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Whole Foods and Nordstrom are pulling out of San Francisco. Think about that – when you think of major American cities, it is New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco as the top four. I guess someone can dispute that but, tell me, where is the different city which has the cachet of those four? Nothing wrong, per se, with Boston or Dallas or Miami…but in the popular mind, when you think of American cities, you’re probably thinking of one of those four. So, San Francisco, one of America’s premier cities – a city famed throughout the world and which most foreigners could name – is losing two major retailers. Why?

Crime. Filth. Social chaos.

It is really nothing more than that – it is impossible to do business in a city where the police simply will not protect order and prevent crime. Reading about Whole Foods, it sounds like since their store was opened last year it has been a happy hunting ground not just for shoplifters and vandals, but simple crazies who would destroy food, get into fights and defecate on the floor. These are not small outfits who can’t absorb the normal extra expense of people in a major city center…these are big players, and they just can’t take it.

Now, imagine how it is for the small fry – and they can’t leave. It is sink or swim with San Francisco.

Its all deliberate and malicious, by the way – the Left is doing this on purpose to punish people for not being sufficiently Maoist. How long can this go on before there is a reaction? Don’t know. One of the marks of being a Progressive is a willingness to put up with a lot if the Party demands it. Solzhenitsyn wrote of Communists in Gulag sending endless appeals to Stalin…begging the man who sent them to prison for nothing to let them out again…or, failing that, allow them to run the prison. The greatest fear of the Godless is to be cast out from society. So, San Francisco and other cities may get quite a lot worse before someone living there, say, votes for a Republican.

The Navy has hired a non-binary drag queen to help with recruitment. Recruiting what, I can’t imagine. This is not my Navy any longer. I would advise any young man out there considering service to just stay out. If you’re not to be sent to fight a war you won’t be allowed to win, you’ll be turned on your own people one of these days. The good news is that the military is falling far short of recruitment goals – seems like middle and working class white people (who have always made up the overwhelming bulk of service members – especially in the combat arms) aren’t interested in serving right now.

The latest trans to make a splash is a odd ball in Montana – broke the rules of the Legislature and got the boot. But here’s the kicker – such was able to get elected in Montana. Shows that even in the deepest Red States, we’ve allowed the Progressive cancer to grow. It is usually in the towns with a large college. The problem here is that the professors and administrators of these colleges are all imports from Blue areas, or are people who went to Blue areas and were propagandized into being Commies. We must take control of our Red State higher education. Start booting out the Commies and hiring people who agree with us to teach and administer. This, by the way, helps us two ways – it takes away power and influence from the Left and if we do it, then our colleges will be providing real education. This is going to be crucial going forward because when its time to staff agencies and business, when the hiring people are given a choice between Ivy League Woke and Red State Educated, our people will get picked simply because they’ll be capable.

The boycott of Bud Light has been a phenomenal success – but, it was easy, wasn’t it? All across America beer drinkers can just reach for the Coors Light rather than the gay beer. Don’t know how Bud Light comes back from this.

Open Thread

Starting a few weeks ago and now really gathering steam is a coordinated effort in the MSM to smear the Supreme Court’s Conservative majority. I’m sure most of you have seen at least bits of it but what the stories all amount to is the portrayal of business as usual (the Liberal Justices and families do the same things – and apparently the sorts of activities have been common in the Court for ages with no complaints) in the most lurid terms possible. With the smears comes the Solution: pack the Court for the more far Left voices, enact “ethics” rules for the seemingly reasonable part of the Left.

What it all amounts to, though, is an attempt to de-legitimize the Court as preparation for its emasculation. To make it something of no account in American governance. At least until such time as it regains a Liberal majority, then it will all be Holy Writ again. But, of course, you can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube…once the Court is de-legitimized it doesn’t get legitimacy back. It either becomes utterly powerless or a mere rubber stamp for the powerful. In neither case do you retain an independent branch of government able to halt unconstitutional actions by the other two branches. To nutshell it, because the Court is no longer a happy hunting ground for the imposition of grossly unpopular Liberal policy, the Liberals propose to destroy the Court…and in the process destroy the Republic.

