Open Thread Futures at -$1.79

We were supposed to be hoarding oil, I guess.

I supported the lockdowns when they were announced – but I’m starting to think that we might have made a mistake. Perhaps we should have made it a matter of personal choice? Do as much social distancing as possible. Wear masks and gloves. Work from home if possible – but let everyone assess the risk for themselves? As we see Democrats trying to force us into a Great Depression over this, it is clear that we didn’t think this all the way through at the start. At all events, it is time to start easing up. We do have to get back to work.

President Trump is going to suspend immigration – which makes sense. Until we’re back to full employment, we simply don’t need more people here. Liberal heads will explode over this – they will step on this rake. They have to. Orange Man Bad, right? So they’ll be out there telling us to stay in our homes but we must welcome new immigrants.

The Experts are still telling us that Biden has it in the bag – which sounds familiar. Almost like I heard this four years ago, or something. But, be that as it may, Steven Hayward has a contrarian view – mostly because Trump isn’t afraid to hit back and the Democrats are a targe-rich environment.

North Korea’s dictator is said to be in bad health.

What I expected to find: Russia didn’t want to help Trump in 2016. Of all the absurdities these past few years, this is the most egregious: that Russia wanted Trump. Its stupid – they owned Hillary. And even if they didn’t own her, they knew her policies were tailor-made to let Russia do whatever it damned well pleased in the world. Russia always wants to sow confusion because that’s just the way Russia is…but to think they’d want to roll the dice on Trump when they had a sure thing in Hillary is ridiculous.

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  1. Cluster April 21, 2020 / 8:32 am

    Liberal heads are exploding over immigration. Morning Joe just spend an entire segment bemoaning that fact. The irony is that it is mostly a result of other nations closing their borders and that’s a bad thing according to geniuses a=on MSNBC.

    Re: this “pandemic”. Shouldn’t a pandemic have minimum death rates? The word pandemic is frightening and the ominous tone it’s cloaked in makes it more alarming but the fact is this “pandemic” has a .00012% mortality rate here in the US. I am thinking to label anything a pandemic, it should have a minimum 1% mortality rate and we are a long ways away from that.

    And the uprisings are happening globally, not just here in the US. Never trade liberty for security.

  2. Retired Spook April 21, 2020 / 8:39 am

    The explanation for the bizarre drop in crude futures actually makes sense.

    From MarketWatch:

    Part of the reason for WTI’s plummet is a Tuesday trading deadline, which means that oil traders have until Tuesday to sell off the current futures contract. But buyers who are capable of receiving and storing that much oil have become scarce, hence the bizarre under $0 selloff.

    I wish I had a million barrel storage unit in my back yard. Anyone who does is going to be able to make a nice profit in a relatively short period of time.

  3. Cluster April 21, 2020 / 9:04 am

    So “mail in ballot” voting is all the rage amongst Democrats now. Michelle Obama and the morons on Morning Joe have assured us that no fraud will take place and any suggestion of fraud is just paranoia and irrational. Fantastic. Let’s do mail in voting. I have 20 ballots voting for Trump all ready to mail in. Where do I send them?

    If this does happen, my suggestion to conservatives, overwhelm the system with fraud. Let’s show the Democrats what fraud actually looks like in our reelection of Trump and shove it down their throat.

  4. Cluster April 21, 2020 / 9:14 am

    These can be the unintended consequences of shutting down the economy and altering peoples lives for the worse:

    Gabriel Wortman, the 51-year-old gunman who was shot dead after a 12-hour killing and arson spree across Nova Scotia,

    Admittedly the guy had some issues, but when you lose your business and all sense of control over your life …. people snap. As long as people are treated like dogs, more of this will happen.

    • Cluster April 21, 2020 / 3:34 pm

      Most Democrats are just human debris.

  5. Cluster April 21, 2020 / 3:35 pm


    Whoopi Goldberg Defends Pelosi Ad: ‘The Ice Cream She’s Talking About Actually Comes From A Small Business’

  6. Amazona April 21, 2020 / 11:35 pm

    One aspect of the current approach to dealing with the virus is its nurturing of inner Nazi in some of us. I don’t do social media except for a neighborhood-oriented site that is usually about lost dogs and found cats and free stuff to give away, etc. Lately it has been flooded with a lot of virtue signaling from people who don’t just wear gloves and masks but accuse those of us who don’t of being “idiots” and “not caring” and “not getting it” and not caring who we kill and how we will all be “held accountable” for our sins.

