Obama’s Fat Cat Donors

From Zero Hedge:

Before tomorrow’s 2012 pre-election speech in which President Obama’s vocal elocution will be earnest, and results – to put it mildly – tepid, about about how he could create jobs dammit, if only the Republicans would behave, it’s interesting to note who’s supporting Obama keep his job. A cursory look at the early stages of his campaign fundraising reveals that the same group of people that benefitted from policies (bi-partisan) that lavished them with cheap money, secret loans, debt guarantees and other forms of perks not available to the average citizen, are backing him for President… To date, Obama’s Presidential bid dosh comes largely from – wait for it – the financial sector. Yes, the same sector that screwed the country over, and that, despite some unpleasant lawsuits they will likely settle,  remains as powerful, unrepentant, unaccountable, selfish and Main-Street-destabilizing as before Obama took office…

You can read it and weep over at Open Secrets.  Now, to be fair, a lot of rich people will also be shelling out for the eventual GOP nominee – and we should find a way to discourage that…at all events, we won’t out-raise Obama in 2012 and, anyways, money won’t determine the winner – but Obama and his Democrats claim to be for the little guy.  Remember, one of the memes for Obama is how we nasty, mean, cruel GOPers are trying to destroy the middle class…on purpose, because we’re just such bastards.  We want everyone to die as long as millionaires and billionaires can get their private jet tax breaks…so go Democrat talking points.  But I ask you, do the 44 “bundlers” from the Securities and Investment industry who have ponied up $7.2 million for Obama represent the middle class?

The bankers are deathly afraid of one thing – a government which won’t bail them out.  So far, Obama has proven ever willing to screw everyone to bail out the banks.  In fairness to Obama, I doubt he fully understands what he’s been doing…completely insulated from day-to-day American living and never having had to struggle to make ends meet, Obama may not know how a bail out eventually causes higher food and energy prices for average Americans.  But whether Obama understands it or not, the fact is that he has been the bankers best friend since January 20th, 2009; and the amount of money the bankers are lavishing on Obama indicates they believe he’ll continue to be their friend if re-elected.

The middle class really has only one bulwark these days – the TEA Party.  Sure, a lot of TEA Partiers are Republicans, but even the GOP – from olden times the party of the middle class – has not fully grasped just how bad things are getting out there.  Only the TEA Party – being made up mostly of middle class Americans – understands.  The battle of 2012 is a battle of the Ruling Class against the Middle Class…with Obama and his bankers defending the Ruling Class while the TEA Party defends the Middle Class.

We’ll see how it comes out – we’ll find out, once and for all, who runs this nation.


$71,600 to be With Obama

From Newsmax:

The parties just keep coming for birthday-boy Barack Obama. After a Chicago fund-raiser the night before he turned 50 and a White House party on the big ay, a third event is now planned for New York.This time it is high-powered movie mogul Harvey Weinstein who will host the
president at his Big Apple home, reports the New York Post.

And despite being described as “a small dinner and discussion” on the invitation, it will raise $2 million for the president’s reelection campaign and the Democratic National Committee. According to the NYP, the cost per couple to chow down is $71,600…

Yeah, that is real “man of the people” stuff, huh?  Glad that Obama understands what we’re going through… I mean, what says “average American” more than plunking down 71 grand on dinner?  Don’t we all do that ever day?  Well, I guess we might if Bernanke goes on another printing spree and our currency completely collapses…

This man Obama is so entirely out of touch with the American people.  He doesn’t even need to raise this much money…everyone knows who he is; its not like he has to introduce himself to the American people.  But, when you’re in the Ruling Class, I guess you need these sorts of affairs…makes you feel special.  Connected.  In charge.  Able to blow money like no tomorrow…