While most Liberals, themselves, are too brainless to understand what is happening, we on the Right must very much be aware and seek to stop it. But here’s the real problem: just as polls now show majorities are fearful of the climate change hoax, so will majorities eventually hold the Court to be corrupt – if the MSM repeats a lie often enough, it gets believed and thus affects votes. Essentially, the MSM – at the behest of the DNC – is going to lie to the American people until the people say we have to “do something” to fix the Court…and the “something” will not have any connection to the Constitution. And if the Court strikes down the “something” that will be seen as proof that the Court is corrupt. Our problem isn’t Liberal desire here so much as Liberal lies – especially Liberal MSM lies.

The Founders knew full well that there would be lies. They were all men of the world and bleakly aware of the follies of mankind. They wrote the First Amendment so ensure that the truth would also be spoken. That with everyone getting their say, the lies would more often than not be exposed and people would support the truth. But what the Founders never envisioned was 90% or more of the means of speaking being under the control of liars serving one Party. What we can’t do is pretend that the uniformity of lies from CNN/MSNBC/CBS/ABC/NPR/Washington Post/NY Times/etc, etc is something protected by the First Amendment. The Constitution is not a suicide pact.

Starting on the local and State level and going to federal if as and when we obtain trifecta power, we should enact a series of laws removing all protections from those who lie in the MSM. The Sullivan ruling – made by a Liberal Court to empower the MSM to lie with abandon – must be jettisoned. And I think that we’ve now got a Supreme Court which has a vested interest in seeing it jettisoned. We must not ever get the government in the business of policing speech…but we must restore the pre-Sullivan criteria that if you lie about someone in public, you have defamed them and are liable for civil penalty. Keep in mind that Sullivan held that actual malice had to be shown and it is almost impossible for a person lied about in the press to prove actual malice (who can see into another person’s mind?). What we must restore is a standard of falsehood: if you lie, you must pay. Don’t want to pay? Then don’t say in public anything you aren’t 100% certain is true. I don’t see this as a burden for anyone. And I mean, at all. Tell the truth or shut your trap.

If we can do this, then we will be able to push back against the MSM. Remember, they lie all the time about everything. If they don’t lie all the time about everything then the Democrats will lose in landslides all across the country – including in Blue States. It is lies which sustain the Left, nothing else. Take away the ability of people to lie without fear…and we win.

Jim Cramer says the banking crisis is over. So, I suggest you invest in canned goods and shotguns given Cramer’s record of always being wrong.

Tom Brady reportedly done with dating models. Yeah, Imma call that Fake News. I mean, why do rich, good looking guys date super models? Because they can.

True Conservatism Has Never Been Tried

A Twitter friend (@KenGardner11) asserts that “traditional conservatism” has been largely abandoned by the GOP – especially by the MAGA crowd. And what is traditional conservatism? Here’s how Ken describes it:

Traditional conservatism — limited constitutional government, fiscal responsibility, free markets, free trade, a strong military, a proactive force for freedom in the world — might today be the minority position even within the GOP, much less the country at large.

I think that most of us here are ok with that sort of definition. It is what we by and large considered Conservatism to be. But were we correct? That is, for those of us, say, 45 and older, is what we called Conservatism for our adult lives really Conservatism?

Limited constitutional government is a great ideal. Love it! But is it something we can have while we also have a strong military and are being a proactive force for freedom in the world? If we have that strong military and we are being proactive out there, that means we’re under permanent threat of counter-attack from the pro-active forces of tyranny. This means we need a national security apparatus to protect ourselves from a Pearl Harbor. A national security apparatus will necessarily have to spy to some extent on Americans because we can’t be sure if any of us won’t turn traitor. And so our rights are curtailed by the government in order to maintain the strong military so we can be a proactive force for freedom in the world. See how it goes?

I’m pretty sure readers here know my opinions on free markets and free trade (so called): it is a blind. A false ideal. You can’t have a totally free market and you can’t engage in free trade. Human nature prohibits either thing. Because some people will try to cheat and grind the faces of the poor, there must be some controls on the market. Because some nations will cheat and seek to destroy economic competitors, you must have some controls on trade. But in addition to these concerns, there is the fact that free markets and free trade are not Conservative. They are Liberal. Traditional, 19th century Manchester School Liberalism. Even if an argument can be made that they are, on balance, better ideas than their alternatives, the fact remains they are Liberal ideals…if we Conserve them, then all we’ve done is Conserve Liberalism.

I’ve come to the conclusion that we’ve never tried Conservatism. Even someone like the great Ronald Reagan wasn’t so much trying to Conserve Conservative things but was, instead, trying to restore a Liberal status quo from, say, 1925. No fault to Reagan! He did great things and we can never repay the debt we owe him. But if we want to be Conservatives Conserving things, I think we’re going to have to rethink things a bit.