    Naturally, I couldn’t take a lot of this, but as it is a neighborhood site I was pretty easy going in my responses. But I did ask if the mask wearers knew how to put on a mask, how to wear a mask and how to remove a mask to avoid cross contamination—that is, the mask has to fit snugly and when removed cannot touch the face with the exterior of the mask, which is now contaminated with deadly lethal fatal virus. It has to be handled carefully to avoid letting the exterior touch anything til it has been sanitized. Ditto for gloves. The thing is, I see loose-fitting cloth masks that MIGHT control SOME aerosol from a sneeze or cough (though I have seen videos of a lot of this escaping from the open part of the mask, a few years ago talking about the Asian trend of wearing masks everywhere) and gloves, and then the person constantly adjusting the mask around the cheeks and eyes as if wearing gloves means the virus is just , well, thwarted and not just clinging to the gloves instead of to the hands themselves. And, of course, cell phones are pressed to faces. You know perfectly well that when the person gets home the mask and gloves will just be removed and put somewhere to be put on again, with cross contamination everywhere.

    In my old restaurant management days I saw a video of cross contamination, in which professional chefs proud of their sanitation practices illustrated them in scenarios where an invisible powder visible only under black light represented e coli or salmonella, and after even the pickiest of chefs finished his demonstration the black light picked up smudges of powder on nearly every surface. Yeah, you wash your hands after handling the chicken, but then after you rinse them you touch the faucet handles you touched with your contaminated hands to turn off the water. And so on. I know perfectly well that these paranoid hysterics so proud of their superior characters are probably spreading more virus around than those of us who just practice really strict decontamination procedures.

    • jdge1 April 22, 2020 / 11:15 am

      It really is quite absurd. In NY we are “required” to wear face mask while in stores and public places where people can congregate. For the most part I ignore it. In some cases where they place an employee at the store entrance to check and prohibit you from entering if you don’t comply, I simply pull my shirt over my nose until I get past the guard, then revert back to uncovered status. The 2 biggest precautions (IMHO) we can make are 1.) Wash your hands, 2.) Keep your hands away from your face. Those who wear masks are constantly putting their hands on or near their face, actually making the situation worse. I just do not buy into the hysteria and have no intention of pretending to.

      Also, there was an interesting article from an Israeli professor who studied and compared quite a number of countries in how they handled the virus. Those countries who carried on business-as-usual, experienced seemingly identical coronavirus infection patterns, with the number of infected peaking in the sixth week and rapidly subsiding by the eighth week.

  7. jdge1 April 22, 2020 / 7:31 pm

    ”The absolute worst part of the COVID-19 pandemic, and possibly its most unrecoverable damage, is the massive power that Americans have given to their federal, state and local governments to regulate our lives in the name of protecting our health. Taking back that power should be the most urgent component of our recovery efforts. It’s going to be challenging; once a politician, and his bureaucracy, gains power, he will fight tooth and nail to keep it.”

    • Amazona April 23, 2020 / 10:01 am

      This can’t be stressed enough and hopefully will be a focal point of the election campaigns in a few months. Michigan’s Whitmer is already getting a huge amount of negative commentary referring to her Leftist power grabs, and several other governors and mayors are also under fire. This is a great opportunity to illustrate to the public not just how invasive and onerous government control can be but how quickly it can develop.

  8. jdge1 April 22, 2020 / 10:54 pm

    There’s an article written by Archbishop Viganò where he makes an interesting observation. He talks about problems with the church leadership and intentional, blatant failures to follow our Blessed Mother’s request at Fatima. He discusses a sharp change in the direction the church hierarchy is taking her people. It sure seems to fit with what we’re experiencing.

    “The aim of this neo-Church,” Viganò continues, “is not to lead the chosen people to recognize the Messiah, as [with] the Synagogue; it is not to convert and save all peoples before the second coming of Christ, as for the Catholic Church, but to constitute themselves as a spiritual arm of the New World Order and defender of Universal Religion.”

    • Amazona April 23, 2020 / 10:17 am

      I am so happy to see some high-ranking Catholics pushing back against the Leftward lurch of the Church. For all the hysteria about sexual abuse by priests, for all the howling about “pedophilia” (though the term does not really apply) the real issue of the clergy child abuse has been silenced. That is, that Vatican II opened the priesthood to homosexuals who quickly recognized the priesthood as a protected hunting ground for predatory sexual appetites.

