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Been working on the sequel to Mirrors, to be called Secrets. As you’ve all read Mirrors by now (right?) you know that our great heroes, Bryce and Fred, are up to any challenge…but I’ve got Fred in quite the pickle in Secrets and I’m puzzled about how I get him out of it. I’m sure I’ll figure it out. I hope – really, honestly – to have Secrets out early in 2020.

Hillary accused Tulsi Gabbard and Jill Stein (the lady who helped Hillary create the Trump-Russia Narrative, as you might recall) of being Russian agents. And everyone called her insane, right? Nope. I mean, lots of people did – but on the Democrat/Never Trump side its all been silence or, “hey, they are kinda Russian Agent-y”. These people are completely out of control.

As for why Hillary is suddenly worried about our Precious Bodily Fluids, the fact that her illegal server was, well, illegal and a huge security risk might play a role here.

Rasmussen finds that 49% of the American people haven’t been paying attention while 51% believe that the efforts to get Trump are a scam.

Trump’s lawyers go after CNN. Will anything come of it? Unlikely – but it is enormously funny.

Some US Senators – including Marco Rubio – have issued as statement to Activision Blizzard over it’s corporate kowtowing to China. It is an important issue and I’m glad it is being brought up (and under anyone but Trump, it never would have come up). China, of course, threatens dire punishment to any corporation which crosses China. Our job is to punish corporations even more if they kowtow. Enough of this – if you want to be corporate slaves to China, move your operations there.

There’s this group of ladies who dress up like 1940’s pinup girls and they go visit wounded veterans – except the VA says they don’t want them there because, I guess, there’s an a**hole out there who is offended (I can’t imagine any real veteran – even gay or female – being offended by this). We really need to bring a stop to this nonsense.

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  1. Cluster October 19, 2019 / 9:44 am

    Political correctness is being attacked beginning with comedy. Jerry Seinfeld has spoken out against this as has many other comedians and I think Bill Burr is a leader in this effort. If you haven’t seen his stand up, search him and watch a clip or two … he’s good. Also re: search engines, I have started using Bing instead of Google … just a one man protest thing but give Bing a try.

    The Democrats would be well served to disown and dismiss Hillary Clinton. Her security violations are widely known now as is her efforts to protect Harvey Weinstein. She is a repugnant human being, and as Amazona pointed out … Tulsi is much prettier, way smarter, and I am sure she has Bill drooling lol. And have you noticed, the Democrats are already getting their excuses lined up for losing the 2020 election.

    I think the media, the Democrats (apologies for the redundancy) and the Defense Dept. Establishment are doing themselves a lot of harm by constantly lecturing Americans about the need to protect the Syrian border and the Kurds while a full on drug and human trafficking war is on going just south of our border. Our military should never be involved in middle eastern sectarian skirmishes and that’s what this is, it’s not a war. The sectarian tribes in the middle east have battled for centuries and there is nothing America can do about that … nor should we. If they want to kill each other, well then fine … let’s get the hell out of there and focus on the people of Hong Kong and the women and children south of our border who are suffering because of our inaction.

    • Cluster October 19, 2019 / 9:55 am

      Case in point:

      (Bloomberg) — Roberto the coyote can see a stretch of border fence from his ranch in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, about a mile south of El Paso. Smuggling drugs and people to “el otro lado,” the other side, has been his life’s work.

      There’s always a way, he says, no matter how hard U.S. President Donald Trump tries to stop the flow. But this year’s crackdown has made it a tougher proposition. A deadlier one, too—especially for women and children, who are increasingly dying in the attempt.

      This should infuriate EVERY American. Our elected representatives AND our Defense Dept. Establishment are willfully ignoring the dangers just south of our border and preferring instead to protect people 6,000 miles away … because that war is more profitable, and it’s best to keep our border as a political football for Democrats to use during elections.

    • Amazona October 19, 2019 / 10:54 am

      I have a slightly different take on international intervention by our military.

      I agree, we have no business interfering in the internal politics of other nations—up to a point.

