Make America Disco Again

War in the Middle East. Gas shortages. All we need is a bit of inflation (which is coming) and for Biden’s brother to make beer and we’re back in the 1970’s.

At least we might get some cool music again:

Sorry I didn’t write for a week! Was just finishing the final draft of Shadow Army. Have that out in a couple weeks. It picks up our heroes 6 years after Battles.

As to that war in the Middle East – it is happening because the Palestinian leadership was ordered to do it by Iran. Iran, in turn, ordered it done because they want our attention on that while they take Team Biden to the cleaners in return for a revived Iran Deal, which will be even worse than the last one. The Iranians are able to do this, I think, partially with the active connivance of part of Team Biden, partially because the rest of Team Biden is simply too stupid to see the game.

For those who know what they’re doing, I really have no explanation for their fervent desire to appease Iran. It doesn’t even make bad sense as our wartime alliance with Stalin did. The Iranian regime long ago forfeited the support of the Iranian people. Iran is a basket case of a nation. Let them fall apart – and then once the Mullahs are out, work a deal with their successors. But the foreign policy elite has it in their mind that we must sustain the Mullahs. Even outright bribery doesn’t explain thinking this is something to do (the Saudis – Iran’s deadly enemies – would pay more for a different policy line).

CDC says you can drop the masks if vaccinated (I am – first shot, bit of a sore arm; second shot, crying like a little girl my arm hurt so much…but in 36 hours I was fine). This whole thing has been drivel from start to finish. It was a bad flu, nothing more.

They are doing an audit of Maricopa County, AZ – and they are finding discrepancies. I doubt, though, they’ll find enough to be decisive: those who conducted the steal have had more than enough time to destroy evidence. And its not like Biden’s DOJ will be coming after anyone who broke the law. I honestly have my doubts that Biden even topped 65 million votes. They really stuffed the ballot boxes this time – they wanted to be sure he got over 50%. But, even then, they underestimated how big Trump’s vote would be, especially in the Battlegrounds – that’s why they had to stop counting for a bit, manufacture some more ballots, and then stuff them in to shove Biden over the EC top by 42,000 votes. That is how close a shave it was – just that many votes the other way, and Trump would still be in.

I know this makes some people certain we can never win again – but the bottom line is that in the GOP controlled areas, reforms are being enacted which will make it vastly harder to cheat. Remember, in 2000 Gore’s attempt to steal Florida led to weeks of controversy. In 2020, the State was called for Trump 17 minutes after the polls closed in the panhandle (not, though, by the major networks – they delayed that call for a long time because they needed to call AZ for Biden before or right around same time to give the impression of a Biden win). That is the difference between a State where Dems can stuff a ballot box and a State where they can’t. There has been much hang wringing about the future of the GOP in Texas – but not from me. The reason it has gotten closer is not because Latinos have been moving in (TX hasn’t had a white majority in ages) but because in the deep blue areas of Texas (and there are some big ones, like Austin), the Democrats have been stuffing the ballot box. But that will now become harder. As I’ve been saying for ages, the best defense against fraud isn’t voter ID (though that helps), but requiring precincts to report their total number of votes within 30 minutes of closure. Once that number is locked in, you can’t stuff…puts a huge handicap because no matter how much data is crunched, no Democrat really knows what turnout will be in the deep Red areas until the vote comes in.

The GOP nominee for Virginia’s Lt Governor is a black woman who rips to shreds Critical Race Theory. More of this, please. My view: CRT must become illegal in the United States. Yes, I know this would take an Amendment…but it is such a poison that the Republic must vomit it out entirely.

17 thoughts on “Make America Disco Again

  1. Retired Spook May 14, 2021 / 9:24 am

    Literally everything team Biden has touched since January 20th has turned to sh*t. Helluva job!

  2. Retired Spook May 14, 2021 / 3:23 pm

    Team Biden kind of reminds me of these guys:

  3. Amazona May 14, 2021 / 10:27 pm

    I like the idea of making all precincts declare how many people have voted within a half hour or so of closing the polls. You are right, once the total number of voters is known it is impossible to keep adding votes.

    Same-day registration makes it harder to know how many people are registered but we should be able to know how many absentee ballots are sent out.

    • Amazona May 15, 2021 / 2:08 pm

      It’s not that hard to protect legitimate voting. It just calls for a clear vision and the backbone to stand up to the howling mobs squealing about how much harder it will be to cheat. Basically we need to (1) verify eligibility to vote (2) ensure that only valid ballots are counted after eligibility is verified (3) protect chain of custody of ballots before and after counting and (4) incorporate redundancy and ease of auditing.

