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The Impeachment Drama continues, but behind closed doors and then selective leaks to the MSM…which means they’ve got nothing but are trying to make it appear they have. I think it is still just with the hope that, somehow, Trump’s support will drop…but, absent that, I don’t see the Democrats actually impeaching Trump…they’ll probably drop the matter some time between Christmas and the first primaries. Though they might drag it out until March or April if the Democrat primary turns out to be too much of a clown show.

As for Trump’s support – he went down to Louisiana the day before their State and local elections and the GOP scored a tremendous victory the next day. Sure, Louisiana is a very red State, but it was really a phenomenal victory all up and down the ballot (you’re not hearing about it in the MSM because, per humorist David Burge, the job of the MSM is to “cover stories. With a pillow. Until they stop moving”). As a party, the Louisiana Democrats are barely clinging to the governorship (with a better than even chance they lose that in the November run-off) and, once that is gone, they’ll have no power at all in the State. Trump is also raising buckets of money and can whistle up a huge crowd on short notice. Polling also seems to indicate that his support hasn’t been dented but, you know: polling.

As if you didn’t already know – CNN really does have a vendetta against Trump, and it comes from the top.

Hunter Biden gave an interview to the very friendly MSM and still managed to step in it, if early reviews are correct (I didn’t watch it, myself). As Don Surber notes:

The ABC interview actually incriminated Hunter Biden as he had to concede that he has mooched off his old man’s position as senator and vice president.

The son said, “In retrospect, look, I think that it was poor judgment on my part. Is that I think that it was poor judgment because I don’t believe now, when I look back on it — I know that there was — did nothing wrong at all,” said Biden. However, was it poor judgment to be in the middle of something that is…a swamp in — in — in many ways? Yeah.”

He also said, “I gave a hook to some very unethical people to act in illegal ways to try to do some harm to my father. That’s where I made the mistake. So I take full responsibility for that. Did I do anything improper? No, not in any way. Not in any way whatsoever.”

He takes no responsibility. He takes cash instead. He got his gigs because his name is Biden, which is all one needs to know about his lack of ethics.

This won’t work as well for Team Biden as I guess they thought it would. And given the Washington Post has a slobbering puff piece out about Warren, I’m guessing Joe’s days on the campaign trail are numbered.

The NBA has decided that sweet, sweet Chinese cash is the price of their soul. I stopped watching the NBA years ago as the players became increasingly garbage people who still dared to lecture Americans on morality…but there is something extra nauseating here. Remember, the NBA went ballistic when an American State tried to make a law about bathroom use…now they’re telling everyone to shut up about Hong Kong, because the ChiComs told them to.

Turns out that Trump’s economic policies are mostly benefiting….the middle class. Be fun to see how that works out in votes next year. I mean, fun for you and me: for Democrats, might be a bit less fun.

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  1. Retired Spook October 15, 2019 / 10:57 pm

    Glenn Beck had a half hour interview with a former adviser to Shokin, the former Ukranian Prosecutor General on the Blaze TV at 5 PM this afternoon. Glenn asked him if, after Biden got him fired, was Shokin ever prosecuted for corruption as Biden alleged. Answer, no evidence of corruption was ever offered, and Shokin was never prosecuted. Glenn asked him about ALL the EU countries (remember — EVERYONE wanted this guy fired) who also wanted Shokin fired for corruption. Answer, the only entity besides Biden who wanted Shokin fired for alleged corruption was the George Soros funded group,AntAC.

  2. Retired Spook October 15, 2019 / 11:08 pm

    The web is starting to unravel.

    Also best assessment of Hunter Biden’s interview on ABC by someone, on The Five:

    “I did nothing wrong, and I’ll never do it again.”

    • Cluster October 16, 2019 / 8:28 am

      Time to investigate high ranking Obama government officials who might have colluded to prevent the election of @realDonaldTrump! This could be WORSE than Watergate!

      Yes it could be. Remember when Obama stood at the podium and said “I’ve never seen in my lifetime or in modern political history any presidential candidate trying to discredit the elections and the election process before votes have even taken place,” Obama said, in response to comments then-Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump made. “No serious person out there who would suggest somehow that you could even rig America’s elections.”

      This was said shortly before the 2016 election at a time when it looked as though Hillary would win easily and they didn’t want her Presidency tarnished. And they also knew that had she won, this would have all been swept under the rug, never to see daylight again.

