The Left is at War Against Humanity

Saw this report which says that the Chinese government is hiring 87,000 special cops to destroy family farms. Highlighted there is the destruction of a small pig farm – the Chinese government prefers the workings of large agri-business concerns. You might think that what they’re after here is economies of scale or, perhaps, greater safety…and that will be the justification used. But what is really happening is an assault on small holding. Private wealth, you see? You might be thinking, “then why don’t they go after the Chinese billionaires?”. Because, by and large, the rich of the world are in favor of this – either from conviction or from a “I’ve got mine so to heck with everyone else” attitude. Plus, if the super rich ever decided to go truly independent, the government can squash them like bugs…when you have that much money you are immediately vulnerable to a host of civil and criminal penalties any time the government decides to turn its wrath on you. There are so many laws on so many books in so many countries that it is impossible to be fully law-abiding. And if in addition to this the rich guy in question has cut corners from time to time, then the jeopardy is even greater. You might also recall the recent conflicts in the Netherlands where the government is forcing the sale of huge numbers of farms…with the explanation being that farms cause global warming.

This sort of thing was also seen during Covid (which was massively revealing!) where they allowed the big retail chains to remain open while shutting down all the mom and pops. Wal Mart and Amazon Prime uber alles! I remember during the worst part of it that people here in Vegas has to buy their vape juice on the street corner like a drug deal because the Powers That Be had decreed that the little tobacco stores (all operating on incredibly thin profit margins) had to close.

But it is all about destroying any source of wealth or independence among the citizenry. The phrase, “you will own nothing, and you will be happy” may or may not have been uttered by Schwab…but it is the intent all the same. With the caveat that they don’t care if you’re happy. In fact, they’d probably prefer you to be unhappy because you need to be punished for all those centuries when cretins like you thought that you had a right to your own property. You were wrong, you see? And now you’ve got to pay the piper.

But what, really, is property? It is the human thing – we’ll once again refer to G K Chesterton on this:

Now if we take this house or home as a test, we may very generally lay the simple spiritual foundations of the idea. God is that which can make something out of nothing. Man (it may truly be said) is that which can make something out of anything. In other words, while the joy of God be unlimited creation, the special joy of man is limited creation, the combination of creation with limits. Man’s pleasure, therefore, is to possess conditions, but also to be partly possessed by them; to be half-controlled by the flute he plays or by the field he digs. The excitement is to get the utmost out of given conditions; the conditions will stretch, but not indefinitely. A man can write an immortal sonnet on an old envelope, or hack a hero out of a lump of rock. But hacking a sonnet out of a rock would be a laborious business, and making a hero out of an envelope is almost out of the sphere of practical politics. This fruitful strife with limitations, when it concerns some airy entertainment of an educated class, goes by the name of Art. But the mass of men have neither time nor aptitude for the invention of invisible or abstract beauty. For the mass of men the idea of artistic creation can only be expressed by an idea unpopular in present discussions—the idea of property. The average man cannot cut clay into the shape of a man; but he can cut earth into the shape of a garden; and though he arranges it with red geraniums and blue potatoes in alternate straight lines, he is still an artist; because he has chosen. The average man cannot paint the sunset whose colors be admires; but he can paint his own house with what color he chooses, and though he paints it pea green with pink spots, he is still an artist; because that is his choice. Property is merely the art of the democracy. It means that every man should have something that he can shape in his own image, as he is shaped in the image of heaven. But because he is not God, but only a graven image of God, his self-expression must deal with limits; properly with limits that are strict and even small.

The most natural and human manner of living is for each person (family, really) to have a bit of the Earth to call their own and do with as they will for their own support. In our modern world, of course, it isn’t possible or even practical that we should all become small farmers…but we should still be striving for personal or family control over the primary means of wealth creation which sustain us. This is the ideal. At least it is the ideal for me, and so I’m a Distributist.

But the ideal of the Global Elite is to eliminate property (except the Elite’s, of course; though they may, as in the old USSR, just change the title of their private property to their “personally assigned” property). They do want us to have nothing. And that means, grasp this!, that they want us to cease being human.

