Liars Must Be Punished

I won’t link to the disgusting New York Times article in question, but I saw it: the gist of the story is that three years ago, a mix-race high school kid saw a white girl say “the N word” and he recorded her doing it. From what I understand, the girl was singing a rap song which uses the word. So, anyways, this other kid records her saying it and then, three years later, he posts it on line after he finds out what college the girl got accepted to. He deliberately held on to it – waiting for the moment when it would do the most damage. And then he dropped it on her and, presto!, it worked just like he planned…the girl was forced to withdraw from the school and is now socially ruined. Tagged forever as a “racist” person…even though all she ever did was say words of a song (a bad song, to be sure: but this is the sort of music the kids are told they have to listen to if they want to be cool).

Now, you and I know what really happened here: the boy who recorded the video was probably shut down by the girl and this was his revenge. The way the story is being cast is that he’s a hero for finally forcing the girl to confront her racism…and the legacy of racism in the United States. But the real point of the effort by the NY Times, however, is to use a lie (“the girl is a racist and part of racist AmeriKKKa”) to enforce terror…fear that you may have an unguarded moment where you utter something unapproved and it will be used to destroy you, later. So, better make sure you are either strictly silent, or always braying along with whatever the SJW’s are on about at the moment.

The chances of an upper middle class suburban white girl being a racist in 21st century America are about nil. She’s been taught since kindergarten to not be racist. Her parents were taught the same when they were in school. Everything about her life is from the liberal script about what education should be. In fact, she’s been taught that she’ll get massive social credit for being non-racist and dating non-white boys (she’d get more for being lesbian or gender fluid, of course). The whole thrust of American popular culture and education is to teach her that non-white people are the best and she must love and respect them no matter what. The point here is that there is zero chance her use of “the N word” was meant as a racial attack in any way, shape or form. She ain’t Bull Connor and this isn’t 1963. The whole thing about America being racist and that we have to confront it with censorship and reparations and such is merely a gigantic lie – but a necessary lie if you want to control the debate. If, that is, you want to control people.

And that’s what the Times story is about – as are all other stories like this and all the bogus racial attacks and all the George Floyd protests and Black Lives Matter and the whole run of all the SJW Thought Police things you see – to place you under control. To forbid you to say certain things in public. If they can get your fired and/or socially ruined because of something you said, then you are going to be very careful abou what you say. You will knuckle under to tyranny because to speak out against it will get a SJW mob after you costing you friends and employment. And it is the MSM which drives this – some dimwit posting something on Tik Tok only matters if the matter is taken up. In other words, it only matters if the MSM reports about it. And, of course, they do: it doesn’t matter how absurd it is, if it can be presented as someone being racist, they’ll run with it.

The Left wants total control. They see it necessary on two levels:

  1. They believe themselves morally superior.
  2. They believe our lives depend on the Left being in charge.

They have learned that they can’t actually secure what they want in a free and democratic society – but, remember, they are morally superior and our lives depend on their rule. Morally superior people who are saving the world can’t compromise with morally inferior people who are trying to destroy the world (these morally inferior world destroyers are you and me, by the way). I mean, if you really believed like they do, how could you compromise? Of course you wouldn’t – so, by hook or crook, you take power. And it is made a lot easier if certain things simply can’t be said. If the Left believes that Reparations are necessary, then they are necessary and there’s an end on it…they can’t bother fussing about with your ridiculous objection that Barack Obama owes Reparations to Thomas Sowell if Reparations are to be done. So, easier to just call objections to Reparations racism and call it a day…and then go and ruin a few people over it so that everyone else gets the message.

And, as usual, the MSM is the vehicle. It gets said and then repeated and then the MSM picks up on it and then the person is ruined and everyone else takes note and then takes on protective coloring to protect themselves. Lies are being used to terrorize people into silence so that they no longer have rights to the public square.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a feeling that when the Founders wrote the First Amendment – and when my dad fought for it on Saipan – they didn’t have in mind protecting the ability of egregious liars to use slander to silence political dissent. In fact, I’m pretty sure they and he meant the exact opposite of that. What I’m saying here – and this will probably infuriate some – if we were to punish the New York Times for this slander, it wouldn’t be a violation of the First Amendment (in an added bit of sickness, the Times hides behind the 1A which they believe was crafted by White Supremacists).