      A friend dated a man in college many years ago who had wanted to go into the priesthood and entered a seminary, but was driven out by the mob-like hostility and bad treatment by homosexual seminarians who ganged up on straight men and made their lives miserable. Nearly every single sexual abuse case has been one of a priest abusing a post-pubescent boy. These priests were protected when discovered—-some no doubt by misguided superiors who thought their job was to protect the Church from scandal, but too often by fellow abusers.

      We now have a spineless Church pandering to the likes of Nancy Pelosi, with nuns openly advocating for abortion but being allowed to continue being nuns, with priests advocating for radical Leftist agendas and some, like Michael Pfleger, spouting virulently racist and radical political rhetoric. Pfleger was suspended for a while but then reinstated by a typically weak Church.

      When Pope Francis was appointed the Left made a pretense of opposition to this allegedly “conservative” prelate, but in fact he has always been a Leftist and quickly allowed his politics to overtake his religious duties. His acknowledged area of expertise is solely in the area of Catholic doctrine, but he tries to project the concept of papal infallibility into his political pronouncements, which I think degrades the papacy.

  9. Amazona April 23, 2020 / 3:28 pm

    A caller on Rush today made a point that my brain has been circling around lately but hadn’t yet quite landed on—that is, are we focused on saving lives or on keeping people from getting sick?

    Because the two are, at this point, contradictory to each other. What we need is more people getting sick, but having the medical care necessary for those who become seriously ill. Until more people get sick and recover the virus is just lying in wait till the protected people come out of hiding.

    If it is true that a lower exposure to the virus means a weaker illness then we should be getting out there getting small exposures, like what we are likely to get if we are near someone in a grocery store for example. The data indicate that it’s not just age that is a factor in getting a serious case of the virus but the concentration of the virus in places like nursing homes. And a question I haven’t even seen addressed, except tangentially in an article about the MMR vaccinations possibly being responsible for the relative immunity of young people, is why older people seem more vulnerable. It’s too easy to assume this is because of inherent weaknesses associated with age but that is not adequate. Yes, many of us get physical issues as we age—high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, etc. But there are millions of healthy active people in their late 60s on, and I am curious if they are also getting hit harder by this virus.

    And if the MMR vaccinations do provide some protection why not administer it to older people who were never vaccinated but just got measles, mumps, etc? What would it hurt?

    Too much is falling through the cracks as the media obsess about a few obvious issues. And, back to the original question: Does it make more sense to focus on saving lives (long run) by accelerating the development of herd immunity, or narrowly focus just on preventing people from developing the virus at all?

    • fieldingclaymore April 24, 2020 / 9:59 am

      Maybe we should try injecting Lysol into our veins or shooting UV rays up our bums? 45 says maybe that will work. LOL

      • Amazona April 24, 2020 / 10:56 am

        We should all thank fielding for darting in here to illustrate what it means to be a Leftist. It’s hard to imagine anyone other than a rabid Lefty (1) distorting what the president said in such a bizarre and ignorant manner, and (2) finding the effort amusing.

        Actually, many medicines are inhaled to treat lung problems, ranging from various antibiotics and antivirals to the common asthma inhaler. Therefore, yes, it is not only possible but common to introduce medications directly into the lungs for the specific purpose of killing pathogens, in addition to the familiar injections of medicines like penicillin. It’s kind of like a description of medicine—get the treatment to the source of the infection—-and only a sour twisted mind could find it worthwhile, much less amusing, to invent a bizarre and false version of what was said.

        And phototherapy has been around for decades.

        So thanks, fielding, for going out of your way to illustrate the abject stupidity of the Left, wrapped in sheer nastiness and then pretending it is humor. But then, this is what we have come to expect from you and people like you.

  10. fieldingclaymore April 24, 2020 / 10:51 am

    • Retired Spook April 24, 2020 / 11:07 am

      When you do a 2 or 3 hour news conference every day even the smartest guy in the room is bound to say something stupid once in a while. It pales in comparison to things that Biden says almost every time he opens his mouth.

      • Amazona April 24, 2020 / 11:17 am

        I didn’t even think it was stupid as much as using a word that is very similar in meaning but not technically usually used exactly that way.

    • Amazona April 24, 2020 / 11:15 am

      Maybe she was suddenly remembering treatments like autohemotherapy and thinking “Damn! I shoulda thought of that!”

      Then there is plasmapheresis, and hemodialysis .

      These are treatments to remove undesirable elements from the blood by “washing” it, so to speak. If the undesirable element is a pathogen leading to infection, then yes, this could be considered by a layman as “disinfecting” the blood.

