Gabrielle Giffords To Resign from Congress

I guess the first thing to say is, “it’s about time.”

Regardless of politics, Giffords hasn’t exactly been doing the job that she was elected to do. Her injuries and recovery prevented it. And yes, it’s terrible that her career has to end (or be put on hold this way) but this was the right decision, but one made much too late.

Of course, her lateness to do the right thing for district is only part of the story.

Democratic officials had held out hope for months that the congresswoman might recover sufficiently to run for re-election or even become a candidate to replace retiring Republican Sen. Jon Kyl.

Really? The Democrats wanted to use Giffords as an untouchable candidate to run for U.S. Senate, even in her condition? That’s pretty low if you ask me. We can all agree that it was a miracle that she survived the shooting last year, but I think we can all agree that despite her tremendous recovery thus far, she probably won’t ever get to do the job she was elected to do at the same capacity. And for Democrats to want to use her to shame voters from supporting a Republican… that’s just shameless.

Tuesday Open Thread

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Disband the Congressional Black Caucus

Roger L. Simon makes the argument:

Nothing is worse for Black Americans, African-Americans, Afro-Americans, soul brothers and sisters, people of color, non-ofays, or whatever you choose to call that particular minority segment of our society than the Congressional Black Caucus…

…We’re in the era of Herman Cain, people, not Maxine Waters, Jesse Jackson, the stultifying Travis Smiley, or that man who has put a generation of Harvard and Princeton students into perpetual narcoleptic sleep — Dr. Cornel West.

And while we’re at it, all other caucuses based on race, religion, creed, or national origin should be put out to pasture along with it. Such groupings are so reactionary and self-destructive they make your eyes roll back in your head, collide with each other, and shoot out again like pinballs, destroying half your brain from the cerebellum to the medulla oblongata in the process. They divide us and help no one. They have no justification any more, if they ever did.

Racism is dead. Or as dead as it’s ever going to be…

Groups like the CBC, though, get to feast on un-earned power and wealth by playing the race card.  That is all it is really about.  If the people in the CBC cared about black Americans then, quite simply, people like Maxine Waters and Charlie Rangel would not be members.  An organization which had in mind doing good things for others rather than doing well for themselves would have expelled such people.  Race-baiting is good business…just ask people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

At the very minimum, groups like the Congressional Black Caucus should be afforded no funding or facilities by the United States government.  If they want to live on private donations and hold their meetings in private facilities, that it their business.  But a government of all the people of the United States should not permit a specifically race-based organization to have any semblance of official sanction.  To put it in to perspective – supposed someone decided to create the Congressional Catholic Caucus?

Racism has no place in America…whether its for oppression or for con jobs.

GOP Holds 9 Point Lead in “Generic” Ballot

From Rasmussen:

…A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 45% of Likely U.S. Voters would vote for their district’s Republican congressional candidate, while 36% would choose the Democrat instead. That gap is up three points from last week, when Republicans led 44% to 38%…

There has been some talk of late that Democrats – especially in the House – may be able to take advantage of a general public disgust with Congress to re-capture the House.  This is within the realm of possibility, but it is not very likely. There are several hurdles Democrats would have to vault:

1.  2012 will be driven by Presidential politics.  While “ticket splitting” is an old and honorable American political tactic, it still works out that the party most on the outs is heavily punished.  For all the problems the House GOP has, they still aren’t “in charge”.  Obama and the Democrats are.  If people are upset with Obama, they will not in very large numbers choose some of his fellow Democrats down ballot.

2.  The stark fact that America is a center-right nation makes it hard for a liberal party, like the Democrats, to gain traction except when they are completely out of power and the other side is loathed.  2006 and 2008 cannot possibly repeat themselves until a period of exclusive GOP power intervenes.

3.  Re-districting will shore up GOPers and weaken Democrats. For the first time since the 1920 census, the GOP holds the majority of re-districting power in the United States.  In 2012, for the first time since 1932 or so, the GOP will not be playing the political game on the field the Democrats made.  Most people don’t fully realize what a change this will make…we’re just used to things as they were, and aren’t any longer.  A lot of results in 2012 will surpise everyone except those with a strong sense of history and/or a good deal of number-crunching skill to see how the newly drawn districts will play.

4.  At the end of the day, electing Democrats to the House means putting Nancy Pelosi back in the Speaker’s chair.  I can’t imagine what set of mental breakdowns were required in Democrat ranks to make Pelosi the Minority Leader, but no greater gift was ever handed to the Congressional GOP.  The woman is intensely disliked in the nation and GOPers will crawl on their knees over broken glass to ensure against a return of Pelosi.  She’s also a failure – her “leadership” in returning the Democrats to Congressional power in 2006 was no more than pure, dumb luck in that the GOP was immensely unpopular and made every possible mistake a party can make – a ham sandwich would have won just as big in 2006.  Pelosi’s skills as a leader were revealed in the way she entirely ruined the Congressional Democrat brand in just three years – she’s not the person to craft a winning message and campaign in a hostile political environment.

