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Latest word is McCarthy will release to the public all of the J6 video. If so, good for him. At 4,400 hours, crowd-sourcing is probably the best way to really get to the truth of what happened, as far as video can tell (even all 4,400 hours will still be partial…cameras aren’t everywhere nor do they pick up sound. This is in line with my view that there must be no government secrets – that video is the property of the people of the United States of America and we, the people, have a right to view it, at will, and draw our own conclusions.

To give you a flavor of how the Ruling Class is reacting – Geraldo Tweeted out that we should try to remember how we felt about J6 as the MSM was covering it live…in other words, we should ignore any new evidence and stick to the carefully crafted Narrative. These people are pathetic – but, also, that is how they are: I doubt any reporter in the last 50 years has had a truly independent thought. Maybe a couple here and there if we want to be generous, but most just read from the script. And this goes back to WWI when the US government started assiduously controlling the Narrative by means of access. If you didn’t toe the government line, you wouldn’t get access…and if they caught you unauthorized in a combat zone, they’d arrest you.

Huge contrast to the Civil War when reporters literally crawled all over the battlefield…and though the generals hated it and would try to inconvenience the reporters, they never dreamed of trying to control them. They knew that a hundred negative articles about them would be washed away with one victory…so go out and get a victory. Our modern generals – and politicians – figure its easier if the MSMers just write up defeat as victory. And the MSMers play along with it – oh, sure, they’ll turn on a military operation, but only when they’re told to, and invariably only when a GOPer is in office (just watch, if a GOPer wins in 2024, then starting January 21, 2025 the covering of Ukraine will go uniformly negative, if the war is still going by then). Why? Because it is easier, first and foremost. Cooperate and you get a nice billet and you’re protected and have good food – to report on a war would require going out to the battlefield and that’s risky, after all.

The MSM is upset that fewer kids are choosing to go to college – after all, how you gonna turn normal kids into non-binary Commies if they don’t go to college?

I’m pleased with this. College is supposed to be for the rare heights of intellect – in a real, sane system, not 10% of any high school graduating class would be able to even get into college, the entrance exam would be so demanding. Out of college we’re supposed to get our doctors, our lawyers, our highest level scientists and philosophers of exceptional knowledge…not barely literate “studies” majors who owe a hundred grand after they’re done.

In reality, for most people, 8 years of education is sufficient. Edison, who’s mother was a teacher, had only a few months of formal schooling. Lincoln only had about a year. Once you teach a kid to read, write and do sums, it is really up to the kid at that point – and the kid will either have the mind and will for it, or not. I remember those long, dreary hours 9th through 12th grade where I wasn’t learning anything I didn’t already know…and, indeed, massively advanced upon as I devoured my father’s library. The reason I didn’t go to college was because I couldn’t face four more years of that. And these days in addition to the lack of intellectual challenge, the kids are relentlessly propagandized…and for anyone with an ounce of liberty in their hearts, that has to be enervating. And to end it up massively in debt? A complete waste unless you need the credential to get into medical or law school.

So, kids: learn a trade. Even if you’re not mechanically inclined, there are trades to learn which can lead you to quite a nice life: I know of a man who is a few years older than me and he’s got buckets of money because he started, as it were, in the mail room and just learned the business backwards and forwards and so became invaluable…and, indeed, headhunted for ever more pay. Work. Learn. Save your money. By 50 if you’re at all responsible, you’ll be well off.

If you’ve never seen the 1964 movie Zulu, you should watch it because it is one of the very best war movies ever made – but now you should watch it because, apparently, it really irritates the Left. They are claiming it is a gateway drug to White Supremacy. To his credit, one of the stars of the movie, Michael Cain, is telling them to get bent (it was his first starring role). It isn’t hard to see why the Left hates it – British soldiers as good guys is enough to kill it for them, but what is worst about it is that it shows about 140 British soldiers holding off three or four thousand Zulu warriors in a pitched, two day battle. It also, for anyone who looks into it, will reveal that while the British might not have had full legal justification for breaking the Zulu kingdom, they certainly had the moral right – the Zulu kingdom was a hideous, inhuman tyranny where murder was the method of deciding who ruled. But, that’s not really in the movie – and rightly so: the movie, itself, is about soldiers…and it pays tribute to the Zulu warriors who obeyed their king and went to war, as soldiers should.

