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Word is that the Russkies are calling up 500,000 reservists for a major Spring offensive. They’d just enough time to do that before the ground gets dry and hard in June. There is some dispute out there as to whether or not the Russians can equip that many but the Russians have massive stockpiles of arms and munitions – older stuff, but it’ll get the job done when your plan is to simply overwhelm with numbers, which is the invariable Russian plan after their initial effort falls flat. That many troops in the wide, flat lands of Ukraine are going to be tough to stop, as the Krauts discovered during the Battle of the Dnieper in 1943.

The Ukrainians can beat this horde but they’ll need to trade space for time and have in hand sufficient mobile reserves to strike hard at Russian flanks. We’ll see if they’re up to it.

The Regime Media is pointing out that time is not on the Ukrainian’s side – it never has been. Absent Putin quitting, unless the Ukrainians can destroy Russian military capability fairly quickly, it becomes a matter of who can call up the most and the Russians have vastly more military-aged males and material resources than Ukraine. This is why at the start I said that Ukraine needed mobile strike forces to go deep into Russian lines and, if possible, into Russia, itself. A positional slugging match – which is what we’ve had for months now – only ends in Russian victory.

Democrats in the States they control are, as per usual, enacting a host of new gun control laws to start 2023 – but I do suspect this will backfire on them. We already have two SC decisions noting that the right to bear arms is an individual right…what we don’t have, so far, is the actually correct Constitutional ruling: the right of the people to keep and bear arms is a very simple statement and it is the law we live under…all restrictions on the people keeping and bearing arms are unconstitutional. I don’t even think a law which says a felon (once out of jail, of course) can’t own a firearm passes muster (and it shouldn’t – once you serve your sentence, you’re square with the house and you should be treated no differently from other citizens…and anyone rated too dangerous to have a pistol after committing a crime is likely someone who should be serving life…reform the law that way, not towards gun restrictions). These attempts to backdoor gun control might eventually get a decision which simply enforces the law as written – and if anyone wants to restrict the keeping and bearing of arms, they’ll have to amend the Constitution.

Been a lot of attacks on US power stations of late. Someone is organizing and paying for it. I can only suspect that it is a dress rehearsal for an asymetric warfare attack on us at a later date.

Hundreds of Chicago teachers had sex with students. The more we see, the more we can’t escape thinking the world is run by a pedo ring trying to normalize it before they get caught.

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  1. Cluster January 9, 2023 / 9:43 am

    The Ukrainians can beat this horde but they’ll need to trade space for time and have in hand sufficient mobile reserves to strike hard at Russian flanks. We’ll see if they’re up to it.

    If they’re up to it??? You mean, if we are up to it. We are at war with Russia, not Ukraine. If it weren’t for the United States, this war would be over. It’s a small regional skirmish that the globalists in the United States saw as an opportunity to get very rich, so the Military industrial Complex kicked into gear. Why do you think we abandoned Afghanistan?? It was time for a new war.

    And thanks to Democrats canceling the Keystone Pipeline, Russia’s economy is stronger than it has been in decades so don’t expect them to back off any time soon. Also, China and Iran will continue to bolster Russia because it weakens the United States. But make no mistake, the Pentagon does not want this war to end … too much money involved and too much political leverage to be had. They’re “saving democracy” after all …. right?

    • Cluster January 9, 2023 / 9:45 am

      Remember, we encouraged Russia to invade. Kamala made sure of that in her last visit to Ukraine when she insisted that Ukraine join NATO.

    • Cluster January 10, 2023 / 2:05 pm

      Lol. Are you in 4th grade now? I’m proud of you honey. Go get your booster.

    • Cluster January 9, 2023 / 4:08 pm

      Such a good article from VDH and we have discussed all those items listed over the years and wondered ourselves how in the hell this happened.

      Well the answer is, the ruling class has been cheating in elections longer than we realize, have been enacting legislation in the dark of the night, and demonizing everyone who objects. This is how revolutions begin

  2. Cluster January 9, 2023 / 4:25 pm

    So a brief departure from politics … has everyone watched 1883? Or now watching 1923? These are the prequels to Yellowstone and written by Taylor Sheridan. They are well written, well filmed, and are just great stories of American life back in day (I haven’t watched any of Yellowstone). Well, here’s a little more about Taylor, which I found interesting because Sicario is a fantastic movie and I know Amazona loves Hell or High Water as I do, so Taylor Sheridan is one to keep an eye on, and if you haven’t seen 1883 – watch it. It’s amazing.

    At first glance, Taylor Sheridan appears to be an unlikely candidate for Hollywood success. But the real-life Texas cowboy has grown into a rousing success as the creator of Yellowstone, and its prequel series 1883 and 1923. He owns a few ranches, some of which serve as filming locations for his ever-expanding stable of modern Western dramas. Sheridan started off as an actor, earning notable roles in Sons of Anarchy as Deputy Chief David Hale and Veronica Mars. But it was the birth of his son, Gus, that changed the trajectory of his career. Living as a struggling actor, he wanted a better life to raise his child with model Nicole Muirbrook who he married in 2013. So he switched to screenwriting – writing Oscar-nominated Sicario and Hell Or High Water before penning Yellowstone.

  3. Cluster January 10, 2023 / 12:23 pm

    – COVID-19 is the largest, most sophisticated propaganda operation in history. Psychological techniques were extensively used during 2020 to incite fear and panic in the population
    – Propaganda strategies were also used to get people to support and defend irrational COVID measures such as masking, isolation, social distancing, lockdowns and jab mandates
    – What made the COVID propaganda so much more effective than any previous propaganda operation is the fact that a virus is the perfect enemy. It’s invisible, could be carried by anyone, including those you love the most, and could “get” you anywhere
    – Classical rhetoric is about persuasion through argument. It appeals to logic. Propaganda, on the other hand, is a kind of sub-rational manipulation that appeals to our most basic instincts, such as fear. An informal definition of propaganda is “an organized attempt to get people to think or do something — or not think or do something”
    – The Great Lie is possible because the more divorced a lie is from reality, the more likely it is to succeed, as most people are reluctant to think that authority figures would lie and completely ignore reality

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