      As for Trump’s reference to “disinfectants” he is probably aware of the common definition of a disinfectant” Type of antimicrobial that kills (or irreversibly inactivates) all bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Medical professionals don’t usually use the term for such an agent used on people, thinking of it as something used to clean surfaces, equipment, etc. But in the past few months people have been not just encouraged but instructed to use disinfectants on their bodies. The concept is sound, and nitpicking in this snickery tittering way is just plain stupid. There is nothing snicker-worthy in commenting on the idea of something designed to kill or irreversibly inactivate the Corona virus being injected into the blood stream over a matter of semantics.

      As usual, fielding is now scrambling to find other equally ignorant and nasty people to cite to try to support his stupidity.

      Really, you people should find something worthwhile to do with your lives—unless this is all you are capable of. And that is starting to look like a real likelihood.

      • fieldingclaymore April 24, 2020 / 11:36 am

        I am citing 45. You can spin all you want but he can’t carnival bark his way out of this problem.

      • Amazona April 24, 2020 / 11:43 am

        No, you are not “citing” him, you are inventing a bizarre and inaccurate account of what he said. And now you are lying about what you are doing.

        You just have an anti-Trump filter that taints and distorts everything the man says and does, and then this becomes your personal truth. Get used to the fact that this sets you apart from normal, non-hate-addicted people who can and do apply reason to life instead of forcing it into artificial themes that serve only to support a pathology.

      • fieldingclaymore April 24, 2020 / 11:50 am

        I certainly did cite his own words in playing the video. You are something else.

      • Amazona April 24, 2020 / 12:54 pm

        Did he use the word “Lysol”? Or, for that matter, “bleach”? Did he say anything about shining a light up anyone’s rear end?

        Of course not. These words are your lies.

        But your comment about shining a light up one’s bum reminded me of something that comes to mind whenever I have to deal with you or one of your kind. It is crude but accurate:

        When you refuse to pull your head out of your ass your view never changes

        So all you ever see is excrement, and then you scurry over here like a good little rodent to dump it on our doorstep so you can stand back and admire its odor.

        And you presume to say, of me, “you are something else”—though to someone like you I AM something else indeed. That is, an honest and rational person capable of processing information without a need to turn it into acceptable mental excrement to make it appealing.

      • Retired Spook April 24, 2020 / 12:00 pm

        It always helps to put seemingly inane comments in context; something the media and people like Fielding are reluctant to do.

        This is what prompted Trump to say what he said. ( Under Secretary for Science at Technology at the Department of Homeland Security, Bill Bryan, noted various observations about how the virus reacts to certain things including UV light and various chemicals.)

        Despite the blue checks getting gleeful over how stupid Trump is, there are some facts we should get straight. We know that we can use UV light as a way to kill various types of bacteria and foreign bodies already. The practice is called “ultraviolet blood irradiation” and was used as a cure for many different things until the invention of antibiotics. The practice was nicknamed “the cure that time forgot.”

        It should be noted that it wasn’t but a few moments later that Trump gave a clarification of his statement to ABC News reported Jon Karl.

        “It wouldn’t be through injections, you’re talking about almost a cleaning and sterilization of an area,” said Trump. “Maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t work, but it certainly has a big effect if it’s on a stationary object.”

        So, no, Trump did not suggest we inject ourselves with bleach or Lysol. This is just reporters reporting irresponsibly and very likely on purpose.

      • Amazona April 24, 2020 / 12:49 pm

        OF COURSE it’s on purpose. When you use words that were never said, that is proof of intention.

      • fieldingclaymore April 24, 2020 / 12:50 pm

        Spin spin spin. He said something moronic. admit it.

      • Amazona April 24, 2020 / 1:13 pm

        fielding is giving us quite a tutorial on how the Leftist “mind” works, and its slavish dependence on twisting things the president says to force them into a pattern they find more pleasing.

        For example, after Bill Bryan said “We’re also testing disinfectants readily available. We’ve tested bleach, we’ve tested isopropyl alcohol on the virus specifically in saliva or in respiratory fluids and I can tell you that bleach will kill the virus in five minutes. Isopropyl alcohol will kill the virus in 30 seconds …” and some discussion had taken place the president said (emphasis mine, because without pointing it out fielding wouldn’t be able to see it) ““I see the disinfectant that knocks it out in a minute, one minute. And is there a way we can do something like that by injection inside or almost a cleaning? ..”

        There you go. He never said to actually use bleach, or Lysol, or isopropyl alcohol, or any such thing inside the body. He said, quite clearly, SOMETHING LIKE THAT—that is, something that has the same effect on the virus.

