Obama, Zimmerman and Being Despicable

I hadn’t been commenting much over the past week as I was up in the Reno area visiting with family – but I did catch Obama’s comments on the Zimmerman case and they finally sank Obama down to “despicable” in my view.

Think about this – logic and facts are all on Zimmerman’s side.  Polling shows a strong plurality of the American people believe the verdict was correct.  In the case, before a female judge, an all-woman jury determined that a Latino was innocent in the death of a black man – and yet for our liberals, this case is proof of white racism (and if you dig down deeper in liberal rhetoric, its about straight, white male racism, etc).  There are already people calling for violence.  Efforts are being made by the Justice Department to railroad Zimmerman on a civil rights charge.  And here comes our President – to calm the fires?  To appeal to reason?  To stoutly and without equivocation defend the jury verdict, upon which all our liberties actually depend?  No.  He comes along to put himself back on center stage and by claiming that he thinks Travyon is Obama 35 years ago, to fan the flames of race hatred.

I don’t know what really motivates Obama – and I don’t care.  He’s a despicable person in his ACTIONS (please note, I am not judging his soul, just what he says and does).  He is ruining this nation – he’s a political thug.  He’s a corrupt wheeler-dealer.  He’s an utter fool in foreign and defense affairs.  The only thing we can do is just endure this until January 20, 2017 and then attempt to undo as much of Obama as we can.