Democrats Go Even Lower in the Gutter

From Politico:

A top lawmaker in the Congressional Black Caucus says tea partiers on Capitol Hill would like to see African-Americans hanging from trees and accuses the movement of wishing for a return to the Jim Crow era.

Rep. Andre Carson, a Democrat from Indiana who serves as the CBC’s chief vote counter, said at a CBC event in Miami that some in Congress would “love to see us as second-class citizens” and “some of them in Congress right now of this tea party movement would love to see you and me … hanging on a tree.”…

Any liberal, any Democrat, who has a shred of decency would repudiate these disgusting statements and call on Carson to resign – he has proven himself unfit to serve in the United States Congress.  Enough is enough – I am thoroughly sick and tired of this slander of the TEA Party.  It is an outright, bald-faced lie to state that there are any racists or racism in the TEA Party.  I’ve been to the TEA Party rallies, I’ve met the people attending and never once did I ever detect even a hint of racial animosity.  The people who make up the TEA Party come from all walks of American life – including minorities – and their sole desire is to restore American greatness so that all Americans can have a nation to be proud of and a future of liberty and prosperity.

Standing firm for basic decency, Allen West has advised the head of the Congressional Black Caucus that he’d better condemn these and other slanderous remarks or West will resign from the CBC.  I say that there has to be more – there has to be a demand that Carson resign, and if he won’t resign the CBC must work for his defeat next year.  It is what we Republicans would do if we found a Republican making such statements and it is the least the Congressional Black Caucus can do.  And it is a matter of doing this or being forever known as a collection of corrupt, hate-filled hacks who use fear and slander to gain personal power and wealth.  The choice lies before the CBC – decency or depravity.  Let the tree be known by its fruit.


The 2012 Revolution Gets Rolling

Zombie covers the TEA Party event in Napa, CA and has this wonderful picture:


And what McCain and the Wall Street Journal failed to remember about the Hobbits is that they won…the Ring was destroyed, the Dark Tower overthrown…and the King returned.  Ours won’t be that dramatic, but the Ring (liberalism) will be destroyed, the Dark Tower (Big Government) overthrown…and the King will return (but not until an hour and a day no one knows)…

In a very real sense, the little people are rising up and are about to instruct the Ruling Class about just who this nation belongs to.


The TEA Party Keeps Rolling

And here’s why – from Pajamas Media:

I have been part of the kick off of the Tea Party Express bus tour as it starts its 17 day, 30 city tour, ending in Tampa, Florida on September 12th for the Tea Party Express/CNN debate.  The tour starts in Napa Valley, and then heads east to Reno, NV, then across the nation up to Maine, finally following the eastern seaboard South to Tampa Bay.

On Friday, August 26th, the Napa Tea Partyheld a dinner in celebration of the impending Tea Party Express launch.  Over 400 people attended a night of music, laughter, conversation and cigars (if you were anywhere near me!)  At the table I sat at, I met a gentlemen in his sixties who drills water wells. With his wife by his side, he told me that he has been drilling for near 40 years, and this is the first year – ever – that there is simply no work.  The economy has just stalled his business…

Things our lousy, our country is broken and our leadership incompetent when it isn’t corrupt.  That is why there is a TEA Party – patriotic Americans who want to rescue the nation.  And no matter how much slander and filth is heaped upon it by the DNC/MSM smear machine, it will just keep rolling on.  And this is just a curtain-raiser…in 2012 it will just stride from strength to strength as the people mobilize for a revolutionary change in our government.

Democrats Go in to Panic Mode

Trying to save Wiener’s House seat – Jammie Wearing Fool has the details:

Maybe the folks in Brooklyn and Queens ought to make this a referendum on the failed Obama presidency. Considering he’s at a meager 36% approval in New York, a victory for GOP candidate Bob Turner would send shockwaves nationwide. So naturally the Dems are pulling out all stops. And you’ll never guess how they’re labeling Turner.

Nervous state Democrats are flooding voters with mailings blasting Republican candidate Bob Turner in the hotly contested 9th Congressional District, upping the ante in the closer-than-expected race to succeed disgraced ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner.

