Out and About on a Sunday

Because you knew they’d say it – Joaquin is caused by Global Warming Climate Change Climate Disruption:

…Hurricanes love warm water and the sea surface temperatures in Joaquin’s path are the warmest ever on record.

Thank humans for that…

This winter there will be a blizzard…or, there won’t. It doesn’t matter. It’ll be Global Warming…

So, a new national poll shows Carson leading Trump. I’ve wondered if Trump would flame out. Well, strictly speaking, I expected him to flame out, weeks ago. He didn’t – but that just advised me of the depth of anger at the Ruling Class. But, maybe he’s on the way down, now? Time will tell. I hope we keep getting these flavors of the month until people realize that Bobby Jindal is like 10,000% better than everyone else in the race.

But I doubt that’ll happen. As an aside, Obama’s approval rating in the aggregate at RCP is 45.5%. Generally, the President’s party scores right around the President’s approval rating on election day. There is nothing which will happen over the next 13 months which will improve Obama’s rating – and plenty of things can happen which will drag it down. Really, we can win this thing next year – imagine how hard it will be for Hillary to out-poll Obama…

Obama says that Syria is not some sort of super power chessboard. It is precisely that. Really, that is all we need to know about Obama – he hasn’t a clue.

Jake Tapper – who is a pretty smart guy – just doesn’t get it about Islam. In fact, of course, no one in the Ruling Class really does. The reason they don’t is because they, themselves, don’t really believe in anything in the sense of being willing to sacrifice life or, at least, comfort for it. Those who believe in something – even if you consider it a wrong thing – will always win out over those who don’t believe in anything. We can be friends with the Muslim world – but only if we are very firm in our own beliefs and show ourselves full willing to sacrifice in their defense.

The thing about immigration in Europe is that the Europeans have no real reason to keep them out – it is not like they are of a mind to defend a Christianity they don’t adhere to, or a liberty which is already vanishing anyways. Even if you want to think that they’d like to keep, say, Germany German for the sake of Germany’s children, you’re up against the fact that Germans have 1.4 children per woman – far below replacement level. There aren’t a lot of German children for Germans to be concerned about. Unless the people of Europe radically change their world view, they are doomed.

“Christianity is always out of fashion because it is always sane; and all fashions are mild insanities…” The Ball and the Cross, chapter 7


Scott Walker Does Half of What is Necessary

I always wondered if Walker’s fight with the public sector unions was, in a sense, accidental or part of a clearly conceived plan. Was he fighting them on principal because a public sector union is by nature a conspiracy against the common good, or was he just fighting them because he needed to reform Wisconsin’s budget? Well, now that he’s come out in favor of abolishing public sector unions at the federal level, I think I have my answer: Walker realized that public-sector unions are baleful.

If we are to restore a full republic in our nation, we simply must get rid of those elements which are twisting our institutions to serve particular interests. Among the many elements corrupting our government are public sector unions. And do keep in mind that it is public sector unions. Private sector unions are ok – in fact, private sector unions are good and beneficial for the most part (they, too, can become corrupt and corrupting – but when they do, they tend to destroy themselves by destroying the private sector companies they have unionized). I wouldn’t mind if 100% of private sector workers were unionized – though as a Distributist I’d prefer a more guild-like worker organization; but we’ll leave that aside from our discussion. The main thing: no problem with workers uniting to secure good pay and benefits in the private sector – massive problem with government employees getting together to work back-room deals with elected politicians. If you wonder why it is exceptionally difficult to fire an incompetent government employee; if you wonder why they are almost invariably placed on paid administrative leave when they mess up horribly; if you wonder why their pensions are so lavish that they are bankrupting cities and States – if you ever wonder about all that, then the answer to your wonder is public sector unions. By working corrupt deals with elected officials – primarily in terms of providing them with vast sums of financial and in-kind political donations – public sector unions have essentially insulated government employees from accountability.

