Democrats Delenda Est

They had Joe Biden go up and, for the 20 minutes he’s capable of semi-coherent speech, say that MAGA Republicans are “semi-fascist”. The MSM and the social media bots – following orders as usual – picked up on this and are out there stoutly asserting either the truth of the accusation, or complaining that Pudding Brain is being too nice about it – that we GOPers are out-and-out fascists.

To be sure, your basic Democrat doesn’t even know what “fascist” means. It is shorthand for “bad guy” and they can’t even tell you what makes a fascist bad, except to claim they want to take away your rights…and pardon us while we impose this vaccine mandate on you and set 87,000 IRS agents to examine your finances. For them, fascists are bad and as they are anti-fascist, anyone who isn’t on their side is fascist, and so bad. It is a very kindergarten view of the world suitable for the most ignorant among us – college educated people in government, education and corporations who make up the backbone of the Democrat party these days.

But we cannot merely note the idiocy of these people and move on – by proclaiming us to be fascists they are asserting that we are the enemies of all that is decent. And just what do you do with such people? You kill, imprison or exile them. There is no limiting principle in stopping fascism. There can’t be. If fascists are allowed to live then they may take charge and they will destroy everyone who is not fascist. Any action taken to stop them is legitimate. What Pudding Brain said – immediately endorsed by the entire Democrat Establishment – is that 74 million Americans are fascists. They have declared war on us and announced that we are fair game for any effort which might destroy us. They are retroactively legitimizing both election fraud and the weaponization of government against us because, after all, to stop fascism, you must do whatever you can.

And, so, now what? That is: what do we do? How do we respond?

Pretend they didn’t say it? Pretend that it is merely political boilerplate designed to fire up the Democrat base? Dismiss it as mere rhetoric which will never result in government action?

Yeah, after the raid on Trump’s home and everything else they’ve done outside the law to get after him and us, I’m going to have to say that it is not mere rhetoric. That they view MAGA as an existential threat and will do everything they can to prevent it’s victory.

And in a certain sense, they are right to feel like this: our victory is their doom. Not, of course, a fascist doom. We’re not fascists. We’re committed to freedom under a Constitutional order. In practical terms, they’re the fascists (“All within the State, nothing outside the State” is vastly more descriptive of the modern Left than anything on the MAGA side). But, regardless of the truth of the matter here, if we win, they’re done for. Not in the sense of being killed or imprisoned but very much in the sense of no longer being in charge, nor being able to rake off vast wealth from the productive economy. Their worst nightmare will come true if we win: they’ll have a get a job where the boss demands results.

On the other hand, if we don’t win, then we’re done for. Our rights and our property will be stripped away from us. We’ll be variously imprisoned or locked up in asylums for our dissent. Massive pressure will be brought on us – including brute force – to compel us to proclaim their lies are truth. There will be nothing for the believer in God and the believer in freedom if the Left wins – we will either have to knuckle under and become Left, or get destroyed. But even if we knuckle under, we still get nothing…a life pod in a gigantic city where the services only sometimes work as the Ruling Class lives behind walls guarded by mercenaries with automatic weapons. It isn’t like they promise us a good life if we go along with them – they promise us poverty and bug paste.

If we lose, we lose all. And they have said, and demonstrated, that they will use whatever tactic comes to hand to defeat us – the law doesn’t matter. The truth doesn’t matter. Basic human decency doesn’t matter. After all, they are fighting fascists and you don’t fuss over the law when you’re doing that. And this means our only response can be tit for tat. We have to take off our restraints, as well.

Now, given that most of us are believers and those who aren’t are still decent people, this doesn’t mean we can – or should – be as dishonest and cruel as they are. In fact, we shouldn’t lie at all. Not even on the smallest matter. But unconstrained by any notion that the law is evenly enforced and discarding all elements of what can be called the norms and traditions of American political life, we must go after them.

I’ve said this before here and elsewhere, but now you’ve got no place to hide. You can’t ignore the fact that the person installed in the White House just called you a fascist – and then that assertion was affirmed and echoed within hours all around the American Establishment. They just told you what they think of you and they have shown you what they will do to you if they have the power to do so. It is time, way past time, to admit that I am right: the Democrats – the Establishment in all its manifestations – must be destroyed. Democrats deleda est.

It all has to go – because it is all one thing. There’s no part of it you can separate out and say, “this part is good, keep it.” Zuckerberg admitted the other day that when the FBI told him to suppress to Hunter Biden story, he didn’t ask why, he just asked “how high?”. And this FBI was run by a Trump appointee while Trump was President and with Trump’s man at the helm of the Department of Justice. Think about that – the people of the United States government, supposedly neutral defenders of America, used the power of government to help the Democrat candidate for President. And corporate America went right along with it. And all the MSM. And even a great deal of the GOP leadership helped suppress the story or did nothing to help get it out. What part of this morass of Establishment filth are you thinking is ok? That should be able to retain any of its ability to affect American policy? I’m genuinely curious – you tell me which billionaire, MSMer, bureaucrat or corporate boss you trust with power and why?

It all has to go. Democrats delenda est. Corporations delenda est. Bureaucracy delenda est. Billionaires delenda est. GOPe delenda est. Establishment delenda est.

They all must be removed from power and the means of obtaining power taken away from them. This means kicking them out of their official and corporate positions…but it also means taking away their money. You leave these people with any lever of power and they will rebuild whatever you took from them. It must be a complete wipe out. An overturning of the order. A revolution. We take what they have and give it to ourselves. We will control all the levers of power – we’ll decide what the rules are. How the law is to be applied. We have to because if we don’t, they’ll do so and their primary decree will be that we are evil and to be destroyed.

And, in the end, if we steel ourselves to this and win, then once we have taken away their power, we’ll find that hardly anyone is in favor of them. That they get by on stealing money from the productive and bribing people to go along with their rake offs. Nobody really wants what the Left wants. We don’t want open borders. Windmills. Puberty blockers for 12 year olds. Bug paste. It is all a scam – a con job by the Ruling Class to keep themselves in power and forever increasing their wealth. Once they are no longer there to defend their castle – and no longer have an MSM magaphone to make it seem like something other than greed – the castle will vanish like mist in the sun. People are normal and sane and only become otherwise when insanity is rewarded.

We can get our Republic back. We can have a future: our grandchildren and remoter descendants can live in the America our grandparents lived in…if we just take it all. Take everything our enemies have. Leave them with nothing. Force them to go out into the world and do something useful for a living. And then it is all over. The Marxist nightmare comes to an end.

98 thoughts on “Democrats Delenda Est

  1. casper3031 August 27, 2022 / 11:41 pm

    Mark, I’m curious. What is your definition of Freedom? I’ve asked this of a number of conservatives who are worried about losing their freedoms. No one has been able to answer the question.
    Personally, I’m a big fan of freedom of speech and freedom of religion. I also enjoy the freedom to travel and to have decent healthcare and enough money to enjoy life. So what freedoms do you like and which ones are you afraid to lose?

    • Mark Noonan August 28, 2022 / 12:24 am

      I’m sure the question was answered, and perhaps even ably answered – and you no doubt simply ignored the answer because it didn’t fit into your worldview, which is revealed by your assertion that you want the “freedom” to have decent healthcare and enough money to enjoy life. In other words, as long as someone picks up the tab for your healthcare and you have money to buy the things you want, you consider yourself free.

      And, hey, if that is what you think is a good life, more power to ya. Live the way you want to live. I prefer to live free.

      And by free I mean the ability to hold my property, associate with whom I wish and say whatever I want without any sanction from government or from those acting in the interests of the government (no back door censorship via social media suppression or corporate termination of employment for holding the “wrong” opinion). That is all I want. To get that, I’ll give a lot. Earlier today, a Leftist nimrod put out a list of things to cancel in addition to student loans – things like rent and medical debt. I put on that that I’d give it all – in return for cancelling school administrators, DEI staff, bureaucrats and property taxes. Now, I expect no response from the nimrod – but if I did, I assure you it would be a stout rejection of my terms. Even in return for a cornucopia of Leftist dreams, there is no chance that the nimrod in question, nor you or any other Leftist, would agree to my terms. Because agreeing to my terms frees me from you, forever. Even if you taxed my income at 60% to pay for all the drivel you want, after that it is mine, and for good, and nobody is out there in a position to pester me with Leftist propaganda and try to force me to lie to live. The Left doesn’t want me free – it can’t, in fact, allow me to remain free: because if I’m out there pointing out that two plus two equals four even though the Narrative says it is five, it eventually breaks down the whole Leftist system.

      Do you know what your sort of “freedom” brings? It gets us a reproductive endocrinologist telling the New York Times that 40 year old female doctors are shocked to find that they’re past child-bearing age. Doctors. Not just any Jane Doe out on the streets – doctors do not know that past 40, the kid clock has pretty much expired. How did this happen? Because of your freedom – a freedom which requires rigid adherence to whatever the Party Line is at the moment. You’ve got Soviet freedom. Why don’t these 40 year old doctors know the basics of human reproduction? Because they weren’t told the basics – not even all the way through medical school. To point out that the 20’s are a person’s child bearing time is to contravene the Leftist Narrative that child bearing can and must be delayed for career considerations. And all the way through school, this message was reinforced and they never checked and nobody dared tell them…and then these sad, pathetic women arrive at their 40s and decide that now is the time for kids…and they can’t do it.

      My freedom is to tell them all the truth as best we can determine it and allow them to make up their own minds – not skip crucial facts and relentlessly push them in a particular direction.

      Your freedom is creating us doctors who don’t know medicine. Engineers who can’t design. Graduate students who are barely literate. Human trafficking – you know, the slave trade – abetted by the United States government via illegal immigration. Farmers losing their water rights so that a guppy can thrive. The poor being squeezed by high energy costs because you think a windmill will appease the Climate God.