  3. Cluster October 16, 2019 / 8:38 am

    I watched some of the freak show last night and am more convinced of a Trump victory than ever before. All of them are going to have a very difficult time trying to convince Americans that times are not good which they all spent a lot of time trying to do. In his closing statement St. Pete alluded to the “dust settling on broken American dreams and broken American cities” or something like that. Good luck with that.

    Biden constantly repeats himself, I feel bad for him. He’s losing it, and his son’s interview earlier in the morning was a disaster.

    The only people up there who have a shot are Pocahontas and St. Pete with Klobuchar a distant third and I will point out …. all white people. WOKE progressives won’t be happy with that. And the debates just aren’t the same with love guru Marianne Williamson.

  4. Amazona October 16, 2019 / 9:22 am

    The Dems aren’t worried about 2020. No, sirree, not a qualm, not a doubt, not a flicker of concern.

    That’s why they have to resort to such over-the-top hyperbole. If they can’t convince people to vote for them, maybe they can scare them into voting for them.

    Steyer: If GOP Wins in 2020, ‘Literally It Could Be the End of the World’. Not of the Democrat Party. Not even of the United States as a Constitutional Republic. No. THE. END. OF. THE. WORLD.

    On top of that, evidently Steyer wants people to vote for a man who doesn’t even know the definition of “literally”.

    • Cluster October 16, 2019 / 9:53 am

      I missed that line from Steyer but I find it astonishing how Democrats have difficulty governing large cities but are convinced that they can save the world.

      • Amazona October 16, 2019 / 1:08 pm

        ” I find it astonishing how Democrats have difficulty governing large cities but are convinced that they can save the world.”

        Good one !!! Ain’t that the truth! Offhand I would say that Baltimore and Detroit foretell a much grimmer future than rising employment, economic prosperity and adherence to Constitutional law.

      • Cluster October 16, 2019 / 4:46 pm

        Oh and you know Trump is going to bring that up in the debates. I want to see the Democrat nominee defend the governance of cities like Baltimore, Portland, etc.

        Good luck on that.

  5. Cluster October 16, 2019 / 10:55 am

    St> Pete Bittigieg “Respectfully Congresswoman, I think that is dead wrong,” Buttigieg said. “The slaughter going on in Syria is not a consequence of American presence, it’s a consequence of a withdrawal and betrayal by this president of American allies and American values.”

    Aw yes and I remember when Assad was gassing his citizens and killing them when Obama, with a scowl on his face, drew the “red line” only to do nothing and just sat back and watched the slaughter. I don’t remember the Mayor of South Bend criticizing Obama. Did St. Pete not care about Syrians then? Of course considering the state of South Bend, I would suggest he focus on those problems first.

  6. Cluster October 16, 2019 / 4:44 pm

    So I just got home and settled into my home office, turned on MSNBC to see the “breaking news” which is in a white house meeting over Syria, Trump berated Nancy Pelosi and called her a “third rate politician”

    I support him now more than ever. Let’s broom all the losers in this country and continue this path of increasing opportunity and freedom for all Americans. Let’s also leave the sand trap in the middle east and focus on the good people of Hong Kong.

  7. Cluster October 16, 2019 / 5:03 pm

    The last party that pushed though major health care reform was the Democrats, and now every Democrat POTUS candidate is running against that reform and promising something better.

    Reminds me of the adage, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

  8. Cluster October 16, 2019 / 5:31 pm

    This is good

    …. news is breaking that the House has voted to condemn Trump’s Syria withdrawal — on a strongly bipartisan vote, 354-60.

    So the same cowards who abdicated their responsibility to declare war are now voting to admonish the Commander in Chief for taking action.

    And if you haven’t heard, Democrats are upset that Trump was mean to them. Democrats are children … with ADD … on acid … with handicaps

  9. Retired Spook October 16, 2019 / 7:43 pm

    And if Trump hadn’t done what he did, Erdogan would have slaughtered a couple dozen Americans. What if one of them had been your son or daughter? Honorable sacrifice?

    • Amazona October 16, 2019 / 8:54 pm

      AS IF the Americans would have been able to make a difference. I think we all know how much screeching and howling there would have been if they had been killed..

  10. Cluster October 16, 2019 / 7:49 pm

    Spook, the Democrats are all for “spilling blood and treasure” in the middle east now. I know I know just a few years ago they were celebrating the withdrawal from Iraq – what was the saying? No Blood for Oil?? Yea I think that was it. But no need to worry about where Democrats stand because they fall for everything.