      Military training is dangerous. Here at Fort Carson several people are killed every year in training exercises, and this is repeated on every military base in the country. But we have to do the training, we have to get the personnel trained to use the equipment and cope with the stresses of battle. We are also looking at more and more people who enter the military already brainwashed and ignorant of reality, here or in other places. They are not only out of shape physically, they are mentally and emotionally too sheltered and cocooned to be able to handle the stresses of warfare.

      So I am completely in favor of sending our military in for humanitarian purposes, such as wiping out the Janjaweed and protecting innocents in Sudan. I see a difference in a political structure we might not like that happens to be harmful to a lot of people and something like Saddam’s Iraq where people were randomly captured, tortured in awful ways and killed just for entertainment.

      Yes, some of our people will be killed—but some of our people are killed every day anyway, on our own military bases, because they are doing dangerous stuff with dangerous stuff. I think the United States should stand for protection of the innocent and in opposition to persecution and brutality. I know there would be a lot of instances where it would be a blurry line between political action and overt persecution and murder, but I think that is a line we still need to examine, and be willing to cross sometimes.

      But I also mean in-and-out police actions, clearly stated to eliminate predators and allow the citizens to lead their own lives. That would mean more expansive Rules of Engagement and the clearly understood and stated goal of ELIMINATING the threats. Not controlling them, not restraining them, not decreasing them. Eliminating them.

      That would include the drug cartels across our own border, rampaging gangs like the Janjaweed, murderous thugs like Saddam and his boys, and terrorists all over the world if they reach a certain threshold of oppression and violence.

      It would be training for our military, to get and keep them ready and able to respond to any crisis, and it would also open the eyes of a lot of snowflakes and let them see the way other people live, have to live, around the world. There are worse things than having your tattoo misspelled, or not getting enough vanilla in your latte. There are people starving, and dying—but there are people living in conditions we can’t even imagine who are happy, joyful to be alive, who can teach our young people something about the value of life vs the value of STUFF.

      I’m reading the autobiography of Gary Sinise, and he talks about going overseas to visit our troops and seeing schools with four or five kids crammed into one desk and sharing the stub of one pencil, and being overjoyed by the opportunity to go to school at all. These are the kinds of things that make an impression, and remind us of how blessed we are, and are the kinds of lessons our young people need to learn.

      I think this kind of military would produce better Americans and also allow this great nation to share its greatness in ways that would help people all over the world. And it would send a message to our enemies and nations considering the possibility of become our enemies—when they see some Americans swoop in, heavily armed and well trained, to kick ass and not even bother with taking names,, the message would be sent that this is not a nation to be taken lightly. As the Marines say, “No better friend, no worse enemy”.

      • Cluster October 19, 2019 / 11:45 am

        I don’t entirely disagree with your sentiment but we could be all over the world all the time under this doctrine. It’s just not possible to legislate decency and civility nor is it possible to impose it militarily.

      • Amazona October 19, 2019 / 12:36 pm

        No, we can’t make people act better. We can just make sure that those who act horribly are deprived of the opportunity to do so. And I’m not talking about small squabbles. Just look at the actions in Sudan, with whole villages destroyed, medical aid people butchered, and rampaging bands scouring the nation.

        Yes, we WOULD be “all over the world” though I disagree with “all the time”. I think there would be a built-in limiting effect on groups that now have nothing to rein them in. I think after a while it would be a big military heavily armed version of
        “You don’t WANT me to come in there!” as so many of our parents had to tell us. As for being all over the world, that is the idea. GO all over the world. Send Americans all over the world, as ambassadors, as helpers, while those Americans are learning both how to operate in war conditions and what life is like on most of the planet.

        We can let our young military personnel die in training accidents here at home, with no benefit to anyone, or we can give them real-life experiences in both warfare and humanity.

