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While everything in our history has been disparaged, the fight against Nazism has been, so far, spared by the left. This is now being “corrected”, with the Washington Post noting that while the Allied leaders were anti-Nazi, they weren’t anti-racist. The left will erase every last bit of our history if we give them the chance.

Related: Professor says that whiteness is terrorism.

A radicalized Methodist plotted a terrorist attack in California. Oh wait: scratch that – it was a radicalized Muslim.

On this day in history, Saigon fell to the Communists. Never has any nation betrayed another as badly as we betrayed the Republic of Vietnam.

Interesting article on the Christian origins of Islam. Of course, people who know have always seen Islam as a Christian heresy. Mohammed apparently spent a lot of time in then-Christian Syria and he would have been surrounded there by a Christian society which hotly disputed just about every aspect of Christianity. No surprise that he picked up a version of it which allowed him to place himself at the head of the enterprise – he just had to deny the divinity of Christ and he was off to the races.

Hoaxers falsely accused Peter Buttigieg of sexual assault. Thing is, there was as much evidence against Buttigieg as there was against Kavanaugh. Now, note the difference: Kavanaugh was slandered by the national media in an orgy of hatred, none of which has been retracted or apologized for (indeed, they are giving Kavanaugh’s lying accuser awards), while it took just a few hours for the same national media to debunk the accusations against Buttigieg.

Brazil moves decidedly away from the left. This is a good thing. Brazil (population 208 million, 3.2 million square miles of territory) should be a Great Power nearly on par with the United States. If Brazil really can navigate away from the authortarian leftism which has plauged Latin America for a century, it would be great for Brazil and the world.

The Left’s War on Memory

I’ve always felt sympathy for people – it isn’t any skill of mine: I’ve always had it. Though I can, at times, be cross with people, for the most part I am sympathetic to their plight. Perhaps this is partially an outgrowth of my own melancholy nature, but I can always see things from the other guy’s point of view, especially if they have suffered.

Soldiers suffer, a lot – and, so, have always been an object of my pity. This goes for all soldiers in all times. Doesn’t matter who they fought for: the average man at arms, as it were, always deserves respect simply for the fact that he did his duty, and suffered for it. Commanders get a more subtle judgement. One thing I’ve learned by long study of history is that most people placed in command are simply unfit for it. This is especially true of military command – and the dangers are varied for such people. They can love their men too much, and so waste opportunities for victory. They can also be too contemptuous of their men, and so lead them to unnecessary slaughter. But love them too much, or too little, there still stands the fact that they were the one’s forced to decide life and death issues, and everyone should have something in their heart that goes out to people landed in that. And for those few in command who actually have any business being there, the heart really goes out to them – because they not only have immense responsibility, but they are also, no matter how good they are, going to make some horrific mistakes which will send men to needless death.

I bring this up because we’ve revived the whole Confederate Statue issue via Trump’s recent comments about the Charlottesville incident. All around social media, I’ve seen our liberals really rip on Robert E. Lee: to listen to them, the Waffen SS was morally his superior. Of course, that is just how the left is: when they decide to pour out filth on someone, they go all in. To be sure, there is much to complain about in Lee. He did betray his oath to the Constitution, which was superior to any loyalty he felt for Virginia. While a tactician of genius, he had no strategic sense and so all of his bloody campaigns were fought, as it were, in void, with no real object other than the negative one of getting the Army of the Potomac out of Virginia. He also refused to quit when the game was up, and so prolonged the agony by at least a year. After the war, he more lent his immense prestige to the absurd “Lost Cause” ideology rather than using it to heal the divide (as, for instance, Confederate General James Longstreet did). But, with all that, he still stands as a sympathetic figure to anyone with an ounce of human decency.

There is a grandeur about the man which cannot be denied. It must have been astonishing when he was alive, because if we can be a bit awed by him at this remove, imagine what it must have been like for those around him when he was alive? His troops would have followed him anywhere. I figure every man in Pickett’s Charge knew it was a false position to be in – it was obvious before it happened that it would be a massacre. But, they went anyway – because Lee asked them to. Not many people can command that sort of love and devotion. And he failed, which adds to the pity one feels for him: people who strive at great cost and still come up short always earn at least that: pity.

