Pondering the Conservative Future

As of this moment, Campaign 2020 is still up in the air and while we all hope and pray that Trump prevails over the Fraud, we still need to take a thought to the future regardless of how the campaign ends.

Trump did do some rather phenomenal things on Tuesday – increased his vote from 2016 by around 5 million votes, increased GOP numbers in the House and almost certainly held the Senate in a year when the map was unfavorable to the GOP. A lot of Trump’s message, then, resonated with the American people. If Biden gets in, it is with the most pathetic mandate in modern history – and a GOP Senate means no grand plans get enacted, at all. On the other hand, Biden is north of 70 million votes.

That’s a lot.

And while we don’t care about the national popular vote – because there isn’t such a thing – it does indicate that Trump was rejected by a very large segment of the American population. And we GOPers/Conservatives can’t forever assume we’ll get EC wins. We need to become more popular.

Over the years I’ve talked a lot about how things need to be looked at afresh: that the quiet dogmas of the past are not suited to the present moment. I believe that now this is just more true than ever. Unless we find it within ourselves to navigate ourselves to long-term power, we will eventually end up losing everything. Keeping the Senate means no packed Court and no Statehood for DC – but there will come a day when the entire government is in Democrat hands, and then all that will be done. The Left never forgets and never retreats: once they stake out a position, it becomes unalterable dogma, and it will be done, if they ever have the power to do so.

I think our first step is to state our ideals and rank them in order of importance. We need to know what we stand for, what is most important of what we stand for – and then decide what we’ll give up to keep what we think is most important. For me, it goes like this:

  1. The right to bear arms
  2. Freedom of conscience
  3. Freedom of association
  4. Property rights

Others may come up with different, or place them in different order. But my view is that if I have those four things, I am free and so content. I will put up with anything, as long as I have those four things. If I can defend myself, say what I wish, associate with whom I wish and own my property, I’ve got nothing to complain about. No level of taxation or regulation (as long as they aren’t designed to impinge upon the four) will bother me that much.

So, what next? Well, now I decide what I am willing to give in on in order to get a deal which secures the four. What I will write now is not definitive: merely examples of how such a thing might go.

Want single payer health care? Then let’s couple it with a law which says that after 20 years, a person’s primary residence is freed from all taxation.

Want Universal Basic Income? Then enact a law which prohibits employment discrimination based on viewpoint: that I can say whatever I want and associate with whomever I want outside the work environment and I can’t be fired for it.

Want free education? Sure: as long as it also includes trade schools and has an ironclad guarantee against viewpoint discrimination on campus.

See what I’m driving at? You and I know that single payer healthcare and UBI are drivel…but the bottom line is that a huge portion of our population wants Uncle Sugar to take care of them…and if we don’t do it, then the Left eventually wins and we get it, without getting any assurances for the things we care most about.

But the really crucial thing here is that by bending on some of these things, it will allow us to speak to the mindless Care Bears of the Suburbs and convince them that, hey, we care, too: so vote for us! Once we get the power, we give them their security blankie…while we keep the guns. It is, as far as I can tell, the only way forward for us in a United States of America. The only other path which doesn’t wind up with you and I in the Happy Fun Fuzzy Bunny Re-Education Camp is a national divorce – which I’m also willing to entertain.