Creating a Racist America

Marjorie Taylor Greene has ruffled feathers again. She’s getting pretty good at it. This time, she’s forming an America First caucus (which is no real surprise) but she decided to twist the knife a bit by saying it would uphold “Ango-Saxon Values”. Not being Anglo (I’m a mix of Jewish, Irish, Scottish and Finnish), don’t mean much to me – but the usual suspects were up in arms over it.

Did I mention that “usual suspects” means House Minority Leader McCarthy? Yep – in fact, that’s how I heard about it: his Tweet calling it a nativist dog whistle. Which is absurd – it wasn’t a dog whistle: Greene used a bullhorn.

Anyways, this is the trend of things. I’d prefer we didn’t go this way, but in a nation increasingly atomized and with a host of non-white political pressure groups, this is inevitable. For instance, the other day the governor of Utah (you know, a Republican) said that the Utah Jazz’ exclusion of white kids from sports scholarships wasn’t racist…and that he was proud of the Jazz. I mean, my goodness: that Jazz program is the absolute definition of racist: it excludes kids based upon skin color. Naturally, old line GOPers will simply refuse to acknowledge this. They are so used to surrender that it is their default position. But Greene and the new generation of GOPers – inspired by Trump – are not going to surrender.

The bottom line is that if we’re going to start making race-based this, that and the other thing, white people will start to insist on race-based things, as well. They won’t allow their children to be excluded from opportunities based on skin color. If A is to be reserved for black people, then they will insist that B be reserved for white people – and so on and on like that with each ethnic group trying to rake off as much as it can for itself, to be divvied up by the leadership who rise to power promising to fight for the tribe.

We can still stop this, but time is short – essentially, it requires the very swift and rather overwhelming victory of the Trumpist element in American politics. That done, we’ll actually be able to undo some of the most recent racial damage created by the Left and get back on the path to a color-blind society. If we can’t get that, then this is just going to get worse and in place of the non-racist America so long striven for, racism will be the order of the day in a dying nation where tribal leaders tear society apart.

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  1. Retired Spook April 17, 2021 / 4:19 pm

    I think most of us, whether we voted for Obama or not, sincerely hoped that, if he didn’t accomplish anything else, he would pursue policies that would heal the racial divide and use the bully pulpit to promote racial harmony. I think that one of the things about Democrats in general and Obama in particular that bothers me the most is that when he/they did exactly the opposite and we pointed it out, WE WERE CALLED RACISTS! I know I’m not a racist, so it never bothered me all that much, and now it just runs off like water off a duck’s back. In fact, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t roll his or her eyes when accusations of racism are thrown at them.

  2. Amazona April 18, 2021 / 12:26 pm

    Referring to McCarthy I quote the country’s most famous possum: “We have met the enemy and he is us.” McCarthy is not only using the Left’s vocabulary, he is echoing its Identity Politics.

    I have a feeling that Greene, in the midst of a stream of consciousness statement, might have realized that “Judeo-Christian” might raise hackles so veered into “Anglo-Saxon”. Of all the verbal missteps made daily by people in the public eye this was one of the least concern, but in today’s overheated hysterical atmosphere of nonstop knee jerk whining it was bound to get someone saying something stupid in response.

    I’ve been thinking that one aspect of the wimpification of America is its descent into whining as a default reaction to pretty much everything. Yesterday I saw a video of a man who rushed to his wife’s rescue, pulled a rabid bobcat off her back as it was attacking her, carried the snarling spitting animal away from her and threw it onto the lawn. As one who has had to handle an angry 6-pound cat I was very impressed with his courage, as 20 pounds of furious feral aggression would be pretty intimidating. But a comment on the video was the whine (paraphrase) “Am I the only one upset by the sight of him throwing the cat?” (Obviously the only answer would have been “Yes, you ignorant twit”.)

    RedState posted a long whine by Lenny McAllister, a black man, whining about “injustice”—which, naturally, he finds absolutely everywhere. OK, he’s going through a bad patch personally and might be entitled to throw himself a pity party, but he reflects the knee-jerk application of race to every single word and nuance. One of the clangers in his piece was ” I view the dichotomy of Dylan Roof and Kyle Rittenhouse nationally with the stories of Laquan McDonald and Adam Toledo..” ?????

    I’m pretty good with words but I decided to check my understanding of the meaning of “dichotomy” and sure enough, I was right. From A dichotomy is an idea or classification split in two. When you point out a dichotomy, you draw a clear distinction between two things. A dichotomy is a contrast between two things. When there are two ideas, especially two opposed ideas — like war and peace, or love and hate — you have a dichotomy. Well, the only comparisons between Roof and Rittenhouse are gender and race. One is a psychopath driven by racial hatred and one is a misguided kid who wanted to be one of his heroes, “who run toward gunfire instead of away from it” and found himself defending his life and shooting two men—both also white—who threatened it. (And both, BTW, charged with murder.) So lumping these two together to represent any single concept is just silly. But that’s what McAllister does. And then he tries to create some contrast between these two people and the deaths of two young men who were killed by police. Both McDonald and Toledo were armed. McDonald appeared to pose no real threat in spite of refusing to drop a small knife and having traces of PCP in his system, while Toledo was holding a gun and had been identified as one of two people seen shooting at cars. The officer who shot McDonald was tried and convicted of murder. It is unlikely that the officer who shot Toledo will be charged as video shows him holding a gun within microseconds of being shot, dropping it behind a fence at what was probably the moment the officer pulled his trigger. But comparing the actions of two young white men, years apart, which have nothing to do with each other, and those of police officers in two separate incidents which have nothing at all in common with them, just shows an obsession with grievance collection and a lack of objective thought.