With President Obama’s standing in the polls in free fall, the state Democratic Committee’s mailings to Queens and Brooklyn residents accuse Turner of being a “Tea Party extremist” who wants to dismantle Social Security and Medicare.“…

We’ll see if it works – right now, the Democrat leads in polling by 6 percentage points, which you might think is healthy, but Democrats outnumber Republicans in the district by three to one.  This should be a walkover for anyone with a “D” after his name…but it’s not.  Also doesn’t help Democrats that Ed Koch, a true patriot, has crossed party lines to endorse the Republican (who is, by the way, a New York Republican…trying to paint him as some sort of frothing at the mouth conservative is absurd; but lies never present any difficulty to Democrats).

A message does need to be sent to Obama and his Democrats – something which will tell them that if they don’t ditch their extremism, the voters will punish them.  A win or even a close loss in this heavily Democrat, NY House seat would do it.  Whether or not Obama and Co will listen is another matter…

Obama Feels the Heat

From Obama’s Magical Misery Tour:


Yesterday, at work, I took a call from a customer and after relatively quickly disposing of the issue at hand, I was treated to a 30 minute lecture on how Obama is ruining our nation.  I, naturally, could not comment on this – as an official representative of my employer, it was not for me to engage in partisan politics, regardless of my personal views.  So, I just kind of let it wash over me and after the customer had got it off the chest, I ended the call.  This wasn’t the first such unsolicited anti-Obama rhetoric I had received.

I don’t think in all my life I’ve ever come across a President who has so greatly angered so many.  While there are those who still worship at the shopworn altar of The One, the bulk of the people can be classed two ways – those who have tuned Obama out, and those who are going to crawl across broken glass on their knees to eject him from office next year.

In this, the massive build up of Obama during the 2008 campaign – which Obama gleefully joined in (remember, the seas were going to start to recede?) – has boomeranged on the President.  He was sold to the public as the answer to all our hopes and dreams – the cure for all that ailed us.  It was an impossible standard to measure up to…and Obama’s problem is not just that he didn’t measure up to the hype (really, the lies…everyone who pumped him up in 2008 knew darn well he wasn’t what they claimed), but that he didn’t even come close.  In addition to this broken dream there is also the growing public perception that Obama has nothing but contempt for the American people (in this I think the majority is mistaken…he doesn’t know enough about us to have contempt for us; he appears just plain and simple ignorant of how life in America outside the government/academic bubble is lived).  It makes for a poisonous stew…and it is reflected in Obama’s cratering approval rating.

In sum, Obama is in deep political trouble, and I don’t know how he gets out of it.  We’ll see what he does – and what the GOP does.

Defending the TEA Party

From NRO’s The Corner:

Sen. John McCain defended the Tea Party against Sen. John Kerry’s “tea party downgrade” remark on Meet the Press this morning.

“We could have reached an agreement a lot earlier, but the members of the House of Representatives had a mandate last November, and it was jobs and the economy and it was spending. And for them to then agree to tax increases and spending increases was obviously a repudiation of the mandate they felt they had from last November,” McCain said.

He said that much of the “dysfunction” in the current political system could be attributed to “the failure of the president of the United States to lead.”…

Some times John McCain can be infuriating, other times he’s just so right.  And gutsy – right now, the MSM/DNC drumbeat is that the TEA Party caused the problem.  Here is a chance for “moderate” GOPers to flee and mumble their agreement.  Not for John McCain – he just told it like it is:  the TEA Party is about cutting government spending.  To have agreed to tax hikes in lieu of serious spending cuts (and what we got in the deal was no where near “serious” enough to warrant signing off on revenue increases) would have been a rank betrayal.

To be sure, Democrats are all about that – in fact, over the past 40 years Democrats have mostly managed to advance their cause by gift of GOPers betraying principle and go along with whatever liberal flapdoodle is the fashion of the moment.  Remember Arlen Specter – that was the sort of “Republican” who was forever cutting the GOP off at the knees.  And that is precisely the sort of Republican the TEA Party people will not be.

