Open Thread

Happy Indictment Day to all those who celebrate.

Supposedly the judge will issue a gag order…which, if nothing else has, proves this is political. On what possible grounds would any judge demand silence on this case? It isn’t a matter of national security. All of the parties to it are public. Indeed, with leaks we’re already learning what the case is (as an aside, all leaks are felonies…think about that: the people charging Trump with felonies are committing felonies as they try to control the Narrative). I guess we’ll find out if that is the case.

The whole thing is stupid and destructive. But it is also our fault – that is, it is the Right’s fault. Why is there a commie DA charging Trump? Because for decades the Left worked hard in the trenches to take over the Institutions. They now have people who are committed to the Left. Not to America. Not to the people. Not to truth or the law – just to the Left. Trump is being charged because the Left wants him charged, and they’ve got a DA – indeed, a whole city government in NYC – which will knock down every law in place to get him. It took a long time to get here.

And it will take us a long time to get back. We’ve already discussed it a bit but there is nothing more important than things like school boards, county commissions and sheriff’s offices. Secondary importance are State legislatures. Least in importance right now are federal offices…all we need do is retain enough federal power to prevent a packing of the Court and hamstring efforts to legislate the Left into power. Sure, they’ll still just do whatever they can, but without a Court to ratify it as constitutional and without the ability to make it into law, it is really just something the Executive branch is doing…and that can be undone if we get that back.

But down in the cities and counties, that is where the action is. That is where you really shape the legal system and the culture. There is Drag Queen Story Time because we let the cities and counties fall to the Left. Take them back and we replace Drag Queen Story time with Veteran Story Time. We teach the kids to be healthy, sane patriots. We protect the rights of the people against Federal encroachment. We build the power base which will eventually allow us to recapture all of government and destroy the Left. We never give up the fight at the federal level…but we understand that until our States and localities are sending patriots to Congress, we can’t do much with the Federal government. If we build the power then one day we’ll find we’ve got a trifecta of America First in DC…and then the Revolution.