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So, we had a hideous inflation report…and then the 1/6 nimrods subpoenaed Trump. This allowed the MSM to universally drop the Bad For Democrat Narrative and pick up the…well, what they think is the Bad For Trump Narrative. They are so utterly predictable.

Naturally, the Resist (!) Left went into onanistic overdrive on the news – fantasizing about Trump refusing it and the DOJ frog-marching him out of Mar a Lago…because none of them know how things work. Trump will, of course, throw up legal objections (all legitimate as the committee has no real authority to do what they think they’re doing) and then the election will happen and on January 3rd a Republican majority will dispense with it. And it is highly doubtful that even as nasty a partisan as Garland will try to set a precedent which would allow Trump or DeSantis to arrest Biden on January 21st, 2025.

The 1/6 Committee isn’t really about the mid-terms any longer. They had hoped that their friendly MSM Narrative would make people so hate Trump that it would help them at the polls…but the reality is the story that was buried today: inflation. It is rising very fast and while various entities are still trying to hide the effects, they can only do that for a little while. Once November 8th is past they’ll give it up and let inflation run its course – with the hope (for them) that it will abate and the resultant intensified recession will end long enough in front of 2024 to give the Democrats a shot.

It was revealed by the Saudis that Pudding Brain attempted to pressure them into keeping production high in front of the mid-terms. Think about that – with many decades of proven reserves in the ground (and 200 years worth altogether) Team Biden still won’t even consider increasing American production and instead opted to try a sordid deal with the Saudis. And merely to save their political bacon. These people really do hate the United States and her people – they just want power and the wealth it brings to them.

Fetterman is clearly suffering some bad effects from his stroke a little while back and the Dem/MSM Narrative on it switched from “there’s nothing wrong” to “you’re an abelist bigot if you mention it”. I feel a little sad for the man – I’m pretty sure it is just his people (and his consultants making bank no matter how the election goes) keeping him at it. My father had a stroke and I know how difficult it is for a person to bounce back from them, if they ever fully can. Dad never quite got back and had a speech impediment for the rest of his life – looks like Fetterman will, too. This doesn’t mean that Fetterman can’t have a long and productive life, but the bottom line is that the recovery time from a stroke is not the time to be running for Senate. It is cruel to keep him at it. It may end up killing him – and the Democrats don’t care: they figure that Shapiro has a 70/30 shot at getting re-elected and will be able to name Fetterman’s replacement (personally, I think its about a 52/48 shot – I still hold that polls are massively underestimating the coming GOP turnout while at the same time massively overestimating the likely Democrat turnout).

Meanwhile, Democrats have rung the alarm bell in…Oregon. I guess there’s just so much Antifa a place can take and then they’ll even (((shudder))) give the GOP a shot: we’re looking pretty good for the governorship and even have an outside shot at a legislative majority. Meanwhile, over in Washington Patty Murray appears to be in some trouble – I’ll still rate that “lean Democrat” because they have so much power (and ability to cheat) in Seattle…but, clearly, Democrats are in some trouble. What we saw in 2021 was a pretty nearly uniform swing in VA and NJ of ten points from the Democrats to the GOP…if that holds true in 2022, a huge GOP year is coming…but there’s is a chance that the swing will be even larger. Meanwhile, Ron Jonson looks like a lock in the WI Senate rate while Kemp appears similarly situated in the Georgia governorship (don’t even talk about FL – Governor and Senate races will be called at poll closing in the Panhandle). What I can’t see is a huge divergence between PA and WI…they tend to flow together being States with a lot of demographic similarities. We’re about to clean up in WI but fail in PA? Could happen – but PA is trending Red much more rapidly than WI (voter registration changes in favor of the GOP mark out PA as the next FL). We’ll see what happens – but I’m expecting some pretty big wins in PA. Michigan? Officially, everyone says that Whitmer has it in a lock…and it would take a pretty big GOP wave to get the GOP over the top there. But we might have that.

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  1. Retired Spook October 14, 2022 / 10:17 am

    I have a great deal of empathy for anyone who suffers through no fault of their own. Those who vote for their own suffering and laugh at anyone who suggests that they might be making the wrong choice, not so much.

  2. Retired Spook October 14, 2022 / 10:19 am

    Can anyone guess who on this blog this one is aimed at?

    • Amazona October 14, 2022 / 10:51 am

      I thought the same thing when I saw this on Malone’s web site

      • Retired Spook October 14, 2022 / 11:22 am

        I’ve enjoyed reading his site ever since you linked to it a while back. Here’s another one from this morning that I literally laughed out loud at despite the fact that it was about someone else’s misfortune. Does that make me a bad person?

      • Amazona October 14, 2022 / 12:54 pm

        Again, we’re on the same page here. I also laughed out loud at this one

  3. Amazona October 15, 2022 / 10:20 am

    A year and a half after Activists simply stood in the hallway of an office building that is a shared common space for multiple medical offices. There they prayed and sang. the FBI evidently finished what must have been an intensive investigation and arrested an 87-year-old concentration camp survivor for being part of that group.

