Indict This Open Thread

Mindless Biden Drone 1: “We’re getting killed over that massacre of Christians in that school! What do we do?”

Mindless Biden Drone 2: “Tell everyone that our hearts go out to the transgender community?”

MBD1: “That’s already in the script.”

MBD2: “Trans day of visibility?”

MBD1: “We scheduled that yesterday.”

MBD2: “I’m out of ideas.”

Mindless Biden Drone 3: “I got it!”

MBD1/2: “What?”

MBD3: “We get the DA in NY to charge Trump!”

MBD1: “But its bullsh**.”

MBD2: “And?”

MBD1: “Run with it!”

And that is how we get to a Trump indictment. Apparently not just about the alleged payoff to Stormy…they’ve got him nailed on multiple counts of…filling out paperwork incorrectly!

((Cue that ‘dun dun’ sound from Law and Order))

Look, guys; it is all BS – but they got their indictment and they’ll get their Trump mugshot and that will keep the Democrat base happy for months…and maybe even take the sting away when the charges collapse. But most importantly they got six murdered victims off the news. That was the crucial thing here.

Because the backlash is coming. I’m sure the DNC has internal polling showing that the issue is a loser for them: they know they have to keep talking up the issue as if its great because their base simply wouldn’t know what to do with any shift on it…but they had to get it off the TV.

Presto: gone.

Everyone other than the most wet noodle GOPers was out right away condemning the move. Everyone who isn’t a dyed in the wool Democrat knows its bogus (and according to polling, even 30% of the Democrats know its bogus). Some are saying the Dems long term plan is to have this help Trump (you can only imagine the amount of money he’ll fund-raise off it and the Trump story for a while now will suck up all the air in the room) by generating GOP base sympathy. I’m not so sure – the Democrats are still as ruthless as they’ve ever been, and when its time to get 2,000 votes together to flip an election their way, cracker jack…but of late I’ve noticed an increasing level of sheer stupid among them. Like when the SecDef went to Congress and said he had no regrets about how the Afghanistan withdrawal went…seriously, all the moron had to do was express pro-forma regret for the lost lives and move on…”no regrets!”. Idiot. Something ready made for the GOP 2024 campaign reel. They might be floundering badly here. It’ll be up to the GOP to see if they can capitalize on it. Do keep in mind that we’re not called The Stupid Party for no reason!

Open Thread

Senator Kennedy asked a Biden judicial nominee a pretty basic legal question (the sort you’d expect to be learned in pre-law) and the nominee had no idea what Kennedy was asking about. A lot of people are all, “what in heck are they teaching?” about it…but all with the assumption that law schools are still, well, law schools.

Now, to be fair, I have been set a little bit straight by a Twitter friend who stoutly asserts that in the law schools there are professors who vigorously teach law even if they, themselves, are far Left nutjobs. I trust the guy who told me this so I have to assume a blanket assertion I made on Twitter wasn’t true – that being that they don’t teach law, at all, in law school. So, I take my correction: they still do teach some law. That said, as we can see from this Biden nominee, they don’t teach much law…and I still vigorously assert that there is a negative selection in people brought into the government to ensure against any possibility of a real lawyer being appointed to a senior law enforcement or judicial position.

There are two factors as work here. The first is the need for “diversity”. The race hustlers are insisting that we have vast numbers of non-male, non-white lawyers. Whether or not there is a sufficiently large pool of such is irrelevant and I’m certain that its racist to even ask. They are going to get their diversity, folks: that is baked in. And not just diversity in admission, but diversity in result. No law school out there is going to have their graduating class be less than, say, 20 percent black…and if this means they have to graduate people who aren’t capable, they’ll do it. And, yes, I’m quite confident that when it comes to grading bar exams, the people doing so are also going to make certain that the “right” percentage of each diversity quota makes it (anyways, I understand from a lawyer friend that the bar has never been a straight up pass or fail: there has always been a little fudging in deciding just what constitutes passing and failing: easy, then, to rig the system to get the result you want). So, what we’ve got is a built in system which will ensure that a certain percentage of people will have no business at all being lawyers, but lawyers they shall be.

And that brings us to the second factor: the need for certainty. This is something which stems from Leninist legal practice – and it would amaze even many Conservatives to find out how much of Progressive legal and social policy is based on Leninism. It really has taken over the Left in the United States. Took decades to get it done, but it has been accomplished. In this instance, Leninist legal principle is that there is no “both sides” in the law – the law is to advance the cause or it isn’t law. In Lenin’s parlance it would be to advance the cause of the Working Class…but our modern Leninists don’t really like workers (Lenin didn’t either, of course) and so the cause now is the Victim…the racial, sexual, gender, what have you victim of the Racist, Sexist, Homophobic, Imperialist, Genocidal AmeriKKKa. The law is to advance the cause of the Victim or it isn’t law. Whatever happens, the designated victim must prevail in court – and as the victim is always pre-determined by the DNC Narrative of the moment, the Progressive lawyers and judges know how to rule. This is why law isn’t really taught, or at least isn’t taught to those being groomed for senior judicial positions: the Left needs certainty. The absolute assurance that when their legal cases are brought forth, everyone involved will follow the Party Line on who is the Victim. Can’t get that out of anyone who really knows the law or has an ounce of self respect: you can only get certainty out of mindless, Party hacks. And, so, that is what we get…and so Biden’s nominee who doesn’t know a basic aspect of law. But he’ll be confirmed and for decades he’ll be ruling however the Progressives tell him to.

As of this moment, nobody has a clue about Trump’s indictment. Which shows, if nothing else has, how flimsy it all is. As I said a long while ago: if Trump had really broken any law, they could have got him on it long ago. Say whatever you want about the man, but he keeps his legal affairs in order. And as I also observed, this makes sense: working the New York real estate market is a minefield of legal hazard and anyone who is successful at it gets first rate legal advice on just what can and can’t be done within the law. Trump’s been at this for decades…I’ll bet he’s one of the few rich people in the world who can stand up to legal scrutiny.

Uganda voted to ban homosexuality. The Left is still trying to figure out what to do about a bunch of black people who are victims of colonialism not going along with white Progressives. Of course the Left wants to hammer them over this – and the Left is also chock full of neo-imperialists trying to impose Western morals on Africa – but this was a democratic vote in the Ugandan parliament…they’re going to have a rough time with this one.

I’m just going to laugh about it, myself.

Mexico’s President condemns Biden and the USA on human rights grounds – including pointing out how wrong it is for the Democrats to seek the indictment of their political opponent. He’s right. And we look absurd. It is a moment of national humiliation that I’m not only lectured to by the President of Mexico, but I can’t punch back because I have no grounds.

DeSantis after a very good run has now backtracked on Ukraine and is taking a more neo-con line. To me, this is an unforced error for RDS – the base is pacifist and, also, this is the Democrat’s war and they are going to lose it. All GOPers should stay the heck away so that when this blows up, it blows up only in Democrat faces. The last thing we need is for the GOP to take ownership of this war…especially as the moment we do, the Democrats will go back to being anti-war, accusing us of war crimes and they’ll suddenly discover that their darling Zelensky is a corrupt thug. I hope that RDS backtracks on his backtrack.