Primary Night Open Thread

Discuss all the races of the day – will Lincoln get the boot in Arkansas? Gibbons in Nevada? Will Democrats desperately spin the increasingly hostile political atmosphere?

What did I do here in Nevada? Noonan for Nevada has the details.

UPDATE: Voter support for Congress at record low.

UPDATE II: Angry pinkos heckle Pelosi.

UPDATE III: Hmm…Reid is getting 78% of the Democrat vote in the primary in early returns. If this holds true, then it will be a stunning rebuke – he’ll still win, but he should get 95% or better against the non-entities he faces.

UPDATE IV: “None of These Candidates” is winning 9% in the early returns for the Democrat Senate primary in Nevada…

UPDATE V: From Saul Anuzis on Facebook – Lincoln wins the Democrat Senate runoff primary in Arkansas. Commentary: Now she gets to lose in November.

UPDATE VI: Another incumbent bites the dust – Republican governor Jim Gibbons of Nevada being soundly beaten in the primary by Brian Sandoval.

UPDATE VII: With 31% in, it looks like Sharron Angle will have the honor of sending Harry Reid back to Searchlight.

UPDATE VIII: Carly Fiorina draws the duty of retiring Senator Barbara Boxer.