Obama Kills Keystone, Offers Lame Excuse and Touts Unemployment As the Best Job Creator

The obAMATEUR is at it again.   The least ObAMATEUR and his administration could do is be straight with the American people.  When it comes to the decision to kill the Keystone pipeline, it had nothing to do with the reasons they cited and everything to do with Barack Obama’s reelection campaign.  Why can’t he just say that the radical environmentalist vote is more important than 20,000 American jobs and a path toward energy independence?

Instead, what does ObAMATEUR do?  He has the gall to kill the pipeline and then blame the Republicans!

Obama says that the reason he had to kill the pipeline is because the Republicans imposed an “arbitrary” deadline for him to make a decision.  Here was Obama’s statement …

“This announcement is not a judgment on the merits of the pipeline, but the arbitrary nature of a deadline that prevented the State Department from gathering the information necessary to approve the project and protect the American people.  I’m disappointed that Republicans in Congress forced this decision.”

Gathering the necessary information to approve the project?  The State Department has been reviewing this Keystone pipeline since 2008!  I’m told that even by federal standards, four years is a long time for a project like this to be in limbo.  As one Senator pointed out, “The Obama administration complains about a 60-day deadline, but in reality it has now had 1,217 days to make a decision.”

So that puts this asinine “arbitrary deadline” argument to bed.  Now on to the next one … its environmental impact.  Chief dog washer Jay Carney wants you to believe that if the pipeline were built, it could affect “the air that our children breathe” and the water they drink.  Seriously!

Jay Carney: [It] would severely hamper their ability to review an alternate route and a new pipeline route in the proper way, a way that has long been established by precedent and that would take into consideration all the criteria that are so important in decisions like this. Economic impact, national security impact, environmental impact, the effect on the water that our children breathe — rather, the water our children drink and the air that they breathe.

This is what you would call a bunch of politi-scare horsesqueeze.  TransCanada, the company looking to build the pipeline, has spent a full three years and $1.9 billion studying the environmental impact of this project.  The State Department itself has already done an entire Environmental Impact Statement.  Why they need another one is beyond me.

At one point, environmentalists complained that the pipeline would threaten the Ogallala Aquifer.  Researchers at the Conservation and Survey Division of the University of Nebraska have been studying this one stinking aquifer for 40 years.  Even they determined that “the pipeline would pose a minimal risk to the Ogallala aquifer.”  But the environmentalists bitched and moaned and so the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality came up with a new route for the pipeline.  But that didn’t matter.  These environmentalists didn’t really care about the Ogallala Aquifer, they just cared about killing the pipeline altogether.  So they continued to push.

Meanwhile, Obama’s own jobs council on Tuesday said that the administration needs an “all-in approach” to energy policy, including oil and gas drilling and projects like the Keystone pipeline.  The President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness writes, “[W]e should allow more access to oil, natural gas and coal opportunities on federal lands.”

Instead, ObAMATEUR is insistent that jobless benefits and temporary payroll tax cuts will do more for jobs in this nation than actual jobs.  Back in December while battling over the extension of the payroll tax cut, ObAMATEUR said: “However many jobs might be generated by a Keystone pipeline,” he said, “they’re going to be a lot fewer than the jobs that are created by extending the payroll tax cut and extending unemployment insurance.”  The point, ObAMATEUR, is that you would rather have people on the government dole (keep the poor, poor) than allow them to work for a paycheck.  This ensures growing the dependent class and creating and keeping more Democrat voters in November.

Another lie perpetuated by the obAMATEUR and his fellow Democrat minions and looters is that the 1700 mile pipeline will in all likelihood not create the 22,000 jobs projected.   But, in another project in San Francisco they tout a 1.7 mile extension of the subway to create 43,000 jobs (is that with the additional unemployment benefits?).  The lies from the left keep growing and growing.

With much fanfare early in his administration, this “leader” appointed a jobs council.  This panel recommended that the rookie Executive support “policies that facilitate the safe, thoughtful and timely development of pipeline, transmission and distribution projects.”  Further, the jobs council said that failure to promote these facilities would “stall the engine that could become a prime driver of U.S. jobs and growth in the decades ahead.”

The result is that obAMATEUR ignored his much touted panel because it encouraged oil exploration and tax cuts (gasp!).  Now the drones will regurgitate the talking point that oil production is up since 2003.  Yesterday Press Secretary Jay Carney said this: “The fact of the matter is, on oil and gas production, we have higher oil production in this country in 2010 than we’ve had since 2003.”  When he made his announcement yesterday Obama said that under his administration “domestic oil and natural gas production is up.”

I heard the same thing from Juan Williams on Fox … repeating the “domestic oil production is up” line.