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  1. jdge1 March 10, 2023 / 12:11 am

    News at 9….. United States National Archives has just been renamed the US National Revolving Door of Highly Sensitive Documents. Apparently, anyone with a security clearance above (-4) can check out boxes of documents with the use of a library card. Beware however, late charges may apply for returns that exceed the last half century…. if they can ever figure out who checked them out. That is, when the NARA – National Archives Records Administrator returns from lunch.

    Nine Boxes of New Biden Docs Taken from Boston Office

    I guess if you make a statement claiming “full transparency”, then that somehow absolves you of criminal wrongdoing and prosecution, even if those documents were allowed to be handles by numerous other people without any security clearance whatsoever. Still waiting for the swarms of FBI agents to swoop in Brandon’s homes, going through all of his personal belongings and lawyer correspondences.

    • Amazona March 10, 2023 / 9:26 am

      documents were allowed to be handled by numerous other people without any security clearance whatsoever.

      They never mention this aspect of the whole thing. When they sent agents into Mar-al-Lago to look for all that super-secret, super-classified, stuff were the agents cleared at the level that would allow them to look at what they were finding? The media are so nonchalant about Biden’s lawyers having, finding, handling, all his stuff, without a single question about their security clearances. In Trump’s case, the documents were securely stored in a locked (then double-locked) room in a building guarded by the Secret Service, but with Biden we had classified information all over the place, in many various places, all accessible by all sorts of people—-lawyers, secretaries, janitors, and who knows who. And that’s not even looking at the papers in the house where Hunter lived or in the garage.

      So what’s the shift starting now? “We overclassify documents”. It’s going to be “they weren’t really all that sensitive, the government just overclassifies stuff’. Maybe, probably—-but SCIF-rated (sensitive compartmented information facility )? The SCIF rules are tough—-only select people allowed in the secure room, no phones or electronics allowed in, no copying, no removal of material. Yet Senator/Vice President Biden evidently walked out with some of this most highly classified material. Not only took it, but then handled it so casually it was available to anyone who wanted to look at it.

      The focus started off as the outraged howl of “BUT HE (TRUMP) TOOK IT!!” Now it seems to sliding, now that Biden is involved, into “But it wasn’t really all that sensitive anyway and probably shouldn’t even have been classified”.

  2. Amazona March 10, 2023 / 9:47 am

    Life:Powered is a project of the Texas Policy Foundation that seeks to raise America’s energy IQ. Front and center in its message is how vital a reliable, cost-effect energy supply is to the nation’s and the world’s prosperity.

    The article contains the phrase “energy ignorance” which I thought sums up most of our policies these days.

    Yesterday the Casper Star Tribune (an AP mouthpiece that is so bad it is creepy, a propaganda rag thinly disguised as a local newspaper) had an article referring to the higher cost of energy as the result of the pandemic and the war in Ukraine. Not a word about the war on fossil fuels. Nope—-it’s Pandemic and Putin, the sources of every problem in the world.

    An interesting tidbit from the article: The (ESG) movement has been instrumental in reducing private capital investment in the oil and gas industry, which has decreased from $50 billion in 2015 to $3 billion in 2021. But the script from the Left is that rising energy costs have nothing to do with Leftist policies, just the pandemic and Putin.

    I do give credit to the Cowboy State Daily for printing this, and other real news.

  3. Amazona March 10, 2023 / 12:04 pm

    Maryland Democrats are seeking exemptions from justice for felony murderers under the age of 25, claiming minors’ brains are not fully developed; meanwhile, Democrats insist toddlers can decide they are transgender.

    And children of any age can agree to lifetime mutilation from chemical and even surgical “treatment” for an imaginary condition.