    • Amazona October 19, 2019 / 11:03 am

      I HATE Bing! It is so annoying, and I can’t seem to get rid of it. Its search results are goofy. When I do a search, I don’t want the results to be filtered or curated in some effort to add stuff I didn’t ask for because some algorithm has decided “if she likes this I’ll show her that”. And its results pages are cluttered and clumsy. I have looked online and evidently it can be removed, but is not easy.

      I use Duckduckgo. It doesn’t track web searches and it doesn’t presume to educate me, steer me or influence me. I don’t have it as my default search engine, and sometimes when I enter it Bing butts in and says “Why do you want to use that when Bing is so much better?” Well, I tried Bing and hated it.

      • Cluster October 19, 2019 / 11:18 am

        I don’t put that much thought into the search engine lol .. I just started trying Bing in my protest of Google

  2. Cluster October 19, 2019 / 12:27 pm

    Chryon on MSNBC right now

    “AG Barr expands controversial review into origins of 2016 election interference”

    Why would that be controversial?

    • Amazona October 19, 2019 / 12:41 pm

      Because “controversial” is a favorite buzzword of the Left.

      When we would see people like Diane Sawyer or Katie Couric interview people they would always telegraph to the audience how the audience was supposed to take the answer. A happy face and upbeat voice asking a question telegraphed “this person is a friend and the answer is going to be a good answer” but when the voice dropped in tone and the face took on a grim aspect (Sawyer used to come up with a Klingon-like forehead so deeply furrowed in CONCERN that you could have grown potatoes in those furrows—-I think she eventually got Botox) and then the question, uttered in a tone mournful or ominous, would usually include the word “CONTROVERSIAL”.

      It’s a signal to the sheeple that whatever IT is, it is bad and wrong and should be fought.

  3. Cluster October 19, 2019 / 12:36 pm

    I think the biggest problem confronting this world is that governments no longer listen to, nor govern to the benefit of their citizens:

    Protests around the world: violent clashes hit Chile, Hong Kong, Lebanon and Barcelona

    I think there is a globalist mentality amongst those at the top of many many governments around the world, and those leaders cater to global influences rather than addressing the needs of their own citizenry. Case in point was France just a couple of years ago when they tried to increase gas taxes to combat global warming and the yellow vested citizenry objected and rioted.

    People around the world are clamoring for their own sovereignty and ability to govern themselves and protect their borders and culture.

  4. Retired Spook October 19, 2019 / 1:45 pm

    This AP article with the headline, “Mulvaney story shaking GOP” was reprinted in our morning paper.

    So here’s how the Mulvaney story is shaking the GOP.

    But former Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who ran against Trump in the 2016 Republican primary, said he now supports impeaching the president.

    Mulvaney’s admission, he said, was the “final straw.” ”The last 24 hours has really forced me to review all of this,” Kasich said on CNN.

    In Congress, at least one Republican, Rep. Francis Rooney of Florida, spoke out publicly, telling reporters that he and others were concerned by Mulvaney’s remarks. Rooney said he’s open to considering all sides in the impeachment inquiry. He also said Mulvaney’s comments cannot simply undone by a follow-up statement.

    “It’s not an Etch-A-Sketch,” said Rooney, a former ambassador to the Holy See under President George W. Bush.

    “The only thing I can assume is, he meant what he had to say – that there was a quid pro quo on this stuff,” he said.

    That’s it — John Kasich, a guy I used to admire, but who had a screw come loose sometime in the last 3 or 4 years, and one disgruntled congressman who was an ambassador under Bush 43. Not exactly “the GOP.”

    And for the record, all you have to do is listen to Mulvaney’s unedited remarks to realize what he was saying. A throw-away line that was not part of the overall context that’s been taken “out of context” to make it appear he was saying something he wasn’t.

    • Cluster October 19, 2019 / 3:12 pm

      The problem is is that there are just far too many uneducated people. There is ALWAYS conditions for foreign aid. ALWAYS. And there should be. We shouldn’t just give hundreds of millions of dollars to another country without conditions. The “quid pro quo” is when someone personally benefits, which is and always should be prohibited. There was no quid pro quo in this instance but there were certainly conditions, as there should be.

