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The GOP is slow rolling some of Biden’s nominees. Managed to collect the scalp of one of them. Biden is being forced back on minimum wage, amnesty for illegals and election reform. In other words: going as you’d expect when the President is a senile, 78 year old and the Democrats only have 50 Senators and a razor-thin majority in the House.

I did check out Trump’s CPAC speech – still not sure if he’ll try again in 2024, but the bottom line is that at least for the moment, if he runs, he’s got it. Lots can change between now and, say, June of 2023, but it is Trump’s for the asking. We’ll see if he asks. If he doesn’t get in, I’m warming to Ron DeSantis as a lot of people are, though I’m still completely open on whom I’ll actually back.

Lockdowns are being ended in Texas and that’s good – hopefully this will spread, but I’m still thinking the Democrat governors want to keep them going. In fact, I think the overall Democrat desire is to keep them going right through 2024. They seem to have calculated it out that the fear-mongering about Covid benefits them. And, maybe it does? It may well have added a couple million real votes to their total in 2020. There is a big split and a huge number of Americans are simply scared to death of the virus – I can only assume these are the people who still both consume and believe the MSM. Keep in mind that as the States reopen, there will be an economic boost and that will at least temporarily boost Biden.

I hope to goodness we don’t get into a major war these next four years: the military is going entirely SJW. I’ve heard they are even screening social media posts of recruits to see if there is any wrongthink out there. How the heck they plan on staffing the armed forces when they are excluding patriots, I have no idea. I highly recommend against any young people joining the military – and that is a sad thing for a veteran to say. But I don’t think they’ll allow you to be a soldier, sailor, airman or Marine these days. You have to check off the Intersectionality boxes, instead. Not worth the trouble – or the risk that you’ll be sent into battle and your CO got his or her job based on a SJW quota rather than battle worthiness.

Cancel Culture has come for Doctor Seuss and I find it enormously funny. Thy guy was a Commie’s Commie – but he wasn’t woke enough for modern times. Anyone want to tell the SJWs that Che killed homosexuals?

I’m still writing! A lot. Second draft of Shadow Army is now complete and I plan on dropping it in June, with the sequel to that, Kings and Queen, coming maybe in November or December. And I just finished the first draft of Book 6, which had a title but the Mrs hates the title so I’ve probably got to think up a new one.

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  1. Retired Spook March 4, 2021 / 11:59 am

    I got the following message this morning from the “violent, right-wing, anti-government militia” that I have belonged to since 2010:

    Oath Keepers and Patriots,

    There is increased chatter among the powers that be and the media about a supposed “militia” plot to breach the US Capitol tomorrow, March 4.

    We strongly advise all of you to steer clear of DC tomorrow (and the next few days) and to steer clear of any discussion on any chat board or chat group where anyone is talking about any use of force against DC or anyone in DC.

    There is no Oath Keepers event scheduled for March 4th.

    Be aware of the high likelihood of agent provocateurs/confidential informants/agents being active in chats trying to trick people into discussing even hypothetical use of force related to DC or any federal public official with an office in DC. Expect it. Do NOT engage in any such discussion and report it to moderators/leadership (of whatever chat or group discussion you are in).

    Also beware of attempts to engage you in such discussion via email or direct message on social media or chat apps, or even in person.

    Again, expect it.

    The Deep State and their media allies are desperate to Jin up a manufactured “plot” or even an actual attack attempt to further their demonization and persecution campaign against all Trump supporters and all constitutionalists.

    Again, expect it. And avoid being caught up in any such nonsense.

    Stay away from DC and stay away from any hot head or loose cannon discussing even hypothetical use of force scenarios related to DC or politicians/officials in DC.

    Oath Keepers does not condone the initiation of force or any hostile act, and does not condone unlawful activities or actions. We are all about lawful self defense and defense of others, and supporting and defending the Constitution, as our bylaws make clear.

    Illegal acts have never been and never will be tolerated. If any of you see or hear ANYONE in Oath Keepers talking such nonsense, please email us at and also notify anyone else in your immediate chain of command/leadership and any moderator of whatever chat it’s in. (emphasis – mine)

    Stewart Rhodes
    Founder of Oath Keepers

    Are there/have there been some bad apples in Oath Keepers? Of course — hard not to have a few hot heads in an organization of 40,000 members. The handful that were involved in the kerfuffle at the Capitol have resigned because we’re not radical enough for them. I hope the door hit them in the a$$ on the way out.

  2. Retired Spook March 5, 2021 / 11:09 am

    Charlie Hurt at the Washington Times asks: “will the real President of the United States please stand up.”

    We should start a pool on when he will (a) step down; (b) be forced to step down via the 25th Amendment; (c) be found dead, face down on the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office; or(d) be found dead in Fort Marcy Park with a .38 revolver next to his body, but no bullet ever recovered.

