Open Thread

With Romney’s announcement that he’ll vote for the nominee, it looks like Cocaine Mitch has the votes lined up to replace RBG…and I suspect he had it all along. I can’t imagine a scenario where Trump and McConnell hadn’t gamed this out twenty ways to Sunday. Everyone knew RBG was dying and so there were probably contingency plans covering every possible way that could come out.

I have seen some rather heated Twitter fights over just whom Trump should pick – who would be better in a political sense, who would be more reliable when it came time to rule. I decided not to have a dog in those fights because, in the end, it doesn’t matter: Trump is the guy who gets to pick and we’re all just going to have to swing in behind it when it comes. I think most of us are simply happy that a mindless vote for whatever is fashionable on the Left will be replaced with someone who might actually rule on what the Constitution says.

Democrats are threatening to pack the Court if we get this. Meh: I expect them, if they win it all, to not only pack the Court but add DC and Puerto Rico as States and then simply do whatever they want as they set up an unconstitutional electoral system which ensures we can’t win. The stakes really are high in this election: and only a crushing defeat of the Democrats will allow a chance for sane Democrats to recapture their party. Lose to them this year, and the insane Democrats will be fully in command.

Team DNC/Biden did have an awesome August for fundraising…and this generated stories of Trump/RNC being broke and desperate. Well, the Trump/RNC combo is doing fine and breaking fundraising records. Once again, never believe the MSM. They lie all the time about everything.

The Silent Majority is starting to find it’s voice. Let’s face it: stating in public that you support Trump is a risk. You could be physically attacked. Your property could be vandalized. Heck, you could even lose your job. But, now, more and more people are putting out the Trump sign and joining spontaneous rallies in favor of the President. The vote November 3rd might be very different from what we expect.

I don’t know if Kim Klacik can actually win in her overwhelmingly Democrat district – but she should.

The policies she advocates are not only Conservative, they are almost Distributist, as well. Only an insane person – you know, a Democrat – could object to them.

Idiocy on the Basis of Sex

President Trump gave out both a very nice off the cuff statement about RBG’s death as well as an excellent official statement. I am not bound by such conventions.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a relentlessly baleful influence upon the American body politic. She was one of the spear points in the Feminist effort to enshrine into law and custom the bizarre notion that only things men do have any merit. As Chesterton pointed out: feminism is the assertion that a woman is a slave if she serves her husband but free if she serves her employer.

RBG’s great claim to fame is, of course, her work to end discrimination “on the basis of sex”. They even made a movie about her titled just that. And all over social media the past 24 hours I’ve seen liberals bemoaning the fate of women’s equality now that RBG is gone.

Permit me to point out something:

Discrimination is not wrong. It is ok to discriminate. Not only is it ok, but you, yourself, do it all the time. You discriminate about who your friends are. Which family members you’ll regularly invite over. What you’ll have for lunch. And, hey, it isn’t just you: the NBA definitely discriminates all the live, long day against short guys. And women. And women.

There is, after all, a WNBA. You probably first heard of it when the players walked off the court during the anthem recently. You might have been vaguely aware of it before that event. But why, decades after RBG rescued us from discrimination against women, is there a WNBA? Because of discrimination. Because the NBA discriminates against anyone who can’t go toe to toe on the court against LeBron James. Say what you want about James (and I’ve said a lot; nearly all bad), the bottom line is he’s one heck of a basketball player…and any team which can’t put up people to contain him will get blown out. And, given this, not a single NBA team has signed a female player. And this is because even the cream of the WNBA crop aren’t up to being benchwarmers in the NBA.

Because they are women.

And that’s gotta hurt. But only dumb people; so, you know: the left.

What is wrong isn’t discrimination, but unjust discrimination. If you were to discriminate against someone capable of doing something simply because of their race or gender or creed that would be wrong. That would be something worth fighting against. And maybe early on RBG and the other feminists were fighting a good fight. But that was a long, long time ago. Once laws specifically prohibiting women from doing what men do were discarded, that was the end of the fight for equality. If you can try to do it, then you are free. That you end up not being able to do it would be either because of some failure on your part or that you lack some vital talent for the job. What the WNBA players lack, uniformly, is being 6 foot, 9 inches tall, 250 pounds of brute male muscle and skill. It is no shame that a WNBA player can’t compete with James; it is just a fact of life.

And everyone deals with it. No one really gets heartache over the fact that women aren’t placed on NBA teams or NFL teams of MLB teams. We all know that, person for person, the chances of a woman being able to compete on that level are nearly zero. Maybe someday we’ll find a woman who can do it, but it’ll be the rarest of rare birds. Meanwhile, it is just for there to be discrimination like that.

But outside professional sports, we’ve seen some rather odd things. We know that a woman can’t be an NFL linebacker and everyone is cool with that…but if you try to say a woman can’t be a combat infantryman, everyone is going to drop on you like a ton of bricks. And that is the ultimate legacy of RBG: the assertion that women can do whatever men do. Which is dumb: women can’t. Just like men can’t do what women do. That whole giving birth thing is rather exclusive, for instance.

This concept that women are just like men and can only be free if they do exactly what men do is insane. And it is made doubly insane by the insistence that women do the worst things men do: work too hard; neglect home and family; play around on the side. This, guys, is not an improvement over the wife of ancient days who minded the house and raised the children.