    • Amazona October 17, 2019 / 12:09 pm

      Our sudden withdrawal from Iraq, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory and leaving a massive vacuum which was immediately filled by an energized radial Islam, was cheered by the same people now having hissy fits over withdrawing a very small number of Americans in Syria, Americans clearly in harm’s way as the Turks declared their intention to invade.

      Of course, no notice will be taken of the hypocrisy of the Left—it would be like taking notice of the presence of hydrogen in water.

  11. Cluster October 17, 2019 / 8:34 am

    First of all RIP Elijah Cummings. Kind of a shock. I despised the man politically, but sad to see him pass away so suddenly.

    So, the Democrats are really war hungry all of a sudden. Demanding we secure the Syrian border and protect the innocent people in Syria. I just wish they had the same passion for our southern border. But they are doing the bidding of the Military Industrial Complex. And keep in mind, these are the same people who opposed increase funding for the military not too long ago … so in a sense they want more world wide engagements with less money. I am sure our troops appreciate that.

    Saw this caption this morning:

    Donald Trump tweeted a photo of Pelosi standing up and pointing her finger during an argument over Syria at the White House, calling it a meltdown – but the Speaker instead made it her Twitter cover image. Fellow Democrats were quick to praise her for standing up to the President, whose sudden troop withdrawal from Syria has drawn heavy criticism from both sides of the aisle. The confrontation came after the House passed a bill condemning Trump’s policy by 354 votes to 60, with 129 Republicans joining the Democrats to show their disapproval. Despite the bipartisan support for the bill, Trump allegedly told Pelosi he would ‘see you at the polls’ during their meeting, prompting her to storm out and claim he had lost touch with reality.

    Her walk out was a wholly orchestrated event because that is who she is. Nancy is all about Nancy and her power and position. She has zero interest in doing anything that doesn’t benefit her. Trump just signed a massive phase 1 trade deal with China, and if Nancy brought the USMC to the floor, it would pass by a wide margin and many people in the US, Canada, and Mexico would be reaping the benefits of that, but Nancy won’t allow it because that would be handing a victory to Trump. And notice the vote count – these cowards won’t formally declare war, which is their job, but they have the courage to join the irrational mob and condemn the commander in chief. We don’t want people like that in this country.

    They are petulant children and RG proves that every day.

    • Amazona October 17, 2019 / 9:46 am

      I don’t think the Left is supportive of that Military Industrial Complex nearly as much as they are oppositional to Trump.

      If Trump had said “we don’t have enough Americans in Syria to protect those who are there and I am sending in 1000 more” the outrage, hysteria and name calling would have been just as bad. If Trump were to sign an Executive Order in favor of gravity, the Left would call for censure for the utter despicable racism in saying that things should not float.

      As for not agreeing with the president—which is exactly what this latest Kabuki Theater was all about—so what? I have no problem with people disagreeing with the President, or with them expressing that disagreement. After all, we aren’t yet at the stage the Left yearns for, where disagreement means a prison sentence or a bullet.

      What bothers me is the spinelessness of the House Republicans in joining this House vote. Disagree all you want, but refrain from joining the mob trying to undermine the president.

    • Amazona October 17, 2019 / 12:04 pm

      I don’t agree that we have to express sadness every time a person dies. Cummings had had serious health problems for a long time and they caught up with him. This is not a tragedy. This is just what happens sometimes.

      I am not a ghoul who celebrates the deaths of others (with a few exceptions) but Elijah Cummings was a toxic man who did a lot of harm in his exertion of power and influence. Some people can only make the world a better place by leaving it.

      I would not have advocated killing his man, I do not cheer the fact that he died, but I am also not going to pretend that merely by dying he suddenly deserves the respect he never earned while alive.

      • Retired Spook October 17, 2019 / 12:08 pm

        What she said.

  12. Cluster October 17, 2019 / 8:45 am

    Here’s a good article on the homeless problem plaguing many large cities in this country … largely Democrat governed.

    And here is a line in the article that is universal for Democrats.

    The west coast’s progressive leaders are at war with reality and human nature. Not surprisingly, reality is winning.

    That’s a great line to use this election year … “Democrats are at war with reality”

    I like it

    • Amazona October 17, 2019 / 12:05 pm

      I prefer Not surprisingly, reality is winning and our job is to do whatever we can to give reality a hand in its battle with Liberalism and the Left.