In my view, what needs to be done is to first define our ideal and then go about obtaining it. And while this ideal is Conservative, we will have to accept the fact that given what we live under now – a Liberal oligarchy – some revolution may be necessary to achieve the ideal. My ideal is a society of faith, family and property. I believe that such a society meets an actual definition of Conservatism because all experience shows that only a society of faith, family and property is sane, stable and free. In other words, whatever you might say you have, you have nothing good if the primary purpose of your society isn’t the fostering of faith, family and property.

Faith because while we can all argue endlessly about the nature of God and what our duties to Him are, we Conservatives know from human experience that a moral code which is not handed down from God cannot work. We also know that without hope of ultimate justice and peace the human species loses sanity and becomes narcissistic, greedy and slothful.

Family because the primary unit of society is the family. We know from human experience that the purpose of the family is the creation and rearing of children and that if this task is not properly carried out absolute disaster results. Such as we have now when we can see videos showing packs of feral young people looting stores and engaging in street brawls over nothing.

Property because, call it what you will, humanity only works to benefit itself. All of us wish others well, but our primary concern is that we and our families are taken care of. I very much want that family down the block to prosper in love and peace…but my main concern in life is to ensure my granddaughter prospers in love and peace. My best means of doing this is to build up sufficient property to ensure that she can have her material needs met…that she can strive and thrive without having to work for someone else just to obtain her daily bread.

All three of my ideals have been ruthlessly and maliciously destroyed by the Liberal oligarchy which has come to govern the whole planet to one degree or another. This oligarchy hates faith because it believes it can create heaven on Earth. It hates family because it believes that the primary human loyalty must be given to the group, led by the oligarchs. It hates property because property makes people independent of the ministrations of the oligarchy. To get them back – to even start to get my ideals back – I must overthrow the Liberal oligarchy. I cannot content myself with just trying to stop the Latest Thing…I must proactively overthrow what has been imposed.

Do keep in mind that such an effort does not preclude working within the current American system. Our Founders did create a very clever system which even now gives me leverage. I pray earnestly that I can effect the necessary changes by using the system. But at the end of the day, if I want what I believe in to survive, I must accept that I’ll have to do it by any means necessary. And if this means I’ll have to abolish corporations on one hand and confiscate oligarchic wealth on the other, then that is what will have to happen…and by so doing I will not be doing other than Conservatism.

It is time, the first time, to try Conservatism. To actually honor our knowledge and traditions by seeking to implement them on society. In my view, it is this way, or death. If all we ever try to do is support what Liberals imposed 40, 80 or 100 years ago, then we’re just helping cement a social order which we can see is leading us to total destruction. Perhaps most on the Right cannot see the line going from, say, Wilsonian Progressives and San Francisco Maoists…but I see it. The latter is the direct descendant of the former. And if we’re still trying to make the world safe for Democracy, I think we’ll find that all we’ve done is make the world safe for more Maoists. I’ll go back to Wilson and discard it; I’ll pick up the mantle of McKinley and Cleveland and reject the Liberal project. I’ll be Conservative…even if I’m burning the system to the ground.

Isolationism is Best

David Frum took Senator Lee to task over his refusal to back the war in Ukraine – stating that failure to back the Administration when its helping a NATO effort is tantamount to backing Russia. So it has been in our foreign affairs since WWI – failure to enthusiastically back Administration foreign and war policy is treason.

To my shame, I used to sign on to this. I am glad I’m past it now.

To be sure, there is such a thing as treason – we define it directly in our Constitution. One of the few definitions of crime in it.

Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort. – Article III, section 3

Now, you can make an argument that refusing to condemn Russia over Ukraine is some sort of adherence to our enemies, but I do believe that stretches it far beyond the breaking point. Adhering to our enemies in the Founder’s minds would have been what Benedict Arnold did: taking an officer’s commission in the Royal Army to fight against us. It is true that after the Revolution many Loyalists were mistreated and forced to flee the new nation – and good riddance to them. As Samuel Adams put it, I hope their chains sat lightly upon them and we have very much forgotten they were ever our countrymen. But nothing was done with that very large segment of the population which was neither Patriot nor Loyalist. The bottom line is that a great number of Americans didn’t care one way or the other about the outcome of the war. And after the war, they simply became citizens along with the Patriots and proceeded to play their role as citizens in the formation of our Republic. Given this, I don’t think that anyone refusing to back Ukraine can in any reasonable definition be considered a traitor.