    • jdge1 March 11, 2023 / 12:14 am

      There’s really no other way to describe it. Democrats are doing satan’s work, whether they know if or not. It’s total evil being pushed on us using the most crazy, illogical arguments. They don’t care. Enough people are buying the lies to keep the train moving and those who don’t are being muted, marginalized, threatened, ostracized or murdered. Even when the truth is clearly displayed (J6 videos), the left still repeats their lies attempting to smear and discredit any who attempt to foil their plans or thwart their power grab.

      Even the Catholic Pope has joined in this destruction, making it all the more difficult to right the ship. The battle has extended well beyond our boarders and made worse with Brandon attempting to dissolves our sovereignty and allow unelected international bureaucrats control over our freedoms.

  4. Cluster March 10, 2023 / 4:49 pm

    His stuff?? That was just previously unseen public video which contradicted a ruling class narrative. “His stuff” – lol

    • Amazona March 10, 2023 / 6:00 pm

      A current Leftist howl seems to be heading in the direction of claiming that Tucker has edited all 42,000 hours of video to con the American public.

      Another is outrage that THE GOP IS RELEASING THESE VIDEOS!! Talk about lack of self awareness! OF COURSE the GOP is doing this. The Left had all of this and hid it, edited it, and lied about it. Who else is going to let the American public see the truth?

  5. Jeremiah March 10, 2023 / 7:44 pm

    What I see are criminals coming for Trump and Trump supporters. What I don’t see are charges being brought against the criminal senate boards/panels for their erroneous claims of “misconduct” by the former President. Folks such as Schumer, Pelosi, and others should be held in a jail cell until they can be brought to trial by jury for there roles in bringing professional anarchists from out of state to the capitol building to cause trouble, and then ordering the shooting death of Ashley Babbit.

    These are criminals running our government, and they need to be held accountable.

    • Amazona March 10, 2023 / 7:57 pm

      It is against the law to pay people to cross state lines to commit crimes, and for years we have had proof of professional rioters traveling by air and rail from one state to another, with not the slightest interest from “law enforcement” about who has paid for their travel, their hotel rooms, their food, their riot supplies, etc. Who brought in the pallets of bricks and stacked them at strategic riot points? None of that accessory to criminal behavior attracted any attention at all.

      Doesn’t it seem that the fiery rhetoric of Congressional liars fit the definition of “incitement” a lot more than the exhortation to “peacefully protest” from Trump? Yet there is no accountability for that.

      Our grip on Congress is tentative right now, and already the House is doing a lot. Put us in the White House with majorities in both houses of Congress and I think a lot will get done very quickly.

      • Jeremiah March 10, 2023 / 8:27 pm

        I think what is most disturbing is the fact that, these senators are bound by an oath as public servants, very serious matters, but they seem to think that it’s some kind of joke, or excuse to commit criminality.

        I hope we get back the senate and house again, but I don’t put much faith in our electoral process anymore. Sadly.

      • Amazona March 11, 2023 / 9:49 am

        The only way to fix the electoral process is to….fix it.

        Remember the 2000 election and the ballot-counting fiasco in Florida? I will never forget the sight of all those Republican lawyers just pushing their way into the counting rooms, and the stunned reactions of the Dems—“But Republicans just don’t DO that!”

        So we do it again. We flood the vote counting areas with Republicans, who do not tolerate bullying, who are backed up by lawyers and armed with cameras, who do not meekly go home when told the counting is over but stick around, who challenge what they see as questionable. Many states are making important changes already, so we might have to focus more on the ones most likely to cheat, and make it as hard as possible for them to do that. Pull Arizona and Georgia out of the mix and the Left will have a hard time winning the EC.

        Another hero is James O’Keefe, and whether he is with Project Veritas or has started a new group he and PV are invaluable at digging out the dirt, documenting the crimes, and publishing their findings.

        But mostly we have to …HAVE TO….. get a good media voice. Tucker is doing a great job, but he is on Fox, which means most people will automatically not tune him in. Timing is everything—I can only hope we have a strategist waiting till the Dems are fully committed to Biden in 2024 before the flood of information on Biden crimes starts to hit the public. I’m afraid there will be so much pressure to go after the Biden Crime Family now that we will scare the Dems into running someone else..