      But, you go on and do what you want – live the mindless life the Ruling Class wants for you. I don’t care. But I do propose to take away the Left’s ability to force me to be a cog in their machine. I was born free. I will live free. I will fight for my ability to own my property and say what I want. I will be free.

      • casper3031 August 28, 2022 / 1:06 am

        Thank you for answering. I pay for health insurance and have my whole life, No one is paying for it other than the insurance I’ve already paid. The money I have has been earned over the course of a lifetime. I only want everyone to have the same opportunities I’ve had.
        We agree on the majority of freedoms. I like having my own property. I also realize that local property taxes is the price I pay for decent roads, schools, police, parks etc. You already have the ability to fire public employees by voting for people who agree with you as do I.
        You also have the right to say whatever you wish as you have for years on this site. You also have the right to ban people you disagree with the same as privately held social media sites have the right to ban either one of us.
        You have the right to own your property and say what you want. Others have the right to disagree with what you say. You are living free and will continue to do so.

        MODERATOR// No one who is polite and makes an honest case for his/her point of view has ever been banned to my knowledge. It’s why you and Fielding are still here.

      • Mark Noonan August 28, 2022 / 3:47 am

        As I said, you balk at real freedom: you don’t own your property. None of us do – if we don’t pay the government, it is taken from us. And where did I suggest there should be no taxation? I believe I said I would pay even more taxes than I do now. All I suggested is that at some point, I own my property completely and nobody can take it from me for any reason. That is freedom – that is being a freeholder. And that is what I am denied. I am only allowed to pretend I own my property and the minute I cease to be a tributary, it is taken from me.

        And though you’ll stoutly deny it, you know as well as I do that scores of people have lost their jobs and/or their social standing for simply saying words. Doesn’t matter if they are true words – they said words which are forbidden. We all wonder if some unguarded word or gesture will bring the fury of a mob down upon us. And, so, everyone self-censors these days. You do, too. It shouldn’t even be the least concern – and don’t try to sell me the drivel about “you can say what you want, just accept the consequences”. If there are consequences for speech – any consequences, at all – then we are not free, at all.

      • Amazona August 28, 2022 / 1:44 pm

        I haven’t seen fielding make an honest case for his point of view. He still seems more of a bickerer than a debater or contributor.

      • Retired Spook August 28, 2022 / 1:50 pm

        I don’t think we even know what Fielding’s point of view is.

      • Amazona August 28, 2022 / 10:09 pm

        I don’t think we even know what Fielding’s point of view is.

        As far as I can tell he doesn’t really have one, other than a vague sense that all conservatives, especially the Orange Man, are somehow bad and wrong and he likes lying in wait till one of them says something he thinks he can ridicule or knock down with some regurgitated Agenda Media nonsense. But mostly he just likes to suck people into bickering with him—I think it makes him feel important or at least relevant.

        As I have said, it’s as if some of us are in a bicycle race—we have trained for it, we take it seriously, and we peddle along. But there are those who do none of those things and just lurk on the sidelines, hoping for a chance to run out and shove a stick through the spokes of someone who is doing the work.

        I said this once years ago and Granny Casper came back with some simpering thing like “well, some of us cheer and some of us hand out water…” and I thought to myself, “yeah, there’s someone who can miss a point”—-or maybe he does think that passively watching the race go by and holding up a sign is really participating in the process. He’s an annoying little fussbudget who seems to think he can convince us of the rightness of his cockamamie perceptions (like if you believe in the Constitution as it is written you want to bring back slavery and end letting women vote) but at least he’s less of a bickerboy blog vandal than the other two.

      • Amazona August 28, 2022 / 9:57 pm

        Dr. Malone starts off his entry today with the observation “Caged animals are safe, but it is not much of a life”.

        Benjamin Franklin said: “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

    • Amazona August 28, 2022 / 11:49 am

      I’ve asked this of a number of conservatives who are worried about losing their freedoms. No one has been able to answer the question.

      I don’t believe this. I agree with Mark, that the answer has just not fit into the bubble so it was incomprehensible.

      I usually use the term “liberty” more than “freedom”. I think it covers the ability to make our own decisions about how to live our lives. That encompasses so much that it is open to bickerers snarling “well, what about THIS” and giving an example of infringing on the freedom of someone else, so it can be tricky territory.

      The aspect of freedom that has become most relevant to me, now, is the freedom from oppression by a tyrannical government. I never dreamed this could or would become a nation in which the government openly defies the Nuremburg Council protocols and uses its might and power to force people to inject an experimental drug, hiding its dangers, lying about its alleged benefits, and depriving people of their jobs and freedom of movement if they do not comply. I never dreamed this could or would become a nation with its own version of the Stasi, of heavily armed politicized militarized law enforcement mounting raids on citizens never accused of anything but minor process crimes, to try to intimidate people who support an opposition party or candidate. I never dreamed this could or would become a nation in which millions of people support and even advocate gulags, “reeducation” camps for people with a differing opinion of the best way to govern the nation. I never dreamed this could or would become a nation in which thuggery and crime would go unpunished, based on political orientation or philosophy. I never dreamed this could or would become a nation in which the might of the State would be used against its citizens through government agencies. I never dreamed this could or would become a nation in which a sitting president would use his power to destroy a possible opponent in an upcoming election, or in which federal agencies (and even members of Congress) would do the same. I never dreamed this could or would become a nation in which the government openly defines half of the citizenship as “domestic terrorists” or “fascists”, openly setting the government up as opposition of half of the country.

      It may be easier to define “freedom” by looking at what we have already lost.

      • Retired Spook August 28, 2022 / 11:59 am

        I usually use the term “liberty” more than “freedom”. I think it covers the ability to make our own decisions about how to live our lives.

        I’m reminded of the lyrics of the 70s song, Me and Bobby McGee:

        “Freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to lose, nothin’ ain’t worth nothin’ but it’s free.”

        Liberty is a much better word to describe what most (at least I think it’s still most) Americans cherish and would sacrifice their lives for.

      • Amazona August 28, 2022 / 11:59 am

        Another face of freedom is the example of the millions who have willingly turned over their freedom of thought to the State-run media. The fact that half of the nation has not is proof that this is a choice, but as we see them obediently mouthing the lies and distortions they have chosen to immerse themselves in we wonder what it is in the psychological makeup of these people that has led them to this self-destructive choice.

        I’ve talked about the element of negativity playing a large role—we can do the chicken/egg calculation (are they submitting to this because they are already hard-wired to be negative and even hostile and therefore attracted to this energy, or are their choices making them that way?) but we have often commented on the fact that those who have immersed themselves in the hostility, negativity and outright hatred of the Left are also amazingly humorless and charmless—but angry. And not just angry, but vengeful.

        But whatever the underlying reason or reasons, once someone has chosen to close himself off to anything but a preferred narrative he has given up an important element of freedom

    • fortyacresbeyond August 28, 2022 / 11:54 am

      Mark, I am wondering how you reconcile the importance of owning property as a condition of freedom with your recently stated desire to take away all of the money of rich people via “straight up confiscation.” Or do you consider money to not be property?

      Second, how do you square taxation with your view of freedom?

      • Amazona August 28, 2022 / 12:02 pm

        If I thought for a minute that this was a sincere effort to engage in a dialogue leading to mutual understanding I might not dismiss it as just more bickering. But, given its source, that isn’t possible.

        A Bickerboy slithers back in, again, looking for some “gotchas”.

        Naturally, it depends on an outright lie and on mischaracterization of a comment. But then honesty is not a feature of bickering, it is a bug

      • Retired Spook August 28, 2022 / 12:50 pm

        Mark, I am wondering how you reconcile the importance of owning property as a condition of freedom with your recently stated desire to take away all of the money of rich people via “straight up confiscation.”

        I don’t want to answer for Mark, but this is something I’ve been thinking about a lot ever since he posted it several weeks ago. It has always bothered me that some wealthy people use their wealth to destroy that which allowed them to become wealthy in the first place. “I’ve got mine, and no one else is going to achieve what I’ve done.” That flies in the face of the idea that is America. The question becomes then, how do you prevent people with vast wealth from using it for evil purposes? Smarter people than I am have never come up with a viable solution, at least not in an open, free society like the United States. If the shoe were on the other foot, and a cabal of wealthy Conservatives decided to use their wealth to limit YOUR liberty and, say, force YOU to go to church and accept Jesus Christ as your savior (or anything else that would violate your conscience or personal philosophy) as a prerequisite to keeping your job, what would you do?

      • Mark Noonan August 28, 2022 / 1:19 pm

        Exactly – and as I just said: we don’t enter into suicide pacts.

        Yesterday on Twitter John Cleese – the has-been Monty Python actor – posted what he thought was a devastating critique of Christian Conservatives and their support of Trump: he asked, “how does he exemplify the Beatitudes?”.

        Wow! Oh, man, he’s got us now! Since Trump isn’t living the Sermon on the Mount, we’d better abandon him, fellow Christians!

        Or, at least, I guess that is what Cleese thought he was doing. As if he’d remotely tolerate a person in office who was living the Beatitudes.

        But, leaving aside Cleese’s very likely hypocrisy on the matter – such things never detain a person of the Left – there is no requirement on us to only have saints on our side. It would be better, of course, if all of us were striving to be Saints…but in practical terms we can only work with what we’ve got. And while Trump is likely not, day by day, living out “blessed are the meek”, he sure in heck is getting closer to it than Joe Biden using the FBI to attack his political opponents while making sure that same FBI stays away from his crackhead son.

        Our demand for our property does not translate into a blanket defense of all property regardless of how it is used. If someone is using their privately owned firearm against me unjustly, then you just watch my vigorous efforts to confiscate that firearm while still retaining my conviction that “shall not be infringed” means what it says.