But that is what the Frums of the world consider them to be. They are so committed to the global order that they cannot allow any dissenting view from it. We must be involved. Isolationism must be wrong. And so on like that. It is very useful for them to take such a line as it excuses them from having to argue in favor of the war or the policy. It allows them to merely slander those who disagree with it.

The only war we’ve had since the Civil War which wasn’t a war of choice was the war against Japan. One can argue that various policies of the USA provoked Japan into attacking and I will agree…but the choice still lay with Japan. They did commit the overt act against a Power which was not in any way threatening offensive military action against Japan. But other than that war, everything has been a choice. Sure, a lesser argument can be made that the war against Hitler’s Germany also wasn’t a choice as Hitler declared war on us. But our sending by far the largest part of our military force to Europe was a choice. We didn’t have to do it. Backed by American aid, the Anglo-Russian combine in Europe could never be defeated by Germany. Open question whether this combine absent an American Army and Air Force could have beat down the Germans as was in fact done…but the bottom line is that we didn’t have to be there. And neither have we had to be anywhere else.

But everywhere else we have been, right? And now think about it: in each case the justification for action was Hitler. Because Hitler managed to get rolling against people who didn’t want to put up a fight it became necessary for us to put up a fight for everyone else, forever. And by one means or another (though lately explicitly) each enemy we’re told to go fight is another Hitler who, if not stopped right now and by us, will grow to a Hitlerian threat to the world. It is really rather crude – indeed, cartoonish – propaganda once you see through it, but it has worked very well. And so they keep doing it – and now Senator Lee is a Hitler-appeasing traitor…for not wanting an open-ended commitment to Ukraine’s government (which is getting to be m ore unsavory in action all the time).

It is good to point out that it was only in hindsight that Hitler had to be stopped regardless of cost. Anyone telling you that the leaders of the world knew what Hitler was up to in the death camps is lying or misinformed. Sure, plenty of word did get out but it was like all other word out of an occupied territory…you couldn’t be sure. It was only when the camps were opened that we knew for certain what was happening…and everyone was shocked because nobody, not even the strongest opponents of Hitlerism, thought that an advanced people like the Germans could really round up men, women and children and exterminate them. So, it was good that we got deep into Europe. Had we not, many more millions of innocents would have died. But that was happenstance. It wasn’t intended. We didn’t invade Europe to shut down Auschwitz; it was shut down as a merciful byproduct of the main desire. But this hindsight is now transformed into foresight for the globalist propagandists and everyone they hate has to be Hitler and we all have to jump aboard or we’re allowing another Holocaust to occur.


Hitler was a unique thing. What he did and how he was able to accomplish it will never be repeated. This is not to say that we won’t come across people willing to murder millions. Heck, some of our own leaders are willing to murder millions to appease the weather god. But there won’t ever again be a racial supremacist like Hitler determined to conquer territory for his people and exterminate a group identified as the sole enemy of humanity. It just won’t happen again. Putin not only isn’t a Hitler, he can’t be a Hitler. He might be twenty different versions of SOB, but he’s not an existential threat to Europe or the world. He’s a problem. But is he our problem?

I say, no. Europe is collectively far more powerful than Russia. Just between Poland, Germany, France and Britain a military, naval and air force can be raised sufficient to make Russia back down. And with France and Britain having nuclear weapons, there’s a complete stand off on that level. I can see why Poland doesn’t want the Russian Bear to take Ukraine and once again hold land bordering a Poland which for centuries has been seen by Russia as a sort of redoubt to be held by Russia against Europe. But this tells me the Poles better build a first rate military force and make alliance with Germany and, also, Romania and Hungary who also don’t want a Russian army camped on their borders. And if the Poles or the Europeans in general don’t do this?

Well, how does that become an American problem? People who won’t defend themselves are to be defended by us? For what purpose? If the Poles don’t want to work to keep the Russkies away, why should a kid from Ohio have to do it?

And why is it our problem if the Syrians are having a civil war? Did the Syrians intervene in ours? Sudan descends into chaos. Why is that our problem? I can see keeping foreigners out of the Americas, but what interest do I as an American have in African, European and Asian affairs?

