Open Thread

Latest word is McCarthy will release to the public all of the J6 video. If so, good for him. At 4,400 hours, crowd-sourcing is probably the best way to really get to the truth of what happened, as far as video can tell (even all 4,400 hours will still be partial…cameras aren’t everywhere nor do they pick up sound. This is in line with my view that there must be no government secrets – that video is the property of the people of the United States of America and we, the people, have a right to view it, at will, and draw our own conclusions.

To give you a flavor of how the Ruling Class is reacting – Geraldo Tweeted out that we should try to remember how we felt about J6 as the MSM was covering it live…in other words, we should ignore any new evidence and stick to the carefully crafted Narrative. These people are pathetic – but, also, that is how they are: I doubt any reporter in the last 50 years has had a truly independent thought. Maybe a couple here and there if we want to be generous, but most just read from the script. And this goes back to WWI when the US government started assiduously controlling the Narrative by means of access. If you didn’t toe the government line, you wouldn’t get access…and if they caught you unauthorized in a combat zone, they’d arrest you.

Huge contrast to the Civil War when reporters literally crawled all over the battlefield…and though the generals hated it and would try to inconvenience the reporters, they never dreamed of trying to control them. They knew that a hundred negative articles about them would be washed away with one victory…so go out and get a victory. Our modern generals – and politicians – figure its easier if the MSMers just write up defeat as victory. And the MSMers play along with it – oh, sure, they’ll turn on a military operation, but only when they’re told to, and invariably only when a GOPer is in office (just watch, if a GOPer wins in 2024, then starting January 21, 2025 the covering of Ukraine will go uniformly negative, if the war is still going by then). Why? Because it is easier, first and foremost. Cooperate and you get a nice billet and you’re protected and have good food – to report on a war would require going out to the battlefield and that’s risky, after all.

The MSM is upset that fewer kids are choosing to go to college – after all, how you gonna turn normal kids into non-binary Commies if they don’t go to college?

I’m pleased with this. College is supposed to be for the rare heights of intellect – in a real, sane system, not 10% of any high school graduating class would be able to even get into college, the entrance exam would be so demanding. Out of college we’re supposed to get our doctors, our lawyers, our highest level scientists and philosophers of exceptional knowledge…not barely literate “studies” majors who owe a hundred grand after they’re done.

In reality, for most people, 8 years of education is sufficient. Edison, who’s mother was a teacher, had only a few months of formal schooling. Lincoln only had about a year. Once you teach a kid to read, write and do sums, it is really up to the kid at that point – and the kid will either have the mind and will for it, or not. I remember those long, dreary hours 9th through 12th grade where I wasn’t learning anything I didn’t already know…and, indeed, massively advanced upon as I devoured my father’s library. The reason I didn’t go to college was because I couldn’t face four more years of that. And these days in addition to the lack of intellectual challenge, the kids are relentlessly propagandized…and for anyone with an ounce of liberty in their hearts, that has to be enervating. And to end it up massively in debt? A complete waste unless you need the credential to get into medical or law school.

So, kids: learn a trade. Even if you’re not mechanically inclined, there are trades to learn which can lead you to quite a nice life: I know of a man who is a few years older than me and he’s got buckets of money because he started, as it were, in the mail room and just learned the business backwards and forwards and so became invaluable…and, indeed, headhunted for ever more pay. Work. Learn. Save your money. By 50 if you’re at all responsible, you’ll be well off.

If you’ve never seen the 1964 movie Zulu, you should watch it because it is one of the very best war movies ever made – but now you should watch it because, apparently, it really irritates the Left. They are claiming it is a gateway drug to White Supremacy. To his credit, one of the stars of the movie, Michael Cain, is telling them to get bent (it was his first starring role). It isn’t hard to see why the Left hates it – British soldiers as good guys is enough to kill it for them, but what is worst about it is that it shows about 140 British soldiers holding off three or four thousand Zulu warriors in a pitched, two day battle. It also, for anyone who looks into it, will reveal that while the British might not have had full legal justification for breaking the Zulu kingdom, they certainly had the moral right – the Zulu kingdom was a hideous, inhuman tyranny where murder was the method of deciding who ruled. But, that’s not really in the movie – and rightly so: the movie, itself, is about soldiers…and it pays tribute to the Zulu warriors who obeyed their king and went to war, as soldiers should.