RBG is gone. Her legacy lives on: and will be with us for quite a while. But if we ever to recapture our sanity, it will be by a stern and knowing rejection of what RBG stood for.

Open Thread

RBG, where are you?

NATO will increase defense spending by $100 billion. Amazing what you can get when you have a President who asks.

The former Starbucks CEO (some rich dude; could care less who he really is) is rumored to be planning an Independent, moderate liberal campaign for President. And this, naturally, scares the bejabbers out of the Democrats. Can you imagine their tears if Trump wins New Jersey with 43% of the vote? Anyways, typical for modern liberal fascism, they are trying to intimidate him into not running.

Meanwhile, to make liberals even happier: rumors persist that Hillary may yet run again.

Don Surber gives you some idea about what a loss to journalism the death of Buzzfeed would be.

RSM goes over a recent murder case: poor, little girl is killed in a drive by. She’s black and, in the initial confusion, her family says the suspect is a white man. Cue the MSM to scream “hate crime” all over the place. The case quietly dropped out of the news when two black men were arrested for the crime. The family appears mortified by what happened – and, I would be, too. Not only the unbearable pain of losing a family member, but also being made the focus of a false MSM Narrative. This sort of thing is getting out of hand – liberals (and Never Trump, but I repeat myself) are ginning up hatred and division for mere partisan advantage…but when you feed hate, hate is what you’ll get.

Victor Davis Hanson goes over this sort of thing in relation to the Covington boys. What must be kept in mind is that racism – real racism – is almost non-existent in America in 2019. So, too, with homophobia and sexism. This is why the left insists there are “dog whistles” and “white privilege”. You can’t find anything remotely approaching Bull Connor, so you have to make up things to fill the role. And part of making up things is to make up racial incidents. And, so, they make them up – the more I hear about the Convington case, the more convinced I am that people went there to do it…and merely looked around until they found targets they thought they could frame (with the help of an MSM which would accept the Narrative and try to suppress the facts). The problem is that if you treat people like dirt – and the Convington boys were treated like dirt – then eventually the people you spit on are going to strike back. Hard.

The Wall Open Thread

Rumor has it that Trump may yet declare a national emergency to ensure the wall gets built. This is, naturally, getting our Never Trump Fredocons in an uproar. Their basic line is that if Trump does this, then the Democrats will turn around and declare a national emergency in the future to impose things like socialized medicine. Of course they will. But they’ll do that regardless of what we do. The Democrats hate law and custom – all they seek is the swiftest means available to impose their views. If we refuse to use our power just as ruthlessly as they do, all they do is laugh at us for being such fools.

We are backs-to-the-wall, folks. Constitutional norms went out the window a very long time ago. Right around the time the Supreme Court found a “right” to an abortion in a document which doesn’t even mention a subject remotely related to a medical procedure. Sure, I’d like it very much if the Constitution and our laws and customs were adhered to by all – but, they’re not. And as the law, as written, appears to give the President the power to declare such an emergency, Trump should go right on and do it, if that is what proves necessary.

And that’s another thing that is burning me up, lately: Trump is doing everything he can to keep to his proper, Constitutional powers. He very much wants to keep everything neat as a pin in law. And he’d get that – if everyone on our side would just get on board and provide a completely united front, rather than writing articles which give Democrats hope we’ll cave, then the Democrats would collapse. They are already a bit messed up because the normal script – immediate GOP surrender – isn’t happening here. They are nothing and nobodies – all we have to do is treat them as such, and so it will be.

Judicial rumor mill is that RBG will quit, soon. We’ll see. But she will have to soon voluntarily leave the Court, or she’ll have to leave it perforce. She’s rather old, you know?

So, they say that space travel won’t turn germs into super bugs. But that is just what They would want you to believe, right?

Bit of a legal note: being found not guilty in court does not work out to being declared innocent. I’ll add a note of my own: we’re finding out, all too often, that just because a person plead guilty to something in court, it doesn’t mean he did anything wrong.

NBC is saying that you can cut through Trump’s proposed border wall with common tools. There is an argument over whether the tools used were all that common. But, to me, that is all irrelevant. Of course a human being, given time and tools, will be able to get through any barrier. We’re rather clever – been so since we first banged those rocks together, ya dig? But the purpose of a wall is not to be an impervious barrier, but to be a barrier which takes a lot of time and effort to get past…thus giving those guarding the barrier a better chance to stop you.

RBG Absent

Justice Ginsburg is not hearing arguments before the Supreme Court today…and doesn’t that mean she can’t vote on the outcome of the case? Someone more up on legal stuff will have to advise, but I think this is the case. Which means, for these cases, there is a 5-3 Conservative majority…unless Chief Justice Roberts really is going Full Souter, as some suspect.

It is absurd the way she keeps clinging to office and even more absurd the way the MSM publishes stories about how animal healthy she is. The stories are very akin to the old communist press stories about how Dear Leader at 90 was still virile and handsome. The reality is she’ll be 86 in March. She’s old. Very, very old. And if she were a decent person, she’d have quit a couple years ago. The only excuse for staying on which would not look bad, in my view, would be senility.