  13. Cluster October 17, 2019 / 8:57 am

    Beto: Yes, In Case It Isn’t Perfectly Clear, I’ll Be Sending Cops To Your Door To Take Your Guns

    AND just like that … Democrats lost the election. LOL

    Remember when Obamacare was NOT a path to a single payer system? Until it was. Well, Democrats won’t tell you that they are for a fascist gun confiscation program … until they are.

    This is who they are. They are not honest about anything.

    • Retired Spook October 17, 2019 / 10:11 am

      AND just like that … Democrats lost the election. LOL

      There are about 120,000 Federal Law Enforcement officers who are authorized to carry a firearm and make arrests. There are about 16,000 million legally-owned AR-15 sporting rifles (which account for less than 1% of gun-related deaths, BTW) The vast majority of state, county and local law enforcement officers actually take their constitutional oath seriously, so going door to door would largely be left up to the Feds. Each Fed would have to confiscate 133 AR-15’s. I don’t even want to speculate on what the attrition rate would be. And even if they were successful, that would still leave hundreds of millions of handguns, which account for 99% of all gun-related deaths. Doesn’t sound like a good plan to me.

      • Amazona October 17, 2019 / 11:36 am

        Good analysis. And remember, that catch-all phrase “gun related deaths” includes suicides and gang-related killings, neither of which would be affected by removing a single type of gun.

        As for Each Fed would have to confiscate 133 AR-15’s I think the ratio would be much much higher, as first the number of Feds willing to do this would be severely reduced to those willing to violate the Constitution their very oath has sworn them to uphold and defend.

  14. Retired Spook October 17, 2019 / 11:26 am

    Quote of the day:

    “Progressiveism and Socialism — the gifts that just keep on taking.” Glenn Beck

    • Cluster October 17, 2019 / 11:43 am

      Isn’t it amazing that despite record federal tax revenue coming in to DC, every single Dem POTUS candidate is saying they need more money? How much is enough?

  15. Amazona October 17, 2019 / 11:45 am

    Spook, did you see this article?

    All the giddy little sheeple looking forward to an “everything -is-free” society need to realize that this is always a promise made by those who want to control them. One day, a “free” cell phone—the next, being controlled by an anonymous Big Brother.

    Or facing a guillotine so society can be purged of those who refuse to submit.

    • Amazona October 17, 2019 / 11:49 am

      Which reminds me of the effort to sanitize the phrase “Big Brother” by making it a “reality show” appealing to, well, whoever watches this kind of dreck. This is just another example of the success of propaganda, in this case picking out words and phrases that have been, rightly, considered ominous and indicative of brutal tyranny—“Big Brother” and “Socialism” just to name the two most obvious—-and redefining them as harmless and even entertaining by presenting them in appealing formats.

    • Retired Spook October 17, 2019 / 12:05 pm

      I hadn’t seen the article, but I don’t think there’s any doubt that that’s where our society is headed. With any luck I’ll be taking the final dirt nap before it takes hold in a significant way here.

      One day, a “free” cell phone—the next, being controlled by an anonymous Big Brother.

      I was thinking more like “One day, a free cell PHONE, the next, a free cell.”

      • Amazona October 17, 2019 / 12:18 pm

        “One day, a free cell PHONE, the next, a free cell.”


  16. Amazona October 17, 2019 / 12:17 pm

    Another reason to love Bill Barr: From a recent speech.

    The challenge we face is precisely what the Founding Fathers foresaw would be our supreme test as a free society.

    They never thought the main danger to the republic came from external foes. The central question was whether, over the long haul, we could handle freedom. The question was whether the citizens in such a free society could maintain the moral discipline and virtue necessary for the survival of free institutions.

    By and large, the Founding generation’s view of human nature was drawn from the classical Christian tradition.

    These practical statesmen understood that individuals, while having the potential for great good, also had the capacity for great evil.
    Men are subject to powerful passions and appetites, and, if unrestrained, are capable of ruthlessly riding roughshod over their neighbors and the community at large.

    No society can exist without some means for restraining individual rapacity.

    But, if you rely on the coercive power of government to impose restraints, this will inevitably lead to a government that is too controlling, and you will end up with no liberty, just tyranny.