        Face it, Republicans are really not Big Picture people. We see the demands to impeach Biden. To quote Spook: Then what? We see the demands to mount full investigations of Joe and Hunter: Then what?

        Something no one ever talks about is the legal obligation to only certify what is certifiable. I haven’t heard a peep from anyone about the legality, not to mention morality, of legislatures rubber-stamping vote counts they KNEW were not accurate and calling them certified. I think we need a major push in every state, demanding that the Secretaries of State and the legislators understand this is a serious legal requirement, not just a symbolic formality. This is an area where we could start exerting pressure right now. Call out the officials who “certified” the vote tallies. Ask them if they were absolutely confident that the vote counts they “certified’ were accurate. Put them in the hot seat. “Did you know that something like 4000 people voted in your state but did not live there? Did you look into that allegation? How could you certify a vote count that looked like a minimum of 4000 votes were invalid? Don’t you take your responsibility seriously?” Hold their feet to the fire, and let them know in advance that they will be watched, and questioned, next time.

      • Amazona March 11, 2023 / 12:12 pm

        Think about how the election would have turned out if even a couple of legislatures or secretaries of state had refused to certify the results they had been given because of so much evidence that it was not accurate. It would have been tossed to the House, and Trump would probably be president now. This might be the biggest and most significant issue of the challenged election, the most ignored and the easiest to correct next time around.

        How about some lawsuits for false certification? That might get some attention.

      • jdge1 March 10, 2023 / 11:56 pm

        Put us in the White House with majorities in both houses of Congress and I think a lot will get done very quickly.

        But only if those majorities are not teetering on the edge that includes RINO’s. We had had such a majority during Trump’s time in office but with the house headed by RINO Paul Ryan who could have done great things but was too stupid to get out of his own way.

      • Amazona March 11, 2023 / 9:29 am

        Maybe I am just a cockeyed optimist, but my view has a little more light shining in at the edges. For one thing, I think a lot of Americans are, deep down, fair-minded and wanting to do the right thing, and that once the alternate to the swill they have been fed is in greater supply they will start to realize they have been lied to. Betrayal is a bitter pill, and learning that you have been lied to and manipulated tends to make you resentful and angry—resentment and anger that will be, hopefully, turned on the Left.

        That’s why I think the release of the J6 videos is so brilliant. Even with all the howling and squealing from the Left, reasonable people are going to realize that no, the Right has not tampered with 42,000 hours of video, that it is not edited, and that they can look at any parts they want. There are logical conclusions to be drawn when this happens. That yes, some people did some really bad things—but that most did not. And with the right people asking the right questions, such as why certain instigators have never been prosecuted and why the Dems refused to allow adequate security and why the J6 Committee hid this information and so on, pieces will start to fall into place.

        As for the RINOs, there has never been any consequence for being one. They have been able to cruise along, doing their squishy kinda-Republican, kinda-not thing, with no accountability. But look at McCarthy—-he seems to have caught on that the only way he will be tolerated is if he acts like a real conservative. Mitt has to be realizing his days are numbered. We can put enough pressure on RINOs to either make them bail out or shape up.

        You know who’s a real hero for that kind of thing? Jim Jordan. The man is a force of nature. We’ve got several in Congress who will stand up for conservatism and not tolerate the RINO erosion of Republican values.

  6. Amazona March 11, 2023 / 2:18 pm

    The insanity doesn’t just keep going, it seems to expand in the Peoples’ Republic of California. A woman has instigated a class action lawsuit against LG for not adequately warning her of potential hazards associated with using their stoves.

    What is fascinating is that she isn’t claiming any damages. She’s just mad.

  7. Amazona March 11, 2023 / 5:56 pm

    When Hanoi Jane got into the headlines again for her comment that the appropriate way to deal with Republicans is to murder them, I was reminded of her antics, which met the literal definition of “treason”—unlike the impotent howlings of Leftists who define it as anything that makes them pee down their legs.

    Then today I read this, and got educated about the depravity of John F’n Kerry. Now I have no use for this scum, never have, and what I learned about him researching his Viet Nam claims when he ran against Bush absolutely disgusted me. But I still didn’t know about this. We dodged a bullet when he failed to become president, but Obama still had him (and Clinton) representing the United States.