Ultimately, we may have to obtain higher revenues in order to get out of this mess – but the fact of the matter is that Democrats will just lie about the spending cuts and greedily spend any increased revenue on their special interests.  In a very real sense, the Democrat leadership in the United States doesn’t care about the United States.  If they did, they would have proposed a real cut in next year’s spending – even if it were a symbolic cut of 10 or 20 billion.  I mean, of course, real cuts – not reductions in the rate of growth, but an actual spending of less money next year than we did this year.  Until Democrats show a real change of heart – show that they care more about America than they do about their own power and wealth – then we simply cannot go along with them…and thus the TEA Party standing firm against any tax hikes was an act of sublime patriotism.  It took away from those who are destroying the United States part of their ability to keep doing it.

McCain sees it; I see it, too.  Eventually, the whole country will see it – and I do believe that this growing understanding of what is really happening will destroy liberalism in 2012.

UPDATE:  In Canada, Saskatchewan gets a “TEA Party upgrade” to it’s bond rating:

…Rather than quickly spending its newly-earned wealth, the provincial government has put its tax revenue toward paying the bills. S&P gave special credit to Saskatchewan for its “low-and-declining debt burden.” As of March 31, the province’s fiscal year-end, Saskatchewan’s debt totalled $4.6-billion, representing 38 per cent of this year’s projected operating revenues and only 8 per cent of its gross domestic product. Canada’s federal debt-to-GDP ratio sits at around 35 per cent…

Rational tax and regulatory policies, a pro-business environment, fiscal responsibility which puts a premium on living within means and paying debt.  This isn’t rocket science, people…

Boehner: “The Best We Could Get”

From NRO’s The Corner:

House Speaker John Boehner (R., Ohio) told GOP members on a conference call Sunday evening that he had reached a deal with congressional leaders and the White House, but that it wouldn’t happen “unless we have membership on board.” It remains to be seen how many House Republicans will end up supporting the final package, but members on the call told National Review Online they thought it would ultimately pass with bipartisan support. “I’m not sure I’m going to support it but I think it will probably pass,” said freshman Rep. Dennis Ross (R., Fla.). Members described the tone of the call as overwhelmingly positive, with many praising Boehner’s efforts in the negotiations. Despite his concerns about the final deal, Ross said “leadership has done a very good job of getting it to this point,” and described a sense of relief among members, many of whom may not love the deal, but are nonetheless happy to be moving on to the next fight.

According to sources, Boehner said the deal was “the best that we could get.” In particular, he thanked the 87 freshmen members for their input, without which “we wouldn’t have gotten this far.” Ross concurred. “I think the freshman class has been very valuable to this process,” he said…

That last bit is really best translated as, “goodness, we didn’t fully realize until now that these TEA Party people are serious!”.  But, all in all, it is a good thing – this is the first time since the glory days of 1995 that a GOP House Speaker can count on a solid, conservative GOP caucus…one which won’t go all soft on him in return for campaign cash and other DC blandishments.  But it is not the best we could get – it is the best that the GOP could get using this strategy.

We need to think carefully not just about what we want, but how we want to get there.  We did not do a good enough job of forcing the Democrats to defend their disgusting Big Government liberalism – they were defensive, to be sure, but they were still defending the concept of using government money to be nice to people…we need tactics which will expose the fact that they really want to use government to reward liberal cronies.

A relentless drumbeat of just who among the rich and powerful are getting government money and just who they donate to (and speak and write in favor of) should be used in the next battle.  Show the American people that “food for the starving” really works out to “Cadillac for Nancy Pelosi’s crony-capitalist”.  These people on the left have been looting the Treasury for decades.  Sweat heart deals for government contracts, special tax and regulatory breaks:  things like that and the pols get, in return, campaign cash, investment tips and well paid corporate sinecures once out of office.  Show this to the American people…force the liberals away from defending charity and in to defending their greed for wealth and power.