Additionally, he’s also very long since dead. You can’t do anything to him. Whatever sins you want to lay at his feet, it is all over and done with. He’s dead and God has rendered perfect judgement on him. Wherever he is in the hereafter, it is precisely where he should be. It profits no one to try to attack a corpse – the corpse doesn’t feel it and the attacker gains nothing. This is why, I think, we have the old saying about not speaking ill of the dead: there’s simply no point to it. Only in the matter of general historical study should a dead person be examined for both good and bad, and then not in order to condemn the dead, but the enlighten the living. To take the most evil person you can study: if you are setting out to write a biography of Hitler to show what a rat bastard he was, then you are wasting your time. Possibly even harming yourself by drinking from that cup of bitterness. The only fit thing to talk about regarding Hitler is the object lessons: how did he come to be? Why did he do what he did? This sort of thing allows us to learn and, perhaps, prevent a repeat in the future. But to, as it were, piss on his grave, endlessly, is a pointless exercise.

But pissing on graves is pretty much what the left wants us to do these days – and I perceive it not so much as an attack on flawed historical figures (there’s no other sort, after all), but as an attack on history. On memory, when you get down to it. I’ve no particular concern about the fate of a statue of some long-dead Confederate, but I am intensely concerned that we retain our national memory. As a Conservative, I can view it no other way. After all, the more deeply you dive into Conservatism, the more crucial historical memory becomes. We must know, as best we can, how we came to be – good and bad – or we won’t even know why things are as they are. The left wants us to have no memory of what truly happened. They want a cartoonish view of the world where everything was bad until the left came along and fixed it all up. History began yesterday, when a leftist showed up to help you – don’t even think about digging back further than that! After all, the only reason you’d want to is because you’re hankering for the evil of the past, right? That, at least, is where I think the left is heading with this. Give them enough time and power, and they will topple Washington’s monument and rename our Capitol City…they will wash out everything we ever did, so that they can better rule an ignorant people.

We dare not let them get away with it – or, more accurately, get away with it any longer. Plenty of youngsters these days, after a decade or two in leftist propaganda mills, already have no knowledge of the past (oddly enough, I think this is why so many youngsters fall for various neo-Nazi ideologies: not knowing anything about either the Nazis or those who fought them, they fall easily for clever neo-Nazi lies about the past). The place to start is to draw the line: for a bit of shorthand, I’m insisting that no historical marker of any type, if it has been in place for 50 or more years, should be moved or modified in any way. You can add stuff around it, if you like, but you can’t change it and you can’t take it away. There for 50 years, there forever. The best part about such a program is that it would spark the fight we need to have here – a fight between those who want informed people who remember, and those who want ignorant people swayed by the latest lie. I think we’d win that fight.

Its Hard to Write on One Topic Open Thread

I honestly keep trying to find a subject to write at length about, but I usually find ten. So, lots of open threads. And today is no different:

A judge cut loose an illegal immigrant, preventing that illegal from being arrested by ICE. The judge has now been indicted:

This is huge — a lunatic hack state judge is indicted and charged with cutting loose a twice-deported Dominican illegal immigrant arrested with drugs after throwing an ICE agent out of her courtroom so that the criminal could escape.

For what appears to be the first time, someone in a “sanctuary” jurisdiction has to answer for the coddling of these illegal immigrants who are perpetrating a massive tidal wave of crime on the law-abiding, taxpaying citizens of the United States

We need more of this – if the Democrats want to go all neo-Confederate about federal laws, then we’ll have to become increasingly Shermanesque in dealing with them.

Joe Biden announced for President – third time will not be the charm. Naturally, he started out by repeating the “fine people on both sides” lie the Democrats have peddled about the Charlottsville incident. Don’t think any liberal will complain about the lie: they believe it. I’ve got a friend who is convinced he heard Trump, live, say that the “fine people” included the neo-Nazis. A cursory reading of the transcript shows he didn’t…but once the Democrats decide on a lie, they’ll never move away from it. In the end, Trump won’t beat Biden because there’s no way the Democrats will permit an old, straight white man to be their nominee in 2020.

We found Biden’s campaign song.

A German parenting magazine opines that blonde, happy families are evil incarnate. You know, I’ve run across the “blood and soil” neo-Nazi nitwits on a regular basis on social media: this is exactly the red meat they need to convince people to join them. If you want to convince such people that there isn’t a war on white people then just maybe you shouldn’t have a war on white people. Just spitballin’ here.

