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Max Boot goes full liberal – the MSM still describes him as a Conservative, but that is only so they can say, “see, there are Conservative critics of Trump”. The reality is that if you are a “Conservative” critic of Trump at this point, you’re consciously working for liberal victory. As I’ve said before, one can reasonably take exception to various Trump policies and actions…but where the rubber hits the road, we don’t need “Conservative” critics of Trump right now. Trump has plenty of non-Conservative critics and they’ll make sure every move he makes is loudly criticized. If one can’t say something nice about Trump, then just shut up and say something bad about liberals…you don’t have to be a Trump cheerleader, but at least get on the team and work for victory. The future beckons and, at most, you’ll have to deal with Trump for a little more than 6 years. After that, there are all sorts of great people that everyone right of center should be able to get behind without any qualms…but if you’re ripping on Trump, now, you won’t get to be part of that, later.

Lee University students demand that Vice President Pence not be invited to speak – thus providing yet another liberal in-kind donation to the Trump re-election effort of 2020.

If Manchin votes to confirm Kavanaugh, then he’s got a good shot at getting re-elected in November. This is good in that it pretty much guarantees that Kavanaugh will be confirmed…it is bad in that we’ll still have Manchin in the Senate. Glass half full…

Looks like Trump’s old lawyer Cohen may have taped some conversations between himself and Trump: they may be salacious in they might show Trump working on paying off some Playboy Playmate that he had a to-do with. My take on this was, initially, to Tweet out “I felt a great disturbance in the MAGA: as if 63,000,000 souls suddenly shrugged their shoulders and went about their business”. I don’t think our liberal friends realize how little we care that a billionaire may have had an affair with a Playmate. Yes, it is immoral. Yes: Trump should not have done that. Very much he should show true contrition for this (alleged) act. But, it is also none of my business and, at all events, it has no bearing on his actions as President, which are all I care about at the moment. It is also not illegal for billionaires to have sexual relations with Playmates; nor is it illegal to flash cash at them to keep quiet about it. My later take is: this is a gigantic violation of attorney-client privilege and Mueller and his troops are entirely out of control at this point. What possible connection could there be between Trump having sex in 2006 and Russian election meddling 10 years later?

This is for our Amazona:

I refer, here, to ending birthright citizenship.

The notion that simply being born within the geographical limits of the United States automatically confers U.S. citizenship is an absurdity — historically, constitutionally, philosophically and practically.

Constitutional scholar Edward Erler has shown that the entire case for birthright citizenship is based on a deliberate misreading of the 14th Amendment. The purpose of that amendment was to resolve the question of citizenship for newly freed slaves. Following the Civil War, some in the South insisted that states had the right to deny citizenship to freedmen. In support, they cited 1857’s disgraceful Dred Scott v. Sandford decision, which held that no black American could ever be a citizen of the United States.

A constitutional amendment was thus necessary to overturn Dred Scott and to define the precise meaning of American citizenship.

Liberals, naturally, went ballistic over this – and plenty of Never Trumpers tut-tutted about it. But however one wants to read the 14th Amendment, it is an absurdity to think that just because a kid is born on American soil he or she now has all the rights and privileges of an American citizen.

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  1. Amazona July 21, 2018 / 11:32 am

    Thanks for the shout-out, and thanks for the quote.

    The 14th Amendment is a perfect example of Unintended Consequences, or of the saying that if a rat can get his nose through a hole he can get his whole body through it.

    By simply ignoring the clause in the amendment that confines this citizenship by birth to those born to parents not under the authority of any other nation, it was possible to distort the entire amendment to mean anyone born in the country was automatically a citizen.

    Now—what to do about it? I don’t see how we could retroactively declare people to be non-citizens, and that would entail all sorts of legal problems, such as their legal status as aliens, etc. I think this would require a kind of amnesty, saying that “all born here prior to ________, a cut-off date, will continue to be considered US citizens but the ruling is that the amendment had been improperly interpreted and applied, therefore after that date the place of birth will have no effect on the citizenship of the child, whose citizenship will be determined by the laws of the nation(s) of his parents.” And it would require an additional regulation to prevent an influx of people trying to get here under the deadline to give birth here.

    A full ruling would also include the addendum that no child born here to parents who were not citizens at the time of the birth would be considered Natural Born Citizens, and would not be eligible for the presidency.

    As for the comment on so-called Conservatives,this is another argument for being precise in our definitions of terms. BTW, I feel the same way about religion—–I don’t see how people like Pelosi and Biden can claim to be Catholics, while picking and choosing which elements of the religion they like and which they want to ignore.

    It doesn’t seem too much to ask to expect the definition of a Catholic to be one who accepts the teachings of the Church and attempts to live by them, and it doesn’t seem too much to ask to define a Conservative by his actual POLITICAL philosophy, not just the flag he has chosen to fly.

    Having said that, it is also possible to be a hard-core absolutist Conservative on wholly political matters and still find fault with the president. I’m seeing a lot of Republicans suddenly finding that they, too, own crystal balls that let them accurately determine what the president is REALLY thinking, what he REALLY knows, etc. I think he’s just a good poker player, and no one really knows what is in his hand, while he sandbags and bluffs and baffles the rest of the table and the gallery.

  2. Cluster July 23, 2018 / 8:09 pm

    . Max Boot is a complete sell out with no political principles whatsoever. It’s been said here before but any true conservative has to be extremely pleased with the results over the last 18 months regardless of the personality of the man who engineered those results ….. that;s just petty. Obama had a smooth personality and with the help of a teleprompter, spoke artfully. Trump on the other hand talks like a truck driver with an 8th grade education, but his results are stellar and few can match his grasp of leverage and negotiation …..

    • Amazona July 24, 2018 / 2:10 pm

      What’s that smell?

      Oh, its the odor of burning hair, as the hair-on-fire mobs learn this:

      My favorite line: “Maybe the adulation at the summit gave Kim Jong-un something he doesn’t want to lose.”

      I might like it because I have made this point several times, while the howling mobs were sharpening their pitchforks when Trump was so nice to Kim Jong Un—that Trump let Kim sit at the Big Boys’ table and experience what it felt like to be treated with dignity and respect, as an equal, and that would be hard to throw away and have to go back to being the ugly fat kid loser bully-boy and international laughingstock.

      • Cluster July 24, 2018 / 3:23 pm

        Kim Jung Un is a young man who loves the western capitalist lifestyle and Trump knows how to make that happen for him, so provided Kim can save face and some power at home in return for economic development that enriches him, denuclearization is a done deal.

        I could be wrong … lol but I also think that Kim wants a seat at the big boy table ……

  3. Retired Spook July 24, 2018 / 4:57 pm

    This guy was Director of National INTELLIGENCE? ROTFLMAO!!!

    • jdge1 July 24, 2018 / 5:14 pm

      Kind of looks like a Star Wars character. Yoda’s ugly step brother minus the pointy ears?

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