Oh, you can talk me into having an interest. But this would require truly reciprocal alliances and allies who maintain powerful military forces. I don’t think I should have to send an American army to defend Poland unless, say, a Polish army is pledged to come to east Asia to help us fight the Chinese. And that Polish army better be first rate. Well trained. Best possible equipment. Ready at a moment’s notice to fight. See where I’m going? It isn’t an alliance if I’ve got an unlimited obligation to my ally and he has no obligation to me. If he’s allowed to be slack in preparedness and doesn’t have to bleed with us when we’re attacked, then it isn’t an alliance. That is a client relationship – and if Poland is our client, fine. They can pay us 3% of their GDP every year. Same as everyone else in the NATO “alliance”. We’re the first global empire to be the sugar-daddy and its just stupid.

I want us to stop this. To give up the Wilsonian demand that the world be made safe for Democracy. I don’t care what the world is: I only care what America is. And I don’t like being called a traitor – with all that implies – because I don’t want Americans to bleed for the Donbas. We’ve poisoned ourselves with alliances. It is time to bring them to an end. The war is over. Come on home, America. Let the foreigners fight. Advise them carefully that attacking us is suicidal, but leave them alone. It isn’t our world.

Lies Must be Punished

We found out a while ago that the 50 intel people who signed the “Hunter’s laptop is Russian disinfo” letter were lying when they signed the letter – but what we’re finding out now is what we’ve suspected all along…the “Russian disinfo” story was concocted by Team Pudding Brain as a deliberate and malicious lie to protect Joe’s electoral prospects. The current Secretary of State was a lead person in this effort to deceive the American people. To, as our Democrats like to put it, interfere with Democracy.

It needs to be understood that the laptop was a career-ending event if the people found out about it. To this day, most Americans are still not familiar with the contents of the laptop. The normal course of events – in a sane society – when something like that laptop appears would be the 24/7 coverage which would reveal the info and drive it into the public mind. Had that laptop belonged to one of Trump’s children, that is how it would have been covered and by election day Trump would have been lucky to get to 35% of the vote. It is that bad – it details horrific crimes, some of which were clearly known by Joe and some which also implicate him in the criminal activity. The reason Team Biden went into damage control mode was because of the devastating nature of the information. And that action, of course, doesn’t really upset anyone all that much. We do expect politicians to lie when they get caught. We wish they wouldn’t. We wish they would repent, confess and then go away. But we also know that doesn’t happen.

What we do expect to happen – what we demand must happen – is that the MSM and the officials of government not help the politician lie. Team Biden was only able to bury the story because of the active cooperation of the MSM and America’s intelligence and law enforcement agencies. What happened in 2020 was a conspiracy between the Democrats, the MSM and the American government to lie their favored candidate into office. This is absent any concerns about voter fraud – even supposing the vote was totally legit, the fact remains that Biden would not have got nearly enough votes had the truth come out. And everyone familiar knows this to be the case.

We have a very serious problem here – not that people lie. People have always lied. The problem is that everyone with power is lying. All the time and about everything. They do this because it works. The other day Biden’s press secretary said that Florida law now bans a gay teacher from placing a photo of their spouse on their desk. This is complete fabrication. A bald-faced and quite shameless lie. But it is said. And it works. Such a lie, by the way, isn’t meant for you and me: it is meant for suburban white women who still get their news from the MSM. It works splendidly to keep such people on side. But here’s the kicker: the lies work because nobody is ever punished for the lies.

A society buried under a morass of lies will die. It can’t be sustained. Eventually everything falls apart. We must develop the means to punish lies. To make those who lie suffer a great deal – perhaps even in the most extreme cases with their lives. But certainly with their money – all of it. It is the only way to make it stop. Lying must come with such grave penalty that they’ll be afraid to lie. In the States we control, we should be seeking means to punish lies. If we gain trifecta power in DC again, we must do it at that level, too. The lies must stop and only force will get them to stop.

Open Thread

Democrats have a Feinstien problem. No, its not her lifetime of corruption or that she employed a Chinese spy for years. For the Democrats, none of that is a problem! Their problem is that she’s 900 years old and is ill – can’t get to the Senate to vote the way she’s told and its holding up Biden’s horrific judicial nominees. Naturally, they want the GOP to get them out of this jam by voting to suspend the rules and allow some other Democrat to temporarily fill her seat. McConnell has come through for us on this and not allowed it – as they can’t get unanimous consent, they’ll need a floor vote and that takes 60 votes to happen. Can they get GOP votes for it? Perhaps some, but I suspect not enough. This does provide some real leverage for the Senate GOP…but one thing McConnell has never liked is using leverage against Democrats. Naked exercises of power are ok with him, but making them pay a price for something never enters into his head. OTOH, McConnell is clearly not in the best of health, himself, and as GOPers start jockeying for position, maybe they can force Mitch’s hand here? With the debt ceiling looming, this is the perfect time to take a pound of Democrat flesh.