    The indictment further alleges that on March 5, 2021, the 11 individuals, aided and abetted by one another, used force and physical obstruction to injure, intimidate, and interfere with employees of the clinic and a patient who was seeking reproductive health services.

    If convicted, those charged with conspiracy face up to 11 years in prison and fines of up to $250,000. Others face up to one year in prison for the misdemeanor offense and fines of up to $10,000. They posted bail at the time for misdemeanor trespass charges—maybe seeing J6 defendants thrown in prison for trespassing got them thinking about how they could go back to this heinous crime and squeeze a little more out of it.

    11 years in prison and a quarter of a million dollars in fines ought to put the kibosh on all that dangerous praying—not to mention felony singing. You can see how cleverly the FBI accelerated the seriousness of the crime by pointing out that these people “aided and abetted” each other, allowing for the conspiracy charges.

    I know I feel much safer knowing that the top law enforcement agency in the country is on the ball, protecting us from singing and praying. I wonder if Eva Edi was handcuffed, chained and shackled for a perp walk—that seems to be another new favorite tactic of the American Stasi.

    I guess it’s a lot safer than going after professional rioters who, after all, have actually killed police officers, committed brutal assaults, burned businesses and shot people. And it’s not as if these anarchists, rioters, arsonists and murderers ever aided and abetted each other.

    The disintegration of the FBI is tragicomic—tragic to see it so quickly reduced to such pettiness and stupidity, and comical in a sad way to see it become the Keystone Kops of this century.

    • Amazona October 15, 2022 / 10:34 am

      From Coffee and Covid, more on the same:

      Don’t lose faith, because the FBI is ON TOP OF THINGS. This week, the FBI arrested 87-year-old concentration camp survivor Eva Edl for violations of the FACE Act, for peacefully ‘blocking’ the door to an abortion clinic.

      She probably got her looney ideas watching all those YouTube videos of Antifa thugs torching courthouses and police stations and seizing downtown Portland. I bet Eva thought, if THOSE criminals aren’t being charged for violent crimes, I can get away with sitting in front of an abortion clinic.

      Haha, not so fast, Eva! You may have evaded charges for trespassing, but you forgot about the crack squad of highly motivated law enforcement personnel down at the F.B.I.!

      So, don’t worry, citizens, there’s nothing to fear. The FBI won’t tolerate any lawless sitters, not in THIS country. Agents are hard at work, protecting society from scurrilous sedentary senior citizens like Eva. And I’m sure that, once they round up all the reclining 80-year-olds, they’ll get around to those Antifa goons and child rapists. Just you wait.

    • jdge1 October 15, 2022 / 6:25 pm

      If congress shifts right in the next election, I wonder how shielded the FBI will feel? I wonder how shielded Merrick will feel. I can easily see him getting impeached. Guess that suggests the entrenched will fight harder than ever to retain their power. Wonder what last minute change the left will attempt to institute just before elections to throw votes their way?

      Is the FBI even worth salvaging at this point or is it now a total bust only worthy of historical reference?

      • Amazona October 15, 2022 / 9:41 pm

        I just saw Bongino interview an FBI whistleblower who got fired for talking about how they manipulated figures to make it look like domestic terrorism has become a major threat. I get the impression that once the agency realizes they won’t be able to bully their way through this a lot more people like this guy will be coming out of the woodwork. Simply guaranteeing that they can’t be fired for being whistleblowers (isn’t there already a law about that?) would open the floodgates and the crooks at the top wouldn’t have much support

      • jdge1 October 16, 2022 / 3:57 pm

        IF they did what they were suppose to the FBI would still have a great deal of relevance. I think there are still enough rank & file that love their country and hold respect for their job. Coming down hard on enough key members would certainly go a long way in the future FBI management toeing the line. My concern at this point is, how easy / difficult will it be to purge problematic members?

  4. Amazona October 15, 2022 / 10:44 am

    Coffee and Covid has another interesting article:

    Investigative reporter Paul Thacker, who was instrumental in the BMI’s bombshell investigation of Pfizer’s vaccine-trial misconduct, published another expose this week, headlined “Weber Shandwick Provides PR for Moderna and Pfizer, While Staffing the CDC’s Vaccine Office.”

    Weber Shandwick is a public-relations firm that has long represented Pfizer and other pharma companies, and started providing public relations services to Moderna in 2020. During the you-know-what. So it has 100% of the approved covid vaccine makers as clients.

    Thacker came across some social media posts by Weber Shandwick employees celebrating being assigned to a new account — the Centers for Disease Control. He did some digging and found a September, 2020 article in Medical Marketing and Media announcing Weber Shandwick got a $50 million contract to support the CDC’s Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases. In September 2020. Right before the jabs were deployed.