But it goes even further than that. What is the interest of the public-sector unions? That there be as many government employees as possible and that they be as highly paid as possible regardless of the best interests of the people. Public-sector unions have a built-in preference for Big Government. There is no public issue which they will not insist requires an army of government employees, highly paid and almost impossible to get rid of. There can be no real reform of government unless public-sector unions are removed from the mix. They will fight tooth and nail – and buy as many politicians as necessary – in order to prevent even the most basic and common-sense reforms. They will fight to the last breath to preserve every government program, no matter how out-dated, worthless or entirely counter-productive it is. Public-sector unions don’t care if government programs work – they only care that they keep going, with increased budget, and more highly-paid, unionized government employees to staff them. They do not have the interests of the people in mind, at all. Concerning themselves with the needs and desires of the people is self-destructive for public sector unions – because if they did even for a moment pay heed to the needs and desires of the people, they’d have to work for reductions in the size of government, reductions in pay and benefits for government employees, reductions in the number of government employees. That would be suicidal for them.

In the absurdly unbalanced donations of the public sector unions we see this – far better than 90% of all public sector union donations go to Democrats: the party of Big Government. But the public sector unions are not the only group out there with a vested interest in Big Government. The other side of the coin is Big Corporation. Big Corporation likes Big Government for a variety of reasons. There are big government contracts to be had. There are tax breaks and subsidies to be obtained. And there is the fact that a massive regulatory State makes it very difficult for new entrants to the market to compete with the established Big Corporations. Big Corporation is a bit more even-handed in donations than the public sector unions, but their ultimate aim is roughly the same: ever more government (the only difference is that the public sector unions will work to elect Democrats ostensibly pledged to increasing taxes on Big Corporation – but in the reality, the Democrats in office will make sure that their own Big Corporation donors are taken care of via tax breaks). Between the two forces – public sector unions and Big Corporation – there is a massive force in the United States in favor of Big Government…and Big Government is the greatest threat to human life and liberty around. Big Government has to go – but it won’t go as long as powerful forces are around to protect it and expand it. Walker’s proposal to curb public sector unions is getting half the job done – now we need him (or other candidates) to tackle the other half: Big Corporation.

The 2016 election cycle has so far shaped up as an anti-establishment, populist election cycle. The people are angry and frustrated. Left and right, no one is pleased with the course of events. The rise of Trump and Sanders (and to a lesser extent Carson) is predicated upon these feelings. The Ruling Class in both parties simply does not see it – and doesn’t want to see it; likely because they know that they, the Ruling Class, are on the chopping block. The Ruling Class will work to get rid of Trump and Sanders. At this point, they are far less interested in whether or not a Democrat or a Republican wins the White House than whether or not the Ruling Class retains the White House. If the race is Trump vs Hillary then we’ll see a lot of GOP leaders running over to Hillary; if it is Bush vs Sanders, you’ll see a lot of Democrat leaders running over to Bush. Their place at the trough is at risk and they’ll fight to keep it.

As I’ve said before, Trump isn’t my guy. The only reason I’d vote for him is because all of the Democrats are functionally pro-Ruling Class. Sanders is campaigning as the outsider and Progressives are eating it up, but that is because they simply cannot intellectually understand that high income taxes and increased government just means more power for the people they don’t like. To a Progressive, high income taxes means high taxes on the Koch brothers…they don’t understand that it really means high taxes on their local plumbing contractor. They further don’t understand that a larger army of government bureaucrats means less actual money to help the poor (they don’t see that by hiring 100,000 more college educated bureaucrats at $80,000.00 per year there will be less money to help out that single mother with three kids). I’d much prefer if Bobby Jindal or Scott Walker were the GOP nominee – and I think that either one of them could do it, if they’ll take the next step: start attacking Big Corporation.

It would work to knock off Trump because for all of Trump’s populist, traitor-to-his-class rhetoric, he is of the Big Corporation element of our problem. Someone like Walker or Jindal could far more credibly attack both ends of the problem than Trump – and be far more credible in the general election against any Democrat. Hillary for obvious reasons, but even against Sanders it would work just as well: while Sanders would be out there slamming Big Corporation he wouldn’t have any real plan against them and, meanwhile, he’d be defending Big Government directly by defending public sector unions. Make the election of 2016 about the People vs the Powerful – that is what we really need.