We are human when we hold what we own – what we acquired by our labor and/or fair trade. That it is ours to do as we wish recognizes the inherent dignity of humanity and makes us all equals under law though we clearly are not equal in fact. The war on this concept began in the Reformation when the Lords temporal stole the Commons (to be clear, I don’t blame the Protestants, as such, for this: but the primary reason the British upper class went Protestant was so they could steal: the common lands used by all, the monasteries which were the hospitals and schools of the poor, etc, etc.). It went on and on with things like property and inheritance taxes and rules and regulations and fees and licensing…all patiently explained to us at the time as something only to affect the rich and merely to facilitate the improvement of society…but now we arrive at a time when if I don’t pay a tax I can’t keep my house and when I pass it on to my granddaughter the government will have its hand out; and I am plagued by a host of costs and requirements just to “own” my house, my car…and now they propose to place further restrictions on my ownership of my home and to force me to buy a sort of car I don’t want and probably can’t afford…with their noxious bus waiting for me when I can’t keep up with their demands.

How free am I, really? A serf on a 12th century farm would lose his farm if he didn’t pay his Lord on time. If I don’t pay the government on time, away goes my house (I’ve read some horror stories of late where some poor folks have lost their houses due to trivial tax arrears…and when the houses were sold at auction, the government kept 100% of the proceeds even though the tax bill might have been mere hundreds of dollars…and this is happening most often in Deep Blue jurisdictions). And how free can I ever be if I cannot stand on my small corner of Earth and set everyone at defiance? If you can usurp my property, then I am your slave.

And then you think about what they are also doing with telling us that men can get pregnant and children should be able to get abortions and medical transitions in defiance of parents…and our nation is being invaded by aliens with the active assistance of our own Ruling Class. What is all of this but a program to completely remove all that makes us human? To make us alone, alienated, dependent…as well as cruel and greedy as we grasp for any small advantage at the trough with the other slaves.

Live in your Life Pod, east your bug paste…

No, thanks. I prefer to remain human. And this is why I say we must utterly destroy the Left. It must be pushed out of power. It must have all of its money confiscated. It must be prosecuted for its crimes. It has to go; the poison pill invented by Rousseau and perfected by Marx must become no more, as if it had never been. We have to do this, just to remain human.

20 thoughts on “The Left is at War Against Humanity

  1. jdge1 May 15, 2023 / 7:57 pm

    Dem. Sen. Threatens SCOTUS w/ Leftist Insurrection if It Upholds 2nd Amendment

    So, if this actually happens, will Senator Murphy be held accountable for inciting this insurrection? He then calls the current Scotus “pretty illegitimate” without giving any analysis what-so-ever as to why this might be (we all know it’s because all leftist sees the right leaning court as a threat), thereby alluding that such an insurrection would be an acceptable action. This is without a doubt, a blatant call for rioting by citizens who would then be exposed to the fallout. He doesn’t care, as it accomplishes what ruling leftist want, 1.) Court intimidation, 2.) More unrest, 3.) Ammunition to pack the courts, 4.) Greater pressure on total gun control.

    • Amazona May 15, 2023 / 8:53 pm

      All complaints about the Court not being “balanced” or being “too conservative” are de facto admissions of either being totally ignorant of the true purpose of the courts (including the Supreme Court) or a willful desire to subvert the Constitution by shifting them from ruling on the laws as written to being activist courts essentially legislating from the bench.

      The first is unforgivable for a member of Congress: The second is seditious., even without the threat of subsequent insurrection.

      It’s one thing to have differing opinions and political agendas in Congress: It is quite another to have members of Congress openly advocating for the subversion of our Constitution.

      Of course they got away with #RESIST, which was an overt declaration of the intent to undermine, thwart and generally sabotage the efforts of the newly elected President Trump to execute the duties of his office.

      • Amazona May 15, 2023 / 8:57 pm

        Maybe we should have a House Committee on Sedition and Subversion of the Constitution, and call these rabble rousers to testify under oath about their intentions. Why give the Left control over language and appearances? Why not let Republican candidates campaign on the fact that their incumbent opponents were called to explain themselves in front of a committee on sedition and subversion?

      • Mark Noonan May 15, 2023 / 9:53 pm

        That is the way – push back. Hard. Of course they will lie and of course the MSM will paint them in a good light…but we have to do it. We have to just keep pushing and pushing and pushing until it all falls down.

      • jdge1 May 15, 2023 / 10:21 pm

        All complaints about the Court not being “balanced” or being “too conservative” are de facto admissions of either being totally ignorant of the true purpose of the courts (including the Supreme Court) or a willful desire to subvert the Constitution by shifting them from ruling on the laws as written to being activist courts essentially legislating from the bench.

