Blogging Hiatus

Ladies and gentlemen, I must announce at this time that I am going on a blogging hiatus.  I do appreciate all of you here on Blogs for Victory – and especially those who go all the way back to Blogs for Bush.  But it has just become impossible for me to blog at the rate that I have been (its got to be more than two entries per day, on average, for each day of the last 8 years).  It has been taking too much time away from my other responsibilities, especially to my wife.

So, this will be my last entry for a while – at least 6 months.  If I do come back to blogging, it will only be to make weekly or maybe bi-weekly entries.  I hope that you can all forgive me for leaving you so suddenly and with such little warning, but it is just the way it has to be, for now.  As an aside, if any of you have wished to write for a blog, this would be a good time to contact Matt…I don’t know what his firm plans are, but he may wish to keep this blog going and as both he and I found out over the years, that takes a lot of doing.

God bless you all and good luck and I do hope to see you in the blogosphere in the future.


Mark Edward Noonan