And this poll shows that, at bottom, the people are more willing to trust the GOP to manage things going forward than they are the Democrats.  This doesn’t at all translate in to blank-check support for the GOP, but it does indicate that when people go in to the voting booth in 2012, they are far more likely to vote GOP than vote Democrat.  With these sorts of numbers, the GOP would win 30 more House seats in 2012…and it would take a massive turn around in Democrat prospects just to hold on to what they’ve got.  Sure, that can be done.  Certainly, the GOP can massively screw up…but it would take two near-miracles for Democrats to regain the House, and I just don’t see that happening.


The Fruits of 2010

It wasn’t just a House majority – from the AP:

The odds of getting re-elected have gotten better for Rep. Renee Ellmers and other Republican freshmen in the House – thanks to GOP calculations in redrawing congressional maps.

The 47-year-old nurse who ousted seven-term Democrat Bob Etheridge by fewer than 1,500 votes last November will be running next year in a newly drawn North Carolina district that’s less swing and more Republican. The outlook is brighter too for Texas Rep. Blake Farenthold, a conservative talk radio host who edged 14-term Democrat Solomon Ortiz by just 797 votes. Farenthold will find more Republicans in a Corpus Christi-based district that now stretches north…

Lost in all the hoopla over 2010 is the fact that while Democrats were beaten badly in the House, they were crushed in the States.  The GOP is in total political control of 26 States and has a good deal of power in most of the remainder – and this re-districting will be the first since the 1921 re-districting where the GOP mostly controls the process.  For 90 years we Republicans have mostly run in the political universe Democrats made for us…but outside of a few Democrat strong-holds (Illinois, eg), that is no longer the case.  It was at the State level where the revolution really took hold…and the failed, $20 million effort by Democrats to reverse that revolution in Wisconsin shows that Democrat power in America mostly rests on the fact that we are still waiting for a Presidential election to make it fully national.

In the article, you can find quotes by Democrats who are talking big about how this or that re-districting effort will help them…as if they really have a chance of re-capturing the House in 2012 because Obama will bring out the liberal voters…none of whom, of course, are dismayed by what has happened since 2008.  Fat chance, Democrats…you’ll be lucky if you only lost a dozen House and half a dozen Senate seats next year.  And you only get that if things go really well and Obama is re-elected…there is  just as good a chance of 30 House and 12 Senate seats falling to the GOP.

We will win this Revolution, Americans.  The people are on our side and we’ve obtained the power to ensure that Democrats aren’t able to lie, cheat and steal their way in to continued power.  We will have them – and we will restore America.


Poll: GOP Holds 7 Point Lead in “Generic” Ballot

From Rasmussen:

…A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 44% of Likely U.S. Voters would vote for their district’s Republican congressional candidate, while 37% would choose the Democrat instead. The GOP’s lead is up five points from a week ago, the first full week survey since Congress and the president agreed on a spending cuts deal to raise the federal debt ceiling. Last week’s two-point gap was the narrowest lead Republicans had held since mid-May.

Republicans have led on the Generic Congressional Ballot every week since June 2009, leading by as much as 12 points and as little as two…

Liberals were happy with a Gallup poll of adults last week showing a 7 point Democrat lead…but a poll of likely voters is always better, and from what I can tell the Gallup sample was heavily over-weighted for Democrats.  Got to keep one thing in mind as we approach the House contest in 2012:  if the Democrats win, it means Nancy Pelosi is back in the Speaker’s chair…this will always motivate GOPers and GOP-leaners and discourage Democrats and Democrat-leaners.  And this is over and above the advantage the GOP will gain out of re-districting…people just don’t like Nancy Pelosi and other than corrupt hacks and fools, no one wants her holding the gavel, again.

Additionally, this poll continues to show something astounding – a long-term GOP lead in voter support on the Congressional level.  In all my life, I’ve never seen anything like it.  I put it entirely down to just how much TEA Party is injected in to the GOP…the more TEA, the more support.  The only thing which could really ensure a GOP Congressional loss next year is if we ditched the TEA Party.  Always remember that the Democrats want the GOP to break with the TEA Party because the Democrat leaders know that the TEA Party is where the GOP strength is.  Pelosi and Reid want more Specter, less Rubio…and which do you think will propel the GOP to victory?

That all said, don’t get cocky, GOPers…we’ve a long, hard fight in front of us and we have to be fully prepared if the Democrats choose to lie, cheat and steal their way to victory.  Ready to counter it, ready to overcome the pain and anger we’ll feel when they dump the refuse on us.  Get ready for the political fight of your life – something you’ll tell your grand children about.