But Mark (you object), we can’t control the Press! It is a slippery slope! Where does it lead? Well, it probably leads to what amounts to a State controlled media slandering people so that one Party can obtain and retain power. Hate to break it to ya, guys, but we’re at the bottom of the slippery slope. We slipped down it ages ago. And we won’t start to climb back up as long as we vigorously defend the ability of the MSM to lie about us. They have to be forced to stop lying.

It is either that or we might as well hang it up and start memorizing the 57 genders. We can’t win if we can be lied about with impunity. It is as simple as that. Look what they did to Trump? Think about how much more he would have got done if more than half his time wasn’t spent merely fighting against lies? Trump pointed out early on that we needed to reform libel laws. He was attacked for saying it…but he was right! We must reform libel laws. We must punish for lies. And severely. We must make it so that it isn’t you and I thinking twice about saying the truth, but the MSM thinking ten times before publishing something…because it better be true or it’ll cost ya.

Punish liars or be ruled by liars. Those are the choices.

Merry Christmas!

Hope you all have a blessed holiday! Been a rough year!

Been finishing up the first draft of the Shadow Army series of two books – still waiting for Battles to come back from formatting, but that should be done soon.

For 2021: no surrender. We fight and fight and fight. But we also remember who we are: we are the people of morality and sanity. Right is on our side.

God bless all of you!

Fighting for America

But, now we might have to become the people in the way. Scott Adams (the Dilbert guy) noted on Twitter the other day that if our side doesn’t take control of the streets for 2024, it could get ugly for us. I feel certain that the reason the Courts have shot down Trump’s efforts (usually without even looking at the evidence) is because they are afraid if not anti-Trump. Everyone knows that the Left would explode in violence nationwide if Trump were to prevail. We might have to bring things to a point where refusing to uphold the law is more frightening that ignoring it.

For us older folks, another thing that has to be done is to fully realize that the America we grew up in is gone and it isn’t coming back. Not like it was. We can still maintain a Republic where rights are secured and the Rule of Law reigns…but it won’t be the old America we grew up in. As for our father’s and grandfather’s America: that might as well be a foreign land. To secure our rights – to be able to at least be what we want – some very hard and fast choices will have to be made.

  1. Some of the people on our side are going to say and do things which even to us seem outrageous. Ignore it. Let our enemies attack; we don’t attack our own. Yesterday, Kim Klacik (you might remember her run for Congress in Baltimore) made some outrageous statements on Twitter about the ethnic Chinese spouses of some prominent Americans. Lots of people dogpiled on her. I didn’t. Why not? Because we’ve yet to see a Democrat take exception to what Omar says and does. Learn the lesson: the Democrats never attack their own. At most, when really pressed by some extreme action, they’ll issue a mild rebuke. But there is no rejection – there is no Buckleyite purge of the Birchers (which was a huge mistake). If they fight for liberty, I simply don’t care if they also do some crazy things.
  2. The young – I’m talking 30 and younger – don’t even know what the Constitution says and they don’t care. I recall during the Impeachment process a young lady at work was all excited when the House impeached Trump. She was sure it meant Trump was gone: it took an immigrant who recently became an American to explain to her that impeachment was a mere indictment, not a trial or conviction. This was an American woman fully in possession her faculties and a graduate of High School…and she was unaware of the basic laws under which she is governed. We need youth votes to win – we won’t win them by citing Madison. We have to find out what these mostly ignorant but nice and generally fair-minded kids want and then give that to them in return for their votes.
  3. The productive people are the core of our coalition. If they make, mine or grow things, we must do whatever we can to make life better and easier for them. This is over and above any purely economic or fiscal considerations. The men and women who break a sweat to make a living are those whom we must seek out, listen to and act in favor of. Reaganism and Supply-Side economics are no longer key here: making sure Jose in El Paso can keep his construction job is…even if it means we spend or tax more than Reagan ever would.
  4. No more wars. We’re done with that. We’re America First. Fortress America. If we ever go to war again, it is total war using every aspect of our military might to completely destroy the enemy. Let the Democrats curry favor with defense contractors: we’re done with them.
  5. Back the Blue becomes conditional. If the Blue is taking orders from petty tyrants to enforce ridiculous laws and mandates, then our support is withdrawn. The Blue must learn that they are extensions of us, not the city council. Their job is to protect the people, which includes protecting people in the exercise of their rights. And Back the Blue does not extend to prosecutors offices.
  6. Corporate America is our enemy. The upper reaches of corporate America are staffed with the same sort of people who staff the upper reaches of government America. They are liberals to the core and they despise us. They will make decisions which harm their bottom line if it will offer some insult to regular Americans. Our task is to bring the to heel by whatever means prove necessary.