    So, Lenny, what the hell are you whining about here? He goes on to complain: We hear that we have more in common than we do that differs, and yet our politics, policies, economics, healthcare, employment, and education all have stark racial lenses through which we take it all in. I suggest that Lenny himself peers through some of the biggest of these racial lenses. In the United States herculean efforts have been made, mostly successful, to remove race from considerations regarding “…politics, policies, economics, healthcare, employment, and education …” and what we are seeing now is dedication of black people to reinstate racial components to all of these.

    The shrill whining of the impotently furious is growing in volume and scope and it is drowning out rational thought, replacing it with sham analyses that really only reflect personal emotional issues.

  3. Amazona April 18, 2021 / 12:52 pm

    I know that Mark Levin refers to the NYT as the “New York Slime” but I’ve started thinking of it (when I think of it at all) as the “New York Whine”. While whining is not limited to the NYT it does seem to have deep roots in New York, where the toxic combination of whining and snarling seems to define New York reactions anything associated in any way with conservatives or Flyover Country.

    I saw a movie trailer on TV for a new movie, “Nobody” and decided to look up reviews. On Rotten Tomatoes I found several reviews about the actual movie and then this whine from the New Yorker: What makes this fantasy of cowboy-style self-defense so disturbing is that it isn’t limited to the movies. It’s the very same belief system that gets used, in real life, to justify the American obsession with gun ownership. This has echoes of the NYT whine in an article about the Indianapolis FedEx shooting: The violence in Indianapolis comes only weeks after mass shootings last month at spas in the Atlanta area and at a grocery store in Boulder, Colo., renewing pressure on lawmakers in Washington to address America’s deep-seated problem with gun violence.

    Just as Lenny McAllister views everything through the lens of race (and then whines about his skewed perceptions) the New York media seem to view everything through the lens of hatred for guns and those who defend them (and then whine about their perception as if it is valid).

    A couple of nights ago on the new Gutfeld show Dennis Prager was talking about the NYT. I tuned in partway through his commentary so I don’t know if he started it by referencing his history of a decades-long study of the Left and its propaganda and his daily reading of Leftist media like Pravda, but as I tuned in he was comparing the NYT to Pravda and it was a blistering commentary on the “news”paper’s blatant descent into pure propaganda. He didn’t reference its tone of aggrieved whininess but that is what seems to drive its commentary on anything NotLeft.

  4. Amazona April 18, 2021 / 3:38 pm

    I’m not quite sure about the end goal of the incessant obsession with the awareness that we don’t all look alike. This is a surprise? Are we supposed to pretend we don’t notice, or are we supposed to make those differences the primary criteria for evaluating character, intelligence or treatment in our society?

    Hint: Some form of awareness of sameness and difference is everywhere. I once had bovines of three different “races”—-Scottish Highlands, South Devons and yaks. And each “race” preferred the company of its own kind. A study in Africa once took 4×8 sheets of plywood, painted them white and put random black stripes on them and nailed them to trees, and zebras started hanging out by the plywood panels. I used to have a black Standard Poodle who reacted very strongly to two young black girls who had the same tightly curled black hair that Daisy had—she got very excited and made it clear she recognized them as her people, bipedal version.

    Recognition is not the same as judgment. Recognition is inevitable, just as we recognize that the barista is short and blonde, that the guy at Grease Monkey is bald, etc. Judgment is, or at least should be, based on experience. Jesse Jackson once acknowledged that when he said that, hearing footsteps behind him at night he was relieved when he turned around and saw they belonged to white men—that’s the experience that most muggings in that area were committed by non-white men.

    When we talk in abstract terms these days about “racism” we need to factor in experience, and the simple but unpleasant truth is that when most of this country’s experience with black people is watching huge numbers of them jump on every possible excuse to riot, destroy property and businesses and steal as much as they can carry they are responsible for a perception of black people as violent and dishonest. It’s not skin color, it’s experience. When “the black community” lets itself be represented by ignorant, hateful and vicious people like Maxine Waters, then “the black community” is responsible for being viewed as the same kinds of people.

    Every now and then a subset of white Americans tries to pose as representative of “white America”—and when that happens “white America” jumps in, denies this and distances itself from this self-identified representation of people who share only a lack of much melanin with them. But when “the black community” doesn’t step up and loudly and firmly distance itself from the rioters and looters, from the Maxines and the Sharptons, it can’t blame anyone else for being tainted by assumed shared values and agendas, just as Muslims have been seen in a negative light when they pay lip service to being peaceful Americans but at the same time justify atrocities like 9/11 or refuse to speak out against them.