There’s several videos of a completely looted Chicago Wal Mart. This isn’t just some high value items – the store is pretty much cleared out. The most heart wrenching was put out by a Chicago mother who was simply shopping for food for the kids and there was none left. And she does blame her fellow black people for it – pointing out that she is not a thief, but now because of them she can’t get what she needs. The bad news: it just gets worse from here. Chicago’s new Mayor is a full-blown Leninist who figures that looting is just “loot the looters”. But you can’t sustain this: businesses can’t remain in business if at any moment their whole stock of goods is to be stolen. And think about it: a whole Wal Mart was cleaned out. Even the neighborhood Wal Mart stores are pretty darn big. Think how long it would take even for a sizeable mob to clean it out…which means the police weren’t even called on a “why bother?” attitude or they didn’t come after being called (and why should they? If they did and tried to make arrests, they’d just be setting themselves up for accusations of racist brutality with the mayor siding with the looters). In a short while, the only retail outlets in Blue cities will be fortresses with only limited goods and high prices to pay the costs of security. And without any easy targets to loot, it isn’t like the mobs will then settle down and get a job…they’ll just start moving out into the rich, white suburbs with their BLM flags (that last bit will be a little funny, tho…)

China appears to be opening police stations in the USA in order to monitor and harass Chinese dissidents residing here. The two cops here were arrested but I have my doubts will really put a stop to this: the PRC has so entirely penetrated the American establishment that this might merely have been the signal for them to keep it more low key.

The latest comic book turned movie has become another in a long string of flops. Get woke, go broke as they say. But really its more “go boring, go broke”. Fun movies are supposed to be fun. Perhaps a bit ridiculous and heavy on special effects and explosions, but that is all part of the fun. But they become a drag if you have to bootstrap social commentary into them. I’m no genius author but I always consider the story before anything else. A character first introduced in Kings and Queen is gay, though not obviously so. If you’re paying close attention, you’ll notice it. But that fact also plays no role in the story. My characters have always appeared to me full grown as soon as I need them: there is character development as time goes on, but the gender, looks and basic motives of them are all there, whammo, as soon as I need them. This character, who shows up in a battle scene, showed up gay. In The Crimson Blade (Book VIII which will be released after Empress) this character becomes a secondary character in the overall story and so I tell more of his backstory – with him remaining gay, but that fact remaining utterly uninteresting in his role. Because something like that is primarily uninteresting. Its like hair color: something that just is. It is what your characters do in the story which makes or breaks them, and decides if the story is interesting. As it turns out, I liked this character so much that in Book IX (Home World), he becomes a main character.

What I’m saying here is that you can have in your stories non-traditional character roles. In fact, having a few odd balls in there is kinda fun. Anyone who reads my stories knows I favor strong female characters – I’ve never liked shrinking violets and I didn’t marry one. Mousy women have always irritated me. The girls I’ve got are gutsy broads who aren’t afraid of anything…but I’m also not going to please modern absurdity by having one of them take down a 250 pound warrior in hand to hand combat (Rossalyn slicing the unwary up with a sword is another matter entirely, of course). You can have just about anything you want in your story – but its got to be fun, not be boring because you had to shoehorn in the latest social mores as decreed by the ultra-woke. The sooner the movie makers figure this out the sooner they’ll get back to making money.

Open Thread

I saw a meme yesterday and I may have been a photoshopped joke. I wish I had copied it but it is long gone somewhere in the Twitter TL but the gist of it was a chryon claiming 15% of the American people believe Satanist pedophiles run America. We smile. Har har. Can’t be! But then, today, I came across something called UNAIDS 8 March Principles.

It ain’t good, folks. To quote:

…sexual conduct involving persons below the domestically prescribed minimum age of consent to sex may be consensual in fact, if not in law. In this context, the enforcement of criminal law should reflect the rights and capacity of persons under 18 years of age to make decisions about engaging in consensual sexual conduct and their right to be heard in matters concerning them.