You can probably come up with your own but what can easily be seen is the old GOP Conservatism which prevailed in our politics from the 60’s until W is over and done with. It doesn’t work. It didn’t stop the Left. Now, we only hope we can secure our ability to speak our mind in public and hold on to our property. And we’ll only be able to do that – and at least start reforms which might restore old America in a century – if we secure power for quite a long time…and to do that we’re going to have to welcome as friends some people we don’t like and go along with some policies we know are wrong.

Trump was never going to be enough. If he gets a 2nd term, it won’t be enough. We need twenty years of uninterrupted power. We need to steel ourselves to arrest and dispossess large numbers of people that we used to view as our allies. Your ability to say that two plus two equals four is on the line. The rest of it becomes rather trivial. If you would not live in an America where you are forced to publicly lie in order to live, then get into this fight and leave aside your quiet dogmas of the past.

Open Thread

Almost done with Battles!

I’ll have it out in a few days: gotta be formatted and then I have to proof it one, last time.

Yesterday, the MSM and the various gay rights group were breathlessly telling the world that Pete Buttigieg, to be Biden’s Transportation nominee, will be the first openly gay cabinet member. Another great advance in human rights by the Democrats. One problem: it wasn’t because Buttigieg isn’t the first openly gay cabinet member: Ric Grenell was.

Why do I bring this up?

Well, earlier today I saw the NY Time’s Maggie Haberman getting all misty eyed about some female Biden aides who combined work with family. And you’re going, hey, what about Ivanka and all the other powerful women in the Trump Administration who have been his most effective people these past four years? Didn’t they also bravely balance work and family?

Sure: but Haberman’s audience has no idea about it because Haberman, and the rest of her MSMers, carefully hid the fact that the really top people in Team Trump were all women. Just as they hid the fact that Ric Grenell is gay. The MSM doesn’t just lie by stating egregious falsehoods (though there is plenty of that), they also lie by what they don’t say.

Saw this morning that there’s a viral Tom Cruise video where he goes on rant against employees not properly obeying China Flu protocols. My question: why is he filming? Since when is Mission Impossible 7 vital to the health and safety of the people?

I’ve been wary of the “vote flipping” accusation against Dominion because, well, shades of “Putin switched votes from Hillary to Trump” from 2016. But, this seems a bit different, now: it isn’t the ridiculous idea that a Russian hacker got into a voting machine which wasn’t connected to the internet and then flipped the votes as they came in…this is an accusation that the programming of the machine was accidentally or malicious set in such a way that it would produce more votes for Biden and fewer for Trump. Now, did it actually happen that way? Only a full, forensic audit by a neutral outsider could determine it…which is something that the “it wasn’t rigged” people are fighting furiously against.

RSM links to a report showing the statistical likelihood of Biden’s victory. Spoiler: not very likely at all. Now, does statistical variance prove something nefarious happened? Nope. But as it was such a variance, it certainly justifies a close look at the vote…which, once again, the “it wasn’t rigged” people don’t want.

Strange, huh?

Open Thread

The Supreme Court shot down the Texas case – unanimously. This is about how I expected it to go. It shouldn’t have gone that way, but the Court wasn’t going to provide us a way out of this. Politics is always the answer to political problems. Do keep in mind, though, that war is a continuation of politics by another means. If we are sure our loss is due to cheating as the Democrats are convinced that their losses are due to cheating then politics will shift from ballot to cartridge box. It is incumbent upon everyone who wants a democratic Republic to ensure that all future elections are free and fair.

That said: do note that Democrats are already gearing to force Joe out – they’ll get him out over Hunter’s corruption of Joe senility, but they will get him out. He will not see the end of his term in office, come what may. Joe is pliable enough, but the last thing the Democrat powerbrokers want is a President who’s wife and closest aides are the only people allowed to see him.

As China cracks down on Hong Kong dissidents, one person notably silent on it is Pope Francis – likely as a result of the Vatican’s agreement with China, the provisions of which are still not fully known. To be sure, the Pope has said things against China, but it is odd that he hasn’t stood forth on the matters of liberty, and especially as it relates to Chinese Catholics. I have to come down hard on the Pope on this one: no agreement with China is worth this much. My view is that various parts of the Church bureaucracy are in the hands of the same sort of people who run the American and other global bureaucracies: ie, people who are both stupid and bought. China is a menace to human decency and must be excised from the councils of the world.