Now, just how would an attack on Big Corporation look? An end to all subsidies. An end to all favorable tax treatment – no more special tax breaks. Either everyone in the market gets them, or no one does. An end to regulations which Big Corporation can handle, but small companies can’t. Rely on it, the people don’t like it when big, wealthy entities get special treatment – and they have been for ages in the United States. And by attacking these entities, the GOP can break forever the connection in the public mind between it and the super-rich.

The long term effect of such a fight is that if Big Corporation and public sector unions are removed from their ability to affect policy, then government reform can actually happen. We could finally start to dismantle Big Government. Not all of it, and not all at once, of course – and some parts of it are permanent (Social Security, in some form, will never go away). But those parts of it that harass the people and eat out their substance can be removed. And as Big Government crumbles, so does the modern, political left, which lives and dies by government. It is only because there is a Big Government dispensing vast sums of money to favored interests that there is a left, at all. All these people you see on the left filing lawsuits and pressuring the bureaucracy for the imposition of leftist ideology get their money, one way or another, because Big Government exists. It is not politically popular, for instance, when a leftist group sues a locality to have a cross removed from a hill outside of town…but that leftist group is a creature of Big Government; it is a tax-exempt organization, and it gets donations from Big Corporation which fund its activities. End the tax exempt status; end the special position of Big Corporation and their funding dries up…they simply aren’t there to force us to go along with their absurd views. And that is just one small example of 10,000 which can be given.

The future can be ours, if we are willing to fight the battle – and fight the whole battle, not just parts of it. A democratic republic is a wonderful thing and it simply cannot long endure if some of the people are getting special treatment, even if that special treatment is allegedly for a good cause (it never is, by the way – people doing genuine good never so much as ask for special treatment). It is a good day in America when a serious contender for the White House brings up the need to curb public sector unions – it will be a splended day in America when someone adds to that the need to curb Big Corporation.

Campaign 2016: the Extremely Silly Season

I hang around on Twitter quite a lot these days, and one thing I’ve noticed in the intense battle among the right about Trump. People are really getting nasty to each other over this subject – and it is people on both sides of the divide (though the Trump people are probably 52% of the nastiness). Here we are, well-poised to actually win the 2016 campaign, and we’re tearing each other apart.

Trump is running for Obama’s position – which isn’t actually President of the United States, but of “American Strong Man”…the guy with the pen and the phone. Sick of Obama just doing whatever he wants? Then vote for Trump – he’ll do whatever he wants, as well, but you might like some of his actions. You won’t like others, of course – but some on the left don’t like some of Obama’s…but he does get some crucial leftwing things done and without any fussing about law and the Constitution. For the Trump people, what Obama illegally did on immigration can be undone by the stroke of a pen by President Trump, and that is good enough. For a lot of extremely frustrated people on the right, this is the only way to go. Think of it like this: suppose we elect President Cruz and he submits a bill to a Republican-controlled Congress to build a 50 foot high wall on the border. Ok – and then the Democrats will filibuster and McConnell will sadly inform us there’s nothing we can do…and, at any rate, the border wall polls badly with moderates and we have a mid-term coming up in 2018, so we’d better just let the matter be…and tack on an amnesty provision to a must-pass highway spending bill. That is the sort of nonsense the Trump people see coming down the line after they work their tails off to elect a regular Republican as President. Better to go with Trump, in their thinking: he’ll just send the Army to the border and seal it off. Legal? Doesn’t matter if it’s legal – legality is whatever the President can get away with, which is just about anything because it is almost impossible to get 67 Senators to vote to convict in an impeachment trial.

For myself, I prefer our Republic – but it is rather moribund right now. It has been frozen by a century of the government simply doing what it wants. Laws are passed which have no warrant in the Constitution. Some people get prosecuted and others don’t for the same crimes depending upon political calculation. Congress abdicates it’s authority. The Courts rule based upon the judge’s desire. Both major parties are primarily devoted to the interests of their donor class. This all needs to be fixed.