We’re used to this – but here’s how the MSM took the Trump Administration’s efforts to protect women in war zones and turned it into a “Trump wants women raped” story. They do this all the time – take a story and simply make up an anti-Trump angle, no matter how divorced from reality. This is why I say that any story in the MSM about politics must be presumed to be a lie until confirmed by a non-MSM source. (HT: Ace)

From RSM: Guy gets arrested for assaulting his wife. SJW do-gooder group bails guy out. Guy goes home and murders his wife. To be fair, I do understand the desire to be merciful: it is crucial to a functioning society that we have a gigantic amount of mercy towards those who transgress. Partially because mercy, as such, is good but, also, because the authorities do make mistakes. But, everyone makes mistakes. And if a guy is in jail under serious charges, its probably not wise to rush in and spring him from jail. The job of criminal justice reformers is not to get people out of jail, but to ensure that the accused receive justice – if we are doing justice, then there’s no reason for anyone to complain.

Powerline on how the left is using teaching history to, well, ensure that the kids learn no history, at all.

Spring Day, Will be in the Pool Open Thread

Got in the pool yesterday, actually: a little chilly, but not bad. Its going above 90 out here today, so expect and increasingly tan Mark in the coming days.

Cher gets a little red-pilled over the Bernie plan to allow imprisoned felons to vote. Perhaps there is a level of stupid so bad that even the most dyed-in-the-wool liberals will wake up? I think 2020 will test this theory.

Harris was also a bit on board with Bernie’s “Let the Boston Bomber Vote” program, until, I guess, her aides and pollsters went “are you f***ing nuts!”. She’s backing down a bit from it – but, don’t believe her: the liberals really do believe jailed murderers should vote, because they’ll likely all vote Democrat. Harris is just beating a tactical retreat.

The Citizenship Question will go before the Supreme Court and rumors are the Conservative majority will back Trump – which, to me, is a no-brainer: there’s no valid reason not to have such a question on the census. It is a violation of my rights as a citizen of the United States that some States get more House representation based upon people who aren’t even supposed to be in the country. I’d also like to look into the validity of someone who holds a House seat where the number of citizen voters is significantly smaller than the average number of citizen voters per district. To me, such a person cannot hold a House seat as no proper election occurred given our one man, one vote requirement for such things.

Latinos are doing very well under Trump – by some measures, better than they’ve ever done. How will this play in 2020? Don’t know. But if Trump can crack 40% of the Latino vote, it’ll be a blowout for him.

Rep. Omar (D-West Somalia) back in 2017 essentially called the American soldiers of “Black Hawk Down” fame, terrorists. A veteran of that fight responds. You have to think about this: American blood was shed to save Omar’s life and after this and coming to America and now living a life that no Somali could ever dream of in Somalia, she’s calling the men who made it all possible terrorists. I do doubt the validity of her oath of citizenship.

RSM notes a feminist coffee shop in Australia started charging men 18% more than women…and for some bizarre reason, the place is now going out of business.

John Nolte notes 51 deliberate, malicious lies the MSM told you about Trump-Russia.

Open Thread

Senator Romney (R, D; MA, UT…whatever and wherever, as long as I get to be in power) took a dump on President Trump as did famed Never Trumper David French. Oddly, their statements are alike in that they both claim the Mueller Report shows a horrible, lying, corrupt Trump (who didn’t do anything illegal) and who must now be opposed. A lot of people go on like that – which shows that it was clearly coordinated. The plan was clearly that Mueller would find something damaging and people like Romney and French were supposed to be part of a cascade of voices moving Trump towards resignation. It didn’t work out because of that pesky, little detail of Trump not doing anything wrong…but I guess once you’re bought, you stay bought: the people who pay for the Romneys and Frenches want this, so they get it.

Some Christian churches in Sri Lanka were blown to pieces on Easter – and just as you expected, no one who waxed eloquent over the attack on a Mosque in New Zealand is pointing out the specific, anti-Christian aspect of the attack. No one is wearing a crucifix in solidarity; no one offering up a Hail Mary. In fact, most of the people on the left saying anything about it stay away from even mentioning a Christian element. Christians are, by far, the most persecuted people in the world – and we pray for those who do evil to us…but even so, be nice if some of these cowards in the global elite would at least acknowledge what is happening.