Speaking of which, the Democrats are practically owned by the Chinese. Don’t crow too much about this as I’ll bet a lot of GOPers are now CCP franchises, as well. What is really astonishing in the chump change which the Chinese buy our leaders with. You’d figure that if you were going to betray the greatest nation in human history, you’d at least want the ChiComs to provide a hot chick, right? Nothing doing: they’re sending us the chicks the CCP leadership rejected. Now we can really see why we went Russia, Russia, Russia this past four years: it was likely paid for and orchestrated by China, which has a vested interest in getting rid of Trump and having something else be America’s bogeyman.

You Bet Your Life

Saw this post on Twitter which referenced Texas HB196 – which was an act introduced by Rep. Thresa Meza to amend Texas’ “castle doctrine”. The long and short of it seems to be to restrict the ability of a property owner to use deadly force to defend said property. As you can see from the Twitter link, the explanation offered is that a person shouldn’t get a death sentence for robbery. I’ve seen this before and I find it an interesting idea.

You see, it is Stalinist jurisprudence.

Now, Stalin likely didn’t work this out on his own; for sure things in Marx and done by Lenin closely informed Stalin’s criminal code, but as Solzhenitsyn pointed out Gulag Archipelago, the criminal code of the Soviet Union both disarmed the populace and required it to give every benefit of the doubt to the criminal. The ultimate result of this was that crime was rampant in the USSR. It wasn’t reported on and, of course, it didn’t affect the very closely guarded elite, but the average Soviet citizen was plagued by crime his or her whole life. This being based on the general Marxist idea (refined by Lenin) that crime is only the result of injustice: essentially, if you have more than the criminal, then you are the thief. I can’t say the quote linked above is definitely Meza’s: I haven’t been to track down certain proof. But, it is in line with her bill about the castle doctrine…and her bill is an attempt to bring Soviet jurisprudence to the United States. She was, by the way, a teacher and a lawyer before entering office. So, she was teaching kids and carrying out legal actions with her mind certain that crime is never the fault of the criminal.

This brought to mind the George Floyd case. Once it became clear that he was a petty criminal and was resisting arrest (and also was, apparently, high as a kite) the word went out, before the MSM completely memory-holed this stuff, that whatever Floyd did before that knee got on his neck, it didn’t warrant a death sentence. And, that is true: it didn’t. But here’s the real deal: George Floyd bet his life.

And then he lost the bet.

Floyd’s wager was that he could be a petty criminal and drug addict and then, when arrested, he could resist arrest and he would get through it with no serious consequences. Given his arrest record, he won this bet many times. On May 25th, 2020, he lost the bet.

The reality is that we all bet our lives all the time. When you hop into your car, you are betting that a fatal accident won’t happen to you before you get to your destination. This is almost always a safe bet but 102 people lose that bet every day. Still, low risk bet. Higher risk bets are things like skydiving or climbing Mt Everest. Another is being a criminal. Essentially, a criminal is betting his life that he can get what he wants without paying for it and nothing bad will happen to him. As in driving a car, this is mostly a safe bet – less safe than the car, but still pretty safe. If you decide to take this bet and rob your local liquor store tomorrow, you almost certainly will not die as a result of it. But you would be betting you life, and you might lose. You might have picked the liquor store where the guy has a gun under the counter and has a keen appreciation for his property. Of course, the more bets you place, the more you can lose. Place $5 on roulette and your possible losses are $5. Place $50 in five dollar increments on ten different spots, you could lose all $50.

Floyd made the following bets with his life.

  1. Be a criminal.
  2. Be high.
  3. Resist arrest.

Any one of them can lead to disaster. Doing three bets at once simply increased the odds that disaster would strike. It did for Floyd in the form of a policeman who didn’t take his knee off Floyd’s neck in time. To be sure, Floyd making the bets doesn’t excuse everyone else involved – the officers involved are under indictment and we’ll see how those cases come out (almost certain acquittal in my view: but, we’ll see). But the bottom line is that the police didn’t place Floyd’s bets for him. Floyd did. Had he not placed the three bets – or even decided against betting one of the three wagers – he’d likely be alive today.

