“Worst President” is an Awesome Book, and Open Thread

Jeff Johns did a review of Worst President:

Margolis and Noonan literally lay out chapter and verse, running down 200 separate entries, spread over a broad range of categories detailing a litany of examples to illustrate their thesis, all backed up with 124 pages of endnotes citing source materials. One of the striking things as you read through this book is the amount of things the mainstream media never bothered to cover, gave passing coverage to or made excuses for during Obama’s White House tenure.

You all have bought it, right?

Matt and I are grateful for Johns review, and for all those who have read it and told us how much they’ve appreciated our effort. We wrote the book to ensure that the totality of Obama wasn’t sent down the Memory Hole. As Johns points out, we’re sourced to our eyeballs on what we say: it all really happened. And most people simply don’t know about it.

Cocain Mitch is winning all down the line for President Trump, and for us. A lot of Trumpsters still say bad things about McConnell…but the reality is that McConnell is Trump’s best man on Capitol Hill.

Ted Cruz is locked into battle with Beto O’Rourke for the Senate in Texas…I, for one, have never viewed O’Rourke as a real threat…but, if he ever was, he ain’t, now:

“I can think of nothing more American than to peacefully stand up or take a knee for your rights anytime, anywhere, anyplace,” O’Rourke concluded.

So, Ted Cruz is probably going to have to report this as an in-kind donation. O’Rourke’s problem is that he’s marketing himself as a modern Bobby Kennedy…a moderate who cares. But he doesn’t represent Bobby’s Democrat party…he represents Maxine Waters’ Democrat party. And that means he is simply forced to make statements which will make him forever toxic outside the deep, blue areas.

Trump deported an old Nazi the other day and, yes, some liberals managed to complain about it.

Also, that poor girl who was killed by the illegal immigrant? Well, liberals spent the day deriding her as a mere “white girl” and Warren went so far as to assert that her death must be set aside so we can tackle the important issue of children being separated from their parents at the border. Yes: she really said that.

It’s like the Democrats want Trump re-elected.

Worst President Re-Release Open Thread

The Worst President in History has been re-released. It has been updated! We’re very proud of this book and are pleased that it has done so well. Just to tip you off, Matt and I just got another idea for a book, so stay tuned. And buy this one, if you haven’t!

So, there’s this anti-ICE camp and, get this, they’ve set up borders for the camp and they strictly control who is allowed inside. I’d accuse them of hypocrisy, but there’s just no point because they are shameless.

California, since 1968, has been granted waivers to go beyond the national clean air standards – and the liberals of California have used these waivers to leverage the rest of the nation to subscribe to California’s clean air standards. Looks like the EPA may end that practice. On one hand, this is good as it prevents California from effectively dictating national auto emission standards…on the other hand, the more unlivable the liberals make California, the closer we get to the day the liberals are crushed in California. I’m distressed that we might be helping the liberals get rid of some of their own stupid mistakes.

Looks like the North Korean are dismantling at least some of their nuclear infrastructure. The MSM has been relentless in not covering this.

There was yet another in the series of “waiter gets racist note” events. Naturally, the MSM ran with the story…and just as naturally, it has now proved false. You might be thinking: why do they keep doing this? Well, the reason is that the retraction never gets much notice, at all, and zero notice on the left. Rely on it, most people of the left firmly believe that each of these events actually happened, just as they still believe “hands up, don’t shoot” is true. These stories aren’t for you and me: they are for the true believers of the Left, to keep them at a fever pitch.

Have any of you seen Interstellar? Every time I hear people talking about it, they are saying it is the very worst Sci-Fi movie ever made. I think it the best. If you’ve seen it, what do you think?

The Worst President in History: The Legacy of Barack Obama

Well, Matt and I finally managed to get it done – the massively revised Worst President book comes out on July 2nd. You can pre-order an electronic version for only $0.99 – so, just get on over there and do it.