        And, as we all know. we already have ways to clean the blood. The most common is dialysis. There is nothing stupid about wondering if we might be able to develop a way to wash the virus out of the blood, much as plasmapheresis “washes” excess antibodies out of the blood in people who have autoimmune problems. Or is there going to be another hissy fit because he used the phrase “..almost a cleaning…” instead of “plasmapheresis”? Fine. Go for it.

        The only one “spinning” is you, fielding—you and your hysterical hate-driven fellow travelers picking through Trump’s words looking for bits and pieces you can pull out, rearrange, and insert into your own twisted fantasies.

      • Amazona April 24, 2020 / 1:23 pm

        To be fair, not only Leftists are having trouble processing information. Even an article on American Thinker, usually a pretty reliable source of analysis and reporting, had this clanger. (emphasis mine)

        Monica Showalter bumbles along with: Trump was looking around at what he knew worked for sure (in this case, the use of Chlorox, Lysol, and other less well known disinfectant products known to slaughter the coronavirus on hard surfaces) and wondering aloud if it could in some way be employed to kill the coronavirus inside people.

        Once again, NO! He NEVER wondered if Chlorox, or Lysol, or any other “less well known disinfectant product” could in some way be employed to kill the coronavirus inside people..

        The difference between this writer and the likes of fielding, et al, is that she simply made a stupid mistake in not reading the comments carefully and processing what they said accurately. At least there doesn’t seem to be any malice in her mistake.

        Unlike fielding, whose posts are defined by malice.

      • fieldingclaymore April 27, 2020 / 10:44 am

        zona don’t you feel stupid defending 45’s “sarcastic comments” about UV light and injecting disinfectants? That is the peril of being a trumpist. You defend something moronic he says and then he pulls the rugs from you.

      • Amazona April 27, 2020 / 11:51 am

        Awww, you are so precious. It’s people like you who make trolling so easy. Trump does the equivalent of pretending to throw a ball and you people go howling off into the woods after it, and then when you straggle back in he pretend-throws another in a different direction and you go screeching off after it. He’s got you people going in so many directions you can’t keep track of them, and then you try to pretend that you are the ones on track. So darling. So entertaining.

        Though it is downright creepy to see how much it means to you to think a conservative was wrong, or did something embarrassing. You might to examine whatever is twisted in your mind to need this so desperately. I don’t get the impression it makes you happy, as your posts ooze sourness and hostility.

      • Amazona April 28, 2020 / 12:54 am

        From a Cluster post three days ago:

        Well actually since you mention it. Yes! We do use UV rays via IV to kill microbes! Very successfully actually! We do use IV hydrogen peroxide and ozone! We already use hydrogen peroxide, colloidal silver via nebulizer, ozone intranasally via oil bubbler and ozone intestinally! And with very little side effects and no risk of bacterial resistance!!!
        Ultraviolet Irradiation of Blood: “The Cure That Time Forgot”?
        Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation, also called Photoluminescence Therapy, is intravenously applied ultraviolet energy. Due to its profound photochemical, biochemical and physiological effects it has been of great value in a wide variety of diseases according to over 100 years of research findings.
        Ultraviolet energy has been known to inactivate viruses while preserving their ability to be used as antigens in the preparation of vaccines. It has also shown to modulate the immune response by changing the antigenic structure in blood cells

        Healight technology employs proprietary methods of administering intermittent ultraviolet (UV) A light via a novel endotracheal medical device. Pre-clinical findings indicate the technology’s significant impact on eradicating a wide range of viruses and bacteria, inclusive of coronavirus.

        (note to fielding:
        “Definition of endotracheal
        1: placed within the trachea
        an endotracheal tube
        2: applied or effected through the trachea”

        ……and so on, for many more examples of using UV light, including internally, as well as injecting disinfectants. Yet fielding claims I should feel “stupid” for “defending” Trump’s comments. Nah, nothing here to “feel stupid” about, because I am not the one reaching into a pit of spite and malice to sneer at what the president said. It’s stupid to have that petty knee-jerk reaction to anything the president says, and even more stupid to rush to forums like this to expound on how ridiculous his statement supposedly was without even bothering to learn that he was talking about techniques and treatments in use and/or being developed, all by people vastly smarter than fielding is.

        Of course, “people vastly smarter than fielding” describes almost everyone.

      • fieldingclaymore April 27, 2020 / 11:59 am

        Okay honey you keep telling that to yourself.

