because I was studying a bit about the geography of Russia, Siberia, the Ukraine and so on. Actually, I seen a thing about the coldest town on earth, and there’s only one road into it, and it was built by the people of the region, and Stalin used these people , and literally worked them to death building the road. Whenever a worker died, they just Incorporated their bodies into the aggregate, or substrate that they used to make the road. And there are many other tragic stories about the Soviet Russia, just harrowing stories, that will chill you to the bone. All because of the people in charge who did not hold themselves accountable to God, and it lead to a trail of pure death.

      We don’t want that in America. We want a loving, and just society.

      • Amazona January 17, 2019 / 9:14 am

        Jeremiah, your view of my comment on religion posing a challenge to the authority of the Left makes complete sense—to a believer. From the perspective of one with a belief in God, it explains a lot.

        But to someone without that belief in God, the simple fact that a person DOES believe in God and holds God’s laws above those of man is the true danger to the absolute authority demanded by the Left.

        The State will tolerate no competition for its authority, whether coming from a family unit or a belief in a Higher Power, so part of its efforts to achieve total control is the undermining of the authority of both the family and religion.

      • JeremiahTMM January 17, 2019 / 8:32 pm

        Well, take for example this…

        ANTIFA is purportedly fighting “fascism”, and the fascists are supposed to be “Trump supporters.” But, here we see a professor, now, a professor mind you, someone who “teaches” students in an American university, who took a lock 🔒 made of steel , and swung it down on the top of a Trump supporters head, and now he’s bleeding profusely from the top of his head. Okay, tell me who is more more fascists here, more Nazi like … The ANTIFA professor who hit the Trump supporter with a steel object, or the Trump supporter standing peacefully demonstrating?

        What’s upsetting here is the fact that the professor never suffered any real repercussions for his violent behavior, he gets a slap on the wrist and they let him go. Not real, true justice. While the supporter has a permanent scar for the rest of his life.

        There is real proof that God has no place in the hearts of communists, and instead their hearts are full of hatred for Conservative Christians.

        This is why it’s so important that we appoint men of honor, and love for the people of America. And we need to regain control of the educational system, because the young people are the future of America. Presently, we don’t have control of our educational, and have not done so for a very long time, which has produced a world such as we see in the video above, and unless we do take our country back, we will become nota “road of bones”, but a land of bones.

    • R. Murphy January 17, 2019 / 2:11 pm

      They absolutely believe in a god: they believe that they are their own god. They know best and if the universe doesn’t agree with their answers the universe needs to change …

      • JeremiahTMM January 17, 2019 / 7:15 pm

        You see in reality, there is no such thing as an atheist, atheist is a term to describe someone who hates God, they do not like His Word and they do not want to obey His laws.

        If I were to ask an “atheist” (another term for liberal), “Why do you hate God?” They would throw every lie in the devil’s playbook at me…A good example of one of their lies that they like to throw at Christians is, “How do I hate a “Deity” that doesn’t exist?””

        You see they are full of lies, they are of their father the devil , he was a liar from the beginning, and is the father of all lies.

        It’s hateful in and of itself to even state to God that He “does not exist”.

  2. casper3031 January 15, 2019 / 9:29 pm

    Not surprised you don’t care. Why should you care about your fellow Americans, many of them Veterans who aren’t getting paychecks? The Trump shutdown is the longest in history, proving that conservatives can’t govern.

    • Frank Lee (@trumpcowboy) January 15, 2019 / 10:18 pm

      No, the lists of accomplishments under the first two years of the Trump administration are very impressive, most importantly, creating manufacturing jobs. (But defeating Isis, moving the embassy to Jerusalem, beginning a withdrawal from Syria, getting North Korea to stop firing missiles over Japan, massively cutting regulations and many more are also incredibly significant.)

      The shutdown is going on because Nancy Pelosi can’t figure out what to do. And trust me, Trump will force her to cave and her leadership will be completely undercut leading into the next election.

      As far as caring, how anyone can ignore the real humanitarian crisis of promising every poor person in the world that they can come to America (making them vulnerable to criminals who sneak them in) is staggering. Not to mention, ignore the hardship and crime it inflicts on Americans. A wall makes sense, and the Democrats look like idiots trying to oppose it.

    • Cluster January 16, 2019 / 8:01 am

      Most of those federal workers are deadbeats and “non essential”, whereas the innocent Americans who are dying at the hands of illegals are truly essential.

      I care a hell of a lot more for the victims of illegal immigrants than I do some lazy fat federal employee. And if those well paid federal employees would stop voting for Democrats, they wouldn’t be in this position. They can spend this “funemployment” time thinking about the political party they support.