For me, Trump is not the man to fix things – to be sure, this is a biased source, but Bobby Jindal laid out some of the reasons why those backing Trump may wish to reconsider:

He does not believe in limited government and he has told us that over and over. From his belief in socialized medicine to his desire for tax increases, he’s told us over and over that he’s got no problem with big top-down style government. He’s only got one real problem with Washington – that he’s not running it.

Donald Trump is for Donald Trump. He believes in nothing other than himself. He’s not a liberal, he’s not a moderate, and he’s not a conservative. He’s not a Republican, Democrat, or Independent. He’s not for anything or against anything. Issues and policies and ideals are not important to him. He’s for Donald…

…if you are a conservative, it wouldn’t matter if he won. He believes in nothing, we have no idea what he would do.

Do read the whole thing. I am getting a little worried about this – both in the way the Trump supporters are so massively over-protective of their man Trump, and the way some on the right are having shrieking hissy-fits over the very concept of Trump running. Jindal goes to the heart of the matter – Trump is right about a lot of things, but he isn’t the man to bring us to a conservative America. Trump has done a great service to our nation and to our party by breaking the logjam of political correctness which has increasingly hemmed us in and forced to debate only on Progressive terms. But he won’t do what we want him to do, except perhaps by accident.

Bobby Jindal actually reduced the size of Louisiana’s government. Scott Walker gutted the basis of Progressive power by curbing the public sector unions and ending tenure in Wisconsin’s public universities. Ted Cruz has been fighting the battle for our Constitution. So has Rand Paul. Ben Carson has been articulating a fine vision for America – and he’s done very hard work to make life actually better for people in his career. In short, we have among our candidates people who will do what we want – or at least attempt to do what we want. Trump is an X Factor – we don’t know what whim will suddenly seize him once he’s in the White House…we don’t know which of his Progressive friends will convince him that some absurd, Progressive idea is great and get Trump behind it.

I’ll grant this much – if Trump wins the Republican nomination, he’ll get my vote. No matter how he does, he simply won’t do worse than Hillary – or Sanders, or Biden or whatever worn-out, has-been, Progressive political hack the Democrats dredge up for 2016. But Trump is not our best hope – we have a vast number of superbly qualified people running in our primary, and we should choose among them. Jindal has a bit more to say:

The Democrats have practically gift wrapped this election for us. It’s as if they know they’ve run the country into the ground, and they are running their worst possible candidate who is running the worst possible campaign…

That is true – and we should heed a few words of wisdom. Time to get serious about things.

Out and About on a Tuesday

Biden to get in? He should. No Democrat should be on board a coronation of Hillary Clinton. It is un-American. One thing I have learned – I have some young relatives who are on the Progressive side and they despise Hillary…she’s going to have far more trouble than everyone expects.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump is just soaring in the polls. I have to say that this is entirely unexpected by me. But when you look at it, you see why: the GOP base has been treated with utter contempt by the GOP Establishment. Trump is taking the base seriously and speaking to at least some of their real concerns. The GOP – if it doesn’t want Trump to hang around for quite a long time – had better figure out a way to out-Trump the Donald.

400 families are responsible for 50% of all campaign cash raised so far this year. This is what we’re ticked off about, GOP Establishment. I’m hoping that Walker or Jindal keys in on this sort of thing. Robert Reich notes the rising revolt against the Ruling Class from the Progressive point of view – pity there isn’t a Progressive out there who will actually fight the Ruling Class (no, Sanders isn’t fighting anything – all his programs call for more money and power to flow to the Ruling Class to be doled out to the good little Proles who do as they’re told…but he is talking the game of fighting, and that is why he’s drawing support away from Hillary…same way that Trump is drawing support away from Walker, Cruz and Jindal…especially Walker, who really has fought and beaten the Ruling Class). There is 65% of the vote just sitting there for any candidate who will really fight against those who are destroying this nation. We’ll see if anyone wants it.