So … what’s the truth?  First, let’s differentiate between private and public lands. ObAMATEUR has a great deal of control over the exploration for and recovery of oil from public – government – lands.  When it comes to privately held property his degree of control (thank God) is somewhat less.  Now … KNOW THIS.  Listen up, because you won’t hear this from Juan Williams or the mainstream media.  Gas and oil production from federal lands is down by 40% over the last ten years.  The vast majority of increases in gas and oil production is taking place on private property … with North Dakota leading the way.  Also … obAMATEUR has issued the LOWEST number of offshore oil leases since 1984.  To top things off obAMATEUR just issued a 20-year ban on uranium mining on 1,000,000 acres of federal land in Arizona.

Get the picture?  It’s the private sector on private lands that is responsible for any increase in oil and gas production.  The obAMATEUR is working hard to move in the other direction.

Restarting the engine of capitalism

As we head into what is clearly the most important election in most of our lifetimes, possibly as some have said, the most important election since 1860, the biggest question in my mind is, how do we restart the engine of capitalism?  I believe the presidential candidate that best articulates the answer to that question will win hands down.

My personal feeling is that three of the most critical things that have to happen are (1) a national energy plan that promotes both energy independence and abundant, economical energy; (2) revamping our tax structure to make it simpler, broader based, more equitable and, most important, predictable over a reasonably lengthy period of time; and (3) revamp government regulations from top to bottom.  In a sentence, we need to get away from a system that penalizes success and rewards failure to one that does the exactly the opposite.

All comments are welcome, but please folks, try to engage in at least a modicum of critical thinking.  This is an opportunity for our resident Liberals to tell us what you would do to get our economy moving in the right direction again.  Any posts that simply advocate making the wealthy pay more will be deleted.  Surely at least some of our more intellectual Progressives can come up with Liberal ideas that have worked in the past or maybe even some new ideas that have never been tried before.  Everything is on the table except wealth redistribution — oh, heck, even that’s on the table if you can make a convincing case for where it has worked in the past.



Obamunism! Killing Green Jobs

From Investor’s Business Daily:

President Obama’s green jobs agenda has become a victim of its own red tape. Several internal reports show that state-level projects have stalled for years due to federal regulations favored by labor and green groups — big boosters of the green jobs push…

This is what you get when you attempt a Big Government solution – parts of the Big Government will work against other parts of it.  Remember, it is only average Americans who want jobs…for the union officials, government bureaucrats and liberal activist groups, the agenda is quite different.  The unions, naturally, want to ensure that all the money only goes to union-approved (and thus over-priced) contractors.  Government bureaucrats want to ensure that the money only goes to contractors who donate the right way.  Liberal pressure groups – in this case, environmentalists – want to ensure that they get a cut of the pie, even if they bring nothing to the table.

The thing we can never get our liberals to understand is that government can never get it right.  Even in the areas where government is supposed to have the authority (law enforcement and national defense) the government gets it wrong.  For all the splendid people in the military and law enforcement, which of us couldn’t in five minutes search find a score of examples of corruption and incompetence in both areas?  And the people in the military and law enforcement are leavened by a those who actually have a selfless dedication to duty…for government agencies without that esprit d’corps, it becomes one gigantic mess.  Think about it – in the Army you’ll find a large number of people who will leap on a grenade to save their friends…how many people at the Department of Energy do you think would do that?  And so how many people at Energy are really willing to sacrifice their own careers in order to advance the the prosperity of those they don’t know and will never meet?

When you put government in charge of trying to make things work you are putting the job in the hands of people who are most likely to fail.  They are not spending their own money, they are not going to put their own future on the line…their prime motivation is to ensure the least amount of work for the highest amount of pay, ending up with a fat pension when they are still relatively young.  That anyone ever thought that the government could lead the way in switching us to a “green” economy demonstrates that we’ll never lack for stupidity.

Scrap it; provide tax incentives to those private enterprises who are investing in green technology and just let the natural development of the economy take it the rest of the way.  There won’t be anything in there to provide fat contracts, cushy jobs and opportunities for graft, but we’ll eventually get a green economy…

Christie’s Error

From Politicker NJ:

Issuing a one-year moratorium on “fracking,” Gov. Chris Christie today issued a conditional veto of S-2576, recommending changes to the legislation that balances protecting New Jersey’s environment and drinking water and encouraging cleaner energy alongside the potential impacts of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking.

As currently written, S-2576 would permanently prohibit fracking in New Jersey, a drilling technique used for the exploration or production of natural gas, even as concurrent studies on the practice are underway by the federal government and no known natural gas deposits necessitating use of the fracking process have been proposed for development in New Jersey.

“I share many of the concerns expressed by the legislators that sponsored this bill and the environmental advocates seeking a permanent moratorium on fracking. We must ensure that our environment is protected and our drinking water is safe,” said Christie. “I am placing a one-year moratorium on fracking so that the DEP can further evaluate the potential environmental impacts of this practice in New Jersey as well as evaluate the findings of still outstanding and ongoing federal studies.”