    • Amazona January 16, 2019 / 10:58 am

      proving that conservatives can’t govern.

      Remember what I said about irony? Here it raises its head again, and again Casper is simply oblivious to it.

      He loves his Left, he is an eager little foot soldier for its lies and its fallacies, which means he is quite supportive of its blockade of relevant and necessary legislation to provide a higher level of security for the nation and its people. That is bad enough. Where the irony comes in is where he then declares that the inability of the Left to govern, as it failed for the eight years it was in power, is proof that the RIGHT can’t govern.

      Chuck U Schumer bleats, incessantly, that “we need to get this signed so we can move on to discussion”. More discussion? After how many years of Leftist speed bumps putting Leftist political agendas ahead of what is best for the country?

      A secure border is a symbol of national sovereignty, and the Left does not LIKE national sovereignty. They have made so many strides toward their ultimate goal of absolute tyranny in other nations, and taken control of the United Nations, that a sovereign United States of America, independent and governed by its own rule of law, is an affront and the last holdout. So we are bombarded with whimpers about what other nations might think of us, we have our laws and customs compared to those of other nations, and there is a constant effort to diminish the sovereignty of our country.

      Who organized that caravan from Central America? Who put out the word that it was being put together? Who encouraged people to join with promises of transportation and housing and food along the way, and who urged them with claims that “asylum is a RIGHT” and that simply being allowed to march into the United States was a RIGHT? Who encouraged them to march waving expensive banners of other nations, overt statements that they were not going to the United States to become Americans but to establish their own national identities here? Who paid for the transportation and the food and the housing?

      Wasn’t a complicated and expensive effort to basically make our southern border insignificant really an effort to undermine our sovereignty as a nation, our right to have a boundary and make laws about who can cross it?

      This IS the Left. This is what the Left wants, this is what the Left is fighting for, and this is what Chuck and Nancy and the rest of the Dem legislators are supporting. This is why they are doing everything they can to block any effort to keep this nation sovereign and free.

      And the mindless little sheeple like Casper bleat bleat bleat that the Right standing firm in the face of this effort to undermine the very fabric and identity of our country is proof that the Right “can’t govern”. Maybe we couldn’t “govern” very well with so many Leftists wearing big red Rs on their lapels but voting to support Leftist agendas and policies, but the conservatives who are now standing fast are doing so in the interest of actual, Constitutional, governance.

      And it really ticks off the Caspers who just want to get this over with, who just want total capitulation to the Left so they can get on with their establishment of an even more powerful and intrusive Central Authority.

    • M. Noonan January 16, 2019 / 12:42 pm

      I don’t care, Casper, because you don’t care. How do I know you don’t care? Because you aren’t demanding that Nancy and Chuck cave in and fund the wall. Try your DNC Talking Points BS somewhere else, it doesn’t work on me. Nor, I think, on any one over on my side. We know how this game is played – and we’re now playing by the same rules your side does. When you start surrendering your political desires and compromising with us, then I’ll know you actually care about anyone suffering because of the shut down.

      • Retired Spook January 16, 2019 / 1:48 pm

        One of the things that gives me hope for the future is the fact that more and more Conservatives have read the Left’s playbook and understand how the game is played. We are no longer going to allow the Left to define either the rules or the language. But we still need to figure out a way to un-indoctrinate the millions of Millennials and Gen-Xers or we’ll lose by a combination of attrition and default. I’ve often said on this blog that I believe the yearning for freedom is an inherent part of the human spirit, and no place on the planet is it stronger than in America, but I have no doubt that it will be tested at some point in the fairly near future. What I fear most is that we have a couple generations of young people who have been taught neither the value of freedom nor the responsibility that goes along with it. I doubt that I’ll be around to see the final collapse if it comes to that, at least I hope not, but if my descendants freely choose that path, then I guess they will get what they deserve.

      • M. Noonan January 16, 2019 / 5:56 pm

        Beto was out there today saying that he’s not sure the Constitution works – and it is important to understand why he said that. He was pointing out that we’re this massive Empire with hundreds of millions of people and global alliances…how, truly, can our antique Constitution work in such a situation? You and I know full well it works fine – or, it would work fine, if we actually obeyed it. But, here’s a key thing: it doesn’t work if we do have massive, global alliances and a behemoth federal government trying to regulate every aspect of American life. In the end, we can either be slaves to the Liberal Super State, or we can reassert our American convictions. There is no half way point: a house divided against itself cannot stand.