    As with much of what’s happened in the last few years, it’s going to make an interesting movie someday.

    • Amazona March 5, 2021 / 11:21 am

      I thought the GOP made a huge tactical error ( !! As usual) by not using the theme of “Do you even know who you are voting for?” in the election campaign. Biden is a stalking horse, always was, with Harris AKA the Left hiding behind him as he was presented as the real candidate.

      Harris was not popular and I always thought that a campaign that focused on the fact that a vote against Trump was really a vote to have a President Harris might have moved some votes. He could have said, in his speeches, something like “Some of you might not like me but at least when you vote for me you’ll be voting for Donald Trump. When you think you’re voting for Joe Biden you don’t know who you are really voting for.”

    • dbschmidt March 5, 2021 / 6:55 pm

      If I was going to place a bet being a non-betting man–I would have to say Harris has already taken over most of Biden;s duties as President.l Nevertheless, the 2 year clause makes me think they are trying to keep the sock/meat puppet alive for a while longer.

      Final “money” goes on not the 25rh but a “self-recognition” and step-down by the * in charge. I hear great numbers of “buyers remorse” with Biden–just wait till they get the bitch full face. It would be funny except we have to live in this new world.

      • Amazona March 6, 2021 / 1:02 am

        I agree on the step down thing. Biden already telegraphed that when he said he would be a “transition president” and another time said if there was a disagreement between him and Harris he would come down with some health problem and just resign.

        I’m thinking one difference between Liberals and Conservatives is that Conservatives believe people when they tell them what they are going to do—kill us, only be a short-term president, raise taxes, whatever—while Liberals never take any of this seriously and then are just sooooo surprised when it happens.

  3. dbschmidt March 5, 2021 / 7:06 pm

    Sorry is what I have to say after seeing all three branches of our Government fail us. I have little reason to go on trumpeting the glories of our Constitutional system. Trump was a good start but not enough to unscrew the politics of DC I see a lot of States are fed up as well. Good. I just hope there is something worth fighting for when all is said and done.

    Starting at the State level I will fight. City/Country shall watch as well. Nevertheless, we still speak almost in secret because of our Overlords. Sad times are upon us nevertheless we will prevail.

  4. jdge1 March 6, 2021 / 11:34 am

    “Majority of House Democrats Vote to Lower Voting Age to 16”

    What could possibly go wrong with allowing this age group to vote in state and federal elections? After all they have such well informed minds and are not so easily swayed. /sarc.

    • Amazona March 6, 2021 / 1:19 pm

      Not mature enough to drink.
      Not mature enough to enter into a contract.
      Not mature enough to agree to sexual contact.
      Not mature enough to buy a firearm.

      But fine to choose how the nation will be governed.

      On the other hand, with free-form voter registration (which will probably be eliminated anyway) and no requirement for ID or even a signature to vote, age probably won’t matter any more than citizenship

    • Amazona March 7, 2021 / 4:11 pm

      When you set up rules that eliminate rules you essentially establish a free for all system with no rules at all. This is a blatant effort to make our elections totally meaningless—sham elections in which there are no criteria for eligibility to vote, in which there is no set time to vote or count votes which can be submitted in any way at any time without any control or oversight and in which there are, basically, no rules at all.

      The only consolation is that if this dog’s dinner of a bill were to pass it would immediately be hindered by a multitude of legal challenges to the claim that Congress has enough legal authority to impose its will on states, regarding how elections can be handled.

      Now is the time to pressure members of Congress, pointing out that those who vote to essentially dismantle the most sacred and vital aspect of our Constitution and therefore the very identity of the United States itself—that is, government by the people for the people, supported by legitimate elections—will go down in history as traitors even if they escape legal repercussions in this time and place. It will be a shameful list of people whose power grab has become so blatant it is almost a parody of power grabs, and we need to start making it clear to those who support it that those on that list will be forever known as profoundly anti-American betrayers of our most important founding principles.

      This goes far beyond mere party affiliation, and we need to start approaching “moderate” Democrats with the concept that their positions in Congress and their oaths of office forbid them from participating in the destruction of the Constitution they have sworn to uphold. Perhaps appeals to those who have served in the military would be a good place to start. They love to posture as patriots so make them prove their allegiance to country more than to party.

  5. Retired Spook March 7, 2021 / 3:42 pm

    I’m surprised YouTube hasn’t censored this.

    Gonna be a long (fill in the blank — something less than 4 years).

    • jdge1 March 8, 2021 / 9:52 am

      Scary. This is the person the left has propped up to be their face. Those behind the scenes must be working at breakneck speed to implement all of their controls to diminish the opposition to the point of irrelevance.

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