      • Mark Noonan August 28, 2022 / 1:08 pm

        You’re not looking at it the right way. Don’t feel bad, hardly anyone does this way. I’m doing my small part to bring to the public the correct way of viewing such matters.

        First off, no theory of law or economics is a suicide pact. Nothing human beings do requires them to destroy themselves in the service of it. Please note, we may have to destroy ourselves from time to time serving our ideal, but no moral ideal can have built within it the necessity of the destruction of its adherents. You can’t tell me that my love for private property requires me to defend anything that is called private property. I’ll use my judgement and decide on my own, thanks very much, what constitutes private property and if it meets my understanding, I’ll defend it. I am a free agent in this and you can’t trip me up by pretending to an Authority I did not voluntarily assign to you.

        Secondly, just what is private property? Is it anything anyone owns? Suppose someone got enough wealth that they could buy, say, 50 percent of the world’s arable land: would that be private property? No: that is a negation of private property as much as being married to half the women in the world would be a negation of marriage. Private is what any reasonable person can use for themselves, maybe a bit more if it is a family enterprise or a voluntary cooperative among multiple families. We’re not talking very big here. My house is my private property. A family farm is private property.

        There is no exact point here, by the way: we’re humans, not ciphers on a page. A person might own a 10,000 acre ranch in Montana and that is reasonable while another person owns a 50 acre farm in Japan and that is a bit excessive. A person might be worth tens of millions of dollars and nobody can possibly complain because it is, say, the string of ten fast food franchises she spent thirty years building up.

        But what do we say of people who have so many tens of billions of dollars that they can buy of vast tracts of farm land while also spending huge amounts of money telling us we can eat bugs and drink recycled urine? How about the billionaire who funds public protests against the construction of an oil pipeline while his trucks and trains are moving that oil at vastly more expense than the pipeline would be? How about the super rich guy who buys a leading national newspaper (for what amounts to pocket change on his part) and makes it a mouthpiece for his peculiar political views.

        Private property?

        My ass.

        I do not have to sit here and defend a billionaire’s excessive wealth because I also want a plumber in Bakersfield, CA to own his shop and house property tax free. It would be stupid of me to do so, especially as all those billionaires are spending money trying to get rid of the plumber and have him replaced by a corporate conglomerate which would have monopoly control over the market.

      • fortyacresbeyond August 28, 2022 / 2:53 pm

        Thanks for the reply, Spook.

        “If the shoe were on the other foot, and a cabal of wealthy Conservatives decided to use their wealth to limit YOUR liberty and, say, force YOU to go to church and accept Jesus Christ as your savior (or anything else that would violate your conscience or personal philosophy) as a prerequisite to keeping your job, what would you do?”

        Many so-called liberals believe the shoe is already on the other foot. I can cite the recent example of the $1.6 billion donation to the Federalist Society. Jane Mayer has written an entire book about dark money funding the radical right. I generally agree with your concern about the accumulation and use of “vast wealth,” as you put it.

        What would you think of stricter limitations on political giving? Right now we permit unlimited funding of PACs. I would like to see this reformed. I think I would favor a system in which campaigns are publicly funded, with no other funding or PACs permitted. It seems to me that the current system (e.g., corporations are people and can make unlimited donations) is contributing to the degradation of our politics.

      • fortyacresbeyond August 28, 2022 / 3:04 pm

        Thanks, Mark. You write, “Secondly, just what is private property?” That would seem to be a very important question to answer when talking about the right to own property. That is why I asked if you consider money to be property. It wasn’t a gotcha question. I just wasn’t sure given your stance about confiscating the money of rich people.

        Your example of farms illustrates that what is private property is a matter of interpretation. You say a family farm is perfectly acceptable, but a gigantic farm is not. At some point you have to define with specificity what is acceptable and what is not. And then the question becomes, who gets to decide?

        I agree with you that the accumulation of extraordinary wealth among a few is detrimental to American society. But what would you do about it in practical terms? Just saying you would confiscate rich people’s money doesn’t answer the question. How would you do that? Through legislation? What kind of legislation? Personally, I would support much more extreme taxation on wealth than currently exists in the United States, but I don’t know that that is what you have in mind.

      • Mark Noonan August 28, 2022 / 7:14 pm

        It is subjective and, rely on it, if I ever had the ability to influence such a decision, the hammer would first fall on those who offend me politically. That is another thing that is over: “norms and traditions”. I’m not interested, at the moment, so much in fairness as in the destruction of those who seek my destruction.

        But the ideal is still there – and it is Distributist. You might have missed me yammering on about this but the nutshell of it is that the economy should be structured around the personally or family owned business and the largest economic enterprises should be voluntary cooperatives. The problem with Capitalism isn’t too many Capitalists, it is too few – we need the economic power distributed as widely as possible. Now, like all ideals, you never actually achieve it. We’re probably stuck to one degree or another with some large corporations – and some people with ungodly amounts of money. But if we work to the ideal then year by year we’ll have an economy that is built to human scale and which isn’t an amalgamation of monopolies and sweetheart deals.

        This isn’t anything particularly new, either: Americans perceived as early at the 19th century that overlarge corporations and people with vast sums of money to apply to politics wasn’t the best way to go…but various circumstances transpired to make it appear in the post-WWII world that it worked…that a government-coddled GM, as it were, was the best means of providing for the American people. It didn’t really work – it just seemed to because we were making money hand over fist for 25 years…but that was only because we had literally blown our primary economic competitors to pieces and it took them that long to rebuild. Once we had real competition, the flaws were exposed…but rather than address the flaws, we all got scammed (and I mean everyone: right and left) with the idea that if we just cut corporate taxes and signed free trade deals, we’d make up for the lost ground. All we got from that was ever larger corporations shipping the actual jobs outside the USA.

      • Retired Spook August 28, 2022 / 3:13 pm

        What would you think of stricter limitations on political giving? Right now we permit unlimited funding of PACs. I would like to see this reformed. I think I would favor a system in which campaigns are publicly funded, with no other funding or PACs permitted.

        I would favor stricter limitations on political giving, but neither political party, when in power, would ever initiate something like that (their efforts for campaign finance reform have been a joke). It would have to be done by something like an Article V Convention of States in the form of a Constitutional Amendment. Actually, the three areas of governance that the current Convention of States movement is concentrated on would go a long way toward making us a fairer and more accountable society.

        I oppose public (taxpayer dollars) funding of political campaigns because it would force people to indirectly finance things that they disagree with.

      • Retired Spook August 28, 2022 / 3:34 pm

        Many so-called liberals believe the shoe is already on the other foot. I can cite the recent example of the $1.6 billion donation to the Federalist Society. Jane Mayer has written an entire book about dark money funding the radical right.

        Who would you include in the “radical right,” and how would you describe their agenda, or what you perceive to be their agenda? If they were in power, would they force everyone to own a gun as they do in Switzerland? Would they force everyone to believe in God? Would they force everyone to drive a certain kind of car or live in a certain kind of dwelling? What do you fear they would do that would have an adverse effect on your life?

      • Amazona August 29, 2022 / 2:30 pm

        Would they force people to take drugs they don’t want to take? Would they strip people of their livelihoods if they refused, or engage in other punitive acts, like banning them from venues businesses or events or travel? Would they enlist the complicity of federal agencies like the IRS to hound and intimidate and even attack political opponents? Would they come out in favor of reeducation camps for political opponents? Would they advocate for the limitation of freedom of speech and assembly? Would they assert more authority over children than their own parents are allowed? Would they engage in “Intimidation Theater” through heavily armed and recorded dawn raids or public arrests for minor process crimes, to frighten and humiliate and intimidate political opposition?

      • fortyacresbeyond August 28, 2022 / 4:15 pm

        “Who would you include in the “radical right,” and how would you describe their agenda, or what you perceive to be their agenda?”

        Sorry, I should have put “radical right” in quotes. The title of her book is Dark Money: The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right. So I was referring to her term. I haven’t read her book, but a quick look suggests that the Koch brothers are central figures, among others. She notes that $6.8 billion was spent on the 2016 presidential campaign—double the amount in 2012—and an estimated $1 billion came from a few billionaires backing the Republican party. The point of bringing it up is that liberals think there are conservatives using their wealth to achieve their political aims—i.e. limiting their liberty, to use your terms—just as you think there are wealthy liberals doing it to you. Given your “if the shoe were on the other foot” question to me, it sounded like you didn’t believe that was the case.

      • Amazona August 28, 2022 / 7:56 pm

        This still doesn’t address the fact that the term “radical right” is an invention with no real meaning. As in actual politics—not the sham Identity Politics you people are so addicted to—-the term “right” means, no more and no less, a commitment to Constitutional governance.

        People have tried to tack on all sorts of cultural artifacts to the term, meaning that “far-right” or “radical right” is a meaningless term with a “definition” wholly dependent on who is using it, and to what extent it is intended as a pejorative. It has been defined as white supremacy, any other kind of racism, religious cultism, homophobia and the new invented term “transphobia” (though I don’t think anyone is truly afraid of homosexuals or transsexuals), the dreaded “nationalism” and several other “isms”. It’s a sham word invented to create an illusion.

        You are, as you tend to do, misstating what Spook said. He gave examples of possible limiting of liberty through the use, or misuse, of vast wealth, not just using that wealth to support a political agenda.

        I think the collusion of the Gates Foundation with various governmental and quasi-governmental agencies, including global initiatives which the Left is trying to impose on the United States, would qualify as great wealth being used in a political context to limit or at least infringe on liberty. After all, the Gates Foundation was very supportive of vaccine mandates and mask mandates, both of which were impositions on personal liberty under the guise of “protecting” us.