    • Retired Spook April 18, 2021 / 4:29 pm

      I’m not quite sure about the end goal of the incessant obsession with the awareness that we don’t all look alike.

      That’s got me sort of baffled at this point as well. There doesn’t seem to be a logical end game, just endless racial strife. It would seem to me that Stein’s Law applies (something that can’t continue forever, won’t.) I’ve never talked to anyone, black, white or any race that thinks a race war would make any sense — or even have a winner. The real irony is that Trump was doing more for minorities than any president since Eisenhower; record low unemployment, historic income gains, record number of start-up minority-owned businesses. I’m at a total loss to predict how it ends, when it ends, or even IF it ends.

      • Amazona April 18, 2021 / 5:08 pm

        I think the Left has fanned multi-generational flames that will take a long time to die down. What we have to do is look at the most potent weapon the Left has—its control of information—-and take that away from them. That is the one thing that has enabled everything else. As long as they can control what people are told about what is happening, and about what has happened in the past, they will control the hearts and minds of enough people to sink this nation into the same pit of misery every other Leftist-led nation has experienced,

        I also think that if we could find a voice, create a voice, that is as accessible to the masses as the network voices are and as existing social media are we can show a lot of these people how they have been lied to, manipulated and led into self-destructive behaviors. Most people don’t like being lied to or tricked, but without the information to let them know that is what has happened, they won’t have any way to know this is what has happened.

      • Amazona April 18, 2021 / 9:03 pm

        There doesn’t seem to be a logical end game, just endless racial strife.

        This is the strategy of the Left. If it can’t find a chaotic and dysfunctional system to invade, it creates instability and chaos because these are essential to the success of Leftism. In our country they have done this with race, with gender, with income disparity, with panic over a disease and with sowing wildly irrational hatred of an Invented Other. Some of these will, in the absence of Leftist control, resolve themselves. Income disparity will even out to some extent as people find themselves able to provide comfortably for themselves in a strong economy. The whole concocted gender hysteria can’t last for long—it’s already falling apart as people who have mutilated their bodies in obedience to the Leftist insistence that gender dysphoria demands this are realizing their mistakes. Even the hysterics who now announce that they will proudly wear masks forever because they “don’t want to catch colds” will get tired of their theatrics when they are the only ones engaging in them. An effective communications system can convey the reality of an opposition administration that counters the wild-eyed lies that have stirred up most if not all of the TDS we have seen, and its descendants as new targets are created. But we’ll always have different skin tones and ethnicities and it will take longer for those who have chosen to marinate in racial hatred to either get over it or die off and leave the field to the next generations.

  5. Retired Spook April 20, 2021 / 3:50 pm

  6. dbschmidt April 20, 2021 / 9:57 pm

    Pretty sure insanity is the next step…I was hoping to make enough money to be considered eccentric instead. Well, while I suspect our American cities are being destroyed because they got the verdict they wanted but still feel the need to steal from others I am reminded of a few other things. (Should get a mistrial on Mad Max Waters remarks alone)

    I “learned” that when a police officer shoots someone-it is the cops fault no matter what. If a civilian shoots someone (including a cop) it is the guns fault. Facts no longer matter as tribalism has taken over curtosty of Corporate Media and our “Leaders” but I would like to hear a few things (never will) out of them like;

    Tony Timpa, the 2016 death of an unarmed man in Dallas who called police on himself. For 13 minutes (much longer than 9:23) they hold him in something called the “prone position”—a controversial restraint method in policing that involves binding someone’s legs and arms as they lay face-down, and that, according to the Morning News, may increase the likelihood of asphyxiation and death. Problem was — he was white. Whitey don’t riot.

    Then again, and I will have to verify, in 2020 there were 287 cases of people dying from inserting foreign objects into their anus. More people in single year than “ARs” killed in the last 5.

    Education and media control is what we need to work on. I am hoping the coming revolt includes both with consideration most people get their “news” from Facebook, etc. Hopefully they (Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc.) will be grounded by making them responsible for like-kind contributions for the Dimmicrats. Just today several accounts of “Zimmerbucks” in the millions of dollars going to States now in question in the “election.”

    I have not surrendered but this is a Brave New World where logic & facts do not seem to apply. Normal folks of every persuasion I have spoken with agree it is Govt. vs. the people. Just what is ahead is hard to see.

    And all this time I have been working towards owning the “One cat short of insane” pillow.

  7. Retired Spook April 21, 2021 / 11:14 am

    Have you guys seen all the videos and news reports of white people rioting, burning and looting in Minneapolis and all across the country because of the Chauvin verdict? Yeah, me neither.

    • Amazona April 21, 2021 / 1:42 pm

      I believe that most if not all of the rioters belong to a demographic which, while behaving like uncivilized savages, claims that they do so to protest being seen as uncivilized savages

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