    On the other hand, unless you have some effective restraint, you end up with something equally dangerous – licentiousness – the unbridled pursuit of personal appetites at the expense of the common good. This is just another form of tyranny – where the individual is enslaved by his appetites, and the possibility of any healthy community life crumbles.

    Edmund Burke summed up this point in his typically colorful language:

    “Men are qualified for civil liberty, in exact proportion to their disposition to put chains upon their appetites…. Society cannot exist unless a controlling power be placed somewhere; and the less of it there is within, the more there must be without. It is ordained in the eternal constitution of things that men with intemperate minds cannot be free. Their passions forge their fetters.”

    The unbridled pursuit of personal appetites at the expense of the common good. This is just another form of tyranny – where the individual is enslaved by his appetites, and the possibility of any healthy community life crumbles. Doesn’t this sound like a description of society today? Or at least of the society the Left is advocating, supporting and trying to ram down our throats?

    • JeremiahTMM October 17, 2019 / 6:11 pm


      Who was it that said, “He alone, who owns the youth, controls the future”?

      Who controls the youth in America? The Left. With a lot of Marxist philosophy.

      And today, after 60 years of Marxist philosophy, we have a society that has become increasingly faithless, lawless, disorderly, and dysfunctional.

    • JeremiahTMM October 17, 2019 / 6:47 pm

      The reason all of these evils is, at its core, atheism. Hatred, desire to murder the children, loss of family, crime, etc all radiates from atheism.

      In a functioning society, everything starts from the top of the pyramid and at the pinnacle of the pyramid is God (the Creator of heaven, earth and the cosmos), and below God is the family (the first form of government), next comes civil law and the authorities.

      To put it another way, God or Jesus Christ (One and the same) is the “chief cornerstone and the government shall be upon His shoulders.”

      Which means that the best model for governing a nation is based on God’s instruction manual.

      On the other hand, we have a government full of leaders whose actions speak totally different. Much like other countries who have man at the pinnacle of the pyramid, rather than God. And whose philosophy also trickles down from the mind of mortal, carnal man. Guided by the forces of evil.

      The only way to turn this ship around, to keep it from sinking, is for there to be a revival of the nation in the hearts and souls of its citizens and to regain control of the educational system. It would take just as many years to heal the nation, and restore it to its newfound functionality, as it did for Atheist Marxists to inflict damage to the foundation of the country. So 60 years? Maybe. Maybe longer.

      Can or will the world get any better than what it already is? Well, we can say there’s definitely plenty of room for it to.

      Part of me says that it won’t get any better, and part of me would like to wish or hope that it would.

  17. Cluster October 17, 2019 / 7:59 pm

    Isn’t it odd that Mueller never asked Ukraine about the DNC server believed to be in the possession of Crowdstrike and possibly in Ukraine? How “comprehensive” could that investigation have been? Over 2 years and they never bothered to make a phone call?

    • Amazona October 17, 2019 / 10:48 pm

      Good point.

  18. Cluster October 18, 2019 / 8:37 am

    So the Democrats are hell bent on impeaching Trump for trying to get to the bottom of the 2016 election interference issue, after they spent two years themselves pretending to do it.

    So why are they still talking? Follow the communist Nike’s lead and …. Just do it. Seriously this is just another issue where Democrats are all talk and no walk and everyone is tired of their bullshit.

    Trump 2020
    No More Bullshit

    • Amazona October 18, 2019 / 8:45 am

      Collusion with a foreign nation to influence an American election must be investigated, and punished.


      We should spend an infinite amount of time and money and effort to keep the American public energized and outraged about the prospect of collusion with a foreign nation to influence an American election because it poses an existential threat to our very Republic.


      Collusion with a foreign nation to influence an American election is so vitally important that nothing else should displace it from the consciousness and interest of the American public.


      Collusion with a foreign nation to influence an American election rises to the level of TREASON and at the very least calls for a long prison sentence.


      • Cluster October 18, 2019 / 9:07 am

        Exactly, it’s all talk and NO WALK. Their only hope is to create enough outrage around this feeble issue that Trump’s poll numbers tank but I don’t see that happening. Every time a Democrat POTUS candidate opens their mouth, Trump’s poll numbers climb, so Democrats are caught between a rock and a hard place. Trying to do everything in the media they can to subvert his Presidency while at the same time running on issues that guarantee his reelection.

  19. Cluster October 18, 2019 / 9:01 am

    Wow, a Brexit deal is near and stocks are climbing. Amazing what happens when countries reclaim their sovereignty and turn their back on globalists.