Over at Ace, Maetenloch has a good article to read on the subject of hunting. Do keep in mind that lions, as such, are merely pests who eat cattle and, some times, humans. They have no economic value to the Africans who live near them and unless there is some economic value created for lions, the locals would probably exterminate them. Sure, tourism to go see the lions does help, but so does hunting to go kill the lions. Probably need both activities to keep the locals willing to tolerate the lions. To bring it closer to home, Nevada charges a bucket of money for the privilege of hunting a Big Horn sheep ($1,200.00 for non-residents, just for the tag!)…so few are the permits issued that if you manage to get one, it is a once-in-a-lifetime sort of thing. And if you fail to get a sheep in your hunt, you’re just out of luck. But the money raised by hunting has helped Nevada keep a large, healthy population of sheep in the wild.

Professor makes a post condemning the terrorist group Hamas – student fascists go after him, colleagues head for cover, professor is forced to flee campus. There are people on the left who will destroy all freedom of expression if they can…and for you Progressives out there thinking they won’t come after you, think again…when this sort of thing starts, it is those who hate the most and love oppressing the most who take the lead. You think because you’re a good, little Prog that you’re safe and only bad, old conservatives will feel the heat. Solzhenitsyn had some words for you – “you’ll never believe it until they hiss at you, ‘you’re under arrest!'”.

Out and About on a Wednesday

Bobby Jindal has announced his candidacy for President. Along with Walker, Jindal is top of the list for me. Some say Jindal waited too long to announce – and that might be correct. But, we’ll see how it plays out.

Toy models of the “General Lee”; the car from Dukes of Hazard, will now lose their Confederate flag.  Because Reasons, I guess.  Just remember that if you find one with the rebel flag – especially if its still in the box – keep that. 20 years from now it’ll be worth a bucket of money. And while our kids are now safe from the horrific danger of seeing a rebel flag atop a Dodge Charger, you can easily purchase for them a replica Nazi dagger or a bust of Stalin…

I was looking at annual GDP growth rates and the most interesting thing I came away with is that post-recession, Reagan’s worst year is better than Obama’s best year.

In a completely surprising development, it appears that the Obama Administration – the most transparent Administration, ever – fudged around with the numbers on the Office of Personnel Management hack – almost as if they were trying to lessen the negative political impact of the hack.

It looks as though Obama’s deal with Iran now includes us providing advanced nuclear technology to Iran. My guess is that the final deal will assert that we don’t immediately have to turn over an Ohio-class SSBN to Iran. Look, I get it that Obama’s policy is that once we make friends with Iran all will be well…but does he have to look so desperate for it? You know, even good friends shouldn’t be allowed to walk all over us…

Valerie Jarret’s family is chock full of commies. Its not that big a deal as the difference between Joseph Stalin and any run of the mill American Progressive is one of degree, not kind. Progressives are Progressives – all of them are opposed to us and want us out of the public square. Some with more extreme prejudice than others, but all of them want the same political result as regards those who hold to any semblance of conservatism.

Liberal says voters must demand new gun control laws – which, I guess, is a way of saying, “you idiot voters are the problem”. There is zero chance that the voters will demand new gun control laws – that battle is over and done with and the people won it. Call it strange or wrong or what have you, but the broad majority of American voters has concluded that restricting the ability of sane, law-abiding citizens to obtain weapons won’t stop insane and/or law-breaking citizens from doing evil deeds. No proposed gun control law other than a UK-style, door-to-door confiscation of weapons could possibly have prevented the event in South Carolina from happening…and as we’ve seen in Norway and Paris and elsewhere, even having very strict gun control laws is no assurance against evil deeds.

