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Never forget:

Impeach this, Democrats:

The jobs market turned in a stellar performance in November, with nonfarm payrolls surging by 266,000 and the unemployment rate falling to 3.5%, according to Labor Department numbers released Friday.

Those totals easily beat the Wall Street consensus. Economists surveyed by Dow Jones had been looking for solid job growth of 187,000 and saw the unemployment rate holding steady from October’s 3.6%.

I’ve read stories that the Trump Administration has been turning the screws on those who hire illegal immigrants – in other words, taking away the incentive for the illegals to come across. But the follow-on of that would be that these companies have to hire someone…and if an American is all you got, I guess you gotta take him. And pay him an American wage; wage growth has also been red hot.

I had mentioned a little while back that President McKinley’s trade policy was “trade reciprocity”; boiled down, we’re only going to buy from countries which buy from us, unless a country really has something we absolutely can’t procure in the United States. Trump’s trade policies are in line with this concept; it is unfair for a country to get easy access to our markets when we have no real access or highly limited access to theirs. And for all the Tru-Cons out there, it seems to me that adhering to the tried and true practices of the Republican Party – rather than the so-called “free trade” nostrums of Progressives – is the more Conservative thing to do. The more we force people to play fair and the more we protect ourselves from foreign predators, the better we’re going to do. In my view, if we keep it up long enough, we won’t even have to worry about the supposed cheapness of foreign imports…American ingenuity will simply figure out ways to make it just as cheap at home, because there’s one thing that business wants to do: sell product. And if selling product requires making it faster and cheaper, they’ll eventually figure out how to do it.

The latest shooting in Florida was, without a doubt, and act of Islamist terrorism…so, everyone is doing what they can to pretend it wasn’t. Mark Steyn is trenchant as usual:

We know it’s a Saudi national gunning down Americans, but it’s “too early to know” if it’s terrorism. Could be just “mental health issues” or “workplace violence” or “pre-traumatic stress disorder” or “involuntary self-radicalization” or whatever. Nothing to worry about and always remember (to reprise another old line of mine) that “Allahu Akbar” is Arabic for “Nothing to see here”.

On “the day that everything changed” nothing changed – except the rate of Muslim immigration to the west, which doubled. A US immigration bureaucracy both cruel and stupid enough to ban a World War Two RAF pilot for life for staying with his wife until her death when she was stricken ill in the US and taken to a New Jersey hospital cannot stop itself admitting Saudi trainee pilots to kill Americans.

The only thing wrong with President Trump’s Muslim ban is that it was nothing of the kind. What we needed was strict controls on foreign nationals who hail from places where terrorists commonly come from. If you are coming to the USA from, say Saudi Arabia, then lets to a pretty intense background check on you and get you bonded and insured and so forth before you come in. Who in hell thought it would be a good idea to give Saudis flight training? Someone, somewhere…who probably got a pay raise and promotion for encouraging diversity…because we have a shortage of lunatic murderers in the United States. The real problem is money, as usual: the Saudis and other Muslim money bags have been flashing the cash at our Ruling Class for decades and really poured it on after 9/11…so many people are bought that we aren’t even allowed to have a real discussion of the issue…a discussion which would help the Muslim world as much as it would help us.

In a sign that Trump is changing the courts, the 9th Circuit – yes, that 9th circuit – just gave Trump a win on whether an immigrant can be a public charge (that means be on welfare, for you liberals out there).

How is impeachment going? Well, CNN which is mostly about impeachment (and complaining about how Fox is covering impeachment) has seen its ratings tank…very, very badly. The jig is really up for it, folks: I’m still not convinced they’ll actually hold a vote on articles of impeachment, but we’ll see. Main thing is, it is dead as a door nail. Only real question if they impeach is, does McConnell move to have it summarily dismissed, or does he drag out a trial through the early Democrat primaries?