I’d like to say that this was some sort of labor of love and that we enjoyed doing it, but that is simply not the case. At the end of it all, when the whole mess that is the Obama Administration was set out in print and we had gone over it multiple times, the emotions are a mixture of anger and sadness. Anger at the way President Obama has relentlessly done the wrong thing over and over again and sadness at how much damage he has done to the greatest nation in history.

worst_kdpI do urge everyone to read it; it is important. All through the Obama Administration, the President’s media lackeys have ruthlessly covered up the truth and a great deal of what has gone wrong hasn’t even made a ripple in the public mind. You may think you have a good deal of information about Obama, but mostly what you’ve got is those failures so large (such as Benghazi and Obamacare) that even MSM efforts failed to keep them out of your mind. Most things Obama has done were only briefly reported on, and thus slipped out of public view before an impression was made. But the reality is that in every single facet of Obama’s official life what has been done has been wrong, or turned into an abject failure, or a combination of the two. And Obama has been doing quite a lot – he did promise to fundamentally transform the United States, and he has done that. Until you read Worst President, you simply don’t know the whole story of what has been done to the United States over President Obama’s term in office.

We are certain that our Progressive friends will have no kind words for the book – we are equally certain that our Progressive friends will refuse to read the book. I promise to do a post here each time I can determine that a criticism of the book is based upon something which is in the book. I suspect there won’t be many such entries. There are no secrets in the book. We make no revelations of things which have not been in the public square. Every claim of fact is backed up. Our sources range from the conventional MSM, to the right, to the left and every manner of credible information available. Indeed, we often use Obama Administration documents to back up our case. And while our Progressive friends won’t have much use for the book, some people have looked it over and found some things to say:

“I’ve been following the writing of Matt Margolis and Mark Noonan for years and their takedown of Barack Obama is their best work yet. If you want to know why the history books will have a dim view of Barack Obama, this is the book to read.”

–John Hawkins, Right Wing News and Townhall.com

“Barack Obama’s legacy of failure isn’t going anywhere. Margolis and Noonan’s careful history and analysis will therefore prove an important touchstone for discussions on his Presidency in the decades to come. A must-read.”

–Nick Adams, best-selling author of Retaking America: Crushing Political Correctness

“The legacy of Barack Obama will be increasingly obvious. With every terror attack, every Obamacare failure, and every economic drop, we will witness the pain he has inflicted. Margolis and Noonan can be pardoned for giving us a peek at how bad it will be.”

–Dick Morris, author of Power Grab: Obama’s Dangerous Plan for a One-Party Nation and Armageddon: How Trump Can Beat Hillary

We will be a long time repairing the damage President Obama has done – and an important part of repairing that damage is to know and remember just what he has done. Matt and I believe that this book is an important contribution to keeping the record straight. President Obama and his minions will spend the next decades trying to cover up, obfuscate and re-write the history of the Obama Administration, but The Worst President: The Legacy of Barack Obama will force everyone to deal with what President Obama has done while in office.

Worst President, Revised

Matt and I have been busy and we rather blame Obama for this – keeping up with the ongoing disaster has been a trial, but we’ve been willing to do the work:

As Barack Obama’s presidential failures keep adding up, remembering them all can be a challenge. Matt Margolis and Mark Noonan are compiling everything you need to know about the presidency of Barack Obama (so far) into one book. Soon, you can easily find all the information that was ignored by the media and that Barack Obama doesn’t want you to know about.

Did Barack Obama really save this country from another Great Depression? Did he really improve our country’s image around the world, or unite America? What about the new era of post-partisanship and government transparency? Did he really expand health coverage while lowering costs and cutting taxes?

The answer to all these questions—and the facts to back them up—are coming in a new book later this year.

Please go to our book website and sign up for e-mail updates. This will allow you to know precisely when the new edition is released to the public. If you purchased the original, rest assured that this is expanded with a great deal of new information. As bad as you think Obama has been, you don’t know the whole story until you’ve read The Worst President in History: the Legacy of Barack Obama.