I think that you and I – because we’re not insane – would simply hold to a principle that the age of consent it set for a reason. Understanding that there can always be exceptions to every rule, in most Western nations we have decided that before your 18th birthday, you lack the capacity to reasonably consent. Whether that consent is to take out a loan or to engage in sexual activity. We know that a 15 year old can be wise beyond their years and that a 25 year old can be childish. But the line has to be drawn somewhere and we drew it at 18.

We are also reasonable people so we’re probably not going to prosecute a 19 year old boy who has consensual sex with a 17 year old girl. But our rule will still remain that any time a person over 18 has sexual relations with a person under 18, scrutiny is to be applied and the younger the minor and the older the adult the more harsh we’re going to be. And to be fair here, the UN is not calling for the decriminalization of pedophilia but do note the way they wrote it: the minor involved is to be asked how they felt about it and if the minor says it was ok, that must be taken into consideration as a matter of law. In other words, if a groomer manages to successfully groom, then its ok.

We’re really barrelling ahead into very dark times, my friends. Evil is stalking the world and taking over every institution. Because we believe in God we know we will win…but when we do win, we must remember that at times harshness works out to mercy. We must instruct those who are going down the UN’s path. They must forever learn that you cannot do that.

Never heard of Yuengling beer until just recently – but I guess they are America’s oldest brewery and they are ruthlessly taking advantage of Budweiser becoming the King of Gay Beers. I don’t drink much these days but I will have a beer or two by the pool. So, I’ll pick up Yuengling.

In case you have been living under a rock, it is now officially reported that anti-Christian bigotry is reaching unprecedented levels. This is the natural course of events. Gay is now the national religion and no national religion allows a rival. Do keep in mind, it isn’t all gay people. Might not even be most gay people. But certain people are insisting that everyone bend the knee to LGBTQ and if you don’t, you will pay a price.

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Rumor mill says McConnell is about to call it quits: I guess that fall he took a little while back was much worse than originally advertised. The good news is that the Kentucky GOP rather miraculously engaged in foresight and in 2021 enacted – over the Democrat governor’s veto – a new provision for replacing a Senator: the governor must select between 3 different candidates put forward by the Party which won the previous Senate election. So, Mitch gets replaced by another GOPer. I do pray that McConnell recovers but I’m also happy he’s moving on…he did a lot of good things for us, but he’s too old and too old fashioned. He’s not the sort of leader we need in the Senate right now.

Update: In a Tweet, McConnell says he’ll return to the Senate on Monday, scotching that rumor, at least for now.

The IRS is now going to force 1099’s on anyone who receives $600.00 or more via Venmo or other electronic means. This is what Pudding Brain meant when he said he was going to make those billionaires pay their fair share: it was always about going after low paid people not letting Uncle Sam get his cut. As I’ve said again and again: the richest 1% doesn’t have any money. Not in relation to what Uncle Sam needs. In 2022 Uncle Sam spent $6.2 trillion. All the rich people in America, if we confiscated it, probably wouldn’t cover 80% of that. And even if it covered a year, that’s it. All done. No more rich people. You can only confiscate once. The real money in America – by a vast amount – is held by working people. Those who go to work every day and earn taxable wages. Each of us only has a small amount but there are 166.7 million of us. Collectively, we make vastly more than the super rich and the pool of taxable money replaces itself every year. Any “tax the rich” scheme by the Democrats will always work out to “soak the poor”. It simply can’t be any other way.

Netflix is going with a black Cleopatra. This is what she looked like from contemporary sources:

She was Greek. She might not have even known how to speak the Egyptian language. She was the tail end of a Greek Ruling Class which set itself up in Alexandria in the aftermath of Alexander the Great’s demise and simply milked Egypt for all it was worth. But even if she was the product of some intermarriage with native Egyptians, this is what Egyptians looked like:

Were Egyptians Swedes? No. But they also weren’t black Africans. They were fairly typical Mediterranean peoples – skin darker than northern Europeans but not as dark as Africans. Easily could have been admixture into them from both sub-Sahara and northern Europe (the more we study the ancients the more we’re finding that people really moved around a lot).