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  1. Amazona December 7, 2019 / 9:24 am

    The NYT “On Politics” monthly email offers this:

    Looking for the perfect gift for the politics person in your life? Well, this is your lucky week! You can preorder a green crew-neck “Joe! Joe! Joe!” holiday sweater ($50) or buy a Yang winter sweater ($75). Those seeking stocking stuffers might enjoy a Tom’s tie enamel pin, or perhaps one of Mr. Booker’s head.

    Nothing from the Trump campaign, I note

  2. Amazona December 7, 2019 / 10:11 am

    “… if they impeach is, does McConnell move to have it summarily dismissed, or does he drag out a trial through the early Democrat primaries?”

    I’d say drag it out. Keep those Dem Senators off the campaign trail, so they can reap what they have sown. And show the American public what the Dems have been hiding from them.

    As for Hunter Biden—why are we so obsessed with Hunter Biden? He was never anything but a place holder for Joe. Joe keeps saying Hunter never broke any laws, and he is probably right. All he did was sit in a chair held for the son of the man the US government named “point man” for Ukraine and in charge of how much money the got and when, as “insurance”. As far as I can tell, all he ever did was approach Kerry to see if State could stop an investigation into his company. So let Hunter go. He is nothing.

    Subpoena the records of Hunter and whoever else went with him—Devin Archer?—to the State Department and let those documents and possibly testimony from someone at State address that effort to leverage the Biden name into insurance for Burisma, and move on.

    First, address the UkraInian thing itself—address the Ukrainian interference in our 2016 election, and the Ukrainian court tuling that they did. Touch on the significance of Crowdstrike and its relationship to the DNC and its role as the source of the claim that Russia hacked the DNC server. That whole thing has been so buried in Dem lies, obfuscations and confusion this would be a good time to get it out in the open, and on the Dem dime, so to speak. They opened the door, so why don’t we walk through it?

    Then—–did Ukraine ever feel pressured to provide a service to Trump in exchange for the money, when did they get the money, and what did they use it for? That is, did they use it to buy the weapons that might have saved lives during the period the money was held up? Did the holdup of the money affect the military efforts? Because this is the new claim—that Trump has blood on his hands because during that period UKRAINIANS WERE DYING !!!. How many people died during the eight years of the Obama regime, when the tragedies of Ukraine were ignored while Obama was asking Putin to be patient till after the election, when Obama could then be “more flexible” but who never provided a single bullet of lethal aid to Ukraine. I’d put up a huge chart showing the amount of military aid provided by the United States over the past 11 years, and the deaths per year, and then ask which period showed more benefit to Russia—and point out that every member of Congress either already knows all this or has access to this information if he or she has the slightest interest in the truth. If possible, call on a couple of Ukrainian generals to talk about the difference in the country’s ability to defend itself, and constantly come back to the facts that (1) none of this was helpful to Putin, and (2) every bit of this information has been available to any member of Congress more interested in facts than in lies.

    Then move on to the fallout from the phone call. Question Vindman, Ciaramella, Ciaramella’s “bro” who on Schiff’s staff, question Atkinson about why he did what he did, and line out the whole effort from the beginning. Shred them.

    Who cares if this slops over into the primary campaign? We’re not the ones who started it, but we should not only finish it, we should hammer nails into its coffin, while at the same time providing material for every Republican challenging every Dem House seat, by constantly coming back to the point that Representative So-and-So pursued impeachment while either already knowing these facts or choosing to not even bother to learn them, and who should therefore not be trusted with the responsibility of that seat again.

    When the Dems whine, which of course they will do, just keep saying if they didn’t want this covered they shouldn’t have created such a mess of lies and distortions that the Republicans had no option but to go back and correct every lie, every distortion, and provide the American public with the real facts.

    And at the same time, eviscerate the Complicit Agenda Media by pointing out that these same facts, or access to these same facts, were just as available to MSNBC and CNN as they were to John Solomon and Lee Smith, but that some media outlets were too dedicated to advancing the agenda of the Left than to acting like real journalists and were, therefore, actively complicit in the lies.

    Scorched earth is called for here.