The GOP leadership is rather screwing us over on Obama’s trade deal. They are doing it because the money-bags in corporate America want it done because the deal will allow said money-bags to vastly increase their profits…with part of that increase coming from either out-souring our jobs or in-sourcing cheap, foreign labor. To be sure, this is Obama’s trade deal – so it is a Democrat thing, as well. Bottom line, it is a Ruling Class thing – and kudos to those Democrats and Republicans who voted against it. Some in the GOP are very mad about this and I understand that – and perhaps it is time to start thinking in terms of a Third Party. Rolling around in my mind is the notion of a Christian Democrat party which would command immediately 40-50 House and 5 or so Senate seats…meaning it would be a party with the power to decide who is House Speaker and Senate Majority Leader; and, of course, in return for such support, it would demand certain, specific actions. Worth a thought – 2016 is mostly about making sure that Hillary doesn’t become President…but if in the long run we don’t get a Party which will actually do as we, the people, command, then we’re doomed as a movement.


A Brokered GOP Convention?

As Allahpundit noted, my God, it’s full of page views…so, what the heck, I’ll look over Sean Trende’s analysis, too:

… in truth, I’m actually hopeful about this year’s campaign, because I think it could be unlike anything we’ve seen in a very long time. I think the Republican Party really could wind up with a brokered convention – that is, a race where no candidate receives a majority of the delegates by the end of voting. In fact, it might well be the most likely outcome, if only because no particular outcome is particularly probable.

This race is intriguing not just because of one possible outcome. It is interesting because it is difficult even to formulate a workable theory of the race. Charlie Cook uses a brackets metaphor, while Jim Geraghty and Larry Sabato think of the race in terms of tiers, but all of these have problems. Instead, I see a race that is largely chaotic. It is one where an unusually large number of candidates have perfectly plausible paths, if not to the nomination, then at least to lengthy runs deep into the balloting process.

This is because 2016 really is the deepest GOP field in a very, very long time. In fact, it isn’t even close…

It is, indeed, that. In fact, in terms of talent, the GOP has an embarrassment of riches. Contrast this to the pathetic state of the Democrats – to-be-69 year old Hillary; and if the Democrats pass on her they’ve got the intellectual and achievement powerhouses of Biden, Warren and O’Malley to choose from. None of the Democrats can hold an intellectual or achievement candle to even the weakest GOP contenders. The bad news is that the Democrats are still favored to in in 2016, even if worn-out, hacktastic Hillary is the nominee. But, still, there is that chance the GOP can win, so the GOP contest is worth winning and thus we see the large field of contenders. Will it wind up brokered? One is wary of disputing someone like Sean Trende, but I’ll say there isn’t a snowball’s chance in heck of it happening.

To be sure, Trende is right in that each of the contenders represents a certain segment of the GOP base and as the total vote is widely divided, even someone commanding relatively small support could battle far into the primary process and the sum total of all this is that no GOPer obtains a first-ballot, nominating majority and thus a brokered convention. I just don’t think it will work out that way.

The reason I don’t is because there is Scott Walker, and to a lesser extent, Bobby Jindal. Both are successful governors who battled the left and won. Both are youthful (especially compared to the Democrats), energetic and have great biographies. Both, as far as can be told, haven’t so much of a touch of scandal behind them and neither of them bear strong and public connections to the Establishment money-bags of the party. While both have plenty of good points for both Establishment and TEA Party to like, they also neither frighten overmuch the Establishment nor disappoint overmuch the TEA Party base of the GOP. Both are credible with social conservatives without being tied to positions which can turn off independent voters. They can credibly run as anti-government outsiders while being enough on the inside to garner support from low-information-voters who don’t want a war against government, per se. Each of them is a potential Reagan in the sense of being able to bridge the gaps and form a grand coalition for victory – with Walker having the better shot at this due to his epic battle against – and victory over – the forces of the left. In the end, one of the two men seems likely, to me, to slip in and start winning enough early victories to start an avalanche of support to fall their way in time to secure the nomination on a first ballot.

