The Triumph of the Anti-Human

I had mentioned a few days ago the fracas over the LA Dodgers inviting, un-inviting and then re-inviting the anti-Catholic “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” to their Pride Night. There has been some developments in that and it has brought a realization to me.

The developments were Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw organizing a Christian Faith and Family Day with the Dodgers and, more directly, Nats pitcher Trevor Williams explicitly condemning the “Sisters” due to the anti-Catholic nature of the group. It was, naturally, Williams’ statement which caused the most ire as it was a direct challenge to the reigning orthodoxy in America.

I fully expected Williams’ statement to cause a lot of blowback (so did everyone else) and the Left didn’t disappoint. As Williams is devoutly Catholic, a lot of the comments harped upon the usual anti-Catholic tropes old and new but what struck me about it was that the people condemning Williams and the Church are the people most committed to transitioning minors and allowing them to be groomed for sexual abuse. Think about that: these people are in favor of deliberately and maliciously destroying lives and their attack on Williams was based upon their claim that Williams condemnation of the “Sisters” was destructive.

Supposing it was destructive, so what? All you have to do is do a bit of searching of the “Sisters” and the pics and video will be all the argument you need to convince any sane person that the “Sisters” are wicked people. I do strongly advise against such a search – you won’t be able to unsee the images and they are uniformly disgusting. Of course, Williams’ statement wasn’t destructive. It wasn’t even a call for any action against the “Sisters”…it was just a statement saying that we must not tolerate the intolerant. Williams would have condemned just as readily someone inviting the Klan. If the battle is to end hate, then why have a group committed to hatred? The “Sisters” are committed to anti-Catholic hatred. We’re not supposed to hate based on race, color, gender, orientation or religion, right?


But, wrong. The Left doesn’t mean that at all.

The whole purpose of “tolerance” and “inclusion” wasn’t to get us old fashioned Christians to make nice in the public square…it was for the anti-Christians to seize the public square and then exclude us. It was from the start a war against religion…against truth…against decency…against humanity.

They are the anti-humans. They don’t like family, faith or property. They see a neat and tidy community and their blood boils. A woman choosing to be a stay at home mom drives them nuts. They despise a man who stands up for the weak. They don’t want us traveling. Drinking. Smoking. Eating meat. Air conditioning our homes. Grilling in our backyards. They don’t want us to be friends with or marry people of different skin colors. They don’t want cross-cultural social exchanges. They hate our heroes. They loath our history. They, in short, hate everything which makes humanity human.

To be sure, they do have an idea that once they have destroyed all human attachments and desires they’ll be able to rebuild us into something better. They even still give a bit of lip service to that ideal. But I doubt any of them really believe it. They just want us to suffer. Not them, of course; they’re too smart to suffer. Also, they know what’s best for you, so they’ll need their lavish lifestyle to help them build us into something better. But, you? You’re pretty much hopeless…so eat your bug paste and shut up.

But whether they believe it or not, we know it is a pipe dream. Humans are human; they want a bit of a place they can call their own. They want a family of mom, dad and the kids, not some random collection of weirdos pretending to be a family. They want to take that trip to Hawaii and have a steak off the grill. Have a drink. Smoke that cigar. Be human. And any attempt to turn us into a hive of social units living off credits provided based on our social credit score is doomed to failure.

But they are still going to try and right now they stand triumphant. I fully expect quite a lot of pressure on Williams to recant his heresy. We’ll see how strong he is – but if he caves don’t be too ready to condemn him. A lot of pressure will be forthcoming. They will seek to destroy anyone who questions their worldview…all the while holding up as heroes those who are expressly rejecting human sanity. It is deliberate and it is malicious: it is designed to destroy.

What we must do – aside from pray, hope and don’t worry – is work for the power to remove these people from power. I’m not talking about just winning an election and replacing Tweedledee with a slightly conservative Tweedledum…I’m talking about forcing them out of all institutions. Taking away all their money. Reducing them to complete social, economic and political impotence. Here’s the thing – the more we push back, the less social territory they control, the more they’ll be exposed as ultimately a tiny minority of kooks who just happened to get control of the institutions. Even most Left voters don’t fully understand what is being done in their name…so just a few small cracks in the edifice which allows people to stand up against it and very rapidly it will all fall apart.

And then we can just be human, again.

Open Thread

Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) announced his Presidential bid and one of the first questions the MSM asked him was, “are you a virgin?”. Just absolutely flabbergasting. Until I heard that, I didn’t know if Scott was married or not – but as it turns out, he’s 57 and unmarried and has no kids. This does, especially in 2023, bring up the prospect of homosexuality but this does not appear to be the case for Senator Scott. But, whatever: who’s danged business is it? Unless you have some solid information of inappropriate sexual activity, it is nobody’s business. But there goes the MSM – and you know why: they’re hoping he is homosexual or at least hope they can get people thinking he’s homosexual because you know us bigoted, hill-ape inbred MAGA morons would hate that. For goodness sake.

I don’t know Senator Scott’s personal life. No whiff of scandal along those lines has come up and you gotta figure that something would have by now. Is he chaste? I don’t know. Not my business. But it isn’t impossible for him to be chaste, you know? Not everyone even in 2023 is an animal. Some people remain civilized…and if Scott is a real believer in God and he is trying to follow his Christian faith then he might remain chaste because for the true Christian, sex – any sort of sex – outside of marriage is immoral.

There is the meme out there which goes, “you think you hate the media as much as you should, but you don’t.” There is no bottom for these vile and disgusting people.

Now, as for Scott’s ambitions: everyone assumes he’s auditioning for the VP slot for whomever gets the nod – likely Trump or DeSantis at this point. He’s kept friendly with both sides. But never count anyone out. I know that plenty of MAGA folks have problems with Scott but he’s a pretty good guy. Sure, he is close to the Establishment and that is a worry…but he also seems to be his own man. We could do a lot worse. If he does emerge, he gets my vote.

Target has been marketing “tuck friendly” clothes for little children. If you don’t know what they’re “tucking” then just think about it for a minute: it’ll come to you. And I mean really little children. Like 5 year olds. That is how far this insanity has gone. There has been good pushback on this and we’re winning lots of victories in Red States…but the overall American Establishment is still fully committed to making medical transition of minors the norm. We have a long way to go here. Victory comes when major retailers won’t even think about making “tuck friendly” clothes for kids.

LA Dodgers invited the anti-Catholic hate group Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to “pride night”. Then uninvited them when everyone pointed out that, hey, they’re bigots. But now has re-invited them because when it comes to bullying, the LGBTQ community has that nailed down. Corporate America is simply too weak. I know that the basic principle we have is free markets…but in order to win this battle, we are going to have to forcibly instruct Corporate America that non-Lefists also exist.

Debt battle is rather boring but I am pleased that McCarthy is at least showing some backbone. The problem is that we can’t forever keep printing up new money so we can borrow it. It does come to an end. It might actually be better long term if it came to an end right away. We don’t have any money left. Its all gone – blown on wars and graft over the past 70 years as America’s industrial, agricultural and mining base has been destroyed. Go broke and start all over again.