    20,000 people SRO (standing room only) with another 15,000 people standing outside the venue listening to the President last night in Dallas. Trump has given this country purpose again. He has lit the independent fire that burns in all of us and inspired everyone to think bigger, reach higher, and care more for this country and it’s heritage.

    Good luck with impeachment.

  20. Cluster October 18, 2019 / 9:27 am

    Well now we know who runs Mexico. But keep in mind, protecting the Syrian border is more important to our Republicans and Democrats in DC.

    Mexican security forces were forced to release one of drug lord El Chapo’s sons and retreat after heavily armed cartel fighters surrounded them and launched a war across the city of Culiacan. The brief apprehension of Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman’s son, Ovidio Guzman Lopez, triggered a raging gun battle on Thursday in the city that is home to the notorious drug kingpin’s Sinaloa cartel. Mexican Security Minister Alfonso Durazo said 30 members of the National Guard militarized police were patrolling an area in the city, 370 miles northwest of Mexico City, when they were fired on from a house. Authorities fired back and were eventually able to enter the house where they found four cartel members inside, including Ovidio Guzman, who is accused of drug trafficking in the U.S. Heavily armed gunmen quickly surrounded the home in retaliation and an intense gunfight broke out as the civilians loyal to the drug lord opened fire on the security forces.

    Anecdotal story … friends of mine, a married couple, are from Culiacan which is just north of Mazatlan where I use to go quite a bit. One year when we were going to be in Mazatlan they told me that they were going to be in Culiacan seeing family and I thought it would be fun if the wife and I drove up and saw them because we have never been there. They quickly said NO, not that they didn’t want us there, but they told us that Culiacan was not a safe place for gringos.

  21. Amazona October 18, 2019 / 10:11 am

    David Limbaugh just wrote an article about the authoritarianism of the Left, and mentioned the intimidation of venues wanting to show the Jordan Peterson film. (I mentioned this in an earlier post on another thread.)

    He said: Peterson’s book “12 Rules for Life” is wildly popular, and there are countless viral videos featuring his encounters with various leftist interviewers, panelists and audience members who have tried and failed to entrap him on a number of issues, and been reduced — in every case — to blundering, ineffectual bullies. If you haven’t partaken of these videos, you owe it to yourself to witness one arrogant leftist after another being gobsmacked by the simple weapon of unadulterated logic. These videos are irresistibly contagious and imminently satisfying for those longing to see intellectually defenseless, virtue-signaling finger waggers brought to their knees through the medium of polite debate.

    If you have not seen any of the videos of Peterson talking with various Lefties, you should check them out.

    This comes back to what I have been bemoaning here in the United States (Peterson is Canadian))—the lack of a calm, collected, wise and logical person who can communicate ideas, to speak for the Right.

    • Cluster October 18, 2019 / 11:32 am

      Jordan Peterson speaks the unvarnished truth and would be an excellent advocate for conservatives. The fact that he is Canadian I think is even better. Did you see where Obama endorsed Trudeau the other day? Can that be construed as foreign interference into an election?

    • Retired Spook October 18, 2019 / 12:51 pm

      From the Red State article:

      Former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch, whose prepared opening statement to the House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry team was leaked to the press last week, said she was recalled based on “unfounded and false claims.” I found a major lie in her testimony. She had written, “As Mr. Lutsenko, the former Ukrainian Prosecutor General has recently acknowledged, the notion that I created or disseminated a “do not prosecute” list is completely false—a story that Mr. Lutsenko, himself, has since retracted.” The reality is that Lutsenko has done no such thing. I posted about this here. And you can bet this was not her only lie. She is likely up to her eyeballs in wrongdoing. (emphasis – mine)

      This is a pattern on the Left that is getting fairly easy to detect and decipher. The most common use of the tactic is to repeat over and over something like “numerous investigations have uncovered no evidence that there was any wrong doing on the part of (fill in the blank with name of prominent Democrat). The vast majority of the people hearing such a denial several times will believe it without question and maybe even repeat it themselves. Often the truth is that there was not even ONE investigation, let alone multiple investigations, but that revelation more often than not gets lost in the shuffle.