        Are you trying to make a point or just bicker over what someone said?

      • Amazona August 30, 2022 / 3:13 pm

        Zuckerbucks! I forgot the influx of Zuckerberg millions on selected agencies, to influence how the election would be run.

      • Retired Spook August 28, 2022 / 4:42 pm

        The point of bringing it up is that liberals think there are conservatives using their wealth to achieve their political aims—i.e. limiting their liberty, to use your terms—just as you think there are wealthy liberals doing it to you. Given your “if the shoe were on the other foot” question to me, it sounded like you didn’t believe that was the case.

        I DON’T believe that’s the case, and certainly not from groups like The Federalist Society. Conservatives have no history of limiting the Left’s freedom when they’re in power. One only has to look at the Contract with America that Republicans put forth in 1994, after having been in the political wilderness for 4 decades:

        require all laws that apply to the rest of the country also apply to Congress;

        select a major, independent auditing firm to conduct a comprehensive audit of Congress for waste, fraud or abuse;

        cut the number of House committees, and cut committee staff by one-third;

        limit the terms of all committee chairs;

        ban the casting of proxy votes in committee;

        require committee meetings to be open to the public;

        require a three-fifths majority vote to pass a tax increase;

        guarantee an honest accounting of the Federal Budget by implementing zero base-line budgeting.

        Remember this from the early days of George W. Bush’s administration:

        When President George W. Bush was elected, Republican Sen. Trent Lott of Mississippi became Senate majority leader with the Texan’s January 20, 2001 inauguration.

        At the time, the Senate was split 50-50 between the two parties, with the Republicans retaining chairmanships in committees — but Lott worked with Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle of South Dakota in a landmark power-sharing agreement that provided both parties with equal committee representation among other features.

        At the time, Lott said he did not want a “prescription for gridlock” and sought to work across the aisle to maintain the productivity of the Senate.

        The Democrat Party has never been a force for good, but it has changed its focus over the years. It has morphed from the party of slavery, the party of the Ku Klux Klan, the party of the lynching of blacks, the party of Jim Crow, and the party of segregation; to the party of exploiting poor minorities with never-ending and unfulfilled promises; to the party of perpetual inner-city ghettos; to the party of homeless encampments, and used drug needles and human excrement in the streets and on the sidewalks; to the party of segregating Americans into disparate groups, assigning them victimhood status, and pitting them against each other; to the party of grievance whores; to the party of political violence; to the party of defunding the police and enabling criminals; to the party of cultural rot; to the party of moral relativism; to the party of transforming our electoral process into a system where anyone can vote at any time anywhere with no proof of identity, no proof of citizenship and no way to track how often a person has voted, and where the purging of dead people from the voter rolls is portrayed as voter suppression (YCMTSU!); to the party of distorting history and subverting science (if biology no longer matters, what does?) to advance a political narrative; to the party of open borders and abdication of our national sovereignty; to the party of appeasing our adversaries; to the party of putting the rights and welfare of illegal immigrants above that of American citizens; to the party of ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter domestic terrorists; to the party of subverting the Constitution and the rule of law; to the party of the cancel culture and the censorship of any speech that is critical of or conflicts with its radical Leftist agenda; to the party of do as I say, not as I do; to the party of emotional incontinence; to the party of grooming and sexualizing young children; to the party that has reduced women to the sum of their reproductive parts; to the party of a consolidation of power into the hands of a few elites, the exact opposite of the principles upon which the country was founded.

        The difference between Left and Right in this country has always been a one-way street. There’s an old saying, “If you’re not a Liberal when you’re 20 you have no heart, and if you’re not a Conservative by the time you’re 40 you have no brain. There is no corresponding quote from a Leftist point of view.

      • Amazona August 28, 2022 / 7:59 pm

        Helluva list of Dem Party characteristics, Spook. Every single thing you listed is true. The only things I would add are the blatant abuse of power to use the State to attack political opponents and their supporters, and the use of the power of the State to forcibly enforce political agendas like vaccinations and electric cars.

        I may have to crib from it sometime.

  2. Cluster August 28, 2022 / 9:16 am

    The “root cause” of all the illegal immigration to the United States is SOCIALISM. They are fleeing the corrupt and captive system of socialism which by design, strips away individual liberties for the “collective good”. This same system is being aggressively promoted by the fascist Democrats here in the united States, and yet one of their blind followers is here asking – Mark, I’m curious. What is your definition of Freedom? I’ve asked this of a number of conservatives who are worried about losing their freedoms.. How do you respond to this? You would literally have to sit this person down and explain the long sordid history of horrible outcomes of a socialist society. Who has the time for that level of ignorance? And no, Sweden is not a socialist country. So not only are they completely blind to what the evil their party is trying to achieve, but they are at the same time, calling us racist and fascist and wanting to eliminate us. We are in a precarious situation.

    Mark, you are right in saying that we should not lie about anything and stoop to their level, but that also means being loud about the truth. Very loud. And everything you detailed should be said aloud everyday. Democrats cheated and STOLE the 2020 election. The FBI is CORRUPT. Jan 6 was an FBI led operation, Men can not become women, talking about sex to a 5 year old who is not your child, is a CRIME, the Covid vaccines don’t work, Fauci LIED, BLM is a corrupt and violent organization, etc., etc. Never cower to the leftist narrative and their mob. Speak the truth. Be bold.

    I know from personal experience, that bullies are cowards and when they are out bullied, they shrink. Get in their faces and argue and destroy their narrative, and destroy them personally if you have to. Make them feel ashamed of themselves. Marginalize them, ridicule them, make them question their existence. We can prevail, but it wont come without some pain.

    • Amazona August 28, 2022 / 12:06 pm

      You would literally have to sit this person down and explain the long sordid history of horrible outcomes of a socialist society.

      Which we have done. And one would think that a teacher would have learned this in his pursuit of “higher education”.

      It’s not just socialism—it’s the whole gamut of Leftist governance, no matter what flag it is flying. It is socialism, it is fascism, it is communism. It is even, on a smaller scale, the unnamed Leftist inclinations of various local governments (such as school boards) and agencies. When power is consolidated in the hands of a few elites who can then impose their views and wills on others, when the people are deprived of a voice, we are seeing some level or degree of Leftist philosophy.

  3. Cluster August 28, 2022 / 10:08 am

    And as I sit here this morning and am being reminded of the daily effort on behalf of the current corrupt ruling class to imprison political opponents and marginalize supporters, one of their brown shirt supporters asks, “Mark, what’s your definition of freedom?”

    Well it sure as fuck isn’t this LMAO.

  4. Amazona August 28, 2022 / 12:22 pm

    Mark, your timing is interesting. Last night I pulled up Mussolini’s “The Doctrine of Fascism”. Like most Leftist rants, it has huge areas of pure word salad, lots and lots of posturing as academic and intelligent superiority while just babbling nonsense (Like all sound political conceptions, Fascism is action and it is thought; action in which doctrine is immanent, and doctrine arising from a given system of historical forces in which it is inserted, and working on them from within. It has therefore a form correlated to contingencies of time and space; but it has also an ideal content which makes it an expression of truth in the higher region of the history of thought) in a stream of consciousness only Kamala Harris could admire and emulate, but as Leftists tend to do every now and then he blurted out a hard cold ugly truth.

    Anti-individualistic, the Fascist conception of life stresses the importance of the State and accepts the individual only in so far as his interests coincide
    with those of the State,
    which stands for the conscience and the universal, will of man as a historic entity. It is opposed to classical liberalism which arose as a reaction to absolutism and exhausted its historical function when the State
    became the expression of the conscience and will of the people. Liberalism denied the State in the name of the individual; Fascism reasserts the rights of the State as expressing the real essence of the individual.
    The Fascist conception of the State is all embracing; outside of it no human or spiritual values can exist, much less have value. Thus understood,
    Fascism, is totalitarian, and the Fascist State — a synthesis and a unit inclusive of all values —interprets, develops, and potentates the whole life of a people.

    So when we step aside from the contemporary Leftist effort to use a mean-sounding word to describe the Right without the slightest interest in accuracy we see that Fascism, as described and defined by its creator, is the antithesis of the individual liberty basis for right-wing political philosophy in the United States. It quite clearly relates to the current administration belief that it, as the State, can and should dictate its goals and agendas to the people—and demand and enforce compliance.

    This is why, when obedient little meat puppets squeal the word “FASCIST” at the Right, we look at them with scorn and contempt, both for their ignorance and their malice. And yes, that applies to the President* of the United States, as well as the howling mobs of mindless Leftists under him.

    • Mark Noonan August 28, 2022 / 1:32 pm

      On the face of it, you’d think that our Marxists colleges would give the kiddies a deep understanding of their Fascist enemy…but, they don’t: because they know that the only functional difference between Fascism and Marxism is that the former is Nationalist and the latter Internationalist. They both take as their starting point that the individual is worthless and only the collective matters. No surprise as Mussolini started life as a leading Socialist.

      Aside from not understanding Fascism, the Left doesn’t even understand the Marxist-Leninism which really dictates their views. Marx is actually pretty dull and most of the original Marxist entities devolved into pathetic things like Labour in Britain and the SPD in Germany. But Lenin was able to really get things rocking because he found that if you just insist that your desires are the only correct view, you’ll get your way. But you’ve really got to insist – your demands must be shrieking, hectoring, bullying and never relenting until everyone just gives in and gives you what you want to shut you up…except once its all done, the people who gave in find out they signed their own death warrants. These kids with purple hair shrieking about how they will fight Fascism and the Patriarchy and cancel my student loans and give me free housing…they are merely the disciples of their Leninist master…and they don’t even know it.