        Very well stated!! Of course, there were no problems or calls of illegitimacy with unbalanced courts when they were left leaning.

        The first is unforgivable for a member of Congress: The second is seditious., even without the threat of subsequent insurrection.

        These incidents should be called out immediately with politicians being put on notice citing severe consequences for any involved with such intimidation against our courts. As one commenter mentioned, such intimidation by a congress critter has already happened before; Since Chuck U. Schumer called out Justice Kavanaugh by name and said, “I want to tell you, Kavanaugh, you have released the whirlwind and you will pay the price, you won’t know what hit you.” Unless this is dealt with in stern unambiguous fashion, expect it to continue, just as it has with Trump. Now is the time to slam this shut.

  2. jdge1 May 15, 2023 / 10:00 pm

    Massachusetts City Sued for Stealing Couple’s Kids in Wee-Hours Raid

    No idea how I would have reacted if I were in a similar situation. I had a good friend go through this. His neighbor made an anonymous call claiming to have witnessed child abuse, when it was in reality a means of retaliation in a dispute about roadside parking spaces. The police and a social worker busted into my friend’s apartment in the middle of the night with yelling, screaming and threats, demanding to see the child. They then placed the child, a 4 year-old boy, on the table an stripped him to check for signs of abuse. When the parents objected, they were told to shut up or they would take the child away. All of this without a warrant. In the aftermath the parents were required, unannounced social worker home inspections, regular court appearances, and anger management classes for the father, which took place for over a year before they finally dropped the accusations. This is nothing short of Gestapo Nazi tactics by government employees to cement perceived legitimacy. I have several friends and acquaintances that are / were local & state police, along with a number of sheriffs, so I am by no means anti-police, but this is in stark opposition from what I think we as Americans expect from our leo’s. Unless there is an anticipation of immediate threat, there would be NO justification for such a night time raid. It would also in my opinion, make things far more dangerous for the police

    Even while viewing this from the sideline, knowing the potential ramifications, there’s a part of me that could have held a gun, ready to shoot, not knowing if those on the other side of the door were criminals or someone else with “legitimate” reasons, pounding on my door. My tendency is to be cautious, but as with many other communities, there has been an uptick in theft and break-ins, and this is considered to be a relatively safe area. With police busting in without a warrant, I’m sure there would have been mixed emotions of anger and fear.

    • Mark Noonan May 16, 2023 / 11:33 am

      In response to various moral panics, we “did something” and, as per usual, it was worse than the problem. “If it saves one life” is the justification for what you’ve got there…held up by “won’t anyone think of the children?”. Because at some point in the past some bureaucrat screwed up and left a child in an abusive home, we gave the police the power to bust in without probable cause and force a person to prove themselves innocent.

      Whole swaths of laws passed in the last 40 years have to be repealed.

  3. Cluster May 16, 2023 / 9:01 am

    And that means, grasp this!, that they want us to cease being human.

    That’s because they have removed God from their own lives, so thats what they want to impose on others. This just dropped this morning

    They’re just ending the investigation if it even began. How about that?? I’m shocked that there are still people supporting this completely anti American party. There is a time when the debate ends, and the killing begins. I’m tired of listening to their lies, I’m tired of their incompetence, I’m tired of their corruption, I’m tired of their wars, I’m tired of their manufactured insurrections, I’m tired of their mouth breathing ignorant non binary voters, and I’m tired as FUCK of being labeled a white supremacist. I know one thing for sure, I am better than all of them combined and I’m tired of inferior people governing this country.

  4. Cluster May 16, 2023 / 9:09 am

    On the day after it was revealed and proven that Russia Collusion was all a manufactured lie by the Clinton campaign and the FBI, Forty rushes in to criticize the manufactured Jan 6 insurrection. He/She/It is a good example of the mouth breathing ignorant base. He/She/it is so invested in the comical R vs D construct of R being bad and extremist, and D being all goodness and light that no other contrary thought can penetrate the bubble. And there are many more just like that. Americas Oligarchy depends on people like Forty

  5. Cluster May 16, 2023 / 3:34 pm

    Never forget the 4 years of the daily, incessant, manufactured bullshit the fanatical religious cult (Democrats/Media) put this country through. They lied through their teeth every single fucking day and have no contrition when their bullshit is exposed. Democrats, and those who vote for them, are the biggest threat this country faces. Have you heard John Fetterman talk recently??? Yea, it’s not good, but that’s who Democrats are now.

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