      • Amazona April 27, 2020 / 5:12 pm

        That’s right, sweetie…..reading ugly and negative into every comment and disrespecting every person who doesn’t means you are so special.

  11. Cluster April 24, 2020 / 12:48 pm

    It’s actually much more alarming that “government health experts” recently learned that heat, sunlight, and humidity have lethal effects on the virus. The makers of NyQuil figured that one out over 50 years ago.

    Our problem in this country are that too many people are like fielding who has the IQ of a tree squirrel. Let’s stop playing pandemic and get back to work. This whole f***ing thing is a joke.

    • Amazona April 24, 2020 / 3:16 pm

      I think the original reactions were appropriate. We didn’t know what we were dealing with and first reports indicated it was extremely lethal and we had no idea of what kinds of treatments or medicines might work on it. Everything about it was a mystery, with ominous outcomes if we guessed wrong. In a situation like this, I do believe that we made the right call by choosing overreaction instead of underreaction.

      I also go back to my theory, which has recently been suggested to me by people I never discussed it with, that the government basically decided to use this mystery virus to piggyback a fire drill. Especially if the administration has credible reasons to fear a biological attack but even without that information they needed to get an idea of where the nation stands, regarding preparedness, ability to deal with a crisis and so on.

      Having said that, I think we’ve learned pretty much all we are going to learn, and it’s time to move on. We know what supplies we have and what we would need in a truly disastrous situation and we know how people will react. Hopefully more people will be more prepared for a real emergency. Just look at what we have gained, that never would have been possible without this crisis. I think the biggest gain is our new national awareness of the dangers of China and the problems in having so much of what we depend on coming from China. Aside from the lying about the virus, we as a nation are now much more sensitive to the need to get our manufacturing out of China and back home. That is huge, and might even lead to the very survival of the nation if we ever have to face a real biological attack using weaponized agents like smallpox or anthrax.

      We have also learned that the American public can, and will, take actions deemed necessary even when they are inconvenient.

      I feel much more confident in our ability, as a nation, to weather a truly lethal biological or chemical attack.

      So now I think we need to seriously ask ourselves the question I posed a few posts ago—what is our goal now? Is it to save lives or to keep people from getting sick?

      We have been focused on trying to keep people from getting sick, and learned a lot from that effort. Now it is time to shift to focusing on saving lives, which is to take what we have learned and apply it when and where it is necessary as we get people out there again—and, hopefully, get people infected with mild cases of the virus. I think that shift has to include getting the doctor “experts” off the stage. They have absolutely nothing new to offer, and let’s face it, they were mostly to provide cover for Trump to show that he consults experts and listens to them. Get them out of there and if possible keep them off the Agenda Media sites, where their lack of media experience will make them useful weapons as they are led into embarrassing and conflicting statements.

      Now we need to shift to the message that a rise in the number of new cases will be a good thing as long as it is not accompanied by a matching rise in deaths. We need to still be very protective of the at-risk populations, we need to be very aggressive in treating new cases and even more aggressive in research and development. Our messaging has to shift to putting this all in perspective, into assuring the public that what we have learned is invaluable, and we also need to keep the pressure on the Agenda Media and the Democrat Congress to make sure their participation in the boondoggle aspect of this is made clear.

      • Cluster April 24, 2020 / 3:29 pm

        I think the biggest gain is our new national awareness of the dangers of China and the problems in having so much of what we depend on coming from China.

        That may be one side benefit but there was one person warning us of the dangers of China in 2016 (Donald Trump) while the ruling class was still bowing to their Communist masters so if Trump loses in 2020, we will go back to business as usual with our elite leaders selling out the middle class for personal profit and China would soon be the dominant economy and probably command the worlds reserve currency. That’s where we were headed and Bush, Clinton, Bush, and Obama were allowing it to happen.

        In terms of making people healthy? Get out of your home, enjoy the sun and fresh air, go to work, take care of your home family and community and just live life. That’s the best way to do it, and you know what there is a 2% chance you might die. Roll the dice, I think we will be ok.

  12. Cluster April 24, 2020 / 3:22 pm

    So the media has as much gray matter as fielding so of course they too are obsessing over Trumps misconstrued comments and my only hope is that some people take him literally and drink bleach (preferably media members) because this country would actually benefit from the demise of people that bone deep stupid. However, just the obsession of this minute detail should tell you just how non serious this issue really is. I wonder if fielding even realizes that for some people to sit home, a lot of people actually have to work hard. Grocery store employees, fast food employees, amazon workers, truck drivers, utility workers, police, fire, etc. etc. so while you’re sitting at home hiding under your bed, there is actually people still moving this country forward …. without you. One thing we all might realize is just how useless a lot of people really are.