      That’s the distinction and people like Kasich are either being obtuse or dishonest.

    • Amazona October 19, 2019 / 3:15 pm

      The article ends with:

      Three House committees investigating impeachment have tentatively scheduled several closed-door interviews next week, including one with Bill Taylor, the current top official at the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine.

      Taylor’s interview, scheduled for Tuesday, is significant because he was among the diplomats on a text message string during the time around the July phone call. He raised a red flag and said it was “crazy” to withhold the military aid for a political investigation.

      Notice that it stops short of another ambassador, this one to the E.U. sharply correcting Taylor and telling him he was wrong.

      • Retired Spook October 19, 2019 / 5:02 pm

        The agenda media has the “lie of omission” down to a science.

    • Amazona October 19, 2019 / 3:45 pm

      Everything hinges on the assignment of motive. And the assignment of motive depends on the bias of the person doing the assigning.

      And BTW I am sick and tired of hearing “quid pro quo”. Give it a rest, people! We all engage in barter of some sort dozens of times a day, ranging from trading some dollars for a hamburger to “Honey, if you’ll pick up the kids I’ll have time to make lasagna tonight”.

      There is no element in negotiations of any sort, for any reason, with any goal in mind on either side, that does not involve some sort and degree of trade. Ukraine has had a well-earned reputation for being an extremely corrupt country. Burisma was implicated in the disappearance of about $ 1.8 Billion-with-a-B dollars. Ukraine wants more millions from us—investigate the places former disbursements have gone missing. So a Biden was involved—we should just hand over a few million dollars to avoid having some freaked-out Trump haters get hysterics and claim his motive was to harm Biden?

      I firmly believe that Joe Biden, as an opponent, is and has been so low on Trump’s radar that he probably never even considered him an “opponent”. He’s a doddering has-been whose own party has been howling about “too many old white men” running it—-at the time of the phone call the tea leaves said Joe wouldn’t have a chance, AND HE HADN’T EVEN DECLARED HE WAS GOING TO RUN YET.

      As for Kasich, there was a time, which seems like a long long time ago now, when I thought he was OK. But he proved to be Romneyesque in his spinelessness and eagerness to pander to whoever might reward his cravenness with votes or approval. Now he piously says ”The last 24 hours has really forced me to review all of this,” Oh, bull. He has known all along he would go against Trump, at least unless he could see something that would benefit him to support him.

      As for “It’s not an Etch-A-Sketch,” it was one of the Left howlers who first used that, which tells me where Rooney is getting his material. It may have been Pelosi—she was pulling crap like this out of her……..ear………such as “Astroturf” instead of “grass roots” and it just sounds like her.

      • JeremiahTMM October 19, 2019 / 8:32 pm



  5. Cluster October 19, 2019 / 3:21 pm

    I had to laugh this morning when I heard a mindless Democrat say that Trump is making a fortune being President. Really? Is it because of all the goodwill the media gives him? Are people just flocking to his properties wanting to be a part of this very popular President?

    They really do have shit for brains. Trump has probably lost more money being President than they have made in their life time. I also think it’s funny when inferior people punch upwards. Not one of these little media people could ever replicate what Trump has achieved. And I particularly liked a comment I heard the other day – Trump made his money before politics. That statement shines the bright light on the 99% of all other politicians who made their fortunes while in politics.

  6. Retired Spook October 20, 2019 / 10:09 am

    My wife watches more Fox News than I do because she has it on during the day, and I rarely watch TV during the day. But with everything that’s going on in the news I find myself watching more and more. I don’t know if it’s a new phenomenon or it’s been going on for a while, but I’m astounded at the frequency with which Fox, in their news shows (not opinion) shows clips from CNN and MSNBC, and how often a Fox newscaster repeats the lie that the phone call transcript of Trumps call with the president of Ukraine shows that he withheld military aid in exchange for either help in investigating the origins of the Democrats’ meddling in the 2016 election or for “dirt” on Biden. Now they’re repeating the second lie that Mick Mulvaney affirmed the first lie in his press conference last week.

