Open Thread

I’ve noticed over the past week that a bunch of Never Trump Republicans have started to write things along the line of, “I was hoping Biden would prove a moderate”. This is utter bull. Joe Biden has been in public life for half a century – everyone familiar with politics knows that Biden is both a liar and a bully. Everything that Biden is doing was predicted before the election and no one is stupid enough to have actually fallen for the Op which put Biden in office. And we know the real reason the Never Trump wanted Trump out – because he was wrecking the Tru-Con game of talking a big fight and then rolling over for the Left. This new Never Trump effort is an attempt to get back into the con – getting back, that is, into getting respect and money from us. Nothing doing. Never Trump made it’s choice and it is irrevocable – they no longer get a say in what we’re going to do.

Joe Biden is firing just about everyone Trump hired. Noted. When we next take the White House, the first Executive Order is to fire every single Democrat appointee effective immediately. This is pre-civil war stuff, to be sure: a complete overturn of personnel and policy as different parties win. So be it. It is what the Democrats want. They can end this any time they choose – all they have to do is start to treat us decently.

Glen Reynolds notes that the FBI isn’t very good at catching actual bad guys. Time and again a crime is committed by a “known wolf” and we’ve also seen how whom the FBI goes after is based on just about anything except what is right. I’ve called for abolishing the FBI for years – and it seems pretty clear to me that the FBI’s reputation is mostly based on good PR.

Here’s something you’ve never heard of because it doesn’t fit the Narrative: white guys falsely convicted of murdering a black man….and the conviction was done because it was felt necessary to punish some white person, any white person.

As I’ve said, BLM does have a point. Just how many people are sitting in jail right now because politics required it? We’ll never know, will we? But we’ve seen this sort of thing time and time again…people being railroaded by police and prosecutors for political reasons. The police and prosecutors are supposed to be the impartial tribunes of the law…but, clearly they are not, at least in areas where Democrats have a Narrative to support. I’m not quite sure how we reform our way out of this – in the Constitution, we’re supposed to have a speedy trial, and maybe that is the fix? You arrest someone – well, you’ve got a week to put him on trial and if you can’t, he walks. For good. If you do, after all, have real proof of guilt, you should be good to go, right? And if you don’t – if you’re trying to apply pressure for a guilty plea or working on someone to provide false testimony – then having only a week to get that done means you probably can’t do it.

Segregation is being pushed by the Left on college campus because they believe – probably correctly – that this is the way to build hardened cadres of foot soldiers…people who will become entirely infused with the Critical Race Narrative who will then go out, degree in hand, to rise into positions of authority in corporate and government bureaucracies. We must make Critical Race Theory illegal in the United States.

Biden’s You Tube videos are getting so many downvotes that You Tube is going to remove that function. Must protect The Precious!

A Liberal Whine: Obama Not Playing Race Card, Enough

From Ta-Nehisi Coats in The Atlantic:

…From the “inadequate black male” diatribe of the Hillary Clinton supporter Harriet Christian in 2008, to Rick Santelli’s 2009 rant on CNBC against subsidizing “losers’ mortgages,” to Representative Joe Wilson’s “You lie!” outburst during Obama’s September 2009 address to Congress, to John Boehner’s screaming “Hell no!” on the House floor about Obamacare in 2010, politicized rage has marked the opposition to Obama. But the rules of our racial politics require that Obama never respond in like fashion. So frightening is the prospect of black rage given voice and power that when Obama was a freshman senator, he was asked, on national television, to denounce the rage of Harry Belafonte. This fear continued with demands that he keep his distance from Louis Farrakhan and culminated with Reverend Wright and a presidency that must never betray any sign of rage toward its white opposition.

Thus the myth of “twice as good” that makes Barack Obama possible also smothers him. It holds that African Americans—­enslaved, tortured, raped, discriminated against, and subjected to the most lethal homegrown terrorist movement in American history—feel no anger toward their tormentors. Of course, very little in our history argues that those who seek to tell bold truths about race will be rewarded. But it was Obama himself, as a presidential candidate in 2008, who called for such truths to be spoken. “Race is an issue that I believe this nation cannot afford to ignore right now,” he said in his “More Perfect Union” speech, which he delivered after a furor erupted over Reverend Wright’s “God Damn America” remarks. And yet, since taking office, Obama has virtually ignored race…

The article is quite long and it just goes on and on like that – America is and has been a hopeless, racist hell and Obama hasn’t been doing enough to pay whitey back for his transgressions.  Obama is just playing the white man’s game, as it were, for fear that an enraged black man will awaken the racist within us all and thus defeat him on November 6th.  The underlying premise of it all is that all white people are guilty and until they confront their terrible crimes, we can’t get past the race issue in the United States.

The reality is a bit different, of course.  The true issue of race in America is that it is dead as a doornail except for those who need it for fun and profit.  The fact that Obama has been treated just like anyone else doesn’t enter in to liberal minds – it was my (very white) wife who first clued me in to the Obama phenomena.  She was quite taken with this well spoken, good looking man who was clearly ambitious for higher office.  I, too, could not escape immediately the charm of Obama.  While I wouldn’t have voted for him under any circumstances this was entirely due to his standard-liberal positions on the issues.  That he is a black man was, is and always will be entirely irrelevant.  It wasn’t until the Jeremiah Wright issue came up that I became aware of the dishonesty underneath the surface of Obama – and while an author like Coats clearly admirers people like Wright, anyone who is not committed to the con-job which is race in America these days would immediately be offended by someone who lives well off America and yet condemns it in such hateful terms.  And as Obama and team started going “Jeremiah who?” it really just told us that Obama is dishonest – he sat in the man’s church for 20 years and could not reasonably argue that he was unaware of Wright’s raving lunacy.

