Cruz to Victory

Just wanted to point out that Ted Cruz won the GOP Senate primary runoff – which means he is almost certain to be the next Senator from Texas.  The TEA Party is alive and well and strikes again.

Tremble in fear, establishment.


The New Yorker Upset That Perry Has Testicles

Sorry for the crudity, but I really can’t describe this any other way – from The New Yorker via Ann Althouse:

…Perry is the first graduate of Texas A & M to govern Texas. When he was a freshman, in 1968, the student body looked much like him: white, male, determinedly rural. Aggie jokes of the country-bumpkin variety are still standard fare in Texas. (“How many Aggies does it take to screw in a light bulb? One, but he gets three hours of credit.”) At A & M, Perry ran the winning campaign of his friend John Sharp for student-body president. In response, Sharp got his friend elected one of the campus’s five “yell leaders”—male cheerleaders. Perry considered being a yeller the higher office. A typical yell is: “Squads left! Squads right! / Farmers, farmers, we’re all right! / Load, ready, aim, fire, BOOM!” During tense moments in a football game, yellers grab their balls and shout, “Squeeze, Aggies!”…

As one comment noted over at Instapundit put it, the worry here for liberals is that Perry apparently has a pair to squeeze.

If you read the whole article, it is just a crude attempt to paint Governor Perry as some sort of overly masculine cowboy-barbarian…not at all like sweet, gentle, Ivy League-educated George Bush.  To be sure, “Squeeze, Aggies!” is bizarre – but, then again, its Texas.  The bottom line is that they tend to shoot at the people who need to be shot and back up those who deserve help; you really have to be some post-modernist metrosexual to get your nighty in a knot over Texas…so, naturally, liberals are well knotted.

They are deathly afraid of Rick Perry….perhaps even more fearful than they have ever been about Sarah Palin.  The thing about Perry (and Palin and Bachmann and Cain) is that they are just regular folks from the heartland who live and believe like regular Americans.  If they think about the Ruling Class, at all, it is with a mixture of bemusement and contempt.  People like Perry really will go to DC to change things…and not care a whit whether or not the Ruling Class is offended by it.

And it will be one heck of a lot of fun to watch…

Tired of Obamunism!? Then Maybe We Should Try Perrynomics

From USA Today:

Need a job?

Move to Texas.

Finding work may not be quite that simple, but it sure seems that way. While the nation’s job growth has limped along since the economic recovery began two years ago, the Lone Star State is enlarging payrolls in Texas-size fashion.

From June 2009 to June 2011 the state added 262,000 jobs, or half the USA’s 524,000 payroll gains, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas and the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Even by a more conservative estimate that omits states with net job losses, Texas’ advances make up 30% of the 1 million additions in the 34 states with net growth…

Low taxes, rational regulations, business-friendly environment…presto!, economic growth.  This isn’t rocket science – but it is well beyond any Democrat’s comprehension.

If Perry does decide to run, he certainly has a better economic record than Obama to run on.

EPA Playing Politics With Environmental Regulations

From the PJ Tatler:

…Just take a look at the states the EPA decided to leave off the rule change.

“The challenge from the new rule, known as the Cross State Air Pollution Rule, is that stricter limits take effect next year, giving power-plant owners little time to comply.

Texas was not included in the EPA’s draft rule related to sulfur dioxide cuts because EPA modeling had shown little downwind impact from Texas power plants on other states.

On Thursday, however, the EPA said Texas would be required to meet lower SO2 limits to avoid allowing the state to increase emissions.

Five states — Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Louisiana, Massachusetts, along with the District of Columbia — were dropped from the final EPA rule.”

Three blue states and two swing states get left off, while Texas gets added even though the EPA’s own model shows little evidence that emissions from Texas impact other states at all. Nah, there’s no politics here.

No, no politics at all – but if you need to burden Texas so that it will stop performing so well economically, then it is precisely what you need to do.  Seems that Obama and Co are quite frightened of the prospect of a Perry candidacy.