As for me, I have little sympathy for folly. I watched not too long ago a documentary about an expedition to Mt Everest which was pitched in sad tones about some people who died trying to climb that mountain. All the tear-jerking narrative and somber music, you know? I felt nothing for the deceased. It was foolish of them to make the attempt. There was no upside to even a successful climb. There is nothing at the top of Mt Everest that any human being will ever need. I can barely understand why Edmund Hillary did it; but after someone had done it, what the heck possible justification can one muster to risk their lives merely to stand on a particular spot of ground? You bet your life to climb up to a place which has nothing of use and where human beings can’t live without life support? That’s not adventurous or brave: that’s just stupid.

And, hey, I understand striving for the grand achievement. This is why I can say that Hillary’s achievement was something – but, even then, not much. It wasn’t even in the same league as useful risks like Yeager breaking the sound barrier or Armstrong going to the Moon. Useful things flowed from both of those acts of sublime courage. What flowed from Hillary’s effort? Well, a picture in National Geographic…and about 300 corpses of people betting their lives that they could climb to a completely useless point on the map.

Congrats. I guess.

But at least the mountain climbers get some exercise out of it and search and rescue teams are kept in top form looking for them. Betting your life on being a drug addicted petty criminal? Yeah, not so much good going on there. Floyd’s death was decreed many years before he died. He could have prevented it by the simple expedient of not being a thief or not being an addict or not resisting arrest. He chose not to. He apparently liked his life as it was – and in that, I won’t judge. Everyone is to live as they please.

And everyone is to suffer the consequences of their actions.

And that, I think, is really what is missing in us these days: we don’t want to take responsibility for ourselves. Everyone has an excuse and it’s always that other guy, who played zero role in our decisions, who is the source of the trouble. That has to stop.

No, it isn’t a balanced thing if someone breaks into a home to get a TV that he gets shot. But it was the bet made: I bet my life against a free TV. This is not a wise bet, but it is a bet many make…and some of them lose their bet.

Open Thread

Texas is suing to block the election results. And, Texas is right – the rules of the votes were changed in an apparently unconstitutional manner which both violated Equal Protection as well as annulling the State Legislatures plenary power over how Electors are chosen. We’ll see how it comes out: if the Supreme Court rules that the State legislatures have to take it up, then the States in question all have GOP majorities. People do forget that the States elect the President and the State Legislatures – without any input from the State Executive – decide how Electors are chosen.

RIP: Chuck Yeager

As you all knew, China has lots of influence in America. And it is probably much worse than we think.

The bottom line is that our Ruling Class is largely made up of people who are very low: immoral people of little knowledge who care nothing for our country. We really should have seen this coming sooner.

The last time the sons of Americas most prominent families volunteered to fight for this country was World War Two. To be sure, a few joined up for later conflicts, but usually for brief tours far behind the lines. You don’t find the sons and daughters of the rich out there fighting in gritty places like Afghanistan. Nope. If they are there at all, it is a military lawyer or some such thing. This demonstrates that they don’t care about America. They love being rich and having the good life, but they feel no obligation to stand forth: and so the sons and daughters of the middle class and poor go (and, these days, fewer and fewer of the middle class show up). How much longer will working class kids from Alabama sign up to defend this country? How much longer before they decide that as they still have the will to fight, they are just going to fight to ensure that they reap the benefits of the United States?

One thing is certain: this can’t keep going on. We can’t sustain a Ruling Class which allows itself to be easily purchased by foreign enemies for a little money and illicit sex.

Lockdowns don’t work. Not quite sure what the real thing is here: I figured that after the election, they’d ease up. But now I’m starting to think they want St Joe to save us…so they are going to lock us down until Spring and then claim that the normal falling away of the virus is thanks to Biden forcing us all to wear the same masks we’ve worn since March saved us all.

A Time of Choosing Approaches

Ultimately, we might be faced with a choice between Franco and Lenin. This is very dangerous, these times we live in.

Me? What would I do? Well, if I had to choose…then just figure that its Spain, 1936 and I’m a Carlist.

I think a lot of people miss what Solzhenitsyn really meant when he said the 20th Century’s problem was that people had forgotten about God. It is an easy statement and most probably think they grasp it…but you have to dig really deep to understand that those who forget about God are incapable of morality. Sure, sure; we’ve all heard the stories of the good atheist. Yadda, yadda, yadda…but doesn’t matter. If you really have excised God from your life then there is nothing to hold you back except purely practical considerations. Mostly: you don’t want to go to jail. But if jail isn’t in prospect, what’s to stop you? You don’t believe in God – indeed, you’ve forgotten about Him.

