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Whole Foods and Nordstrom are pulling out of San Francisco. Think about that – when you think of major American cities, it is New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco as the top four. I guess someone can dispute that but, tell me, where is the different city which has the cachet of those four? Nothing wrong, per se, with Boston or Dallas or Miami…but in the popular mind, when you think of American cities, you’re probably thinking of one of those four. So, San Francisco, one of America’s premier cities – a city famed throughout the world and which most foreigners could name – is losing two major retailers. Why?

Crime. Filth. Social chaos.

It is really nothing more than that – it is impossible to do business in a city where the police simply will not protect order and prevent crime. Reading about Whole Foods, it sounds like since their store was opened last year it has been a happy hunting ground not just for shoplifters and vandals, but simple crazies who would destroy food, get into fights and defecate on the floor. These are not small outfits who can’t absorb the normal extra expense of people in a major city center…these are big players, and they just can’t take it.

Now, imagine how it is for the small fry – and they can’t leave. It is sink or swim with San Francisco.

Its all deliberate and malicious, by the way – the Left is doing this on purpose to punish people for not being sufficiently Maoist. How long can this go on before there is a reaction? Don’t know. One of the marks of being a Progressive is a willingness to put up with a lot if the Party demands it. Solzhenitsyn wrote of Communists in Gulag sending endless appeals to Stalin…begging the man who sent them to prison for nothing to let them out again…or, failing that, allow them to run the prison. The greatest fear of the Godless is to be cast out from society. So, San Francisco and other cities may get quite a lot worse before someone living there, say, votes for a Republican.

The Navy has hired a non-binary drag queen to help with recruitment. Recruiting what, I can’t imagine. This is not my Navy any longer. I would advise any young man out there considering service to just stay out. If you’re not to be sent to fight a war you won’t be allowed to win, you’ll be turned on your own people one of these days. The good news is that the military is falling far short of recruitment goals – seems like middle and working class white people (who have always made up the overwhelming bulk of service members – especially in the combat arms) aren’t interested in serving right now.

The latest trans to make a splash is a odd ball in Montana – broke the rules of the Legislature and got the boot. But here’s the kicker – such was able to get elected in Montana. Shows that even in the deepest Red States, we’ve allowed the Progressive cancer to grow. It is usually in the towns with a large college. The problem here is that the professors and administrators of these colleges are all imports from Blue areas, or are people who went to Blue areas and were propagandized into being Commies. We must take control of our Red State higher education. Start booting out the Commies and hiring people who agree with us to teach and administer. This, by the way, helps us two ways – it takes away power and influence from the Left and if we do it, then our colleges will be providing real education. This is going to be crucial going forward because when its time to staff agencies and business, when the hiring people are given a choice between Ivy League Woke and Red State Educated, our people will get picked simply because they’ll be capable.

The boycott of Bud Light has been a phenomenal success – but, it was easy, wasn’t it? All across America beer drinkers can just reach for the Coors Light rather than the gay beer. Don’t know how Bud Light comes back from this.

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  1. Cluster May 3, 2023 / 8:44 am

    My Dad was the VP for the San Francisco Chronicle for about 12 years in the late 70’s, and 80’s and lived in the East Bay at the time. When I was visiting, I would often drive into the City and have lunch with him and on the way back either hit the Embarcadero Center or go over to Berkeley and walk the campus, which is a really cool campus. Anyway, SF was an awesome city back then, vibrant, loud, and with people from all walks of life and some of the best food, and street artist and musicians anywhere. I absolutely loved being in the City and of course going to 49er games, but alas all good things comes to an end, especially when Democrats are involved.

    Now of course the first question that comes to my mind is … where is Nancy Pelosi? She has been “representing” that district for 40 years and in that time, everything has gotten worse. WHY IS SHE NOT HELD ACCOUNTABLE???? Why is she never asked about this?? Downtown SF has over a 40% vacancy rate, meaning over 40% of all of those beautiful downtown buildings are empty. No one is there.

    The fact is, and no one is talking about this, many urban American cities are gutted and collapsing. Portland is the leading edge of this, but Seattle, Minneapolis, Chicago, Baltimore, St. Louis, to name a few are also shells of what they use to be, and this is leading to a massive commercial real estate collapse and we have already seen the leading indicators in the recent bank failures. There are some very dark financial days ahead of us.

