Open Thread

The legal defense fund for Daniel Penny has raised a million dollars so far – its only been up for a day, maybe two, so that’s good. Its getting to enough money to really pay for some top flight lawyers. Couple things about it:

The Left is relentlessly pointing out that Penny is white and the man who died was black. Race, of course, had absolutely nothing to do with the incident. But inflaming race hatred is a key component of the Left’s program…its been part of it since the mid 1970’s but it went into overdrive when an increasingly failing and unpopular Obama needed a tool to keep his troops in line. It has just gone thermonuclear since then. Do keep in mind that this isn’t a mistake. This isn’t an unintended consequence. This is deliberate and malicious: it is just like Julius Streicher and his Der Sturmer in Nazi Germany: it is intended to otherize us and make us legitimate targets for violence.

Meanwhile, I’ve noticed on the Right far too many people trying to split the baby: deploring the indictment of Penny but also making statements to the effect of, “he took it too far”. This is why we lose – and it is because we have forgotten. Nobody is ever allowed to act out in public. Not even once and not even a little bit. It is impermissible to accost people; to yell at them; to threaten them in any manner. All Penny did was what a man is supposed to do in that situation; stop the guy. It is unfortunate – and was clearly unintended – that he should die. But his death is on his hands, not Penny’s. It was the raving nutter who deliberately placed himself into a situation where any decent man would have to take him down…as gently as possible but with whatever force proved necessary. If Penny had deliberately killed the man, it would still not be a crime: because, once again, nobody is ever allowed to be a raving lunatic in public. Doing that is a complete breakdown of the social contract wherein we all agree to be polite and reasonable for the benefit of all. Start allowing people to at will ignore that rule and social chaos ensues – as we already see in New York, San Francisco and many other places.

Team Pudding Brain has manufactured a border crisis and is flooding America with what may be many millions of illegal immigrants – with of course untold thousands of vicious criminals mixed in with them. The official numbers are staggering and probably aren’t 50% of what is really coming in. Now, why should they do this? I think they believe that the resulting chaos will help them short and long term: as communities get overrun with illegals, the Democrats will claim their “common sense immigration reform” (ie, amnesty) will fix the problem but Republicans are obstructing it (this is why they are dumping lots of illegals in deep Blue areas) while, long term, they figure these illegals they’ll eventually turn into citizens will be grateful and vote Democrat for a couple generations. The crime and social chaos is just a bonus in this plan – keeping in mind that your basic Democrat (whether conscious of it or not) is a Marxist who believes that our wealth and security are the result of an evil system and we must be punished for taking what was never ours. But I have noticed that the deep Blue areas become illegal dumping grounds aren’t the high end deep Blue areas. They aren’t moving these people to Malibu, ya know? It is poor urban areas mostly made up of POC who are getting the shipments…and it is infuriating these people. There is a huge opportunity here…and the person best able at the moment to take advantage of it is Trump…though RDS can also make the pitch very well: that we GOPers will save low income communities from being overrun.

Biden is congratulating himself for appointing lots of women as judges – our Matt asks how can he tell as he’s not a biologist?

CNN is trying to tell us that it isn’t the bums, looting, feces and crime driving retailers out of the big Blue cities. It is something else. Lots of stuff. Complex social changes. But not the bum sh***ing on the street. It isn’t that. Trust them!

Elon Musk hired his new CEO for Twitter – a lady names Linda Yaccarino who checks off just about every Left SJW nutjob box you can think of. This has caused a lot of negative comment on Twitter and, yeah, it is worrying. OTOH, Musk is still saying he’s committed to free speech…to troll the Left he even Tweeted out a Pepe the Frog meme (if you don’t know – Pepe is a frog used in rightwing memes and it is hated by the Left). So, I don’t know. I can see on the face of it why Yaccarino was picked – she’s apparently first rate at generating advertising dollars and Musk does want Twitter to be profitable. But there is the worry that the Safety Council will come back, by one means or another, and Right comment will start to be throttled again (towards the end of the old Twitter regime it was getting really bad). I’m going to wait and see, myself: some of the people Yaccarino follows are accounts the Left hates with a white-hot passion. She might be one of those few Commies who is actually ok with the free flow of ideas – they are very rare, but they do exist. We’re going to find out.