      • Amazona January 16, 2019 / 6:14 pm

        Actually, if we “…have massive, global alliances and a behemoth federal government trying to regulate every aspect of American life..” we are no longer operating according to the Constitution, so the failure of the second system is anything BUT an indictment of the Constitution., truly, can our antique Constitution work in such a situation..? It can’t. And that is precisely the point. The situation itself is unworkable. The characteristics he cites are its fatal flaws, and the only cure is to reverse them and go back to pure Constitutional governance.

        And seriously, just how does Beto come to the conclusion that we are a “massive Empire? Get the boy a dictionary.

      • M. Noonan January 16, 2019 / 9:11 pm

        LOL; my thoughts, too. But we do need to restore ourselves to our Constitution. It’s why I advocate for the counter-intuitive proposal to increase the size of the House to 601 members. But, that means there will be smaller districts more in tune with the people. Also, of course, I’ve talked everyone’s ears off about breaking up the States into smaller units. I’m now up to 66 States – which would mean 132 Senators. 68 if we admit Guam and Puerto Rico (not 100% sure about Puerto Rico, but I think Guam is well suited to be an American State…very patriotic Americans, they are). I’m also wondering if, just perhaps, we should set up a situation where our ten largest cities (San Jose, Dallas, San Diego, San Antonio, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Houston, Chicago, Los Angeles and New York) become City States…having two Senators, each, along with their requisite House representation. I know this means at least most of them would become Two Democrat Senators for Life, but by removing those population centers from their political surroundings, it means other GOP Senators representing generally GOP-favorable suburbs.

        And we need to end our system of alliances. Pace George Washington, we don’t need entangling alliances. I don’t think Washington meant “have no alliances”. After all, the Franco-Spanish alliance was key to his victory. But, I do think he understood that becoming too tied to any foreign nation, or group of nations, would be baleful for us. And, he was right. NATO is garbage, anyway – the German and British armies couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag. For me, I favor alliances with India, Vietnam, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Australia, Poland, Israel and understandings with Russia and Brazil about spheres of influence and mutual aid against any third party actor.

      • Amazona January 17, 2019 / 1:26 am

        Beto’s comment reminded me of the kind of person who says “I just love your tuna casserole—can I have the recipe?” and then comes back to complain it was a terrible recipe—though he changed nearly every ingredient in it. Follow the recipe and you will get the dish you want. Substitute salmon for tuna, tomato soup for cream of mushroom, paprika for garlic, add dill pickles and juice because you have some, stir in some guacamole and throw in a couple of gluggs of cheap red wine so you can get rid of it, and yes, you will have a complete mess. But you can’t blame the original recipe, because it always works when it is followed.

    • R. Murphy January 17, 2019 / 2:15 pm

      The shutdown is 100% on democrats and you know it Casper. I would say regurgitating this propaganda I’ll suits you but it really represents you perfectly…

  3. Cluster January 16, 2019 / 8:58 am

    Healthcare is right dammit!!! I have the right to expect someone else to take care of me right Casper?

    The annual Medscape report, released Wednesday, finds that on average, 44 percent of the medical professionals your existence depends on report feeling stressed out to the point where they’ve considered leaving the field altogether.

    What happens when we run out of healthcare providers? Can we then force people to go to medical school? I am just wondering how this new open border, free healthcare society will operate.

    • Amazona January 16, 2019 / 11:00 am

      Cluster, you need to stop trying to inject fact and reason into arguments with the Left. You should know by now they are fact-averse and reason-deficient.

      Doctors will just …….. happen. Just like the money to pay for socialist schemes will just ……… be there.

  4. Cluster January 16, 2019 / 9:10 am

    I have a feeling that Democrats will tear themselves apart during the 2020 campaign.

    Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez toppled a well-established Democratic leader in a stunning primary upset last year — now she’s looking to spur others to do the same.

    AOC was elected with just 16,000 votes in her district, meaning that the vast majority of people in her own district didn’t bother to vote for her, yet she is convinced that she leads the new Democrat movement. Good for conservatives. She and other over emotional and ignorant millennial Democrats will destroy that party. Pass the popcorn

      • Amazona January 16, 2019 / 11:40 am

        Oh, lookie lookie—Casper the obedient little herd animal is dutifully trotting along with his nose up the backside of the sheep in front of him! He does take direction well, doesn’t he?

        But some of us look at the figures. Not the bland assurances in the text that the poll is balanced or even relevant, but the actual figures.

        And we see that those who identify as Liberal, either strongly or leaning that way, are 26% of the total, while “Moderates” (which means people who can’t be bothered to make up their minds but wait to see which way the wind blows) are a whopping 40%.
        Conservatives, either strongly or leaning in that direction, are only 36%.