    Is this just me, or has anyone else noticed?

    • Cluster October 20, 2019 / 10:29 am

      I’ve noticed, and I have also noticed that lie being repeated on some conservative sites but keep in mind, all of these people swim in the same sewer of NY and DC and the pressure to be included in the “cocktail party circuit” club over rides their objectivity. All of our national political news comes out of two locations, NY and DC, and much of the reporting is clouded by the liberal narrative that dominates those two areas. If we had a national broadcast from Dallas, or Phoenix for example I think the reporting would be more objective and the liberal narrative would have much less influence.

      I mean honestly, do you really think someone like Chis Wallace is not influenced by the societal narrative that he wakes up to every day?

      • Amazona October 20, 2019 / 10:38 am

        Cluster, you are right to some extent, though I see local news readers in Denver regurgitating the same swill. So do what I said in my post on running 30-second spots and concentrate on flyover country. Who cares what they think on the coasts? The coasts didn’t win the last election for the Left and they won’t win this one, if we keep the facts front and center in the Heartland.

        And in those local markets, name names. “Why did Kyle Clark say this, when the facts show that this is not the truth? Is he a journalist or just a political advocate for the Left, who realizes that the truth will not defeat Donald Trump but maybe the lies of the Left will.”

    • Amazona October 20, 2019 / 10:33 am

      I haven’t noticed, myself, because I don’t watch “news” on TV any more. But I have noticed that on the radio Fox news repeats the same lies, as does every single “news” reader. There is always a spin, always an “explanation” of what happened. I don’t know how much of it is actual effort to distort the facts and how much is semantic infiltration, where the same thing is heard so often it becomes part of accepted reality no matter how false the premise.

      All we can do is fight it, but that would take money, and focus, and determination, and did I mention money? That is, 30 second spots on all network stations two or three times a night commenting on the fact that all these people are saying what is not true. Short and to the point:

      “Did President Trump tell the president of Ukraine that he was withholding military aid if Ukraine did not agree to investigate Joe Biden? No, he did not. President Trump says it never happened. The transcript proves this. The president of Ukraine says it never happened. The transcript proves this. So why are you being lied to? It’s because the Left knows truth about President Trump will not defeat him next November, but they hope its lies will.”

      “If the truth about the intent or message in President Trump’s conversation with Ukrainian President Zelenko is damaging to him, why does the Left have to lie about it? Why do they have to invent a fictitious conversation and have it read by Adam Schiff to try to convince Americans the President said what he did not say? Why do they have to hold their proceedings in secret, so they can control what is then fed to the public? It’s because the Left knows the truth will not defeat President Trump next November, but they hope its lies will.”

      Over and over and over again, saturation on all three networks, every night and a couple of times during the day. Maybe get personal in some of them: “When Suzy Smith of XXX at nine in Dallas constantly tells you lies about what President Trump said or did, is this because she hasn’t taken the time or trouble to find out the truth or because she sees her role as helping defeat the President next November, and she knows what the Left knows—-the truth will not defeat President Trump next November, but the Left hopes its lies will.”

      We can be tough without being dirty. But first we have to be tough. If the RNC doesn’t have the backbone to do this, then do fundraising specifically to do the work they won’t do—-and explain that. And have every candidate in every state use the same template: “Have you wondered why Joe Schmo is lying when he tells you Republican candidate John Doe said _________________? It’s because he knows what the rest of the Left knows—the truth will not help them in November, so they hope their lies will.”

      Saturation, repetition, and constant use of the word “Left” instead of “Democrat”. Heavy on the theme that the Left knows the truth will defeat them in November so they are hoping their lies will help them win.

      • Cluster October 20, 2019 / 10:54 am

        Despite the media narrative propagated on most if not all networks, I think the majority of American voters get it and are not buying it. Of course having an RNC who was more proactive with a concerted message as you describe would certainly help, I still think those of us in fly over country are more aware than the media thinks. The Democrats starting impeaching Trump before he even took office and that fact is not lost on a lot of voters. Additionally, the issues that the Democrat POTUS candidates are running on, are so far left that even moderate Democrats are cringing.