      Voter ID and examination of signatures on mailed-in ballots will ensure a higher degree of validation of legitimacy of ballots received. It would not be hard to implement layers of redundancy in counting machinery. Surely there is a way to electronically label each legitimate ballot before it is sent out, so copies can’t be processed. I would also have each machine mark each ballot that is run through it, so later examination can tell which machine counted it or rejected it. . All questioned ballots from that machine would be electronically tagged as such plus tagged to identify the subsequent examiner, so any ballot that could not be read by a machine could be isolated and examined and we would know who made the final decision about how to handle it. No examiner can have any kind of marking device or be allowed to mark any ballot in any way. The examiner sees that it is marked it improperly but still legibly, and then adds his own ID code and feeds it into the appropriate machine to register the vote, or puts it in a “rejected” pile because the intent of the voter is not obvious without interpretation. But the ballot itself has not been marked or altered except by the electronic tagging done by the machine, so in an audit it can be tracked and confirmed.

      Do not have counting machines linked to any external communicating device or method, and do not have vote counts from individual machines made known until all votes are counted and turned into the Secretary of State. Set up an intranet linking counting machines to a central console but severely restrict access to this during the counting process and do not allow anyone to leak information about the votes being tallied until the count is complete.

      Set up a system that (1) is as foolproof and secure as we can make it and (2) makes it easy to audit. Randomly switch machines, randomly move operators from one machine to another, randomly pull counted ballots for forensic examination and have cameras on every operator and machine, along with oversight by poll watchers.

      And reinforce both the idea and the legal reality that no vote tally can be certified as accurate if in fact there are legitimate questions about its accuracy. Make false certification a legal issue and prosecute it when it occurs. This might mean that some states lose their electoral college votes. Tough. Maybe then they will pay more attention to creating and implementing stringent voting rules so next time around their votes can be counted.

      I notice that the noise from the cheaters is focused on who is voting and how and when, but the real problems we saw were about what happened after votes were cast. That is where we should be concerned.

      • Retired Spook May 15, 2021 / 6:48 pm

        Just matching vote totals with the number of people voting would be a start. IIRC, over 70 precincts in Wayne County, MI, (Detroit) could not reconcile that figure.

      • Amazona May 16, 2021 / 9:36 am

        Exactly. That’s the kind of redundancy I was talking about. In some areas last year more ballots were returned than were sent out. The ability to easily cross-reference data to make sure it matches would be crucial. The Left seems to be saying that the number of ballots sent out should have no relationship at all to how many were recorded as sent in, much less to what the alleged vote totals were.

        I just read an article on cybersecurity, and a couple of statements really jumped out at me. While this is about hacking, it is also true of elections:

        The best time to prepare is before something happens. The mere act of planning — even if it’s just a thought exercise of “what would happen if I get hacked?” — can help put you in the mindset to cover the basics.

        And I really liked this one:

        President Eisenhower once said, “Plans are useless, but the act of planning is indispensable.”

        Knowing that plans have been made and are in place, knowing that there is redundancy in the system, knowing that every element can be approached from another direction and then cross-checked with the others and knowing that vote counting rooms are not connected by internet or phone to any outside contact so vote totals are secret until the counting is completed would make any wannabe cheater think twice and have to work a lot harder. When we look at the problems last year we see that they all occurred in these areas.

        Which is why the Left is trying so hard to distract us from thinking about these problems, and is making so much noise about whether people can eat or drink while in line to vote and other such nonsense.

  4. Amazona May 16, 2021 / 3:26 pm

    The Associated Press (AKA AP, AKA Agenda Media) are whining about their offices being bombed in Gaza. They are claiming they just didn’t know those offices were in a building also occupied by Hamas. Evidently the AP doesn’t have investigative journalists who actually, you know, INVESTIGATE things, because this has been known for years, printed and discussed and even admitted by the AP.

    Is this kind of close relationship with our enemies new? Aside from the NYT bootlicking of Stalin, have other “American” news agencies been too cozy with countries and regimes intent on destroying us?

    Well, yeah. Like the AP relationship with the Nazis in WW II.

    This Agenda Media propaganda arm of the Left thing ain’t new.

    • Cluster May 17, 2021 / 9:06 am

      …have other “American” news agencies been too cozy with countries and regimes intent on destroying us?

      Our enemies are amongst us. They have been invited in, and have found a home in the Democrat Party, in Academia, in Entertainment, and definitely in the Media. Time to cleanse.

      • Amazona May 17, 2021 / 11:26 am

        Any ideas on how to “cleanse”?

      • Cluster May 17, 2021 / 11:37 am

        I’m hesitant to share any ideas with you … what you don’t know won’t hurt you

      • Amazona May 17, 2021 / 11:51 am

        Or maybe what we don’t know won’t hurt YOU…………..

        FYI: talk of “cleansing” has some very ugly connotations

      • Cluster May 17, 2021 / 12:08 pm

        The Declaration of Independence had some “very ugly connotations” so that’s good company

      • Amazona May 17, 2021 / 1:01 pm

        What utter nonsense.

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