    .00014% mortality rate is NOT a pandemic. #GoBackToWork

    • Amazona April 24, 2020 / 5:06 pm

      fielding doesn’t know. fielding doesn’t care. He’s just about hating, sneering and convincing himself that this makes him, somehow, superior to people like us. His goal is to be a speed bump and while he doesn’t seem to be very good at it at least it fits his personality. By now I’m no longer surprised that people like him are so clueless and so lacking in a sense of personal dignity that they go out of their way to flaunt their ignorance and stupidity and general hatefulness, but I still don’t understand it.

      You are kinder than I am. “Misconstrued” indicates an accidental misunderstanding. I think these people really do know that SOMETHING LIKE THAT means something different but similar in some respect, not the same thing. I don’t think there is anything accidental about it—it fits too closely in the pattern of blatantly misstating what Trump has said.

      • Cluster April 24, 2020 / 7:32 pm

        LOL you’re right though … they are dishonorable and malicious and you know what? We have nothing in common with them anymore. They have such a disdain for this country, it’s heritage, and it’s citizenry and it is they who is our biggest enemy. The AOC crowd are a threat to this country and we better take it seriously and be prepared to thoroughly defeat it

      • Amazona April 24, 2020 / 7:39 pm

        AOC actually GLOATED over millions of people in and related to the oil and gas industry losing their jobs. She said it made her happy.

        Nothing pleases the Left more than people being forced to comply with their demands.

    • Cluster April 24, 2020 / 7:34 pm

      Love it

    • Retired Spook April 25, 2020 / 8:36 am

      Only the Brits could do that kind of humor effectively. Hilarious!

  13. Cluster April 25, 2020 / 8:29 am

    I saw this on a friends post this morning re: Trump’s comments and the natural knee jerk reaction from people like fielding …. she is an RN.

    Well actually since you mention it. Yes! We do use UV rays via IV to kill microbes! Very successfully actually! We do use IV hydrogen peroxide and ozone! We already use hydrogen peroxide, colloidal silver via nebulizer, ozone intranasally via oil bubbler and ozone intestinally! And with very little side effects and no risk of bacterial resistance!!!

    Trump may be many things but he’s no dummy. His instincts have actually been more on target than the “experts”. It’s about time we start using naturopathic, effective, safe and inexpensive therapies and wave goodbye to the gorilla hold that pharma has on our entire medical system, our legislators, our citizens and our entire country!

    ****ALSO….. WHY do most of you feel it’s ok to inject aborted fetuses into yours and your children’s body just because the CDC says it’s safe and you should?!
    —not to mention aluminum, formaldehyde, mercury, and tons of other crap. — you know all that stuff just mentioned is in vaccines right?!?!

  14. Cluster April 25, 2020 / 8:53 am

    Meanwhile, in the adult world, Crossfire Hurricane is still rolling on

    “This afternoon, the government produced to Mr. Flynn stunning Brady evidence that proves Mr. Flynn’s allegations of having been deliberately set up and framed by corrupt agents at the top of the FBI,” the supplemental filing submitted by Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell reads. “It also defeats any argument that the interview of Mr. Flynn on January 24, 2017 was material to any ‘investigation.’ The government has deliberately suppressed this evidence from the inception of this prosecution—knowing there was no crime by Mr. Flynn.”

    Obama’s FBI FRAMED a decorated military man for political reasons and left a lot of other casualties in their wake. One would think that would be “news” but I haven’t seen it reported yet. On top of that, they nearly destroyed another mans life in the name of Brett Kavanaugh and did their best weaponizing every other issues since then to destroy their political opponents. And keep in mind, these are not actions to simply defeat their political rivals at the ballot box. These are actions to put people in prison or ruin them financially … these are who people like Fieldingclaymore are … never consider them to be honorable or decent people.

    And now we find ourselves playing pandemic. I hope everyone is starting to seriously question this latest “crisis”. Never forget Reagan’s warning – “if socialism is to come to America it will come in through our healthcare system” and we’re pretty much there unless we all just call bullshit and go back to living our lives. Rarely listen to “experts” they usually have it more wrong then anyone.

    • Amazona April 25, 2020 / 10:32 am

      I hope Flynn walks away from this with many millions of dollars and a formal apology from our government, while those who were part of this are on trial and facing long jail terms. There should be no plea bargaining for these people. They did not just break the law, they violated the trust we place in our law enforcement people and they treated the Constitution like toilet paper. It’s time to send a message about things like this.