    I was attracted to the story because the headline said that DeSantis had insulted Cuban diplomats, and as I like his ‘take no prisoners’ attitude I wanted to see what that was all about. Well, a couple of Cuban diplomats were at some big deal in Tampa, and Ron’s reaction was “I think they should go back to Cuba where they belong. And so to wheel in a Cuban ambassador from a corrupt totalitarian regime, and acting like we have anything to benefit in Florida from that…no thank you,” DeSantis decried. DeSantis also condemned the Cuban regime as a “crime against humanity.”

    This is hardly the first time Gov. DeSantis has pointedly insulted the terror-sponsoring Stalinist regime that afflicts Cuba—and by implication, the prominent Democrats who have traditionally hailed or excused it.

    This led to a story about Felix Rodriguez, which led to information about Kerry’s efforts to destroy this man. Good reading.

    Like DeSantis, Humberto pulls no punches.

    • Retired Spook March 12, 2023 / 7:53 am

      When we were discussing the possibility of actually shooting each other in the streets a while back, you asked who we would shoot. Even before reading your linked article, I would have put John Kerry near the top of the list.

  8. Cluster March 12, 2023 / 10:59 am

    Who gives a F**K?

    Furious Fauci lashes out at Elon Musk and GOP leaders calling for his arrest over COVID origins – and claims his family still need protection due to death threats two months after he quit

    I wonder if the Trump family has any death threats?? GFY your Fauci

    • Mark Noonan March 12, 2023 / 4:54 pm

      Complete set up, in my view: and I was reminded about Pence’s role – remember, he was implying that he’d entertain challenges to the votes in the disputed States and then the day of he wrote the letter saying that he wouldn’t in any real way. That is what caused anger to explode.

      • Jeremiah March 12, 2023 / 5:47 pm

        That’s right. He did a complete 180° turn. In other words, he is a turncoat. And now, he’s come out saying, “Trump put me and my family in danger that day.” A complete lie. If anything, I say he was threatened by someone in the democrat party, that if he didn’t certify the election for the democrats he would be in danger.

      • Amazona March 12, 2023 / 6:08 pm

        So the question is, did he fold under pressure or the fear of future pressure? In any case, a spineless weasel. And this from someone who has been a Pence fan for years.

      • Amazona March 12, 2023 / 6:06 pm

        I don’t think we will ever know if Pence set Trump up out of spite and dislike, or if he just folded because he doesn’t have a backbone and couldn’t face the inevitable pressures that would be put on him if he slowed down the electoral process. (Which is all he was asked to do.)

        I think Pence trying to get Republicans to vote for him will not only fail, it will be humiliation on a level he can’t even imagine. Think of Kamala Harris bailing out with less than one percent support.

  9. Amazona March 12, 2023 / 5:46 pm

    • Cluster March 13, 2023 / 9:01 am


  10. Cluster March 13, 2023 / 9:09 am

    FTX and now SVB, I’m beginning to think the Democrat Party and it’s subsidiaries are just money laundering outfits.

  11. Cluster March 13, 2023 / 9:22 am

    You know which President didn’t have to talk about bank failures? Trump

    • Amazona March 13, 2023 / 10:06 am

      But…but…but….an officer in his company didn’t declare all his benefits as income. Obviously, Trump should go to jail for this.

      • Cluster March 13, 2023 / 10:42 am

        Sam Bankman-Fried, the perpetrator of the largest financial crime in US history, and huge Democrat donor, is still a free man.

  12. Cluster March 13, 2023 / 9:49 am

    The question is … will anything happen??

    James Comer: “It’s as bad as we thought… Since we’ve last spoken we have bank records in hand. We have individuals who are working with our committee. In the last two weeks we’ve met with either these individuals personally or with their attorneys. And that would be four individuals who had ties in with the Biden family in their various schemes around the world. So now we have in hand documents We have in hand documents in hand that show just how the Biden family was getting money from the Chinese Communist Party.”

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