  2. Cluster May 3, 2023 / 10:07 am

    So the complete piece of shit who is AZ’s illegitimate Gov. recently vetoed a bi partisan bill allowing homemade tamales to be sold in AZ.

    As The Gateway Pundit reported, Katie Hobbs recently vetoed a new law, dubbed the “Tamale Bill,” to legalize street food sales across the state, using language that appeared to suggest Hispanic Arizonans are bug-ridden, filthy people. Some Democratic legislators have joined forces with Republicans in attempting to override her veto, slamming her for the “offensive” rationale behind the veto of a bill that would help Arizonans.

    In all, this POS has vetoed over 60 bi partisan efforts to help schools, reduce crime, etc. in AZ. Moreover, this POS never answers questions, hides from reporters and is never welcome in any AZ venue. I was at the TPC Golf Tournament earlier this year and when she was announced as being in the crowd, the “boos” were deafening. The tyranny of the minority needs to end.

    • Cluster May 3, 2023 / 12:33 pm


      The California Reparations Task Force published documents Monday indicating it plans to recommend the state apologize for racism and slavery and consider “down payments” of varying amounts to eligible African American residents.

      Do you think Democrats even know that California was not a slave state?

      • Retired Spook May 3, 2023 / 1:16 pm

        Don’t know, don’t care.

      • Amazona May 3, 2023 / 8:02 pm

        How do you prove you are “eligible”? I suggest proving that you have spent at least half of your life as a slave in the United States—and no, just being on the plantation isn’t enough.

    • Amazona May 3, 2023 / 7:08 pm

      Yeah, but these are not rioting demographics. The entire reparations charade is designed only to get a lot of plantation dwellers all excited about all the money Whitey is going to give them, so when it doesn’t happen guess who will be the villain? White people, of course.

      If you think black people rioted, burned cities and killed people because they were so upset that a career criminal died in custody, wait till they feel cheated out of what they were promised.

  3. Amazona May 3, 2023 / 7:38 pm

  4. Cluster May 4, 2023 / 9:33 am

    The TRUTH is slowly coming out …

    An ex-FBI official who allegedly urged rioters to “kill” officers during the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol was previously the supervisory special agent in charge of Homegrown Violent Extremism for the FBI New York Field Office’s Joint Terrorism Task Force, a senior law enforcement official told NBC News.

    Jared Wise was arrested in Oregon this week, charged with four misdemeanor counts. After he entered the Capitol and exited through a broken window, an FBI affidavit alleges, Wise yelled at officers outside the Capitol.

  5. jdge1 May 4, 2023 / 3:56 pm

    UT Austin Language Glossary Promotes ‘Wimmin’ In Place of ‘Women’

    I’m trying to guess at what goes through the minds of the general population, but especially females, when there is a noted effort to diminish the female uniqueness and the divine aspects of that uniqueness, degrading them to nothing more than a placeholder for a generic human or worse, a material object. I can certainly understand modifying language to help clarification, but when the change results in a distortion of the truth or an outright lie, how is it that so many people are willingly duped, willingly accept such change? Do they accept the lie in leu of some perceived benefit? Are they so beholden to a party they’ll accept anything told, in spite of its damaging effects? The devil constantly works to muddy the waters of clarity to generate perceived divisions, which is then used as a tool to build anger, and ultimately a seething hatred where it is impossible to have any rational discourse. There are many who try to frame the picture as “far right” & “far left”, two diametrically opposed factions. I contend neither is a real reflection of what we have but rather, moral and immoral, good and evil. You cannot have a “far” good / moral that is undesirable, unless you’re intent to furthering evil at the destruction of all else. The components of what dictates the “far” left / right extremes are often both evil. Both of those factions are adamant in elimination of the perceived “other” and are willing to use evil means to this end. This is how satan works. When framed as “far” whatever, then most any notion being pushed by those who are elevated to leadership can institute any magnitude of destructive policies & mindsets, all while claiming “for the greater good of …”.

    Good people must never allow the opposition to negatively group them with anything that is evil or immoral, or be pigeonholed by faulty language or ideology that warps the truth. God’s word is absolute. We must speak His truth for there is no other. Anything else is a deception use to lie, steal & destroy.

  6. Mark Noonan May 4, 2023 / 8:39 pm

    The Proud Boys are an FBI op which sucker a few autistic nitwits into doing crimes the FBI creates.

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