  7. Cluster October 20, 2019 / 11:15 am

    So I watch quite a bit of MSNBC and the disinformation they spread is mind numbing. Just heard on AM Joy was the question “should reporters use the words racist and liar when speaking of Trump” to which Dana Milbank with WaPo said “absolutely, because it’s true”. Additionally, Milbank just said that “the stupid people who watch Fox news probably don’t know that Hillary Clinton was just exonerated for her use of a private server in re: to her email as SecState”.

    Fortunately the majority of Americans are not as dishonest as Dana Milbank, nor are they as stupid as people like Maxine Waters and Sheila Jackson Lee. These people are just simply losers and the brunt of jokes for millions and millions of Americans. If they only knew it.

    • Amazona October 20, 2019 / 12:59 pm

      I’m not comfortable just assuming that enough people see through the lies. Our target demographic is the squishie demographic, those people who just can’t make up their minds, and they are probably pretty easily steered by constant repetition.

      In the meantime we need our talking heads getting more Trumpy and just calling people out for being stupid. Really call them out. Brutally call them out. As in “just how stupid do you have to BE to think believing in following our Constitution has anything to do with judging people by the color of their skin? Seriously, no intelligent person could make that connection. But people like Dana Milbank do, all the time.”

      And we need to EVISCERATE Identity Politics. Gut the entire concept. Ridicule it. Tear it to shreds. “You know why the Left depends on Identity Politics and the Politics of Personal Destruction? Because the underlying political structure of the Left sucks. It doesn’t work, it has never worked, and every time it has been tried it has led to economic misery, loss of liberty and often the murder of millions. Identity Politics is all they’ve GOT. That and trying to convince people that the other side is evil, is racist. It’s a tactic only the losing side is desperate enough to depend on.”

    • Amazona October 21, 2019 / 11:12 am

      The Left should issue us all copies of their own private dictionary—you know, the one where “not yet charged” is defined as “exonerated” and “racist” means “people who don’t define others by the color of their skin”.

  8. Retired Spook October 21, 2019 / 12:50 pm

    The latest from the YCMTSU file., and further evidence that Liberalism is a mental disorder.

    • Amazona October 21, 2019 / 4:00 pm

      A few weeks ago I ran across a blog where a “trans” guy wrote that”she” was going on a trip where everyone would be on a boat, if I remember correctly, and it was also going to be the time of “her first period” and”she” wanted to know how to handle it—how do girls handle periods?

      It started off as just weird—a sad boy so deep into his delusions that he was pretending he would be having periods. But as I read on, “her” questions and the gullible answers, it became clearer and clearer to me that this was not delusional, it was fishing for prurient details. One silly twit in particular, deep into virtue signaling and proclaiming that she was not as bigoted as the people who pointed out “no uterus = no period” carefully answered every question, even as they got more and more graphic and intimate. There was no question in my mind that this exchange would eventually lead to even more intimate discussions and maybe even a photo of “how to use a tampon” that would be part of the creep’s library and probably even go online.

      The doors to perversion and depravity opened by the Left with this gender-bending philosophy are scary. It’s like a careful dismantling of sanity, one piece at a time.

      • Cluster October 21, 2019 / 5:14 pm


  9. Retired Spook October 21, 2019 / 3:51 pm

    Rush was talking today about an anti-Trump screed by retired Admiral William McRaven, former commander of SOCOM, in the NYT (subscription firewall) and referenced a an excellent response by Angelo Codevilla. As someone who took a sacred oath to protect and defend the Constitution, I’m incredulous that someone of McRaven’s stature and career would advocate removal of the President of the United States by any means. Codevilla echos my sentiments to the T.

  10. Cluster October 21, 2019 / 4:58 pm

    So you’ve all heard the expression “follow the money”? Well …

    The RNC brought in $27,324,070.15, which “was the best off-cycle month in history for either party,” according to a GOP official.