        Put another way, the people who believe that the Constitution is the only legal rule of law in the United States, who understand that the federal government is supposed to be severely restricted as to size, scope and power and that this is repeated in the 10th Amendment, disapprove of punitive taxation for the purpose of expanding federal power by about 63%. And those who think it is just fine to tax OTHER people to engage in extra-Constitutionally approved activities (which, to explain to a teacher, means OTHER THAN Constitutionally legal activities) also either identify as Liberals or as people who sit on fences waiting to be convinced on a daily basis of what they believe in. Surprisingly, these people constitute the vast majority of those who think it is OK to confiscate private property for redistribution by the State.

        So what we are really seeing is a referendum on whether we should govern according to the Constitution or against it.

        Phrase your silly polls that way and see if the tallies change.

      • Retired Spook January 16, 2019 / 11:47 am

        I don’t doubt for a minute that the majority of Americans support raising the top marginal rate to 70%. 50% of Americans pay zero or pretty close to it. They certainly wouldn’t support raising their OWN taxes. If you look up “obtuse” in the dictionary, I’ll bet there’s a picture of Casper.

      • M. Noonan January 16, 2019 / 12:41 pm

        So, have the Democrats run on that…go for it. See what happens.

      • Cluster January 16, 2019 / 12:41 pm

        Well I hate to burst Casper’s and AOC’s socialist dream bubble but even when the marginal rate was in the 90% area, NO ONE paid that percentage. Write offs, loopholes, and shelters allowed tax payers to lessen their gross income to the point that their effective rate was in the 30’s or 40’s. It’s a shell game.

    • Amazona January 16, 2019 / 11:09 am

      I have a feeling that Democrats will tear themselves apart during the 2020 campaign

      I often wish I have the ability to draw, because in my mind I come up with a lot of cartoons I wish I could put on paper. (One of my favorites was one of Cindy Sheehan, looking much like Gollum, crawling creepily and spider-like up a big pile of flag-draped coffins reaching for a big spotlight and camera at the top.)

      The one in my mind now is of a gaggle of Leftists, many easily recognizable such as AOC and Liawatha, elbowing each other out of the way in a mad scramble to get to the big cliff labeled Leftism. There will be eye-gouging, ankle-grabbing, trip wires, pushing and pulling and wrestling, as they try to outdo each other proving their radical Leftist credentials.

      And then, of course, whoever wins will spend the next year trying to balance lip service to the radical Left with assurance to the rational people of the nation that he or she isn’t really that radical, after all.

      Here in Colorado, we had Jason Crow run a truly vile, despicable campaign based on lies. A good state GOP would be pointing out the difficulty he should be encountering in now convincing people that he is not really a vile, despicable liar.. But they won’t—-possibly because they know that the Left wouldn’t care anyway.

  5. Retired Spook January 16, 2019 / 4:28 pm

    The longer this shutdown continues, the more average Americans are going to realize just how bloated and unnecessary many elements of the Federal Government are. Bernie Sanders lamented that 95% of EPA employees are furloughed. Since only non-essential personnel are furloughed, do the math.

  6. Cluster January 16, 2019 / 6:05 pm

    Here’s a learning opportunity for Fielding and Casper. Read the following exchange between Bill DeBlasio and Megan McCain:

    MCCAIN: Do you think the V.A. Is run well and it’s a great medical organization?

    DE BLASIO: No, of course not.

    MCCAIN: That’s a government run heath care.

    DE BLASIO: That’s a federal run health care.

    MCCAIN: By the way, veterans died waiting to get health care.

    DE BLASIO: It’s horrible, unconscionable. We’re closer to the ground and we’re accountable to our own people and our public health system is working better and better.

    The VA is absolutely government run healthcare and is exactly what most of us can expect when and if “universal healthcare” ever kicks in. But DeBlasio unwittingly made a strong argument for the Constitution and Federalism. Note his final reply – State governments are closer to the ground and are more accountable and that is exactly what the Founders intended. Let the States be responsible for the administration of welfare and healthcare and I guarantee you will get better results.

  7. Cluster January 16, 2019 / 7:12 pm

    Have you all heard what Pelosi’s reason is for wanting to postpone the SOTU? Security. She is concerned that the Chamber will not be adequately secured to hold the event.

    Ironic isn’t it?

    • Amazona January 17, 2019 / 1:04 am

      I would love to see Trump hold the speech somewhere big enough to hold all of Congress and invite the Dems to attend—who cares if the Supreme Court can be there, or any of the other muckety-mucks. And then start the speech by thanking those members of Congress who understand and respect their roles in government and respect the people who sent them to Washington—that is, those who attend the speech—and then move on.