    • Amazona December 7, 2019 / 10:20 am

      Something like 19 Republican Senators are up for reelection, and being tied up in a long trial might hurt them on the campaign trail, but it seems to me that surrogates could and should be out there explaining that setting the record straight and making sure the American public knows the facts is more important than campaigning, and these Senators are doing the work they were elected to do, to keep their campaigns running while they are present at the trial.

    • Cluster December 7, 2019 / 11:02 am

      I am leaning toward a quick dismissal in the Senate and effectively take 3 1/2 years of Democrat hyperventilation and permanently flush it in a matter of hours due to lack of evidence. I would call two witnesses – Robert Mueller and President Zelensky.

      Question 1: Mr. Mueller, did you find any evidence of cooperation with, or collusion with Russia by any member of the Trump campaign to effect the outcome of the 2016 election?

      Bob Mueller “No”. Thank you Mr. Mueller. No further questions

      Question 2: President Zelensky, re: the July 25 phone call with President Trump, did you feel pressured in any way to do anything, announce anything, or conduct any investigation in order to receive financial aid from the United States?

      President Zelensky “No”. Thank you President Zelensky. No further questions.

      I would then dismiss the case and let the American people know that now Congress can get back to work for the American people rather than obsessing over partisan investigations. However, there is an argument for this tactic too:

      Scorched earth is called for here.

      It might be worthwhile to lay out ALL the facts, as Amazona detailed, and mess with the Dem POTUS nomination process but I just think everyone is worn out over this, and most everyone knows that there is no substance to it so it might be better for McConnell to resolve this quickly in the Senate and let Durham and Barr finish it.

      • Amazona December 7, 2019 / 11:48 pm

        “…most everyone knows that there is no substance…”

        If only I could believe that. But I don’t. Not only is it not necessarily true that most people understand this is a farce, if it is not taken apart, piece by piece the Dems will bring up their lies over and over again, and refer to dismissal of the affair as just a “coverup”, as just “obstruction of justice”. They might not own the facts, but they own the narrative and they own the dictionary of terms and they wield them with vigor and skill.

        No. The thread of the conspiracy has to be followed, from Vindman all the way through to the charade of this week. Pelosi’s increasingly unhinged lies have to addressed, and identified as unhinged lies. Schiff’s chicanary has to be explained. And it has to be made clear that all of this has been obvious, so every single Dem who supported this has dirty hands as well—either that or is profoundly stupid. If we want to take back the House, we have to let the voters realize what losers they elected last time.

        The entire impeachment farce has to be dismantled and explained, and the fact that it has had two goals—to smear Trump in advance of the 2020 election and to distract from the looming disaster of uncovering the Ukraine/Clinton/Crowdstrike cabal that went all the way to the Obama White House.

        Who cares about “the Dem POTUS nomination process “? It doesn’t matter who wins. It’s just more bizarro theater from the Bizarro Theater Troupe AKA the Dem Party. I am talking about taking back Congress, and doing it so thoroughly that it will be hard for Dems to recover. I am talking about ripping the masks off the Deep State corruption represented by the Joe Biden/John Kerry partnership, in which they steered billions of dollars of American taxpayer dollars to foreign countries which then funneled much of it back into a company owned by their sons, and setting the stage for a purge of embedded spies, activists and subversives. I’m talking about revealing the depravity of the Deep State spy network, spying on American citizens who are not part of the Accepted Ruling Class. I am talking about exposing the dangers of Groupthink, Wrongthink, and the Thought Police, and tying that all in with the horrors of Stalinism.

        Why in hell would we meekly slam the doors to all those rooms and just slink away, murmuring “it wouldn’t make any difference anyway”?

  3. JeremiahTMM December 8, 2019 / 8:02 pm

    I wish America would bring back justice for people like Schiff, Pelosi, Nadler, Hillary Clinton, George Soros, etc in the form of the gallows.

    *Sigh* but justice will never be served again. 😒

    • JeremiahTMM December 8, 2019 / 8:31 pm

      I need to add John Brennan to the list.

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