When we read story after story of rich, powerful men preying upon women and youth, what do you really think that is about? For goodness sake, these are rich men: they can pony up the money and have a bevy of gorgeous women (or boys, if they swing that way) voluntarily do whatever sexual acts are desired. But, they don’t do that, do they? No: they want someone they can abuse. If you pay someone the asked price then it isn’t abuse. It is still just as immoral, but where is the power involved in that? How can you feel a special, elect person unless you can force someone to do something with no worry about consequences to yourself?

Because that is the real mark of forgetting about God: becoming a bully. When we say the phrase “brotherhood of man” we can only say that if we’re the children of God. And if we are all, indeed, children of God then we are brothers and sisters and so we really shouldn’t abuse one another. But if there isn’t any God – if we forgot about Him? – well, then; who are you to me? You are whatever I can force you to be. And there is a delicious pleasure to be had in abusing another person. Don’t doubt me on this.

In ancient America do you think the Aztec priests woke up on Monday going, “oh, geesh, its rip-hearts-out day! Dang! I just wanted to go fishing!”. Nope; it wasn’t like that because it couldn’t be like that. Aztec priests, priests of Baal, Auschwitz guards, NKVD interrogators…all have this in common: to them, it was cool what they were doing. They enjoyed it. And don’t think they didn’t know it was wrong: that is something that can’t be excised from the human heart no matter how much a person forgets about God. How do we know this is true? Because the one thing an Aztec priest and NKVD interrogator would never do is volunteer to be subjected to what they did. You think the guy who ripped out a heart really thought that God was pleased? Don’t be quite so silly: if he really believed that, he’d have undergone it. If you don’t want it to happen to you then you know that you shouldn’t do it. But, still, they did it. Because there is an exquisite pleasure in being cruel. There is a rush in doing evil which the victim is forbidden to stop. That someone is at your mercy is a glorious feeling – provided, of course, that you take that first step in forgetting about God.

The other part of it is the not everyone gets to do it. That’s the flip side of abuse: exclusivity. Fruits that are forbidden to all but the Elect. If you’re in the club, you have the privilege. If you want the most insane ego trip then you want to be abusing in a manner that is denied to most. Joe down the street would long ago have been locked up for life if he did 10% of what some of these rich men do. And that’s the beauty of it for them. To be able to let loose their own perversions upon helpless victims while most can’t is the mark of being at the top of the heap. Of being a special, advanced person who can’t be questioned by the lower orders.

But it isn’t just super rich who have forgotten about God. Nope: plenty of people far down the socio-economic scale, aping the super rich, have forgotten as well. But they do lack the means and the protection to really go to town. So, they do what they can – like, you know, burn down a business during a riot one day and then harass a person for not wearing a mask the next. Place everyone on edge about pronouns and systemic racism. With, you know, only you and the select in the club knowing what is a violation. It isn’t quite like Epstein, but it is still a rush for some low-rent pipsqueak of a nobody to be able to lord it over some shop owner or random person walking down the street.

What we have in America today is a system of privileges assigned by money or claimed victim status. If you’re rich and shovel money out to the right people, you are nearly untouchable. If you can claim the correct victim status, you are also untouchable. But in both cases, you are allowed to touch anyone. Only you get to decide what is good and what is bad and your word, even if it changes by the minute, is law. Everyone who isn’t rich or a victim is your plaything. Their lives are in your hands: you can cost them their job, ruin them socially. Just a bit more pushing and you might even be able to send them to prison for daring to transgress whatever insane rules you thought up just the moment before. And, remember, they think it is fun. They have forgotten about God and so their lives are without hope or purpose: to fill up this vacuum, they’ll shove just about anything in there. And the ultimate thing to satisfy is human lives. They already work towards this, step by step; checking along the way to see if anyone will really stop them. And nobody is…so they just keep going.

So, what are we to do? I mean: those of us who remember God and so have morality and wouldn’t think of abusing anyone?

We’re going to have to relearn an old lesson taught by the Scipios of Rome and Hernan Cortes: you don’t tolerate barbarian bullies. Either they go, or we do.

The time of choosing his rapidly approaching.

The House of Christmas

By: G. K. Chesterton

There fared a mother driven forth
Out of an inn to roam;
In the place where she was homeless
All men are at home.
The crazy stable close at hand,
With shaking timber and shifting sand,
Grew a stronger thing to abide and stand
Than the square stones of Rome.

