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Getting close to release for Shadow Army!

We should have it ready for release in a few days – gotta rush it up as we’re going on vacation the 2nd week of June and the Mrs, already reading Battles, wants it for beach reading material!

I was talking to Matt the other day in connection with this and we did ponder the prospect of doing a follow-up on Worst President. We rejected the idea because we both found that we didn’t care about Joe Biden. He’s not worthy of anyone’s attention, really: a senile cipher for the Ruling Class.

The State-sanctioned racism the Left is trying to impose on us is getting a lot of pushback. This is just one of many such efforts. Critical Race Theory might be the hill the Left dies on – they are committed to it, now. They can’t back away and don’t want to – but it is a monstrous outrage against basic human decency. We can push them over the edge with it.

Teen Vogue had an article up about how you can use menstrual blood for your magic incantations. Think about that. It is 2021 and Teen Vogue is telling little girls that they can be witches. Party of Science, y’all.

Team Obama is putting out a nonsense story claiming that Michelle Obama was the target of racism all the time while she was First Lady. This is the sort of drivel they’re putting out these days to justify their White Supremacist Threat Narrative. But, do keep this in mind: the audience for this isn’t you and me. We know it’s bull as much as those putting it out do. The audience is urban/suburban wine mom Democrat voters. To keep them believing that they are engaged in a desperate battle to keep racism at bay.

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  1. Amazona May 25, 2021 / 4:33 pm

    Ah, yes, that “desperate battle to keep racism at bay” by making everything completely about race.

    A problem with the Left in the United States is that it is so dependent on a constant ceaseless flood of outrage, which means that once it has lost the ability to find new sources of outrage it has to create them. The Left has to have victims, so it can have rebellion against the victimizers (to be named when convenient) and victims have to have examples of being victimized. It’s just that at some point the examples are so goofy the entire edifices built upon them collapse.

    I think one of my epiphanies was an article about racism in colleges. I was pretty concerned about this, and even, one might say, “outraged”—until I read some so-called examples of being treated badly because the “victims” were black. The one that stood out for me at the time was the college student who explained that the most egregious and ongoing example of racism she encountered, almost every day, humiliating her and damaging her psyche, was that many clerks and cashiers would lay her change on the counter instead of putting it in her hand.

    That’s when the bubble burst. “That’s all you got? Then there is massive racism against Eastern European/Irish people as well, because that happens to me all the time. I just didn’t realize it was a form of hate messaging.”

    The effort to make everything racist has been building as new examples must be concocted and added to the mix to keep it stirred up. A few years ago a then (and much missed—are you still paying attention, Count?) contributor wrote a brilliant post of proposed advertising slogans for the new Chevy Volt. After the one calling it a Roomba With a Radio, my favorite was: “Chevy Volt—-if you want to go more than 40 miles you’re a racist”. I thought it was wildly funny, and it was even funnier that it infuriated Leftists. I mean to say, it PISSED THEM OFF! There would be a slightly uncomfortable titter about the Roomba reference, because while it was admittedly funny it was also sacrilege but the “if you want to go more than 40 miles you’re a racist” comment reaction was hysterical. It was a weird combination of fury and sheepishness. That was when I realized that deep down a lot of Lefties know they’re full of excrement. They’re hooked on the emotional buzz of anger, or hate, or both, but realize when pushed that the reasons they use are ridiculous.

    (Obviously I’m talking about the garden variety Lib, not the absolutely certifiable Loony Tunes kind of Lib like Scarborough, whose rants have become so unhinged I expect him to appear wearing a tinfoil hat.)

    I just have to think that the more the Unexamined Liberals who are emotionally attracted to the old Short Cut To The Higher Moral Ground that formed the basis of most if not all of the appeal of the Left are asked to accept more and more lunacy to stay in the club, the more will start to drop out. And I think the “racism is so evil that the only cure is to hate people because of their race” theme we’re hearing now, after the “algebra is racist” theme piled on top of the “grammar is racist” idea they tried out, after the efforts to portray things like ambition and accomplishment as inherently racist, are all going to generate more skepticism about the whole movement.

  2. Amazona May 27, 2021 / 10:54 am

    We’ve talked here about the lurch to the Left by the military, but it’s been a while since we mentioned the Catholic Church’s substitution of Leftist doctrine for Catholic or even Christian doctrine. We have priests and bishops criticized for suggesting that Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi be denied the sacraments, although the Church teachings are pretty specific about how to treat people who defy its teachings and violate its rules. We have the Pope not only giving Pelosi a private audience but posing for photos with her afterwards, although she is personally responsible for promoting radical pro-abortion legislation.

