Open Thread

Listening to Democrats, I can only assume that they are really going to impeach the President. They can’t possibly believe they have 67 votes in the Senate to convict…but the way Democrats talk, it seems clear to me that they believe a majority wants Trump impeached. We’ll see how it comes out – but I suspect that Trump will come out the winner in that fight.

Meanwhile, the RNC is still blowing the doors off the DNC in fundraising – and most remarkably in the “small donor” segment. I keep hearing that everyone hates Trump, but I’ve yet to see that translate into practical reality.

We here in Nevada handed the State over to the Democrats in 2018 and, true to their paymasters in California, Nevada Democrats have passed national popular vote legislation, thus impounding our electoral votes to Democrat ballot-box stuffers in Los Angeles and San Francisco. This happens because Nevada Democrats – like all State-level Democrats – don’t give a damn about their States, but only dictatorial, national power.

Ace has an article about how frightening China’s “social credit” system is becoming, and points out that this is be beta test for its use in the United States. Don’t doubt Ace on that – the left very much wants such a system in order to punish anyone who does’t behave correctly: ie, behave in a manner approved of by the most recent and kook-left part of the global elite. Remember, while jail/torture/execution is a large tool in the tyrant’s tool kit, the Soviets learned long ago that the real way to control people is to make it impossible for them to simply live unless they are approved by the government. Give the liberals power long enough, and you won’t even be able to ride a bus without their permission.

Don Surber points out that vis a vis Iran, all Trump was ever doing was saber rattling to get Iran to back down a bit. We’ll see how it ultimately comes out, but I’ve always doubted that Trump would instigate a war. He’s a businessman who has the businessman’s natural abhorrence of war: it’s bad for business (unless you’re a defense contractor, which Trump isn’t). Trump is actually turning out to be quite effective in foreign policy – mostly because he eschews globalist theories. Iran – or another enemy – could do an overt act which makes war a reality, but in such a case it wouldn’t be Trump leading us to war, but taking charge of a war someone else started.

RSM looks at Alabama’s attitude towards abortion: bottom line, not a lot of Alabama women have abortions. Vastly smaller proportion than in, say, New York City. And that is the crux of the matter: there are several States, like Alabama, which simply don’t want abortion. It is all tied to culture and religion, of course: but in a pluralist Republic, we should be able to accommodate divergence. But liberals won’t allow that – they’re sitting there in their tiny, urban apartments feeding the cat and furious that some woman out there has such a satisfying sex life with her husband that she’s had three kids. They want to put a stop to that.

Pennsylvania Poll: Obama Approval at 35%

From The Morning Call:

President Barack Obama, who political experts say will need a win in Pennsylvania to retain the White House, dipped to 35 percent approval among the state’s registered voters, according to a Muhlenberg College poll released Friday…

…f there is any silver lining in the poll for Obama, it’s that 31 percent of Pennsylvanians say their vote in November 2012 will depend on who the Republican candidate is. And Obama still slightly edges out an anonymous GOP contender 36 percent to 31 percent…

If your “silver lining” is that you’re scoring 36% against a yet-to-be-determined opponent, then it is pretty tarnished silver.

To be sure, Pennsylvania is a pretty blue State – but it does have some red leanings, as shown by the election of rock-ribbed conservative Pat Toomey to the Senate.  More than likely, Obama will be able to pull out the win in Pennsylvania – GOP hopes State-wide usually falter because of Philadelphia, which is completely under the control of the corrupt, Democrat machine and can usually be counted on to deliver the State for the Democrat (as I think they did in 2004 when the only place Kerry won decisively was Philadelphia, with Bush either carrying or being in a close tie in the rest of the State).  But, that said, this polling shows that Obama will have to fight for the State – money and time will have to be spent there which Obama will desperately need elsewhere.

The way the electoral map is building up for 2012, Obama is going to be spread mighty thin and he’s going to have to thread quite a small needle to win.  He still very much can do it…even if he loses the popular vote, he can cobble together 270 electoral votes…but only if Pennsylvania is in his pocket.  The GOP should start planning to pour massive resources in to that State…even if we don’t win it, it will weaken Obama elsewhere and make our task easier.


Poll: Majority Against Obama’s Re-election

From USA Today/Gallup:

…a majority of Americans, 51%, say President Obama doesn’t deserve re-election; 47% say he does…

Not a good sign for a man seeking re-election.  And do click on the above link for a State-by-State breakdown of Obama’s approval rating.  Here’s the important bits:

Obama’s approval is at 53% in California; 52% in Minnesota; 54% in Vermont…and only 54% in Illinois!

If the election were held today, Obama would be crushed…now, is it likely to get better, or worse, for him by November of next year?