      Also from the same article:

      The left has perpetrated such a major fraud which has involved so many, I don’t see how it could not leave a paper trail. The bigger an operation becomes, the more difficult it is to contain. Each additional participant adds to the risk of exposure. And in an operation as vast and far-reaching as this one, someone is going to slip up. (emphasis – mine)

      I have confidence that Attorney General William Barr and U.S. Attorney John Durham have already found or will find the evidence necessary to blow this giant ambush of the U.S. President wide open.

      One can hope, but given everything the Democrats have put the country through the last 3 years with almost zero blowback, I’ll believe it when I see it.

      • Amazona October 18, 2019 / 1:22 pm

        Again—-it’s looking like we need not just a whiteboard and a bunch of colored markers but a whole wall of whiteboard. The complexity of the various interactions is stunning, and just proof of how deeply embedded the Deep State is and how hard it will be to root it out.

      • Amazona October 18, 2019 / 1:24 pm

        As I said about the Hunter Biden whine that he did nothing wrong as a board member of Burisma—he didn’t NEED to do “anything wrong” once he got the job. He could have napped through board meetings, if there were any, and been totally passive. It was the appointment itself that was corrupt, but the denial of wrongdoing is the only thing getting air time.

  22. Amazona October 18, 2019 / 10:41 am

    And Kurt Schlichter strikes again:

    And then there’s the phony outrage over some silly meme where fake Donald Trump fights fake logos of the fake news. They insist that this year-old YouTube clip is going to spark terrifying violence against…I guess, CNN and MSNBC logos. Of course, these trademarks have remained unassaulted since this silly, fakey vid was created, but never mind that – this is the worst thing ever! Also, you must ignore the fact that the original movie scene the meme was based upon featured the hero massacring a church full of conservative Christians in Kentucky.

    Weird how that realistic cinematic bloodletting matched the seething hatred of traditional Americans we’ve come to expect from our poisonous popular culture, but the Blue Check Mafia has an explanation about why the Christian slaughter was A-OK. See, in the movie, Beanie and Cecil had a magic crystal and the mind control lasers made it so Zippy and Zoopy were actually good guys and shooting a bunch of Jesus people actually means we love Christians and stuff and don’t you see that when they shoot a church full of Christians it doesn’t mean they are shooting Christians, and that if you think it does you are craaaaaazzzzzyyyyyyy? Just don’t pay attention to the real violence outside Trump’s Minneapolis rally.

    • M. Noonan October 18, 2019 / 11:00 pm

      We won’t know until a year from now, but if Trump wins – and especially if he wins big (something I think has moved from a 1 to a 5% chance), then it’ll be proof that the entire MSM no longer controls the Narrative…that they are talking into a void and everyone other than dyed-in-the-wool Democrats has moved on.

      • Amazona October 19, 2019 / 8:13 am

        But what we need is real journalism in the network television medium.
        Back when See BS got its heinie in a crack over the faked Bush papers they were in big financial trouble, and way back then I wondered why some Conservative billionaire, or consortium of Conservative billionaires, didn’t step in and buy it.

        I’m not talking about putting a Conservatives slant on anything, just about not putting a slant on anything at all. As an example, reporting on a weather event without editorializing that it is due to Climate Change !!!!!

  23. Amazona October 18, 2019 / 11:07 am

    A career State Department official overseeing Ukraine policy told congressional investigators this week that he had raised concerns in early 2015 about then-Vice President Joe Biden’s son serving on the board of a Ukrainian energy company but was turned away by a Biden staffer, according to three people familiar with the testimony.

    George Kent, a deputy assistant secretary of state, testified Tuesday that he worried that Hunter Biden’s position at the firm Burisma Holdings would complicate efforts by U.S. diplomats to convey to Ukrainian officials the importance of avoiding conflicts of interest, said the people, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of confidentiality rules surrounding the deposition.

    Kent said he had concerns that Ukrainian officials would view Hunter Biden as a conduit for currying influence with his father, said the people. But when Kent raised the issue with Biden’s office, he was told the then-vice president didn’t have the “bandwidth” to deal with the issue involving his son as his other son, Beau, was battling cancer, said the people familiar with his testimony.

    The timing on this is very instructive. Supposedly Biden didn’t have the “bandwidth” in early 2015 to deal with the problem, but by late 2015 Biden was all over it — by his own admission. Last year, Biden bragged to the Council of Foreign Relations about how he’d used the leverage of a billion dollars in US aid in December 2015 to get then-Ukraine president Petro Poroshenko to fire his general prosecutor, over Biden’s dissatisfaction with progress in anti-corruption probes:

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