      Come right out say that only those who are there respect Congress and their constituents, and then go into a speech outlining the advances made in the past year and what they mean to the average American. Most don’t understand the significance of slashing the size and scope of federal agencies, or eliminating so many regulations. They have to have this explained to them.

      And I would go into great detail about the problems at the border. I would be graphic about the fates of so many children who have been subjected to such abuse by being hauled across Mexico in harsh and often dangerous conditions only to be dumped once the adults have made it across the border, to become street children or picked up by human traffickers and sold into sex slavery. I’d describe the human trafficking tragedies, the people who paid others to get them across the border only to be left in trailers or shipping containers to die horrible deaths—because they know our border is porous and believe there is a chance they can get across. I’d talk about the horrors of being trapped in metal boxes heating up in the sun to become ovens, literally cooking people in slow and agonizing deaths.

      I would quote the ranchers who live along the border who find dead people on their property all the time. I would be harsh and brutal in describing the horrors facing so many people who are lured by the promise of entry into the United States, and the basic humanity of removing that promise, that attraction. I would be blunt about the fact that the United States has a lot of responsibility for these atrocities because we have not made it clear to people that they can’t just walk into the country, and that the firm and unyielding message that illegal crossings will not be possible will save many lives and much misery. I would come right out and say that anyone who refuses to send that message, the message that the trip to the border will not result in getting into the United States, the message that would save thousands of people their life savings and possibly their lives, is personally responsible for the deaths and misery that result from the ongoing belief that it will be possible to cross the border.

      I’d lay out the choice—–continue to hold out hope that getting to the border might result in getting into the United States, and be responsible for the misery and deaths that come from people lured by that possibility, or do the right thing and create the unmistakable message that there is no reason to try because they will not be able to get over the wall. There is no middle ground.

      And I would quote immigration law and then quote the oath of office he took and say that he has promised Americans to uphold the law, and this is the law, and this was his promise and he is going to keep it. Then I would say every single member of Congress swore much the same oath (if not the same oath) and while some feel no obligation to honor that oath, to protect and defend the United States and uphold its laws, while some are quite comfortable making promises they know they don’t intend to keep, he takes this all very seriously.

      I would hammer it home that the people who are fighting the border wall also took that oath, and are violating it. I would pull no punches in saying that no one should be in Congress or hold ny office in the United States who does not respect the Constitution and the rule of law in this country, and that when a person takes an oath he or she should honor it.

      And then I would get to the shutdown, that it is being done not due to a sense of right and wrong as those refusing to fund the wall are on record as having supported the wall in the past, and as voting for far more than five billion dollars to pay for a barrier at the border, I would be ruthless in pointing out their hypocrisy, and the fact that THEY are the ones playing games with the lives of others—the lives of people who suffer and too often die because we lack the will to build a wall that will make it clear they won’t succeed if they try, and the lives of Americans who are not getting paid because a few in Congress are happy to use them to try to make a point.

      I’d make it very hard to come back with some rebuttal or response. And no, I would NOT provide the press with a copy of the speech beforehand. They want to play hardball, I would play hardball. Let them all hear it at the same time the public hears it, and if they want to “respond” let them do it on the fly.

      It’s time to quit screwing around. It’s time to throw the gloves onto the ice and make it clear that it’s game on.

      • Cluster January 17, 2019 / 8:15 am

        I hope Trump does exactly what you say and I agree, the gloves need to come off. I am sure Trump will deliver the SOTU somewhere and it will not be kind to Democrats.

      • Amazona January 17, 2019 / 9:44 am

        Fortunately, Trump is not the kind of guy to shy away from dumping this whole hot mess right in the lap of Pelosi, and by extension the entire Dem Congress. I just hope he works from a well-written, coherent and concise script so his message does not get lost in his characteristic verbal shorthand.

  8. Cluster January 17, 2019 / 11:03 am

    We have teachers like Casper to thank for hyper sensitive morons like this:

    Many Google employees became angry that the term was used while discussing a product aimed at children, because it implied that families have children, the documents show. The backlash grew large enough that a Google vice president addressed the controversy and solicited feedback on how the company could become more inclusive.

    Who are these immature rubes? This shit has to stop.

    • Amazona January 17, 2019 / 10:22 pm

      Remember the fad a few years ago of all those people putting “BABY ON BOARD” stickers on their car windows?

      Most of us (the sane ones anyway) thought this was just a way to let first responders, in case of a wreck, know to look for a baby. But I heard someone, who HAD to be a Lib, call into a radio talk show to explain that this was really a way to taunt people who did not have children, mere bragging and an attempt to make childless people feel bad. He was enraged at the nastiness and hostility of those people.

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