      • Retired Spook August 28, 2022 / 2:02 pm

        I came across this comparison between Communism and Fascism a while back”

        The middle ground becomes the “desirable” ground, and is supposed to represent a compromise between two opposite and undesirable extremes. But what is the fundamental nature of these supposed opposites?

        Fascism is a totalitarian system, where big government and big business are in collusion to lord it over ordinary citizens. Private property is allowed “on paper”, but because owners are not free to use or dispose of their property as they wish, the term loses all its meaning. Under a fascist system of government, the individual’s interest is subservient to the national interest.

        Communism is also a totalitarian system, where all property belongs to the state. Government and business are the same thing – as the state owns the means of production. Under a communist system of government, the individual’s interest is likewise subservient to the national interest.

        Both political systems result in effective dictatorship. Both reduce their citizens to the status of serfs – under a ruling class. So the extremes on both sides are simply two sides of the same coin, variations on an identical theme (collectivism and property confiscation) – rather than actual opposites.

      • Amazona August 28, 2022 / 2:23 pm

        Both political systems result in effective dictatorship. Both reduce their citizens to the status of serfs – under a ruling class

        Which is why it is insane to claim that people who defend our Constitutional model, which is based on personal liberty, inalienable rights and restriction of federal power, are really “Fascists”.

        I hate the term “dog whistle” but the word “fascist” is nothing but a dog whistle to the slavering, ignorant, Left and the clueless “moderates” who can’t even be bothered to learn about real politics and take a stand. It’s a mean scary word used to incite distrust, fear and opposition in the ignorant. It’s like a macro on your keyboard—instead of hitting a combination of keys to enter a more complex entry, they just use a single word to enter into those minds a vague but sinister sense of danger represented by certain people.

      • Mark Noonan August 28, 2022 / 7:21 pm

        Yep. Part of this is mere historic ignorance, especially among Americans, and this was even before we nuked education. Americans have always been an insular people who simply don’t care about foreign lands and peoples. But in a properly ordered political spectrum, Far Right to Far Left goes from Louis XIV to Lenin (in this formulation the Holy Roman Empire is center-right because the Emperor was chosen in an Electoral College and the component parts of the system had a great deal – in the end, too much – of autonomy). Liberalism, Socialism, Marxism, Fascism and Nazism are all on the Left side of the spectrum because all of them reject the old order…the old right; the world which used to be called Christendom. Liberalism does make a claim to individual liberty but upon examination you can see that the only liberty you have is to reject the old order…if you reject anything of Liberalism, you’re out.

        Meanwhile, we on the right have been rather confused about the whole thing and have too often fallen into being mere reactionaries. We know what we want to Conserve but we have a great deal of trouble articulating it and are of a hundred different minds on the best means of doing so. This is why I landed on Distributism…because it, in my view, gives us what was best of the old order while allowing us the flexibility to incorporate those few aspects of the left which have proven useful.

      • Amazona August 28, 2022 / 8:26 pm

        I reject the idea that in a political sense “conservatism” is about “conserving” anything–unless somehow it means conserving Constitutional governance.

        As for your “far right to far left” spectrum when I refer to the “right” I am only thinking in terms of American politics because my definition—allegiance to the Constitution—has nothing to do with any foreign form of government. Leftism is international: the American Right is the American Right. Period. If Louis XIV represented a massively powerful Central Authority he would be totally disqualified from anything I would consider “Right” And something about being a king does tend to associate one with consolidated power.

        You say, of conservatism, “…we have a great deal of trouble articulating it and are of a hundred different minds on the best means of doing so. ” I think that is because we are trying to graft all sorts of cultural and moral artifacts onto what should be a purely political definition. I think if we sever all those artifacts from the political, we can then find ways to describe them that are less confusing.

        I also think that when we start trying to define our politics using cultural and moral references we open the door to the opposition adding its own hodgepodge of cultural references, making the whole issue a confusing mess. Which, I contend, is the whole idea, at least from the Left.

        Stripping “conservatism”, or “the Right”, or “Republican” down to a commitment to a federal government restricted as to size, scope and power, with most authority left to the states or to the people, makes it easy to understand. And harder to reject. When you start to add ISSUES (which, if I were speaking, would be a word hissed derisively) you start to get away from analysis of the best blueprint for governing the country and start off into the weeds of emotional preferences, biases, etc.

        You also start restricting membership, to use a phrase, in the club. The GOP was once called the Big Tent Party, because there was room in for anyone as long as he or she respected Constitutional governance. When we started carrying on about ISSUES (she snarled) we started a process of sifting, of basically telling people that their views on how to run the country were only part of their qualifications to be Republicans, or conservatives. I’ve never understood that strategy. “Hey, let’s keep narrowing our range of acceptable beliefs and then whine about losing elections” never seemed to make sense to me.

        When I said, once upon a time here, that when it came to being a Republican I wouldn’t care if someone was a pro-abortion Wiccan woman married to her girlfriend if she supported governing according to the Constitution, and a hardliner who is no longer with us snarled that he wouldn’t want to belong to a party that accepted “people like that”. Which takes us back to Identity Politics and away from pure politics.

        (BTW, you may have noticed that the Bickerboys focus exclusively on ISSUES (she spat) and sometimes events and often on personalities, but never on the best structure for governing the country.)

      • Amazona August 28, 2022 / 2:15 pm

        Under a fascist system of government, the individual’s interest is subservient to the national interest. To this I would amend: To what the State determines is the “national interest” as this is so often much more in the interest of the ruling elites than in the health, well-being, success or even survival of the nation.

  5. Cluster August 28, 2022 / 1:46 pm

    Our resident leftists are the perfect example of the boiling frog. Right now the temp is perfect and they don’t see the problem. You would think all the people fleeing Venezuela might get their attention, but no. They have white supremacy and pronouns to worry about.

  6. Amazona August 28, 2022 / 1:54 pm

    Who is Robert Malone is a fun and educational blog, by the inventor of the science upon which the “vaccines” are based. BTW, he now says they are toxic. Good reads.

    Anyway, he sometimes posts cartoons, posters and so on. Today he had a particularly good quote from Thomas Sowell:

    When you want to help people, you tell them the truth. When you want to help yourself, you tell them what they want to hear.

  7. Amazona August 28, 2022 / 2:12 pm

    Interesting quote from Yuri Bezmenov, KGB defector: (emphasis mine)

    “[T]he useful idiots, the leftists who are idealistically believing in the beauty of the Soviet socialist or Communist or whatever system, when they get disillusioned, they become the worst enemies. That’s why my KGB instructors specifically made the point: never bother with leftists. Forget about these political prostitutes. Aim higher. […] They serve a purpose only at the stage of destabilization of a nation. For example, your leftists in the United States: all these professors and all these beautiful civil rights defenders. They are instrumental in the process of the subversion only to destabilize a nation.When their job is completed, they are not needed any more. They know too much. Some of them, when they get disillusioned, when they see that Marxist-Leninists come to power—obviously they get offended—they think that they will come to power. That will never happen, of course. They will be lined up against the wall and shot.”

    I have often noted that the Left can never gain power in a happy, stable nation. They need chaos, divisions, instability. When they can’t find a nation that qualifies, they create one, which is what they have been doing in the United States for about half a century, maybe longer.

    While the bickerboys are not active useful idiots—that is, they aren’t out blinding cops and burning neighborhoods—they are still obedient little foot soldiers for the Left. It doesn’t really matter any more if they actually believe the nonsense and lies they spout, or if they just do it to get attention by inciting a bickerfest, or if they are purposely working to foment conflict—–the end result is the same.

    I think poor Casper probably believes the distortions and lies he regurgitates—he has a certain naive earnestness in his relentless wrongness—but the others strike me as wannabe troublemakers without a hint of sincerity in their snarky posts. But sincere or not, they still serve the same masters.

  8. Amazona August 28, 2022 / 3:41 pm

    Back to Dr. Robert Malone. Today’s blog is so full of important references and links all I can do is recommend it.

    It starts with: Why have we, all of us, all over the world, been subjected to these profoundly destructive and counterproductive “public health” polices since January 2020. All the same policies, same justifications, same words, same censorship, same actions, all over the western world. Is it due to incompetence on the part of “public health officials” (but globally harmonized?), due to some evil pre-conceived global plan, or due to various powerful groups who seek to exploit a viral infection to advance their economic, geopolitical, or other power-related objectives?

    • Retired Spook August 28, 2022 / 3:59 pm

      The first paragraph of today’s post by Dr. Robert Malone speaks to the very concept of freedom that we’re discussing:

      I returned late last night from speaking at the Gateway for Freedom conference, which was held at the Gateway Conference Center in Collinsville, IL (suburb of St. Louis). Why was it held in Collinsville, Illinois you ask? Because not a single conference venue actually located in the city of St. Louis would allow it to be held in the city, as the speakers and topics to be discussed were not acceptable. So the conference organizers had to go across the river to a venue in Illinois. That is where this all has come to. The words of Drs. Peter McCullough, Robert Malone, Richard Urso and Ryan Cole are so dangerous that they should not be heard.

      Currently, in 2st century America, what Malone describes is a one-way street. There is no similar dynamic coming from Conservatives against Liberals.

  9. Retired Spook August 29, 2022 / 1:40 pm

    Interesting conversation on Dan Bongino’s show with author Lee Smith, speculating that, since none of the redacted portions of the affidavit have been leaked by the FBI, they didn’t get what they were looking for during the raid, namely documents that could put some higher-ups in the FBI and DOJ in prison. Interesting, and certainly a plausible theory.

    • Amazona August 29, 2022 / 2:21 pm

      OR….they DID get that incriminating stuff which they can’t talk about. I would hope that Trump would either copy the stuff he needs to put them in prison or at the very least keep it far far away.