Obama’s 2008 persona, though, carried him through to victory – just as anyone else with that sort of persona and given that set of political circumstances would likely have been carried in to the White House.  In other words; treated just like anyone else.  The problem for Obama is that his management style (probably the worst decision-maker we’ve ever had in the White House) coupled with the disastrous policies normal to liberalism have ensured complete failure of his Administration.  And just like any other person who is failing in the job of President, he’s getting hammered in popular approval and will likely lose on November 6th.  He wasn’t elected due to race in 2008, won’t be defeated in 2012 because of race – he was elected because of his personality and circumstances and will be defeated because of his policies.  But if this narrative is accepted as true then all the racial con-artists out there (people like Wright and Farrakhan and Jackson and Sharpton) would shortly be out of work.  A certain segment of the population (which does include a very large number of white people, of course) needs to have race to be a painful, divisive issue now and forever more.

It will be funny – not to me, as I’ll be dead right around that time – in 30 or 40 years when America is no longer a white-majority nation to see the successors of these people.  How will they keep the race hustle up?  Don’t doubt that they will try – Mugabe in Zimbabwe is still blaming the white people of Zimbabwe for his problems even though there are hardly any white people left in that country.  It’ll just be entertaining to watch the mental back flips these people will have to do to convince people that whitey is still keeping the black man down.   Think of it like this – the race-hustlers of 2052 will be trying to convince a panel of 1 (aged) white guy, two Latinos, two Asians and three mixed-race people that we still need racial set-asides to clear up the racial disparities of the Jim Crow era.

The sad part of it is really the way these people feel the need to keep hate alive.  We all know the truth of our past – the glory and the sins; slavery will always be a stain upon the Great Republic, as will segregation.  But it is also very much long past, now.  There are no slaves left.  No children of slaves, either.  I doubt we even have a great-grand-child of a slave alive in the United States.  The Jim Crow laws have been a dead letter since the mid-60’s.  Black people serve at all levels of American society and no one would ever dream of barring anyone from any position simply based upon their skin color.  More and more of us, also, have mixed race families – while I’m sure there are still some hill-apes out there who don’t want their daughters to marry a black man, they are few and far between (and getting ever fewer by the day); people just don’t care about it any longer.  All we want is decent people who obey the law and do the right thing – skin color is irrelevant.  But here are our liberals – so fearful that the race-baiting gravy train may come to an end that they will do whatever is necessary to keep old hatreds inflamed.

Pray for them.  Don’t get mad about it.  Hopefully they will wake up from their befuddlement in the by and by.


Disband the Congressional Black Caucus

Roger L. Simon makes the argument:

Nothing is worse for Black Americans, African-Americans, Afro-Americans, soul brothers and sisters, people of color, non-ofays, or whatever you choose to call that particular minority segment of our society than the Congressional Black Caucus…

…We’re in the era of Herman Cain, people, not Maxine Waters, Jesse Jackson, the stultifying Travis Smiley, or that man who has put a generation of Harvard and Princeton students into perpetual narcoleptic sleep — Dr. Cornel West.

And while we’re at it, all other caucuses based on race, religion, creed, or national origin should be put out to pasture along with it. Such groupings are so reactionary and self-destructive they make your eyes roll back in your head, collide with each other, and shoot out again like pinballs, destroying half your brain from the cerebellum to the medulla oblongata in the process. They divide us and help no one. They have no justification any more, if they ever did.

Racism is dead. Or as dead as it’s ever going to be…

Groups like the CBC, though, get to feast on un-earned power and wealth by playing the race card.  That is all it is really about.  If the people in the CBC cared about black Americans then, quite simply, people like Maxine Waters and Charlie Rangel would not be members.  An organization which had in mind doing good things for others rather than doing well for themselves would have expelled such people.  Race-baiting is good business…just ask people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

At the very minimum, groups like the Congressional Black Caucus should be afforded no funding or facilities by the United States government.  If they want to live on private donations and hold their meetings in private facilities, that it their business.  But a government of all the people of the United States should not permit a specifically race-based organization to have any semblance of official sanction.  To put it in to perspective – supposed someone decided to create the Congressional Catholic Caucus?

Racism has no place in America…whether its for oppression or for con jobs.

Liberalism’s Pervasive Racism

They just can’t stop gnawing that bone – from the Washington Post:

With House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) announcement Thursday of her three appointees to the bipartisan debt “supercommittee,” the panel’s 12-member roster is complete. It represents a broad range of ideological views, from House Republican Conference Chairman Jeb Hensarling (Tex.) on the right to Sen. John F. Kerry (D-Mass.) on the left.

But the group’s membership is marked by a problem that has plagued Congress — a lack of gender and racial diversity…

This just gets so tiresome – it doesn’t matter what a person’s sex or skin color is – all that matters is what they believe and what they do.  I wouldn’t care if the entire panel was made up of differently-abled trans-gendered persons of color…as long as they were patriots who had America’s best interests at heart.  The problem is not a lack of sex and skin color differences, but the fact that the liberal members of the panel – black, while, male and female – are rigid, left wing ideologues who only care about getting Obama and the rest of the Democrats re-elected.

This liberal racism just goes too far these days…everything is based upon skin color or sexual identity.  No one is allowed to broaden their mind and look at things from a different point of view.  We’re to have the “black view” or the “woman view” or the whatever view…no way that I, as a white man, can look with sympathy upon a black man, no way that he can do the same for me.

Utter rot – complete racist nonsense.  Way past time to end this sort of garbage.  America no longer has any place for people to play racial politics…and that is another thing we’re going to have to fight to end through the 2012 campaign.