      And I’d love to have something make the Dem House twitch and wonder what might happen to them, for their malfeasance, waste of taxpayer money, neglect of their duties and abuse of power.

    • Amazona April 25, 2020 / 10:34 am

      I called a thrift store number yesterday to see if they are open yet as I have collected a lot of stuff I want to donate, and though they are still closed I loved the message: they are closed temporarily due to the Corona Virus “SCARE”. I loved it.

      • Retired Spook April 25, 2020 / 10:55 am

        Governments are no longer making any pretense of being objective and honest. The headline in our morning paper today:


        The New York City Coronavirus tracking website has listed its deaths as “probable” from the beginning. I wouldn’t be surprised if 25-30% of deaths attributed to COVID-19 actually resulted from something else.

      • Amazona April 25, 2020 / 11:15 am

        But…but…COVID-19 deaths pay more….

        …..and contribute the panic needed to destabilize our society to give the Left the conditions it needs to grow.

        Follow The Money is accompanied by its brother, Follow The Power

      • Cluster April 25, 2020 / 11:34 am

        “probable deaths”?? They don’t know? Or just don’t want to say?

        And I’d love to have something make the Dem House twitch and wonder what might happen to them, for their malfeasance, waste of taxpayer money, neglect of their duties and abuse of power.

        Oh hell yes. Schiff and Nadler should be prosecuted as well.

      • Retired Spook April 25, 2020 / 11:59 am

        “probable deaths”?? They don’t know? Or just don’t want to say?

        I had a couple thoughts. Are the people just “probably” dead, or are they, you know, dead-dead? To piggyback on Amazona’s comment about COVID-19 deaths paying more, I wonder if a probable death pays as much as an actual death.

      • Amazona April 25, 2020 / 12:29 pm

        I think “kinda dead” pays less than “really truly for-sure dead” but that pays out based on cause of death, with COVID-19 having the higher payout.

  15. Cluster April 25, 2020 / 11:40 am

    I wonder how many people dropped dead in Georgia yesterday? In my corner of the world it appears as though people are just starting to go about their lives again. Lot’s more traffic on the road, more places with open signs now appearing, less people walking around in bubble suits, etc.

    Come hell or high water on May 1 I am reopening my business ….

    • Retired Spook April 25, 2020 / 12:06 pm

      Around here (northeastern Indiana) things are not all that abnormal. Sure movie theaters, fitness centers, restaurants etc. are closed, but supermarkets, gas stations, hardware stores, farm supply stores, pharmacies etc. are open, and except for some people wearing masks, things are pretty normal. Our county has 33,000 residents, 16 confirmed cases (a number that hasn’t changed in a week or two) and 1 death (one of the first cases — a school bus driver who had multiple health issues). I don’t think there would be a lot of risk in opening things back up.

      • Amazona April 25, 2020 / 12:31 pm

        As long as we know and are prepared for the hair-on-fire hysterics of the Left over every single new reported case, even if the patient just has a mild case of the sniffles.

        I’m waiting for a conservative voice to bring up the fact that the Left is hoping and trying to use this to train people to be dependent on the government, and to stand in line with their hands out instead of working for a living.

      • Cluster April 25, 2020 / 12:34 pm

        I think a lot of people are waking up to how poorly the Democrats and the media are reacting to this.

  16. Cluster April 25, 2020 / 12:32 pm

    Folks we may have some problems or opportunities in North Korea if the reports of Kim Jung Un are true.

  17. Cluster April 25, 2020 / 2:08 pm

    THANK GOD none of us live in VA. Or as I refer Governor Blackface State.

    The health director for Gov. Ralph Northam (D-VA) says that phase one of reopening could take at least two years.

    During this time, many businesses would remain closed, face coverings would be required and social distancing would be mandated

    • Retired Spook April 25, 2020 / 2:33 pm

      Any bets on the state of Virginia society in two years?

      • Cluster April 25, 2020 / 3:04 pm

        Shouldn’t be a problem for small businesses to close for two years right? As long as Gov Blackface gets his salary. What a complete piece of shit he is. And none of us should ever believe our government has our best interests at heart …. remember Ruby Ridge and Waco.

      • Retired Spook April 25, 2020 / 4:52 pm

        Virginians are lucky that their governor is term limited to one 4-year term. But if they elect another Liberal Democrat they deserve what they get.

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