There are a lot of people in the GOP contest – and one must have at least some sort of egoism to even desire to be President, so a lot of GOPers who can’t win the contest will stay in when they really shouldn’t. A lot of money will be spent – and ink spilled – as various forces and factors try to take control and impose their will. But in men like Walker and Jindal, we have the sort of leaders, I think, who can impose their will upon the throng…just as Reagan was able to do in an equally fractious time (people forget that Reagan was despised by many in the GOP). And I think that either man can beat Hillary, or whomever the Democrats nominate. Not easily. Not in a walk over. But the trick can be done – because both men can unify the disparate elements of the GOP while retaining more than enough cross-over appeal to make an aged Hillary representing a corrupt and worn-out Establishment a loser.

The Democrats’ “Eat the Rich” Plan, Romney, Jeb and 2016

The Democrats have unveiled a new plan – tax the rich! Yeah, what a surprise – but this time it isn’t to provide goodies for the poor, but to shovel cash at the middle class. I guess that someone in Democrat-land crunched the polling numbers and realized that Hillary (a) can’t count on Obama’s 2012 coalition showing up for her and (b) that without some Democrat inroads into the middle class, Democrats are toast in 2016. While the Democrats plan is stupid, it is also rather smart, especially in light of conventional wisdom.

You see, the ultimate source of any Democrat victory on the national level is to garner a substantial majority of voters who don’t really know anything. The now-infamous “low information voters” who are the only thing standing between Democrats and electoral oblivion. By crafting a plan where rich, evil Wall Street types will be taxed to provide benefits to the middle class, the Democrats are trying to set themselves up for 2016 as the party fighting for the people – and the Republicans are fighting for the Wall Street fat cats. That Democrats are in the hip pockets of billionaires doesn’t matter – mostly because their most visible billionaires are famous in Hollywood…no matter how rich you point out these people are, the LIV types look kindly upon it because they made their money in entertainment, which is ok, because we all like to be entertained. But making your money in high finance? Hardly any of us do it, and none of us are entertained by it. In service of this plan, the Democrats are counting on the GOP nominee being Jeb Bush or Mitt Romney…because even though Romney and Bush aren’t rich by the standards of Democrat super-rich liberals, they are rich and they got their money in financial deals. In other words, Wall Street got them their money. No matter what one thinks of either man, they will be easily cast as tools of the Enemy…and easily so because every news report about them will include references to their Wall Street connections…while nary a story about Hillary will even mention her vast wealth, let alone how she got it.

Among a host of other reasons, this is why we must not go for either Romney or Jeb. Fine men, both of them: but both of them are sure-losers…and losers by big margins. They simply cannot escape their background and their background will be used to paint them in the worst light…and people who don’t really know all that much will vote in droves for Hillary, because the MSM has painted her for a year as someone “who cares about people like me”. To defeat Hillary, we need someone who is (a) not rich, (b) not well known at this time on the national level and (c) who can fight it out toe to toe with an unapologetic battle of ideas. As readers here know, my first choice is Bobby Jindal. Second up is Walker and final choice is Cruz. And the more I think it over – even with my belief that Jindal would be the better President – I’m leaning towards Walker…a great, blue collar background, not rich, not Establishment, successful governor, fought the left tooth and nail and won…teamed up with someone like Governor Martinez of New Mexico, he might be unbeatable.

Everything that Democrats and their MSM lap dogs will do over the next 22 months is geared towards one goal: getting Hillary in the White House. They’ll do whatever it takes – even throwing Obama under the bus, if they think it best. But no matter what they do with their own side, all efforts directed at us will be to paint us as mean, cruel, cold, rich, stupid, out of touch and unworthy of being in power. Ever mistake we make, every boneheaded comment, any scandals which emerge, will all be used – and blown massively out of proportion – in the service of making the GOP and all connected with it stink the public mind. That is all going to happen no matter what – but let’s not hand them an advantage by nominating someone who is easy for people to dislike. Let’s not go back to the Establishment well and hope that this time being moderate will bring us victory…let’s find ourselves someone who has beaten Democrats again and again and again and who is so us-folksy that the worst smear campaign in the world won’t work. Let’s, in short, look for our next Reagan…whether he’s Walker or Jindal or Cruz or someone not yet on the radar, let’s find him (or her!) and get this thing done right.