      We have talked about Trump trolling the Left and getting them to overextend themselves, and I hope the Biden mistake of waiving Trump’s executive privilege might be part of that ongoing tactic. In any case I can’t imagine it turning out well for Biden. We know he won’t be running again, but no matter who does, the clumsy heavy-handed abuse of power of retroactively canceling the long-standing and revered policy of executive privilege just to set up a rival for a raid and possible legal problems is not a good look for a party already deep into tyrannical edicts and oppression.

      I wonder what the federal judge thinks of the end run around her predicted appointment of a special master. Bragging that they went ahead and examined the sensitive material the special master is supposed to examine and protect doesn’t seem like a good move, but it may have been necessary to keep a special master out of the whole thing. I was in a lawsuit where the other side bragged that they had been able to read through judge-approved redactions and the judge was furious.

    • Amazona August 30, 2022 / 3:11 pm

      I think one of the most telling stories about Joe’s indifference to decency is when his daughter-in-law. Beau’s widow, went to Joe for help because Hunter was engaging in sexually inappropriate behavior with her 14-year-old daughter—and Joe told her SHE needed counseling.

      That told me that not only did he think it was fine for a man in his 30s to be sexually inappropriate with a 14-year old girl (Joe’s own granddaughter) he thought objecting to it showed mental illness.

      I wonder if those videos of Joe molesting young girls are still available.

      • Amazona August 30, 2022 / 9:10 pm

        Look it up. It was in an article about the laptop photos of Hunter and his niece. Not my job to keep archives of the stuff the Agenda Media never told you.

      • Amazona August 30, 2022 / 9:14 pm

        I’ll bet your propaganda media also never told you about the many CSPAN videos of Joe molesting young girls while swearing in their fathers or mothers, back when he was VP. If you can go back to 2020 election discourse in the blog archives, you should find my posts about that, with links.

        If you people would pull your heads out and keep up with what is really happening, instead of nodding your heads at everything spewed by the talking heads on MSNBC and CNN you wouldn’t be trying to catch up now and expecting us to do your research for you.

    • fieldingclaymore August 30, 2022 / 4:29 pm

      Do you have a link to the shower story? That sounds awful.

      • Amazona August 30, 2022 / 9:02 pm

        Try looking for it. It was all over the media when the diary was found, but of course probably not on YOUR media, the Agenda Media. I did a ten second Google search and found plenty of references, including one from last week:

        Ashley Biden’s leaked diary that detailed how Joe Biden took inappropriate showers with her when she was a child is confirmed as authentic.

      • Amazona August 30, 2022 / 9:28 pm

        Believe it or not, this PBS hit piece is relatively mild as the Agenda Media obediently fell into lockstep behind the new narrative.

        Ashley Biden was moving out of a friend’s Delray Beach, Florida, home in spring 2020 when she stored the diary, tax records, a digital device with family photos, a cellphone and other items there, prosecutors said in a court filing.

        Actually, she moved out and left a lot of her stuff behind. The diary was found under a mattress. It takes a special kind of spin, even for a Lefty mouthpiece like PBS, to claim that when you move out of a place and leave a lot of your stuff behind, including hidden under a mattress, you are really “storing” it.

        PBS goes on: They said Harris then moved into the same room, stole the items and got in touch with Kurlander, who contacted Project Veritas, which asked for photos of the material and then paid for the two to bring it to New York.

        In the diary, Ashley writes about showering with her dad and about her belief she had been sexually molested. Given the other stories circulating about Biden there was a panic about this, leading to the version given to the public.

        My personal opinion is that if someone leaves personal belongings in a room I then rent, or in a car I then buy, or in the attic of a house I then buy, I can keep it or sell it or throw it away because it has been discarded.

      • fieldingclaymore August 31, 2022 / 9:32 am

        Oh you mean the diary that was stolen and paid for by PV. Didn’t the people who stole the diary just plead guilty to the theft? I’ll take those stories with a grain salt.

      • Amazona August 31, 2022 / 11:15 am

        Then you’d better take your own story with a cupful. The actual beginning of this was when a woman found a bunch of stuff left behind by a former tenant, including a diary hidden under the mattress. No hint that the former tenant was merely “storing” this stuff—when you are storing something in a room owned by someone else and rented out, you usually have a storage agreement and pay something to secure your property. Ashley did none of this. She just left it all behind. (Kind of a family trait, doncha think? Like Uncle Hunter?) And since when do you “store” something under a mattress that will be used by the next tenant?

        The woman who found the abandoned stuff, including the diary, realized it had some very powerful stuff in it, and called Project Veritas. They declined to buy it. You can’t even keep your bogus story straight. PV paid for the woman to take the diary to them to look at, but then declined to buy it. Even the PBS hit piece admits this.

        From there, the story gets a little murky, but basically the Powers That Be realized there was ANOTHER sleazy Biden story out there, and stepped in to protect Joe from yet another scandal. Suddenly “finding” morphed into “stealing” and the poor woman who found all this stuff found herself facing a massively powerful Central Authority bully threatening her. (This is similar to the government threats made against the computer shop guy who ended up owning Hunter’s laptop. In that case he had a signed agreement that property left over a certain number of days became the property of the shop owner, but even so he had a big legal battle on his hands for a while. And another similarity is that both the diary and the laptop were claimed to be bogus, or even…wait for it….RUSSIAN DISINFORMATION!!!)

        If you don’t have a lot of money and powerful friends the best way out of this is to meekly agree to plea guilty to something you know (and they know) you didn’t do, to make them go away without totally ruining your life. It’s the Biden administration’s version of the mob shakedown—give us what we want with a small payoff or fight us and be destroyed.

      • Retired Spook August 31, 2022 / 11:32 am
      • fieldingclaymore August 31, 2022 / 2:01 pm

        Officer Spook how do you feel about the Top Secret HCS intelligence found at MAL? No biggee? Again, a good day for Top Gov, eh?

      • Amazona August 31, 2022 / 8:29 pm

        Do you even try to make sense, or would that get in the way of the spite and malice?

        This whole charade is just another of the Dem dog and pony shows intended to fool the ignorant and the easily led and the emotion-driven so they won’t vote for the man they wouldn’t have voted for anyway.

        It’s based on the premise, and Democrat dogma, that if they throw enough shit at the wall some of it might stick, and in any case the stain it leaves behind will leave enough odor to keep them happy sniffing at it till the next fake breathless account of the next big awful horrible terrible fascist dictator Trump crime can be revealed.

        When the wheels fell of the J6 clown car they needed a new distraction and this is it. Like the other bogus claims they have pulled, none of it would ever stand up in a court of law, where there are rules of evidence. Lizzie knew that, which is why she had to revert to the Schiff Show antics of yet another House “hearing”. This pathetic effort is even more feeble than hers, and we didn’t think that would be possible.

      • Retired Spook August 31, 2022 / 2:10 pm

        Might be a biggie, but not likely. At various times in my career I had Secret, Top Secret, Top Secret SI (special intelligence), Top Secret SCI (sensitive compartmented information, and Top Secret (code word) clearances. I’m not familiar with Top Secret HSC, or is that a classification you just made up? Might have been classified documents, might have just been old folders with classification markings on them. Hard to tell from the photos. Same guys that used falsified documents to illegally obtain a FISA warrant to spy on Trump, so I take it all with that grain of salt you talk about.

      • fieldingclaymore August 31, 2022 / 2:15 pm

        Fair enough. But as you know if they were declassified, which really doesn’t matter in this case, the markings would have been altered no? I am sure nothing will happen because he is career criminal who always gets away with it.

      • Amazona August 31, 2022 / 8:23 pm

        .if they were declassified, which really doesn’t matter in this case ????

        Did the affidavit complain that Trump had retained possession of declassified documents?

        the markings would have been altered no?

        So you are an expert in how classified documents are “marked” are you? Spook made a great point—you don’t even know what is in those folders, if anything.

        “career criminal” Name crimes he has committed. And no, things that just get your panties in a wad don’t count as “crimes”

      • Retired Spook August 31, 2022 / 2:23 pm

        But as you know if they were declassified, which really doesn’t matter in this case, the markings would have been altered no?


        A sitting U.S. president has wide-ranging authority to classify and declassify certain documents, but former presidents do not have authority over classification and declassification.

        Current presidents can classify documents as long as they can “make a plausible argument that it is related to national security.” On the other hand, the president “doesn’t have to give any reason for declassifying” information, according to McClanahan.

        “He can just say, ‘I decide that this should be declassified,’ and it’s declassified,” McClanahan said.

        A 2009 executive order directs the head of a government agency that originally deemed information classified to oversee its declassification, and sets some rules for that process. But those protocols outlined in the executive order don’t apply to the president, McClanahan said.

        However, presidents generally follow an informal protocol when declassifying documents, Richard Immerman, a historian and professor at Temple University, told VERIFY.

        First, the president will consult all departments and agencies that have an interest in a classified document. Those departments or agencies then provide their assessment as to whether the document should stay classified for national security reasons. If there is a dispute among the agencies, they debate, but the president ultimately makes the decision on declassification, Immerman explained.

      • Retired Spook August 31, 2022 / 2:34 pm

        Give up, Fielding.

      • Cluster August 31, 2022 / 3:51 pm

        You should ask forty why she supports the raping of migrant girls and women at the border. Obviously she does. In addition to supporting trans men to win womens sporting events. Forty is a misogynist and rapist and she needs to answer for that. Don’t ya think? Is t rape a worse crime then misfoldering documents? I think it is. But who knows with the corrupt FBI.

      • fortyacresbeyond August 31, 2022 / 2:43 pm

        “The actual beginning of this was when a woman found a bunch of stuff left behind by a former tenant, including a diary hidden under the mattress.”