For men are homesick in their homes,
And strangers under the sun,
And they lay on their heads in a foreign land
Whenever the day is done.
Here we have battle and blazing eyes,
And chance and honour and high surprise,
But our homes are under miraculous skies
Where the yule tale was begun.

A Child in a foul stable,
Where the beasts feed and foam;
Only where He was homeless
Are you and I at home;
We have hands that fashion and heads that know,
But our hearts we lost – how long ago!
In a place no chart nor ship can show
Under the sky’s dome.

This world is wild as an old wives’ tale,
And strange the plain things are,
The earth is enough and the air is enough
For our wonder and our war;
But our rest is as far as the fire-drake swings
And our peace is put in impossible things
Where clashed and thundered unthinkable wings
Round an incredible star.

To an open house in the evening
Home shall men come,
To an older place than Eden
And a taller town than Rome.
To the end of the way of the wandering star,
To the things that cannot be and that are,
To the place where God was homeless
And all men are at home.

Open Thread

Project Veritas put out the proof that CNN is a mere propaganda arm of the DNC – something we’ve all known for a while. But for those a little slow on the uptake: CNN is only just now reporting that China lied about the Chinese Flu. Seriously: news you and I learned in January is now being breathlessly reported on CNN.

If your goal was to rig an election, then you would do just what the Democrats did.

Some are despairing that we’ll never get around this: that the cheat was so large and brazen in 2020, it shows we’ll never be able to win again. This is not the case: the Democrats always cheat. There has not been an election since 1824 when Democrats didn’t cheat. But cheating enough to win the Electoral College is a staggering undertaking and can only be done if you have total control over the voting districts you need. In 2020, because the GOP was caught flat-footed by the scale of Democrat cheating, the Democrats look to have pulled it off. But if they try again in 2024, the GOP will be wise to what they are doing – and, meanwhile, we have a great deal of power over the Democrat controlled areas, as we do in Florida, and can impose controls which will make cheating that less likely to succeed.

What is most important to me – and this is now yet another genuinely Conservative thing Trump has done (and, so, a Revolutionary act) – is that the fraud is very much out in the open now. The Democrats had to shove millions of ballots into the system to drag Biden over the finish line (no one really believes Joe Biden got more votes than Obama did in 2008). And Trump warned about it months in advance – he said precisely what they’d do, and then the Democrats went on an did it. The pressure will now build in areas where the GOP has control to improve processes to detect and prevent fraud.

You might have heard all sorts of worry-stories about Florida and Texas: how the Democrats were going to use voter fraud to flip both blue. Well, Trump won Texas by 631,000 votes and Florida by 371,000 votes. The Democrats did try to fraud there way through both States. They weren’t able to because the GOP got wise to their tactics and simply adjusted the rules to make cheating vastly more difficult. And, remember, even squish GOPers go along with these reforms: no GOPer wants to actually lose his or her race due to fraud. What I’m saying is, fret not! We’re not out of this game by a long shot.

The Chinese are not stupid – highest paid bureaucrat in California has ties to Chinese intelligence. One has to hand it to the Chinese: they are really good at what they do. Read the story: the man in question is an avowed patriot for China. He might be American, but he says his loyalty is to China. And yet he was given this very powerful and lucrative job. Back in Beijing, I’m sure that caused quite a lot of laughs. History is filled with rich Empires purchasing the loyalty of poor barbarian leaders…but I think that China’s purchase of America’s Ruling Class is unique. We are the richer nation, by far and yet they’ve bought us.

This is not just the ChiComs owning Joe: there is no aspect of American life where China hasn’t purchased a controlling interest. Our entertainment industry allows China to censor it. Our Tech companies fall all over themselves to help China develop tools of oppression. Social Media gleefully allows armies of Chinese bots to warp public perception of events. Politicians are paid off to dance around China’s manifest human rights violations. Chinese money flows into radical Left groups in the USA to foment hatred among Americans (they probably fund some of the more screwy right wing groups, as well). China didn’t even spend all that much money to get this: not only is our Ruling Class corrupt, it is cheap…$20 hooker stuff. What angered them all, and I think more than anything else, was that Trump was messing with this. China didn’t like it, either, and I’m sure Chinese intel helped out the DNC/MSM any way it could against Trump. Can we get around this? We’re going to have to or we’ll wind up a Chinese colony. And it will take even sterner actions than Trump was doing to make it happen: China must be pushed out of the United States.