So, why are they doing this? Two reasons:

  1. To eliminate white people from any positive aspect of history. White people are the devil in modern thinking and so cannot be connected to anyone who ever did a good deed, or even did anything interesting. This is cultural erasure and it is spreading: black people are being credited with innovations of Europeans and rely on it, eventually black people will be credited with all technology, art, literature and architecture.
  2. The Left feels a need to create a pro-Black myth to replace the older, pro-White myth. They can’t go around and simply say that the old racism was wrong and we shouldn’t do it anymore. Because just saying that means you’re still sitting around wondering just why black Africans were so technologically backwards as late as the 19th century. Even in the Americas there were some impressive civilizations. The highest sub-Saharan cultures barely rose to the heights of the neolithic era. Only the Australians were more primitive. I mean, there are very obvious reasons for the lack of development…almost entirely stemming from the peculiar geography of Africa. But your basic Marxist “studies” professor probably can’t read a map and never learned about how trade developed. So, they just make up things.

The Ruling Class is really angry that someone leaked intel showing that the Ukrainian military is weak. They are leaving no stone unturned to find the miscreant. Which is kinda weird: after all, even if you support Ukraine, you still need to know the true situation so you can assess the needs and respond. Unless, of course, the whole thing is a money laundering grift and so you need to hide it all to keep it rolling until just before Russian tanks arrive in Kiev.

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Polling, as we know, is mostly useless – probably more useless now than its ever been. In the Trump vs DeSantis fight, they show Trump up big nationally, but DeSantis running neck and neck in State polling, especially Iowa. My thoughts: we’re being fed polls designed to please Trumpsters and DeSantis-stans so that internal bickering will increase and get people to stake out “Only Trump” or “Never Trump” positions which would help Pudding Brain next year.

Remember: it is always an op. What is put out for public consumption is designed to get you to believe what isn’t true and act against your own best interests. They are never telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Nothing is for free – and if the product is free, then you are actually the product. Someone paying for a poll and handing it to you “free” means they want you to believe a certain way…nobody puts up money just for the heck of it.

RFK, Jr got into the race. He’s got no chance. Not even if Pudding Brain kicks the bucket. He is far Left loon on a lot of a positions, but not on all of them and as the rich and corporations have gone ever more Woke, they are now key elements of the Democrat coalition – RFK does take stabs at them and they’ll never forgive him for doing that. He’s also in bad repute because he is a traditional Left anti-war Democrat, taking up the mantle of his father…while the Democrats are all pro-war over Ukraine and speak nary a word against the Military-Industrial Complex these days. His anti-vax ideology is also mostly absurd – but it worked out to be spot-on with the Covid vaccine so that will garner him some support among the more Libertarian parts of the Left. Not nearly enough to make a difference in the Democrat primaries.

OTOH hand, Newsom is making all sorts of moves which are clearly preparing for a White House run. Mostly low key but doing things like ripping on RDS and donating money to the Tennessee Democrat party are things you only do if you want support from Democrats in Florida and Tennessee…States Pudding Brain is catastrophically unpopular in and which a solid challenger might do some damage in a Democrat primary. Remember: LBJ was all set to run again in 1968 until he merely did worse than expected in New Hampshire. It wouldn’t take much to get the Democrat power people (who are all largely owned by either the Clinton or Obama machines) to dump China Joe. On the other, other hand Newsom might just be keeping an iron in the fire in case Joe goes so gaga or dies that the Democrats have to run others…and worse comes to worst, Newsom is positioning himself for 2028. He will definitely run for President – do not doubt that. He’s confident he can win (and he’s got a lot of reason to be confident – the MSM will puff him up like the Second Coming).

The most recent spate of shootings are clearly the result of Democrats pumping up apocalyptic rhetoric and just waiting for one of their deranged followers to explode. They’ll keep doing this. Oh, you think they wouldn’t do that? Rely on it, guys: people who favor abortion to birth don’t care about human life. They don’t have to order anyone to do it…they know, they’ve got a huge and growing crop of followers who are insane and who are driven to depression by unrelenting “the world is dying” and “GOP is Nazi” rhetoric.

Happy Easter!

Peter proceeded to speak and said:
“You know what has happened all over Judea,
beginning in Galilee after the baptism
that John preached,
how God anointed Jesus of Nazareth
with the Holy Spirit and power.
He went about doing good
and healing all those oppressed by the devil,
for God was with him.
We are witnesses of all that he did
both in the country of the Jews and in Jerusalem.
They put him to death by hanging him on a tree.
This man God raised on the third day and granted that he be visible,
not to all the people, but to us,
the witnesses chosen by God in advance,
who ate and drank with him after he rose from the dead.
He commissioned us to preach to the people
and testify that he is the one appointed by God
as judge of the living and the dead.
To him all the prophets bear witness,
that everyone who believes in him
will receive forgiveness of sins through his name.”

Acts 10:34a, 37-43