        Ashley Biden left some belongs are a friend’s house, to be stored for a period of time by her friend until she returned a few months later. In the meantime, her friend allowed another woman, Aimee Harris, to stay at her home. While there Harris discovered Biden’s belongings that Biden’s friend was storing for her, and stole Biden’s diary. She texted a friend who said they could make a lot of money from the diary and family photos she had also found. Now they have pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit interstate transportation of stolen property. Losers.

      • Amazona August 31, 2022 / 8:18 pm

        Nice spin but no, not even close. Unless the new tenant was informed in advance that the friend was “storing” Ashley’s belongings, and unless hiding something under a mattress someone else will be sleeping on is a new way of “storing” this is an effort to rewrite history. You and the Agenda Media can keep repeating the mantras “stored” and “stolen” all you want, it still doesn’t fly. Perhaps if Ashley had put her stuff in a box or two, sealed the boxes, marked them with her name and put them in a closet, they might be considered “stored”. Left scattered around the room and tucked under a mattress—nope.

        And, of course, to confuse the real issue which is the contents of the diary. As usual, the Left’s approach is to throw up so much crap that it distracts from what is really dangerous to them.

        So why are you still here? Trying to peddle tired old Leftist propaganda is really all you’re good for.

        Even IF the diary was “stolen” it still contained a lot of disturbing information about the sexual dysfunctions and antics in the Biden family.

      • fortyacresbeyond August 31, 2022 / 2:44 pm

        Spook, given all that has come out so far, are you still defending Donald Trump in relation to the classified material he kept for himself at Mar-a-Lago?

      • Amazona August 31, 2022 / 8:09 pm

        The question is whether it was still classified. You people insist on ignoring that. Joe can put his thumb on the scale all he wants, with his claiming he has the authority to retroactively cancel presidential privilege, for example, but I doubt he’ll try to “reclassify” documents the last legitimately elected president lawfully declassified.

      • Retired Spook August 31, 2022 / 3:02 pm

        Spook, given all that has come out so far, are you still defending Donald Trump in relation to the classified material he kept for himself at Mar-a-Lago?

        I think as long as he invokes the Hillary Clinton defense he’ll be OK.

      • Cluster August 31, 2022 / 4:00 pm

        Bottom line: Americans trust Trump a hell of a lot more than they trust Biden, the Media, or the Fascist FBI. It’s not even close. And that’s what makes Democrats angry. #Trump2024

      • Cluster August 31, 2022 / 3:46 pm

        Let’s all stay worried about documents while the world is collapsing under the corruption called climate change and ESG. It’s mind numbing how fucking stupid people are. The FBI is one of the most corrupt organizations in the world so whatever they “found” will never pass the credibility test with millions of Americans who are going to put Trump back in the White House and then the real investigations, imprisonments, and reforms will happen.

        As it is now, the United States government is actively working against the American people and is by far, one of the most corrupt governments in the world led by the most corrupt career politician to ever be in elected office.

      • Cluster August 31, 2022 / 4:02 pm

        Nope. Biden, the FBI, The DNC, and the Media STOLE the election from Trump.

        That fact is undeniable

      • Cluster August 31, 2022 / 4:13 pm

        I’m not surprised you asked – Environmental Social Governance. It’s all about climate change compliance which currently has Germans chipping down trees for heat this winter, Polish people waiting days for some coal to burn for heat and why the government of Singapore fell. The higher the score, the more miserable life is for those citizens. But it gives a lot of money and power to those who call the shots. Please pay attention to what’s going on worldwide because that’s where your party’s allegiance is. Democrats and many Republicans have long abandoned the interests of middle class Americans and now serve the interests of Klaus Schwab, the WEC, the WEF, the WHO, and the ring leader George Soros. What’s happening in Europe should open your eyes. Energy costs have more than doubled just this year and the energy and food shortages are goi g to brutal for them this winter. That’s coming here if we don’t stop it.

      • fieldingclaymore August 31, 2022 / 4:40 pm

        Learn something new everyday. Thanks

      • Retired Spook August 31, 2022 / 5:14 pm

        Hey Forty, you’ve had several days to think about it. Have you come up with a list of all the ways the Koch Brothers are going to restrict your freedom if they get in charge? Actually, I think it’s only brother. David Koch died several years ago.

      • Amazona August 31, 2022 / 9:30 pm

        I’ve developed a friendship with a guy who runs a storage unit where I store some stuff. (REALLY store, as in package, label and pay for storage.) It always takes me three hours to pay my bill, as we talk about all sorts of stuff. He’s gay and he voted for Biden so it’s not just a right-wing echo chamber but he is honest, open-minded and fair.

        Today I asked him if he thinks, if Trump had been able to regain the presidency, gas would ever have gone to $5.00 a gallon and he said no. Would people, especially in the Northeast where they depend on heating oil, be terrified about the problem of keeping warm this winter? He said no. Years ago when his mother lived in New England she paid $5000 to fill her heating oil tank, and he guesses it would be more like $20,000 this year. Would people ever be threatened with losing their jobs if they did not get the jab? He doesn’t think so. We went through a list of things we have seen in the last 18 months that we agreed we would not have seen under Trump 2.0.

        So forget the petty gotchas the Left is so frantically trying to conjure up, and stick to reality. That is, in what ways would things be different today if we had not been saddled with Biden? Because THAT’S what matters, not the government helping hide information about Biden degeneracy or how many people Trump knew agreed or disagreed with him about the last election. That is all just noise, stirred up by a desperate Left trying to paper over its failures.

      • Retired Spook August 31, 2022 / 8:53 pm

        career criminal” Name crimes he has committed.

        Any bets as to which one is indicted first — Donald Trump or Joe Biden?

      • Amazona August 31, 2022 / 10:02 pm

        The Left’s problem is that they have a tiger by the tail with Trump—they can’t let go, because that’s admitting they set up up on a fraudulent pretense and they can’t indict because that would move everything over into legal territory with all its annoying rules of evidence and so on.

        Biden, on the other hand, has no protection other than his office and that might not even be enough. He and his brother Jim thought they had him covered pretty well, leading to the obvious observation that if you are basing your cover stories on a son it had better be a son who is not a drug addict sex addict alcoholic out of control general screwup. But Biden also has the protection of a profoundly compromised law enforcement agency with a habit of going after anyone identified as opposition.

      • fortyacresbeyond August 31, 2022 / 10:31 pm

        “Hey Forty, you’ve had several days to think about it. Have you come up with a list of all the ways the Koch Brothers are going to restrict your freedom if they get in charge?”

        Hey Spook, are you going to delete my response if I do respond?

      • Retired Spook August 31, 2022 / 10:36 pm

        Why would I do that, assuming I could?

      • casper3031 August 31, 2022 / 10:55 pm

        “The Left’s problem is that they have a tiger by the tail with Trump—they can’t let go,”

        Actually, Trump is your problem along with some over reach. Going into the midterms, you had everything going for you. High gas prices, inflation, and a president with poor polling. Then the Supreme Court overturned Roe energizing women across the country.
        If that wasn’t enough, Trump got caught with documents he had no right to. Big mistake. Of course, MAGA people had to rally around him, because nothing dear leader does is wrong.
        Now he is the story and along with gas prices and inflation going down, it looks like Democrats will keep the Senate and have a chance of keep the house.

      • Amazona September 1, 2022 / 10:18 am

        I think you overestimate the voting power of the Death Cult. Most of the outraged women you seem to think can shift the election are Liberals who would vote Dem anyway.

        Then you parrot the Leftist narrative of “Trump got caught with documents he had no right to”. Well, for one thing he didn’t “get caught” with them. Everyone knew they were there, they had been discussed, there was ongoing negotiation about how to handle them, and it was just when the Left needed an early October Surprise (they had to act fast before the negotiations took this potential weapon away from them) they pounced. Second, the question of whether or not he had a right to have them in his possession has yet to be determined.

        Gas prices have a long long way to go to get to Trump levels, and with our energy sector still crippled by Biden there is a limit on how low they can go. Inflation is still high, and likely to get even higher as winter gets here. There is no way it can go down more than a symbolic point or two, as the government keeps recklessly piling on debt and threatening to raise taxes, with a brutal winter predicted meaning heating costs will be a major concern and food shortages on the horizon.

        My prediction: The claims of an impending indictment for criminal acts is about as convincing as Adam Schiff’s ongoing claims that he has the goods on Trump, really guys, he does, he’ll be producing it any day now. It’s a well-known tactic of the Left, and you poor saps never seem to catch on that the promised revelations or indictments never seem to materialize. But those promises serve their purpose, in keeping the uncritical base energized.

        It’s all noise, concocted as bait to draw in the terminally gullible and foolish. And here you are, right on cue, all giddy and starry-eyed in anticipation of some miraculous event that will turn around the death spiral plunge of the Biden administration.

        And you are ignoring the things your Agenda Media are not discussing, like the attacks on parental rights, the maiming of our youth through the double whammies of mutilation and vax injuries, the weakening of our military and the weaponization of essential government agencies like the FBI and the DOJ to attack political opposition and maintain power, just to name a few of the issues that have Americans worried. We are increasingly aware of the damage done to our country in under two years, and realize that unchecked it might be irreversible.

      • fortyacresbeyond August 31, 2022 / 11:39 pm

        “Why would I do that, assuming I could?”

        Somebody is deleting comments. If not, there is a malfunction. But you told me and fielding that you checked our IP addresses, which in WordPress requires more than ordinary user capabilities, so you may be able to look into this.

        Anyway, I can’t see that anyone actually asked me to list “all the ways the Koch Brothers are going to restrict your freedom if they get in charge.” I only brought up the Koch brothers while briefly explaining Jane Mayer’s book, which uses the phrase “radical right” in its title. (The book was written when both of the Koch brothers were alive.)

        I appreciated yours and Mark’s explanations in response to my questions, and I was happy to leave it at that.