    This figure is nearly four times the amount the DNC raised.

    The money trail suggests a 2020 landslide for the RNC.

    • Amazona October 21, 2019 / 9:06 pm

      The money trail suggests a 2020 landslide for the RNC

      Especially if they use it effectively to target the lies of the Left.

      • rgrg2 October 21, 2019 / 9:29 pm

        What part of “go find another site” to harass didn’t you understand?//Moderator

      • Amazona October 22, 2019 / 9:29 am

        I see rg is determined to infest this site—-and no, rg, “Moderator” is not me.

  11. Cluster October 22, 2019 / 9:37 am

    RG is obsessed with us ….

    Well we have all known it for quite some time but the following cements the fact that being a Democrat requires some level of mental illness:

    The committee suggests that math is subjective and racist, saying under one section, “Who gets to say if an answer is right,” and under another, “how is math manipulated to allow inequality and oppression to persist?” ….. It is also stated in the document that Western mathematics is “used to disenfranchise​ people and communities of color.”

    I definitely don’t want to live in any structure these people build considering that no one really knows if the measurements are accurate and it’s racist to even question it …. hahahahaha

    • Retired Spook October 22, 2019 / 9:53 am

      RG is obsessed with us ….

      I suspect he’s some 26-year-old still living in his parents basement. I say “his” because I find it hard to picture a 26-year-old woman still living in her parents basement. I have rarely engaged him for one simple reason — I rarely accept the premise of his posts. When his premise is bogus, there is no right or wrong answer, hence a complete waste of time. Plus he ALWAYS has another, “well, what about this?”

      • Cluster October 22, 2019 / 10:54 am

        It’s impossible to accept the premise of Democrats prescriptions any more. All of their proposed policies are designed to grow government and confront manufactured crisis’s; climate change, racism, health care, etc.

        The Trump phenomenon is a rejection of the establishment rule for the last 20 years. The last President to actually listen to the people was Bill Clinton in 1994 when the Gingrich revolution began and Clinton said “the era of big government is over”, but since then we have had an establishment that actually governs in opposition to the American people to the point now where the Democrats are more concerned with Kurdish refugees than they are the poor black children in Chicago. Over the last 20 years, the establishment class comprised of both Republicans and Democrats abandoned their responsibility to their constituents and the American proletariat rose up and rejected their leadership. That’s what happened and the Deep State and the Media still don’t get it.

      • Retired Spook October 22, 2019 / 11:07 am

        The Deep State gets it. They’re fighting for their political lives, and they will do or say ANYTHING to stay in power. That’s why it’s imperative that Trump wins a second term. The swamp is to big to drain in 4 years. I think it’s imperative that Trump be impeached in the House but not removed by the Senate. Otherwise, the fight to remove him will continue throughout his second term. It may anyway, but it won’t have much public support. Impeachment by the House will also guarantee his re-election as well as make it much more likely that Republicans will win back the House in 2020.

      • Cluster October 22, 2019 / 1:19 pm

        You are right …. the deep state does know it and those at the top are apoplectic. I think it’s ironic that Democrats, particularly Elizabeth Warren, are calling for a “structural change” in America because that’s exactly what Trump is doing, it’s just that the structural change Trump is working on benefits Americans and destroys the deep state foundation that Democrats spent the last 10 years weaponizing.

      • Amazona October 22, 2019 / 3:50 pm

        Their “structural change” is removing the Constitution, and all its annoying restrictions on centralized power, so they can impose their Central Authority.

    • Amazona October 22, 2019 / 8:26 pm

      Well, I wouldn’t want to fly in an airplane designed or built by any of these people, or drive a car they designed or built, or cross a bridge built on the premise that the engineers were POC who refused to be constrained by the racist limitations of “white math”.

      Anyone buying into this nonsense is excluding himself from any chance of success and independence—-unless he wants to be a “teacher” and ruin the lives of others.

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