    Shortly thereafter, on November 18th, 2020, a day that will live in infamy, Pfizer announced that their covid ‘vaccine’ had met all of the primary efficacy endpoints in their clinical trial. Ta-da!

    Dr. Martin Kulldorf, Professor of Medicine at Harvard (on leave), told Thacker “It is concerning that CDC talking points are provided by the same public relations company that works for the vaccine manufacturers.”

    You think?

    I have lots of questions. First of all, WHY DOES THE CDC NEED A PR FIRM? Fifty million dollars worth? Second of all, why does the CDC need a PR firm that specializes in DRUG PROMOTION? I didn’t know the CDC was a pharma company, but in hindsight, I guess it makes sense. Third, and I can’t believe I even have to ask this question, what about Weber Shandwick’s CONFLICT OF INTEREST?

    I mean, what happens if the jabs aren’t working so good? The CDC, and its agent, Weber, would have a manifest duty to publish negative information about the jabs — but it would hurt Weber’s other clients, Moderna and Pfizer. So …?

    The worst thing about this story is it shows how hopelessly intertwined government regulatory agencies are with the drug companies they are supposed to be regulating.

    The evidence for purging and completely redesigning the CDC just keeps piling up.

    Not to mention the need to rein in the NIH and its brutal and unnecessary animal torture: Cutting the vocal chords of beagles so they can’t bark as they are then restrained so they can be eaten alive by sand flies is not something we should be funding or even tolerating.

    • Mark Noonan October 15, 2022 / 4:49 pm

      Twitter friend of mine had an interesting take about this sort of thing – I haven’t checked it out but he’s a solid history guy and usually is spot on with his facts. His claim was that the “red meat is bad for you” came about from Ike’s heart attack – that some kooks who were against meat eating seized the moment and claimed that Ike had his heart attack because he ate too much red meat. A bogus study was produced to back it up and the MSM ran with it. Presto, we all have at least in our mind cheeseburger = heart attack. Without even checking it, totally plausible story. And, seriously, as far as we can determine, humans have always eaten red meat. 100,000 years of eating it and, all of a sudden, it is bad for you? It does sound like something only a vegetarian crank could believe.

      It comes back to what I’ve been talking about a lot lately – how much of what we “know” is really just some variety of PR? Why does the CDC need a PR firm? Well, everyone trying to sell you something you don’t need has one. I’m not sure what the CDC is really up to these days, but disease control doesn’t seem to be on the agenda – if it was, the CDC would be all over Los Angeles and San Francisco because if those places aren’t cleaned up soon, they’ll have cholera epidemics. Chinese bat flu probably won’t kill you and we can’t cure a virus, anyway…but there’s no money to be made in basic sanitation and lots of money to be made in feeding untested drug cocktails to sheep you have frightened with your health warnings.

      • Retired Spook October 16, 2022 / 9:37 am

        As I’ve probably mentioned, I had a serious heart attack the first week of January, 2020. Four days in the hospital and two stints, and I’ve been fine ever since. I signed up for the hospital’s cardiac rehab program, which included dietary counseling. The dietician had each of us fill our a meal diary for a week or two, and she told me in private that I had the most heart healthy diet of anyone in the group. Didn’t matter, I still had one of my three primary coronary arteries blocked in two places, 85% and 90%. A few more percent and I wouldn’t be writing this. Of course the first thing the cardiologist wanted to do was put me on a medication that cost $13,000 a year and has horrible user reviews. I said no, and he hasn’t talked to me since. Interestingly, I had the heart attack while exercising at the Y.

      • Amazona October 16, 2022 / 10:03 am

        Have doctors always had the attitude that they own their patients, and don’t just help them when they need it? I never paid that much attention before. I once fired a surgeon because of his attitude, which absolutely stunned him–clearly no one had ever stood up to him before—but I always figured that was his personality, not a trait of the profession.

        But during the Covid Panic I read of doctors ordering people around and just shunning them if they would not obey. Your doctor sounds similar.

        There’s the old joke: What’s the difference between a doctor and God? God doesn’t think he is a doctor.

      • Mark Noonan October 16, 2022 / 2:31 pm

        We are pleased that you got past that!

        I go with my Mrs’ attitude on it: when your number’s up, it’s up. We all gotta go some day and we’ll go in a more or less painful manner. Wisdom dictates moderation in eating and drinking and that some regular exercise is good for the mind and body (lately I’ve taking to doing pushups and toe touches to keep the heart going a bit and keep some muscle tone; can’t do squats as my knees are just too bad for them): but there is this attitude that if we can just eat the right thing and do the right exercises, we’ll live forever. Sorry, folks: ain’t gonna happen.

        Eat the red meat. Maybe not three cheeseburgers a day.

        Have the beer. Not 8.

        Don’t forget the veggies!

        (((looks around to see if anyone is listening)))


        You can probably smoke, too, if you like: increased risk of cancer doesn’t mean you’ll definitely get cancer. Most people who smoke never do.

        Life is to be lived – not foolishly, but lived.

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