No, Governor, the complaints about “fracking” are mythical in nature…no event has happened which indicates even the slightest risk from the process, so all complaints about it are based upon guesses…and if they are guesses which in any way, shape or form stem from environmentalist groups, they can likely be considered nonsense.  Unless and until someone demonstrates  a risk, no governmental action should be taken.

The environmentalists want to shut down”fracking” because they are deathly afraid that the United States will use it and become more energy independent.  That is not an environmentalist goal – they want us paying an ever higher price for energy so they can shut down industry and force Americans on to public transportation.  To the full-blown environmentalist, the death of American prosperity is a victory for the Earth, and Earth is more important, to them, than the people of the United States.

Christie has been an excellent governor and would still get my enthusiastic support for President…but this is just caving in to environmental insanity.

Bachmann Promises $2 a Gallon Gas

Putting herself in stark contrast to Obama’s “prices will necessarily skyrocket” proposal – from The Hill:

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) vowed Tuesday that, in her presidency, gasoline prices would fall back to less than $2 per gallon.

Bachmann, speaking to a town-hall meeting in South Carolina, said she would pursue energy policies that send pump prices down to levels not seen since early 2009, at the thick of the U.S. recession.

“Under President Bachmann you will see gasoline come down below $2 per gallon again,” she said in Greenville. “That will happen.”…

The thing is, the trick can be done – and done rather easily.  All it takes is “drill, baby, drill” and a bit of extra effort in building refineries.  Just the announcement that we were abandoning Obama’s “permatorium” on offshore drilling would probably drop a barrel of oil by 10 or 20%.  Add to that the knowledge that the EPA would not try to regulate out of existence such promising new technology as “fracking”, and we could see a barrel of oil going for half or less what it is today by the end of a Bachmann first term…and that would go a long way towards lowing the price of gasoline to the $2 a gallon range.

The United States cannot become oil-independent.  We just use too much of it – but given what we know is there and with the existing and developing technology we have, we can certainly reduce our demand for foreign oil by quite a lot.  My guess is by about half (so we’d be importing about a third of our oil needs).  That kind of a slackening of demand on the global market will, in turn, drop oil prices everywhere.  It works out, in the end, to a gigantic tax cut on wealth creation…not only in the direct savings on energy costs, but on the follow-on effects of people having more money to spend on things besides energy.

If we couple such a flat-out development of our oil resources with further development of “clean coal”, nuclear and other alternative energy sources, we can get past the “oil chasm” in our economic history…reaching for a time when our overall demand for oil starts to drop year by year as new energy supplies come on line.  The additional benefit – and it is massive – is that the fewer dollars we’re sending overseas for oil means less wealth for our enemies to use against us.

This is a gigantic and easily understood advantage for the United States and whole world.  Naturally, Obama and his liberals are opposed to it – perversely, because they feel the United States needs to be punished for being so wealthy, powerful and free.  Carrying such a positive, American message is just what we need to do in 2012…as Obama keeps talking about wind and solar, we’ll be talking about what people know, and what can work today.  The rest of the GOP field can do no better than to follow Bachmann’s lead…and if it irks them to have to do so, then the suggestion is to come up with something equally bold to restore American prosperity and greatness.


Drill, Baby, Drill: For 190,000 Jobs

From the Daily Caller:

Almost 190,000 jobs could be created by 2013 if offshore drilling returns to pre-spill levels, according to a study sponsored by two oil trade groups, the National Ocean Industries Association (NOIA) and the American Petroleum Institute (API).

The study, conducted by Quest Offshore Inc., found that if permits for exploration and drilling returned to historic levels, and if backlogged requests were granted, 400,000 jobs could be supported across the United States with a GDP increase of $45 billion by 2013…

Because Obama flies from one screw up to another we tend to forget the older ones – in this case, the absurd “permatorium” he put in place in response to the Gulf oil spill.  The chances of a repeat of that particular accident, even if no action was taken, are exceptionally small…and  nearly non-existent if a few, common-sense precautions are taken in that sort of drilling (ie, deep water).  But Obama, true blue liberal that he is, couldn’t pass up the chance to gut America’s offshore oil industry – and so he imposed his permatorium and simply will not lift it (by hook or by crook, he keeps it in place – just by going slow on new permits he puts a hammer lock on it).

While we are all gleeful at the prospect of using Obama’s speech in Brazil (where he stated he hopes America will become Brazil’s best customer), we really do need to break this log jam.  Some means must be found to force Obama to allow us to drill for oil – even if this report is wildly over-optimistic, it would still mean tens of thousands of new, high paying jobs…and jobs which produce actual wealth and which are within reach of regular, blue collar Americans (the American economy can never be a place where we merely write computer programs and shuffle fake money around Wall Street, you know?  Someone has to do some actual work).  Continual pressure must be applied – and ever legislative effort (including the debt deal) should include a legislative end to Obama’s drilling “permatorium”.

It is time for us to start working in the interests of the American people – and I can’t think of a better “step one” than to start drilling for oil.