    Today in America Media, an online publication by Jesuits, who used to represent the most muscular representation of Catholic theology, I find two interesting articles. One is about a parish priest, Father James Altman, whose bishop is demanding that he resign because his preaching is so “divisive”.

    “Here’s a memo for clueless, baptized Catholics out there: You cannot be Catholic and be a Democrat. Period,” the priest says. “Their party platform absolutely is against everything the Catholic Church teaches,” especially its teaching that abortion is a “moral evil.”

    Father Altman says: “Why is anyone accusing me of being divisive as if that’s a bad thing? If we know that the truth divides exactly as Jesus says, why is any good Catholic complaining about me being divisive,” he asked. “No good catholic is complaining. As a matter of fact good Catholics from around the world have been very supportive. Unfortunately in our cancel culture, if the left whines enough, they want to cancel me.”

    And then there is this headline: Catholics: Embrace being ‘woke.’ It’s part of our faith tradition The author frets that the term “woke” is being “weaponized” by “the Right”. The political right, in turn, has sought to weaponize it. For example, in the Catholic magazine The Crisis, Jonathan B. Coe made the accusation that “the Woke…have taken God off the throne of their hearts and minds and put themselves there. Instead of being submitted to a divine metanarrative (e.g., Scripture and Tradition), they are submitted to their own narrative.”

    Gee, that sounds like a pretty good definition of the Left’s erosion of religion.

    If you go on into the article you see the strong Leftist tone in the admission that it is influenced by the influence of Cardinal Joseph Cardijn, the founder of the Young Christian Worker movement, and the liberation theologians of Latin America. In other words, by Leftist ideology. Any reference to a “worker” movement and/or “liberation theology” is a reference to radical Leftist ideology.

    Just as I wonder if the American military can ever recover from its forays into squishiness and political correctness and Leftist ideology, I wonder if the Church can do the same thing.

    • jdge1 May 28, 2021 / 12:25 pm

      The Catholic church has made notable movement to the left in many areas. When the current pope removed a sitting bishop in China from his position in a deal with communist China and allowed them to institute their “own people” in those positions, it becomes obvious that he has been bought, whether monetarily or through extortion – it simply doesn’t matter. As mentioned, the Jesuits have made strong lurches toward the left advocating for many positions that goes against church teachings, which is all the more damaging when considering that they often head many teaching institutions. Even back in the 60’s and 70’s there were pockets of Catholic nuns who pushed for “choice” in abortion matters. The current pope has also removed many conservative voices within the church hierarchy and replaced them with people known to have questionable or outright scandalous ethics. When the pope allows or even encourages for a pagan idol to be placed inside the church, there is even further evidence of his anti-Catholic stance. The pope has also made derogatory remarks against people who wish to continue the celebration of the traditional Latin mass. He’s also made a number of vague or misleading remarks which have been called into question by several bishops / cardinals requesting clarification, with no response. With numerous priest, bishops and cardinals caught in scandalous pedophile or homosexual activities, who fund institutions that advocate for abortion, who blatantly misuse church funds for immoral purposes… it become all the more obvious that the church is descending into lows never seen before in our lifetime. The fact that many Catholic dioceses have paid millions in settlement lawsuits, even to the point of bankruptcy, is further evidence to the long-term decay within the church hierarchies.

      Of course, none of this should be unexpected as our Blessed Mother has said as much would happen back at Fatima. That all popes since Fatima have refused her request for, he and all the worlds’ bishops to consecration Russia to her Immaculate Heart, should not surprise anyone as to the outcome. And through his many actions it becomes obvious he has no intention of doing so any time soon. That can only mean further degradation of the church and likely the world. She has said that man souls will be lost. Does anyone doubt her?

      That however does not mean we have no recourse. She requests pray, particularly praying the rosary. Each Hail Mary is like a gold coin of spiritual currency, far more valuable than any earthly money. My guess, it is largely through prayer that God will step in and change the direction of evil’s conquest. Still, I suspect many people will ignore this request or undervalue its importance.

  3. Amazona May 27, 2021 / 11:08 am

    China Isn’t Winning. The West Is Forfeiting

    China doesn’t have to defeat the United States. All it has to do is outlast us. And right now, thanks to an ugly combination of hesitancy, cowardice and corruption, China seems well-positioned to do so.

  4. Amazona May 27, 2021 / 11:39 am

    Not all incorrect vote tallies are the result of corruption or efforts to steal an election. But they are still incorrect and should be investigated, as these were, and identified so the problem can be corrected. This problem was discovered when a losing Democrat candidate demanded a recount. I wonder if Joey Scarborough thinks she should be canceled and forced to leave the country because she is a threat to all we hold sacred…….

    New Hampshire Auditors Find Reason For Discrepancy In Votes

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