        As you have been told, many times, when your posts are just snarky jabs with no effort to be part of the discourse they will be deleted. And if it happens a lot you will be deleted. You seem to have a hard time understanding this. //Moderator

      • Retired Spook September 1, 2022 / 11:54 am

        Somebody is deleting comments. If not, there is a malfunction. But you told me and fielding that you checked our IP addresses, which in WordPress requires more than ordinary user capabilities, so you may be able to look into this.

        It’s not me. I do still have administrative authority from back when Cluster and I wrote quite a few posts when Mark took a sabbatical, but that was a long time ago.

        Anyway, I can’t see that anyone actually asked me to list “all the ways the Koch Brothers are going to restrict your freedom if they get in charge.”

        I didn’t originally word it that way. It was in response to your comment about the shoe being on the other foot. Here’s what I said: (8/28 @ 3.34 PM)

        Who would you include in the “radical right,” and how would you describe their agenda, or what you perceive to be their agenda? If they were in power, would they force everyone to own a gun as they do in Switzerland? Would they force everyone to believe in God? Would they force everyone to drive a certain kind of car or live in a certain kind of dwelling? What do you fear they would do that would have an adverse effect on your life?

      • fortyacresbeyond September 1, 2022 / 10:33 pm

        “Who would you include in the ‘radical right,’ and how would you describe their agenda, or what you perceive to be their agenda?”

        I responded to that directly on August 28.

        “If they were in power, would they force everyone to own a gun as they do in Switzerland? Would they force everyone to believe in God? Would they force everyone to drive a certain kind of car or live in a certain kind of dwelling? What do you fear they would do that would have an adverse effect on your life?”

        Okay, so I’ll interpret this as, “If Republicans were in control of the presidency and both houses of Congress…” As I have previously said here, sometimes Republicans are in power, sometimes Democrats. That’s the normal ebb and flow of American politics. I don’t believe that Republican control would destroy America as we know it, as you all repeatedly claim if Democrats are in control. The major exception would be Donald Trump because, in my opinion, he is singularly bad for America because he is so corrupt. If Republicans control all branches of government and Trump is president, I would expect the rampant corruption of the Trump administration to continue, only now completely unabated. I think that would be very bad and dangerous for the United States of America.

        As to your specific questions, to me they represent a caricature of what you think “the other side” (to use a term often used around here) thinks. No, I don’t think everyone would be forced to own a gun. No, I don’t think everyone would be forced to believe in God or drive a certain car or live in a certain dwelling.

        I think we would continue to see an erosion of voting rights (as we are seeing right now), continued manipulation of government institutions to make it easier to overturn election results (which we are seeing right now). We would see policy slanted to advantage the wealthy (who you all claim should have their money confiscated, but you would see policies that are the opposite of that), continued intrusion of religion into secular public institutions like schools, continued non-response to climate change, and continued non-response to gun violence. Those are off the top of my head. It’s not like a bunch of dramatic things would happen immediately like you suggest in your comments, but more of a gradual process.

        I hope that answers your questions.

      • Amazona September 1, 2022 / 10:47 pm

        The major exception would be Donald Trump because, in my opinion, he is singularly bad for America because he is so corrupt.

        First, please tell us in what way(s) he is so “corrupt”. Specific examples, please. And current corruption. What you have been told was “corrupt” in the past is not relevant.

        Second, explain how this alleged “corruption” would be, could be, “singularly bad for America”. His presidency was great for America.

        I also see bias posturing as actual events. For example, people hostile to religion claim, as you do, that there is “continued intrusion of religion into secular public institutions like schools”—such as? “continued non-response to climate change” yet there is no evidence of any ability to “respond” to what is defined as “climate change”. What you mean here is “continued refusal to accept an opinion that is not borne out by fact”. “continued non-response to gun violence” yet the Left would not allow an actual, focused, relevant response to what you call “gun violence” but what is really mentally ill people acting out their mental illnesses with guns. Going back to institutionalizing the severely mentally ill causes meltdowns and freakouts on the Left.

        What “erosion of voting rights” are you seeing right now? OK, there is the erosion of the rights of the dead to vote, of the rights of people to vote in any name they choose without proving who they are, but aside from this what “voting rights” are being “eroded”? I do see an effort to erode the Constitutional right of states to run their own elections, in the push to federalize elections—is this what you mean?

        What “manipulation of government institutions to make it easier to overturn election results” are you talking about? Which institutions and which manipulations?

  10. jdge1 August 30, 2022 / 10:13 am

    A very well written article by Archbishop Vigano, lays out in explicit detail, where we are and the position of those who work against us.

    “Their hatred becomes murderous when they theorize abortion as a “human right,” hiding its atrocity behind the hypocritical expression of “reproductive health:” because it is life that they hate, in which they see the image and likeness of that God they have lost forever.”

    “The globalist world has no future. Or rather: the future it intends to give us is the darkest and most terrifying that the human mind can conceive. The future it presents to us is false and unrealizable. “I don’t have a house, I don’t own anything, and I’m happy,” “

    “Never expect the truth from the Great Reset advocates. For where there is no Christ, there can be no Truth, and we know how much they hate Our Lord.”

  11. Retired Spook August 30, 2022 / 11:33 am

    OT, but a sign of the times:

    I’m old enough to remember back when you got kicked off Facebook for warning pregnant women not to take the jab.

    Now you just get kicked off Facebook for calling pregnant people “women” when you advise against the shots.

    • Amazona August 30, 2022 / 9:09 pm

      Jackson Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba said the recent Mississippi floods strained the city’s water plant – despite the governor blaming the emergency on years of poor infrastructure.

      ‘The Pearl River is falling more faster than expected,’ Lumumba said. ‘It is no secret to any of us, we have a very fragile water-treatment facility.’

      But on the bright side they have a POC mayor

  12. Cluster August 30, 2022 / 5:07 pm

    Democrats are now running on a MAGA agenda. It’s definitely is an election year

  13. Cluster August 30, 2022 / 5:41 pm

    The gloves are coming off

    Charlie Kirk: If they’re going to escalate the language then game on. If you’re going to call us a bunch of fascists, we’re not going to take that anymore. You’re the fascist Joe Biden

    Get in their face and argue. call them every name in the book, shame them, mock them, physically fight them if you have to, scare their family and friends, and make life miserable for them. FUCK THEM ALL.

    It’s war time.

  14. Cluster August 30, 2022 / 6:20 pm

    So true
    Characters like Tony Soprano, “Breaking Bad’s” Walter White, and “Mad Men’s” Don Draper are all gone—the last gasp of white, heterosexual male privilege. Scott writes, “in doing away with patriarchal authority, we have also, perhaps unwittingly, killed off all the grown-ups.” From Adam Sandler and “The Hunger Games” to Seth Rogan stoner comedies like “The Pineapple Express” and video games, according to Scott, we are now ruled by an adolescent culture.

  15. Cluster August 31, 2022 / 9:16 am
  16. Retired Spook August 31, 2022 / 10:43 am

    Justice isn’t always just, but sometimes it is.

    Back in 2016, Oberlin College encouraged and supported students and faculty in falsely accusing the local Gibson’s Bakery of RACISM. The bakery then sued the college for defamation, its lawyers enduring years of every dirty legal trick a large, well-funded woke college could throw at them, but a jury eventually awarded the little bakery $36 million in damages.

    More years of appeals followed. But yesterday, Ohio’s Supreme Court turned down Oberlin’s final appeal 4-3, meaning the school will now have to stroke a check to the bakery it nearly put out of business with its reckless, goofy, woke nonsense.

    Justice. This is the kind of thing that makes lawyering worthwhile.

    The back story is that in 2016, several diverse Oberlin students attempted to steal booze from Gibson’s, a local family-owned bakery near campus that had long served the Oberlin community. A family member who noticed the theft chased the students out of the store; they attacked him. He called the police, the students were arrested, pleaded guilty, and finally admitted race had nothing whatsoever to do with their arrest.

    But that didn’t stop Oberlin. Students and faculty members called the bakery owners racists; they staged protests outside; and Oberlin officials participated in the protests, endorsing and supporting the protestors’ fake narrative. Protestors harassed bakery customers, taking pictures and insulting them. They also blocked customers from store aisles and slashed the tires of a store employee.

    In private emails later unearthed by Gibson’s hardworking lawyers, Oberlin’s degreed and credentialed administrators can be seen constantly vilifying the tiny bakery and anyone who defended the small business, calling Gibson defenders “idiots” and saying, “F*** them.”

    Best and brightest! Oberlin parents, you sure are getting your money’s worth! In case the sarcasm wasn’t clear, by “sure are,” I mean, “sure AREN’T.”

    To this day, Oberlin refuses to admit it did anything wrong, has cancelled all its long-standing contracts for baked goods from Gibson’s, and officially advises its students not to shop there, all of which, as you can easily imagine, became a major talking point in the various appellate briefs filed by Gibson’s lawyers along the way. In my law practice, I call that kind of vindictive post-lawsuit behavior “self inflicted injuries.”

    It’s not too difficult to imagine that, had the college just promptly apologized to Gibson’s, paid them a hundred grand, and increased a few bakery contracts, all would have been well and this would be a non-story. But that’s not how woke works. Woke means never having to say you’re sorry, even if you have to pay somebody $36 million bucks.

    Apologies are racist anyways.

    • Amazona August 31, 2022 / 11:17 am

      What has happened to what used to be “higher education”? If I had kids at or approaching college age I can’t think of many schools I would find acceptable. Hillsdale is the only one that really passes muster, though I imagine some small state colleges might still be free, or partly free, of the stink of Leftist indoctrination.

      But happily throwing away millions just for the visceral glee of savaging a small business? That is so sick.

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