Along with vicious attacks, the other thing we Christians expect on Easter is opinion pieces from so-called Christians which deny key aspects of the faith. I ran across one of these – you can read it if you like, but if you’ve ever read one of them, you’ve read them all. Each of them is just mindless, sophomoric drivel. But it occurred to me: why bother? I mean, its ok (in the sense that you are free to do so) to not believe that Christ’s death on the cross redeemed the world. It is ok to deny that we are in need of washing in miraculous waters. It is ok to deny that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God. Every Muslim, Jew, Hindu and Atheist in the world does just that…but, they also don’t try to pretend to be Christian while doing it. Why do these nitwits do it? Are they still, every so slightly, open to repentance, or are they mere emissaries of the enemy?

Victor Davis Hanson interviewed regarding the anti-Trump coup attempt.

Don Surber: keep fighting. He’s right. We can be magnanimous in victory once we are entirely victorious. Until the left is utterly destroyed, we can’t let up for a moment.

Actress Emma Thompson burns through three tonnes of carbon to save the planet. From you.

Happy Easter!

On the first day of the week,
Mary of Magdala came to the tomb early in the morning,
while it was still dark,
and saw the stone removed from the tomb.
So she ran and went to Simon Peter
and to the other disciple whom Jesus loved, and told them,
“They have taken the Lord from the tomb,
and we don’t know where they put him.”
So Peter and the other disciple went out and came to the tomb.
They both ran, but the other disciple ran faster than Peter
and arrived at the tomb first;
he bent down and saw the burial cloths there, but did not go in.
When Simon Peter arrived after him,
he went into the tomb and saw the burial cloths there,
and the cloth that had covered his head,
not with the burial cloths but rolled up in a separate place.
Then the other disciple also went in,
the one who had arrived at the tomb first,
and he saw and believed.
For they did not yet understand the Scripture
that he had to rise from the dead.

John 20:1-9

Pre-Mueller-Mageddon Open Thread

Tomorrow is The Day of all Days: the Mueller Report gets released. Whole thing is a waste of time, of course, but that won’t stop Democrats. If they are at a loss, they’ll just bald-faced lie and make up stuff about it. I think, though, that the pivot they’ll revolve around is whatever is redacted – they’ll assure their suckers viewers that in those areas is the proof that Trump is a Russian stooge. What I’m hoping for is that as we ring down the curtain on Mueller, Barr starts to raise the curtain on a general investigation into government corruption.

Robert O’Rourke (D-Never Be Caught Dead in Texas Again After This) says that he doesn’t give to charity because he gives himself to us. Seriously: I’m not kidding. That’s what he’s asserting. And the Democrats claim that Trump is a narcissist.

Jazz Shaw has an interesting bit on the UAW’s continuing efforts to unionize the VW plant in Chattanooga. It’ll probably fall flat: but, I’m starting to wonder if it isn’t time for us on the right to become Unionists? What I mean is that there is a real need for worker unions – trouble is, the worker unions we have these days mostly represent government employees and are the merest tools of the Democrat party. But suppose we started up a union which represents only private sector employees and remains strictly non-partisan while pushing for various worker protections? Think about it: we’re all starting to feel a grip of fear that one unguarded comment on social media could get us fired; might be nice to have union protection against that. So, too, might the cubicle workers (mostly customer service of various types) like some protections against stupidly absurd work schedules (serious, guys: I know whereof I speak…some times they have these poor people working mornings one day, evenings the next and then take their two days off and split them up)? Might also be nice to have unions which work against government regulations which are designed to restrain trade. We should ponder this.

RSM wonders if Soros is funding Democrat anti-Semitism.

Trump son-in-law Kushner is apparently working on a Middle East peace deal to be unveiled later this year – naturally, the Palestinian leadership is opposed before the plan it is even presented. What people won’t admit – because they are cowards – is that the PA is a mafia-like organization and if they made peace, there’d be no place for the current mafia bosses. It doesn’t matter that the Palestinians suffer under poverty and corruption. It certainly doesn’t matter that a few Israelis are killed by the guys in Gaza (matters even less that Palestinians are killed in response). All that matters is that the mafia bosses continue to live well and siphon off foreign aid money to their Swiss bank accounts. Until people confront this fact and kill the Palestinian leaders, there will be no peace.

Gotta love the Poles – they propose to name a new, American military base in Poland, “Fort Trump”. Of all the Europeans, the Poles are about the only ones worth an American’s attention…though the Czech’s and the Balt’s are ok.