Ban the Lies or America Dies

How can we survive without the truth? That is the central question and problem of our times.

As President Trump continues his efforts to stop the steal, the thing that shines out most glaringly is how many lies are generated, so fast and so brazenly. It really is astonishing: plenty of people have unearthed the direct quotes of people who in 2019 – you know, last year – were saying that the Russians hacked the 2016 election and flipped votes from Hillary to Trump who are now saying Trump’s efforts are an affront to Democracy as there is simply no way – at all – that anyone committed fraud in 2020. What set me off this morning was a Blue Check journalist talking about how she and her cohorts in “reality based journalism” must fight tooth and nail against Trump’s lies about 2020 fraud. This goes beyond lack of self awareness and flips right on in to flat out liar.

Another thing which set me off was a journalist (the usual Blue Check, CNN contributor sort) who, in response to the federal execution of an inmate, decided to point out that the jury which convicted the man was all white. I won’t link to the story of the man who was executed – the less said about him, the better – you can look it up. If you do, the first thing you’ll think after reading the particulars of the case is that an all black jury would have fried him as well. The journalist put up a picture of the convict at his most smiling and harmless looking; to build up in your mind sympathy for this poor, black man killed by Trump’s racist AmeriKKKa. In other words, just another pack of lies which the guy knew was a pack of lies when he uttered it…but he’s gonna keep on working for CNN.

On and on it goes like that – lies and then contradictory lies said by the same people without shame. How are we supposed to even function? How can we make any sort of rational policy choices if every issue is hedged in by lies?

For the first time, I really understand why our ancestors burned heretics at the stake. We look back upon it in horror because we believe that the free exchange of ideas – any ideas – is inherently good. Well, not so sure about that any longer. What the Inquisitors were trying to do was not increase cruelty but to protect a society which was built upon certain dogmas asserted to be true in all cases. We now live in a society where the dogmas which built it now have to compete with complete fabrications. How’s that working out for us?

The American Dogma, as it were, is that we are created equal with an inherent right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. None of these assertions are capable of proof. They are dogmas as unprovable as the doctrine of the Trinity. We asserted them as self-evident Truth and then proceeded to create a set of laws based upon the assertions. All of our rights are based on our asserted truths – none of them have any force if any of the assertions are untrue. And over the past century we have allowed people to exist in the United States who say these assertions are not self-evident truths. We have allowed heretics to convert us. That is, we allowed liars to dispute what we hold as self evidently true. We may as well have provided a seat at the table for people who hold that the Earth is flat.

Those who lie should not have a place at the table. It cannot be. If it is allowed, then the liars will triumph over us. The guy who says there isn’t an inherent right to life – and so abortion and euthanasia are good – is the same guy who will also assert there are 57 genders and that white people are inherently racist and so on. Lies cannot coexist with Truth. Either it becomes all lies, or all truth. They are very exclusive clubs. And if we are to survive – not as America, but as merely civilized human beings – then we are going to have to ban lies. We are going to have to find the courage to say, at long last, “no”.

We can start with something simple: a ban on the propagation of Nazi and Marxist ideology. But we must start, and all the lies must be forced out. Yes, this will take amendment to the Constitution (or revolution; or both) but it is a necessity. The Liberal idea that all ideas must compete has proven itself to be wrong: all that does is allow the worst ideas to gain traction: mostly because they offer easy profit to those who subscribe to them and allow those who envy to dress up their sin as a quest for justice. It all has to go.

Many, I know, will recoil from this. It is so outside our experience. But you can’t win an argument with a liar: he’ll just come up with a new lie as soon as you dispose of his first. Liars are like that, you see? Only by saying to the liar, “you may not speak your lie”, can you stop him.

The bottom line is that any idea which contests with our self-evident truths has to go. If an idea can’t be reconciled with our being Created Equal and having a Creator; with our having an inherent right to life, to liberty and the pursuit of happiness, then it must be banned in the United States. The law gets enacted and then if anyone is charged with propagating ideas contrary to our dogmas, we leave it up to a jury to decide if that is the case. But the ideas which are contrary must be banned. Not allowed. Forbidden. Not in our schools and libraries; not in our movies and TV shows. Gone. Out. Only mentioned, if at all, to point out how they are laughably false because they contradict what we know to be self-evidently true.

Tolerance brought us to the point where a man will keep his MSM job even if he directly contradicts what he said before. So, let’s have a little bit of intolerance until we can at least expect a man to say the same thing, twice.