We also need to win the class war – and my idea of a “wealth tax” is the best way to end that battle once and for all.  Democrats are endlessly harping on how we GOPers want to steal food out of granny’s mouth so we can give tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires.  Do them one better – propose a tax which will won’t hit anyone except a millionaire or billionaire and watch the Democrats try to stop it…force them to reveal that their “tax the rich” rhetoric is really “tax the middle class, leave our rich donors alone”.

Still and all a good effort.  Big Government liberalism is firmly on the defensive – and Obama and his Democrats will have to defend their worthless, wasteful, immoral and un-American welfare State all through 2012.  We have them on the run – now, let’s push them over the edge, and take back our country.

A Fight to the Debt

I’ve just got to put a “wow” in here – never thought it would come out quite like this.

Here we are at the (fake) 11th hour and the whole thing is turning on just how much conservatism/libertarianism the TEA Party can squeeze in to the Boehner plan before he presents it to the House.  Oh, that is not what the MSM narrative is?  Also not what RINOs are saying?  You mean it isn’t what well paid, insider pundits (right and left) are saying?  Of course its not – because all of these simply don’t understand the nature of a  revolutionary political epoch.   That is what this is, good people…and remember that it is a truism of revolutionary movements that they usually appear a second away from defeat right before their overwhelming triumph.

Some version of the Boehner plan will pass the House – later today or tomorrow.  This is because something has to pass…and if Reid and his Democrats then carry out their threat and vote it down, then it puts the ball squarely in their corner.  If Reid kills it a couple days before the Democrats’ manufactured deadline, then it will be up to them to come up with an alternative which can pass the House.  (UPDATE:  I caught of bit of Reid on the Senate floor…”come on, Republicans, come in to my office and tell what parts of my bill you’ll sign on to, then I’ll bring it to a vote”…he is very much afraid of having a vote on a revised Boehner plan) And the House GOP is right now indicating just how conservative/libertarian the final result had better be, or it won’t be the final result.

Some say they are worried – worried that this horrific, inhuman and un-American standing on constitutional principals will weaken the GOP in 2012 and hand victory to Obama.  As far as absurd political prognostication goes, I’ve never heard anything worse.  For goodness sake, has anyone been paying attention to Obama’s “Strongly Disapprove” number?

43% “strongly disapprove” of how he’s doing his job.  This is not a man who is carefully threading his way through political crisis and making his opponents look bad.  The TEA Party cannot hand Obama the White House in 2012…every time the TEA Party acts up, Obama’s favorability craters.  The only thing which can save Obama now – other than a miraculous turn-around in the economy – is a GOP cave-in on spending.  If that happens, the TEA Party goes home or votes Third Party. As long as the GOP doesn’t cave, the TEA Party remains with it.  If the Boehner plan is not good enough for the TEA Party, it means Boehner had better make it so – it most emphatically does not mean make it least acceptable.

As I said yesterday, I think we should just pass the Boehner bill – it is good enough for me.  Clearly, though, a strong part of the GOP is not pleased with it.  So, make ’em pleased.  Remember what they are ultimately after – cuts significant enough to stave off national bankruptcy.  It isn’t TEA Party firmness which is threatening us with default, but Democrat profligacy and RINO wobbliness…it isn’t less spending which will push us over the edge, but more spending.  The TEA Party is 100% right, even if a little unrealistic about what can be accomplished while Obama is in the White House and Reid runs the Senate.

So, let’s have this fight – keep going; shout it out, TEA Partiers.  Don’t let the SOBs grind you down.  Get more conservatism/libertarianism in that bill…whatever amount it takes to get Boehner to 217 votes.  And then just watch our liberals fall apart as they are starkly forced to either pass the TEA Party-supported bill, or fail to avert the “default” they say is coming next Tuesday.

UPDATE:  Iowahawk has some Twittable thoughts on what will happen if we don’t raise the debt ceiling:

Beltway policy experts begin living by own wits; after 45 minutes there are no survivors…

…Breadlines teeming with jobless Outreach Coordinators, Diversity Liaisons, and Sustainability Facilitators…

…Without college loan program, America loses an entire generation of Marxist Dance Theorists…